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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 3rd December 2022

in hardcover:

Adrian TchaikovskyCity of Last Chances the city of Ilmar is under occupation but it also includes Anchorwood, portal to strange and distant shores…

Gennarose NethercottThistlefoot two siblings find their inheritance has arrived after walking across Europe to them – a strange house on giant chicken legs – the house once owned by the evil witch Baba Yaga!
Emi Watanabe CohenThe Lost Ryu only very small dragons still exist; the big ones disappeared almost 80 years ago but Kohei is convinced he remembers seeing one…

J. R. R. TolkienThe Silmarillion new deluxe slip-cased edition, illustrated by Alan Lee

in softcover:

Charles StrossQuantum Nightmares 2nd in The New Management trilogy. Signed copies available!
Denise CrittendonWhere it Rains in Color on a fabulous holiday planet first settled by descendants of the West African Dogon tribe a strange skin disease affects an up-and-coming star…
John BirminghanThe Shattered Skies sequel to The Cruel Stars and vol 2 in the trilogy about defeated aliens returning for revenge centuries later…

A. J. Smith The Sea Rises book 3 of The Form and Void Trilogy which began with The Glass Breaks
Raven KennedyGlint epic fantasy; the protagonist realises that the commander of the invading army is fae, although they were said to have abandoned the world centuries earlier…
Christelle DabosThe Storm of Echoes the 4th in The Mirror Visitor series, which began with A Winter’s Promise. Translated from French by Hildegarde Serle

Vidya MathThe Book of Stamps interlinked tales of archetypal characters illustrated in a book of legends…

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – Tomorrow’s Parties: Life in the Anthropocene 12 stories, each with a b&w illo; the latest in the Twelve Tomorrows series of themed anthologies. It leads off with an interview with Kim Stanley Robinson
Rebecca Giblin & Cory DoctorowChokepoint Capitalism non-fiction about the future of big tech and the creative labour markets

art, etc:

3DTotal PublishingThe Field Guide to Witches subtitled An Artist’s Grimoire of 20 Witches and Their Worlds. Hardcover with mainly b&w sketches with maybe a quarter in full colour

Marie-Alice HarelOmoiyari (softcover)
Bird People (h/c)
Hortari (h/c)
signed re-stock of all 3 of this local artist’s books available again


Locusissue # 742 November cover date; includes a long interview with Charlie Stross


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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 26th November 2022

in hardcover:

Adrian TchaikovskyChildren of Memory 3rd in the trilogy that began with the acclaimed Children of Time
Travis Baldree Legends & Lattes an Orc barbarian tries to fulfil her dream of retiring and opening a coffee shop…

in softcover:

Rebecca RoanhorseTread of Angels Celeste is a card sharp in an alternate Wild West, where descendants of Demons live alongside Virtues and humans…
Andrew James GreigA Song of Winter an Edinburgh student & his climate research disappears and a local Professor realises his Dark Matter research may be affecting the weather…

Neal StephensonSnow Crash new jacket; 30th Anniversary hardcovers should be in soon!


Sanbon UmishimaRooms nice little colour softcover with pictures of rooms and their contents!
Jiro Taniguchi Furari b&w h/c (with some colour pages) story of a man who sets out to map pre-imdustrial Japan…
Audry NicklinMy Travels in Japan: A Comic Book Artist’s Amazing Journey full colour sketch journal in h/c
Kyusaku Yameno & Towoji HonojiroHell in a Bottle small graphic novel of two castaways, told by the various messages they put in bottles they throw in the ocean to seek help!

