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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 28th January 2023

in hardcover:

Hannah KanerGodkiller listed last week, but now they’re signed!

in softcover:

Laura Lam & Elizabeth MaySeven Mercies sequel to Seven Devils
T. J. KluneUnder the Whispering Door with some unexpected help, workaholic Wallace attempts to ‘get a life’ in the few days before a reaper comes to collect him!

Jessie Burton Medusa exiled to a tiny island, the Gorgon only has her snakes to talk to, until Perseus arrives!
R. C. SherriffThe Hopkins Manuscript (new to Transreal Fiction) 1939 novel about the end of the world as the moon is about to crash into the Earth!

Evan DickenThe Heart of Iuchiban the latest Legend of the Five Rings adventure

John Miller (editor) – Polar Horrors: Chilling Tales From the Ends of the Earth the latest book from The British Library in their Tales of the Weird anthology series

art, etc:

Matthew PellettScorn: The Art of the Game full colour hardback with his Giger-esque creations…
Paul GerrardRivals, Gods & Machines full colour h/c, with art from the various films & other projects he’s worked on

3DTotal PublishingComposition and Narrative latest in their Artists’ Master Series; heavily illustrated hardcover
Stufio Ghibli – The Complete Works official hardcover detailing all their projects

Milo Manara with Vincenzo CeramiPandora’s Eyes full colour h/c from Humanoids. A young woman is caught up in a kidnap scheme…
Alejandro Jodorowskyh/c : The Saga of Alandor Diosamte plus selected short stories. 4th book in the series by Humanoids
Alehandro Jodorowsky & Moebius present – The Incal: Psychoverse fully licensed prequel by Mark Russell, Yanick Paquette & Dave McCaig
Sam Timel & Jorge MiguelSapiens Imperium complex hardback g/n from Humanoids with a storyline based very loosely on the fate of the family of the deposed (in 1972) King Hassan II of Morocco!

Yu IshiharaDoomsday With My Dog Vol 1 cull colour softcover manga; a girl & her pet learn to survive… (Nothing like A Boy and His Dog!)
Shigeru MizukiKitaro: The Birth of Kitaro origin story of the popular japanese character; softcover manga

Strange Suspense Stories vol 6 – the latest PS Artbooks Softee, reprinting issues 43 – 47 from September 1959 to May 1960
Race For the Moon/Thrills of Tomorrow – a PS Artbooks Softee, with selections from the 2 comics printed back-to-back, dos-à-dos format


CDQ# 23 [Character Design Quarterly]
Locus – issue # 744 January cover date. Greg Bear tributes & a long Annalee Newitz interview about her new Terraformers novel (due soon!)


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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 21st January 2023

in hardcover:

Hannah KanerGodkiller Kissen must seek out the last of the wild |Gods to seek a boon… Signed copies available soon.
Heather FawcettEmily Wilde’s Encyclopedia of Faeries Emily lacks people skills but is researching faeries and is on the track of the elusive Hidden Ones

Grady HendrixHow to Sell a Haunted House after years avoiding going back, Louise finally has to return to the family home after her parents both die, in order to clear it prior to selling it

in softcover:

John Scalzi The Kaiju Preservation Society Jamie takes a job in an animal rights organisation, but finds the animals much more than he expected!
Mark Lawrence The Girl and the Moon the 3rd Book of the Ice, presumably the final volume of a trilogy
Jay Kristoff Empire of the Vampire half-man half-monster, Gabriel de Leone’s Order is sworn to fight the implacable vampire menace… Book 1 of a new series. b&w illustrations & maps by Bon Orthwick
H. M. LongThe Barrow of Winter book 3 of The Hall of Smoke trilogy, after Hall of Smoke & Temple of No God

Jasper FfordeThe Great Troll War final (4th) book in The Last Dragonslayer Chronicles, sequel to 2015’s The Eye of Zoltar
J. A. HarwoodThe Shadow in the Glass fairy wishes always come at a price and Ella is desparate enough to consider paying…