Alan Moore & Jacen BurrowsNeonomicon full colour softcover containg two stories; Neonomicon and The Courtyard
Antoine Ozanami & Antoine Carrion Temudjin graphic novel of the warlord’s life and conquests! Full colour h/c
Jeff Lemire & Gabriel WaltaSentient softcover g/n. A deep space colony ship flees from attackers and it’s controlling AI must do it’s best to save it’s young passengers…

Jim Henson’s The StorytellerShapeshifters more short srories; h/c

Jason Upside Dawn quirky b&w comic strips, in h/c
Bob ScottBear With me; It’s Been a Rough Day h/c retrospective with around 450 of his b&w comic strips about Molly and the wild but friendly bear she adopts. Hermes Press
Reed Nelson50 Amimated Years of Lupin the 3rd comprehensive look at all the animated episodes. h/c

Alejandro Jodorowsky, Zoran Janjetov & Fred BeltranThe Technopriests new h/c edition from Humanoids; 400+ full colour pages

PS Artbook SofteeGorgo vol 1 collecting issues 1 – 5, from 1961 & 62 about ‘the monster from the sea’
PS Artbook SofteeBlackhawk vol 4 collecting stories from issues 21 – 24
PS Artbook Softee Blackhawk vol 5 collecting stories from issues 25 – 30


Heavy Metalissue # 319

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 19th November 2022

in hardcover:

Aliette de BodardThe Red Scholar’s Wake as tensions rise between various space pirate factions, data analyst Xich Si is kidnapped by the sentient ship leading one of the fleets, who is looking for a wife!

Alan GarnerCollected Folk Tales 4 dozen traditional stories from around Great Britain
Johnny Mains (editor) – Celtic Weird from The British Library, subtitled Tales of Wicked Folklore and Dark Mythology 21 stories; 3 each from 7 different ‘Celtic’ regions: Wales, Brittany, Isle of Man, etc…

J. R. R. TolkienThe Fall of Numenor with colour plates & b&w spot illustrations by Alan Lee. Subtitled and Other Tales from the Second Age of Middle-earth. Edited by Brian Sibley

in softcover:

Jenn LyonsThe Discord of Gods the 5th in A Chorus of Dragons, which began with The Ruin of Kings
Paul WitcoverTumbling After Jack, a young twin, finds himself switching between fantasy and reality; meanwhile 5 individuals from different species decide to band together agains humans… First published in 2005.
Gareth HanrahanThe Shadow Saint & The Broken God vols 2 & 3 of The Black Iron Legacy
Barrie CondonThe Tethered God instead of eternity in Paradise, the Egyptian God-King Kaffre is re-incarnated as a police dog for a bomb disposal squad!

Eric Brown & Keith BrookeWormhole two ‘cold case’ detectives investigate an 80 y.o. murder, which happened just before a (since blown up en route) long haul starship was launched…

Eddie RobsonTomorrow Never Knows Ashton travels to the aging city of Loreto, which hangs in the atmosphere of Jupiter, but finds her only friend there has suddenly departed for Io…
Wil McCarthyAntediluvian a neurological experiment leads to experiencing ancestral memories of key events in pre-history. I enjoyed the memory sections when I read the h/c, the short framing scenes less so!
Diana RowlandRise of the Demon 9th in the series, which began with Mark of the Demon

Ursula K. LeGuinThe Word for World is Forest re-issue from 1972. Now re-jacketed as a Best of the Science Fiction Masterworks edition

art, etc:

Francois Schutten & Benoit PeetersThe Fever in Urbicande new edition of one of their Obscure Cities volumes. Full colour softcover.

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 12th November 2022

in hardcover:

Brandon SandersonThe Lost Metal a new Mistborn novel!

J. R. R. Tolkien The Silmarillion new edition with 49 colour plates by the author. The pages have green edging with white runes you can see when the book is closed!
Randall MunroeWhat If? 2 non-fiction. More serious answers to unlikely questions!

in softcover:

Lucy KissickPlutoshine a small colony of scientists have controversial plans to make Pluto more habitable!
S. J. MordenThe Flight of the Aphrodite a mission to Jupiter intercepts a mysterious radio transmission from its moon Ganymede…
Dave Hutchinson Cold Water the latest novel set in his Fractured Europe background
Adam RobertsThe This one injection connects your brain directly to the internet…

E. J. Swift – The Coral Bones 3 women in different eras connect via their fascination with the ocean, and how it’s changing
Emery RobinThe Stars Undying the 1st book of the Empire Without End series. Epic, far distant space opera!

Andrew CaldecottMomenticon strange science fiction from the author of the Rotherweird trilogy. In a far future de-populated, ravaged Earth, young Fogg looks after the Museum Dome but hasn’t had a visitor in 3 years…

Cynthia ZhangAfter the Dragons Western dragons are extinct but they still survive in the East, although they’re under severe pressure from droughts, pollution etc.

Thilde Kold HoldtSlaughtered Gods final book in The Hanged God trilogy, which began with Northern Wrath. Ragnarok is coming!

Marie Brennan – 4 collections of her stories just arived:

Ars Historica 8 short stories
Maps to Nowhwere 10 short stories
The Nine Lands 7 short stories
Down a Street That Wasn’t There 7 short stories

art, etc:

Berni WrightsonThe FPG Years full colour h/c with all his trading card art for the Masters of the Macabre & Series II: More Macabre sets
Dave Cockrum – The Life & Art of DC softcover of his life and comic art
Lord GrisThe Art Journey of LG mainly full colour h/c with her anime inspired art
Aron WiesenfeldTravelers softcover edition of his haunting images. Full colour

John Fleskes (editor) – Lupente: Flesk Artist Showcase full colour softcover highlighting the art of 5 current artists. Fewer artists, but more in depth on each than the annual Spectrum volume was. AApparently vol 1 in a series.

Ryan LangIssunboshi b&w h/c graphic novel retelling a legend of an extremely small Samurai warrior!

Mike Butterworth, Don Lawrence et al – The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Volume IV softcover; mainly strips from 1974 & 75

Michael Leader & Jake CunninghamThe Ghibliotheque Anime Movie Guide companion volume to their earlier Ghibliotheque: The Unofficial Guide to the Movies of Studio Ghibli. A look at 30 of the best anime films of the past 60 years that weren’t from Studio Ghibli!


Illustrators – issue # 39 highlighting art by Paul Kirchner, Gary Gianniand Trog (cartoonist and creator of the character Flook)
Illustrators SpecialThe Modesty Blaise Artists in-depth look at the evolving art of the famous strip…

gift, etc:

The Lord of the RingsTarot Deck & Guide created by Tomas Hijo & Casey Gilly (one of whom presumably did the rather wood-cut looking art… )

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 5th November 2022

in hardcover:
Taran Hunt Immortality Thief Sean is ‘persuaded’ to try to retrieve ancient, alien data from a spaceship about to be destroyed by a supernova…
Eric Flint & Robert E. Waters1637: The Transylvanian Decision the latest novel in the Ring of Fire/1632 world created by Flint

Lois McMaster BujoldPenric’s Labors 3 more Penric novellas, plus a map, notes, etc. Masquerade in Lodi, The Orphans of Raspay & The Physicians of Vilnoc.

in softcover:

M. D. Lachlan Celestial in the 1970s a linguist is recruited by NASA for a mysterious moon mission in conjunction with the Soviets…
Christopher RuocchioKingdoms of Death the 4th book in his Sun Eater series, which began with Empire of Silence. Epic space opera.
Gwendolyn Kiste Reluctant Immortals Lucy Westenra & Bertha Mason (from Dracula & Jane Eyre!) live on as vampires in 1960s Los Angeles…
Peng ShepherdThe Book of M in the near future people’s shadows begin disappearing. Soon their memories start to follow… New to Transreal Fiction, but publishing back in 2019

Preston Grassman (editor) – Out of the Ruins 20 new post-apocalyptic stories, from Chine Mieville, Clive Barker, Emily St. John Mandel, Nina Allan and many more!