Brent WeeksThe Way Of Shadows 1st volume of the Night Angel series
Shadow’s Edge 2nd volume of the Night Angel series
Beyond The Shadows volume 3 of the Night Angel series. A 4th book is due in April

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Transreal Fiction new Titles – w/e 14th January 2023

in hardcover –

Ren E. Thomas (editors) – Africa Risen 30+ new short stories from the best African sf authors…

Robert SilverbergAmong Strangers the latest omnibus volume of 4 of his short novels from Subterranean Press

in softcover:

Ada HoffmanInfinite 3rd in the series which began with The Outside & The Fallen. The god-like AIs have withdrawn their protection from the rebel planet, and an ancient enemy is returning!
Tochi OnyebuchiWar Girls climate change and war in a future Nigeria, from the author of Goliath
Beth CartwrightThe House of Sorrowing Stars Liddy receives an unexpected invitation to stay a remote island, where she meets a mysterious gardener…
C. K. McDonnellThis Charming Man sequel, and part 2 of The Stranger Times series. The staff of the little Manchester newspaper have more problems to solve…

Ursula K. LeGuinThe Found and the Lost subtitled The Collected Novellas uf UKLG. 13 novellas in 800 pages!

Clark Ashton SmithThe Black Diamonds short novel written when he was 14! New to Transreal & probably for CAS fans only!

art, etc:

(Terry Pratchett) – The Amazing Maurice: Art of the Film heavily illustrated h/c with art, etc. from the new film based on The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett
Underwood BooksShameless Art re-stock of their 2010 h/c collection

Sergio ToppiThe Sergio Toppi Gallery: Harlots and Mercenaries the latest hardcover collecting his art
Arnold ArreThe Mythology Class hefty b&w graphic novel with the strapline Where Phillipine Legends Become Reality
Deena MohamedShubiek Lubeik fat h/c graphic novel set in a modern, fantastical Cairo. Mainly b&w with colour sections

Itaru KinoshitaDinosaur Sanctuary 1 first volume of a new manga about a struggling dinosaur sanctuary! b&w softcover


Hi-Fructose# 65 with a 16 page insert of art by Miles Johnston

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Transreal Fiction new Titles – w/e January 7th 2023

Happy New Year!
Back to opening my usual hours..

new titles received:

in hardcover –

Sheree Renee Thomas, Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki & Zelda Knight (editors) – Africa Risen 32 of the best new sf stories by writers from Africa

in softcover:

Mado Nozaki Titan in a world of leisure run by AIs, Narain is offered a job by one of the very few traditionally employed people in the whole world!
Ada HoffmanInfinite 3rd in the Outside Trilogy, which began with The Outside & The Fallen. Humanity is controlled by god-lke AIs…
Mary Baader KaleyBurrowed a genetic plague has split humanity into two subspecies and Zuzan is working on a cure, but then another plague threatens even greater disaster!

David Weber, Timothy Zahn & Thomas PopeA Call to Insurrection the latest Honorverse novel and vol 4 of Manticore Ascendant
Michael Z. WilliamsonThat Was Now, This is Then the long-awaited sequel to 2015’s A Long Time Until Now. A US patrol in Afghanistan is abducted through time…

Eric Flint, Walt Boyes & Joy Ward (editors) – Grantville Gazette IX more Ring of Fire / 1632 tales…

Barbara HamblyScandal in Bohemia subtitled ‘a Silver Screen Historical Mystery


Locus December cover date, issue # 743 (a Hogmany arrival!) forthcoming titles, World Fantasy Awards, author interviews, etc!


Still a couple of orders from last year to arrive, but they didn’t actually ship until into the New Year, so my deliveries are finally broadly up to date!

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Transreal Fiction Is Closed!

The shop will re-open at noon on Thursday the 5th of January 2023.

I hope everybody has a Happy New Year!

See you in 2023!