Sarah J. MaasA Court of Thorns and Roses 5-volume box set containing Thorns & Roses, Mist & Fury, Wings & Ruin, Frost & Starlight and Silver Flames


Locus October cover date; issue # 741 includes their Worldcon & Hugo Awards coverage. Annoyingly, I no longer expect that my original August copies and/or their subsequent replacements will arrive.

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 29th October 2022

in hardcover:

Olive Blake The Atlas Paradox sequel to The Atlas Six and 2nd in the Atlas trilogy. The Alexandrian Society‘s new initiates find themselves tested even more severely…
N. K. JemisinThe World We Make sequel to The City We Became; vol 2 of The Great Cities Trilogy (or maybe Duology, it depends if you read the list of her books inside, or the blurb on the flyleaf! The final sentence implies it’s all done, but maybe not!

Final Fantasy XIVChronicles of Light 25 short stories, all with b&w art by Toshiyuki Itahana

in softcover:

T. KingfisherWhat Moves the Dead a re-imagining of Poe‘s Fall of the House of Usher
Christopher GoldenRoad of Bones Felix is deep in Siberia gathering local legends and stories when he encounters a strange pack of wolves…
Cadwell TurnbullNo Gods, No Monsters what’s so bad that monsters are fleeing the darkness to the human world!?
Everina MaxwellOcean’s Echo Surit unwillingly agrees to mentally oversee the mind-damped criminal Tennal but they both have other agendas…

Daniel KeyesFlowers For Algernon a new look to the Orion SF Masterworks series, first issued in 1996
Joanna RussThe Female Man the latest oif the ‘new look’ SF Masterworks series, from 1975
George MacDonaldPhantastes 1st published in 1858; my favourite (or maybe Lilith is!) of his books in a new Mint Edition.

art, ec:

Steve White & Darren Naish (editors) – Mesozoic Art: Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Animals in Art excellent up-to-date look at all sorts of prehistoric animals, not just the usual dinosaurs! Full colour art from 20 artists; a companion volume to the two Dinosaur Art books edited by White.

J. David SpurlockFrazetta Book Cover Art hardback with full colour reproductions of every book cover Frank Frazetta did – including when the art was re-used! Most get a full page to themselves. Slipcased edition also available

Sergio ToppiThe Collected Toppi Volume Eight: The Collector 5 more b&w tales from around the world, including Ireland, North America, Africa & Asia
Paul Gravett The Illustrators: Tove Jansson nice h/c biography from Thames & Hudson; heavily illustrated with many b&w & colour examples of her art. Not just Moomins!
hyka reoenlArtwork published by PIE Internatonal. Softcover with dj in a sleeve, with another slim volume titled Client Work
Titan BooksDestiny: The Exotic Collection, Volume One full colour art of all the weapons used in Destiny 2. Hardcover
Hiroshi UnnoThe Art of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Steampunk thick softcover crammed with great, futuristic- cartoons, comic strips, posters, all sorts of art from the late 19th/early 20thC. Text in Japanese.
Peach MomokoThe Official Horizon: Zero Dawn Poster Portfolio with 8 large (30cm x 40cm) full colour poster quality illustrations

Hayoa Miyazaki Shuna’s Journey 1980s full colour graphic novel by the founder of Studio Ghibli! Wonderful warercolour art throughout. Newly translated by Alex Dudok De Wit. h/c
Katsuhiro Otomo & Kosuke KawamuraAKIRA: Art of Wall limited edition of reproductions of 3 giant collages/murals created by Kawamura in 2019 celebrating Akira, reproduced in 3 accordian-style volumes, in a box. Almost 75 feet of art!
Jim Woodring One Beautiful Spring Day limited edition deluxe hardcover, signed & numbered on a sheet of vellum, in a fabric covered, slipcase with debossed metallic foil. Softcover edition also available.
Paul PopeEscapo h/c graphic novel from the US alternative cartoonist… Very dynamic!
Dennis Grayson & Melody Cooper (writers) – The Complete Omni softcover from Humanoids with the full 10 issue run. Full colour story of a woman who gains the ability to think at super-speed
MacanudoWelcome to Elsewhere whimsical full-colour painted one page cartoons, with a touch or the surreal.h/c. Good fun!

Steve AylettHyperthick Collected Edition omnibus collecting all 3 issues of his surreal retro comic

PS Artbooks SofteeSpace War softcover collecting issues 11 – 15 from 1961/2
PS Artbooks SofteeHaunted Thrills softcover with strips from Haunted Thrills, Terrifying Tales & Weird Chills from the early/mid 1950s

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Transreal Fiction new Titles – w/e 22nd October 2022

in hardcover:

Fiona BarnettThe Dark Between the Trees during the Civil War a group of Parliamentarian soldiers disappear in a remote wood… centuries later, a small group of historians are determined to discover their fate
Tamsyn MuirNona the Ninth my overdue copies of volume 3 of the series!
V. E. SchwabThe Invisible Life of Addie Larue with 8 colour plates plus other b&w illustrations and a floral design on the page edges

Phil & Sarah StokesClive Barker‘s Dark Worlds

in softcover:

Mary Robinette KowalThe Spare Man newly-married inventor Tesla Crane is on a space cruise when her husband is arrested for murder! She is forced to investigate…

Rebecca RoanhorseFevered Star sequel to Black Sun & v2 of Between Earth and Sky
Freya MarskeA Marvellous Light poor, but well-connected, young Robin takes a position as liason between a secret group of magicians and the government…
P. C. HodgellDeathless Gods the 7th volume of the Kencyrath

Tanya Kirk (editor) – Haunters at the Hearth subtitled Eerie Tales for Christmas Nights the latest of the Tales of the Weird volumes from the British Library

art, etc:

Honojiro TowojiHT Illustration Works similar work to the larger book of his I got in last month…

John Garth The Worlds of J. R. R. Tolkien: The Places That Inspired Middle-Earth softcover edition, heavily illustrated (inc. photos) in b&w and colour

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 15th October 2022

in hardcover:

Shannon ChakrabortyThe River of Silver 15 short stories, subtitled Tales From the Daevabad Trilogy, which began with The City of Brass. (as by S. A. Chakraborty)
Italo CalvinoCosmicomics very nice little re-print of this collection of a dozen quirky takes on physics, astronomy & pre-history. The Michael Weaver translation

Rob WilkinsTerry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes substantial official biography, by his long-time friend and assistant.
Bev VincentStephen King: A Complete Exploration of His Work, Life, and Influences illustrated overview of his whole life & career

in softcover:

Brandon SandersonCytonic thr 3rd Skyward novel
Sylvain NeuvelUntil The Last of Me sequel to A History of What Comes Next & the 2nd in the Take Them to the Stars series…
Jodi TaylorSaving Time the latest Time Police adventure, related to her Chronicles of St. Mary’s series
Kathryn EvansBeauty Sleep a young girl has been in an artificial coma for 40 years until she can be cured and finds the world very strange when she finally tries to re-start her life…

Suzanne PalmerFinder 1st volume in a new series; Fergus has to travel to a remote collection of space colonies at the edge of inhabited space and ‘retrieve’ (i.e. steal back!) a spaceship from a local gang boss…
Suzanne PalmerDriving the Deep 2nd in the Finder Chronicles; Fergus has another, more difficult, retrieval to carry out!

Paul McAulayThe Secret of Life the latest SF Masterwork from Orion

David HairSorcerer’s Edge volume 3 of The Tethered Citadel series
Chloe NeillDevouring Darkness the 4th in her Heirs of Chicagoland series…
Menna van Praag Night of Demons and Saints 4 estranged, demonic sisters try for reconcilliation on their joint birthday, All Hallows Eve!
Matthew WestThe House of Footsteps in 1923 Simon takes a job cataloguing a private art collection in a remote corner of the Scottish Borders…
Amanda MasonThe Hiding Place a young family rent a seaside cottage but their step-daughter soon starts noticing strange things and happenings…

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 8th October 2022

in hardcover:

Taylor AndersonHell’s March the 2nd in his new series, Artillerymen, after Purgatory’s Shore and set in the same world as his Destroyermen series (but set a bit earlier)

Lavie Tidhar (editor) – The Best of World SF volume 2 another 30 authors from around the world! Vol 1 is already in paperback…

Edgar Allan PoePoe Knows a collection of his quotes and aphorisms, etc. culled from his writings

in softcover:

Ever Dundas Hellsans local author; signed copies available soon! A ubiquitious typeface which most people love but other, allergic, people are forced into Hellsans-free ghettoes to avoid…
Andy WeirProject Hail Mary an amnesiac wakes up alone on what he discovers to be a spaceship… From the author of The Martian
Myung Hoon BaeLaunch Something as an Earth-threatening object draws closer, the Korean Space Force decide to assist the American-led mission to avert disaster!
R. B. LembergThe Unbalancing set in the Birdverse, as was their novella The Four Profound Weaves

Jason Pargin/David WongIf This Book Exists, You’re In The Wrong Universe the latest of the John Dies at the End books by David Wong, all of which are now re-issued under his real name of Jason Pargin.
Brendon BellecourtAbsynthe set 10 years after WW1, absynthe in this world has much stronger & stranger effects than absinthe in our world…
Lyndall ClipstoneForestfall sequel to Lakesedge Leta realises that her bargain with The Lord Under isn’t all she thought it was!
Margaret OwenLittle Thieves Vanja has magically replaced her mistress, Princess Giselle, who is now a penniless servant…
Simon R. GreenJekyll & Hyde, Inc. 1st in a new series about a pair of London-based paranormal investigators; whne monsters disappeared centuries ago, all they did was move into the criminal underworld!

Pat CadiganAlien 3 novelisation of the unfilmed script by William Gibson

SphereThe Haunting Season anthology of 8 ghostly winter stories. No editor/book packager listed.
Ray BradburyZen in the Art of Writing collected essays and musings, etc. New to Transreal Fiction but it first appeared in 1990, although it’s roots seem to date from 1973

art, etc:

FeefalThe Art of Feefal h/c with mainly colour art
Sanjulian: Master of Fantasy Art large, full colour h/c filled with epic heroic fantasy images and more! An Illustrators Super Special

Alejandro Jodorowsky & MoebiusMadwoman of the Sacred Heart available again from Humanoids in hardcover. First published in 1998
Jeremy Haun & Christopher Mitten40 Seconds collects issues # 1 – # 5 of the comic. A scientific expedition through various gateways between strange new worlds! Full colour softcover


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Transreal Fiction new Titles – w/e 1st October 2022

Please note that the shop will not open until 13.00 on Saturday 1st October.

in hardcover:

Naomi NovikThe Golden Enclaves lesson 3 in her Scholomance series
Stephen BaxterThe Thousand Earths due to relativistic effects John Hackett will hardly age as he travels millions of years into the future to help prevent cosmic disaster!

Shuang XuetaoRouge Street 3 fantastical novellas rooted in present day China, translated by Jeremy Tiang

in softcover:

Adam Soto This Weightless World how the arrival of aliens disrupts various lives…
G. R. MatthewsSeven Deaths of an Empire epic fantasy I missed a few months ago after my ceiling fell in…
M. RickertThe Shipbuilder of Bellfairie a man returns home looking for his parents, but it’s always a mistake to visit Bellfairie…
Ling MaBliss Montage collection of horror-tinged stories…
Larry NivenThe Magic Goes Away omnibus edition with the novels The Magic Goes Away & The Magic May Return plus associated collection More Magic with stories by Niven and others. Not new but I’ve never had it in stock before (iirc)


Locus – issue # 340 September cover date; includes tributes to Nichelle Nichols & Alexi Panshin

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