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – Year’s End 2022

I did get backstock in, but no new fiction titles… The shop will be closing for a short break at New Year on Saturday soon after 15.00 and definitely before 16.00
Reopening in the New Year at noon on Thursday the 5th January 2023.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that you enjoy your New Year!

All the best from Mike & Raffles!


Art, etc:

Pascal CampionThe Art of PC h/c with full colour art from his various comic strips, including biographical text, and hints and tips on his technique
Robert WilliamsThe Lowbrow Art of Robt. Williams mainly b&w examples of his art, but some colour pages. Available in both hard & soft covers
(in the style of) Frank FrazettaDeath Dealer Cover Gallery full colour comic-sized collection of all the covers from the recent comics by a variety of artists

Marco B. Bucci & Riccardo AtzeniRed Lightning h/c graphic novel set in a far future society based on the music & philosophy of David Bowie!
Dave GraueAlley Oop in Wonderland softcover with the entire 1971 run of the b&w comic, including his adventures down the rabbit-hole with Alice!

Banri Odn & Hiroyuki MagamineThe Namazu and the Greatest Gift a little illustrated children’s h/c with Final Fantasy XIV characters. Created by 2 key Final Fantasy XIV designers

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Closed for Christmas!

Open again at noon on Thursday, 29th December.

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 24th December 2022

in softcover:

Ken LiuSpeaking Bones volume 5 and the final 1000 pages of his Dandelion Dynasty epic!
Jo HarkinTell Me An Ending the new memory erasding procedure could also erase your memory of having it done, but would you ever want it back?
Scotto MooreBattle of the Linguist Mages VR gaming and ‘combat linguistics’ in present day LA!

Liz WilliamsEmbertide her latest Fallow Sisters novel, about 4 women who protect their little English village from all sorts of threats, mainly supernatural!
Barbara HamblyDeath and Hard Cider the 11th in her Benjamin January historical series

D. A. Baden (editor) – No More Fairy Tales anthology about the climate crisis; the contents page doesn’t list the authors but it appears to include at least 3 new stories by Kim Stanley Robinson!

art, etc:

John HarrisThe Art of JH volume II: Into the Blue hardcover filled with full page, full colour art!
Don Lawrence, Michael Moorcock & Ted CowanKarl the Viking volume II: The Voyage of the Sea Raiders the 2nd half of the long-running comic strip saga from the 1960s! Softcover with b&w art


Deep Overstock# 1: Space Exploration small square-bound magazine of poetry & fiction. An occasional project by Powell’s Bookshop in Seattle. It came out a while ago but looked interesting so I ordered it…



Closing mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve and re-opening at noon on Thursday the 29th.

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The Festive Season at Transreal Fiction!

I’ll have at least one more delivery before Christmas but it’s unlikely to have many new titles in it, I’m afraid.

The shop will be shut Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at both Christmas (i.e. 25th – 28th inc.) and New Year (i.e. 1st – 4th inc.)
I will probably also close early on the two Saturdays (24rh & 31st) but I’ll be open until 15.00 at least on both days, but very probably not after 16.00

Onward to 2023!

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 17th December 2022

in hardcover:

Aimee Pokwatka Self-Portrait With Nothing Pepper has discovered that her biological mother is a famous portrait painter, rumoured to be able to summon her sitters’ doppelgangers from a parallel world!
Axie Oh The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea Mina sacrifices herself tryingt to save her brother and finds herself in a spirit kingdom trying to awaken the slumbering Sea God, against others’ wishes

in softcover:

Adrienne Young Saint set before t he events of Fable; Elias is on the verge of getting his own ship to command…
Lily Brooks-DaltonGood Morning, Midnight not new, but the inspiration for ther Netflix series The Mignight Sky. An Arctic researcher and a returning Jupiter astronaut share a common bond…

James RollinsKingdom of Bones the latest (16th) Sigma Force thriller!


I’ll have at least one more delivery before Christmas but it’s unlikely to have many new titles in it, I’m afraid.

The shop will be shut Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at both Christmas and New Year. It will probably also close early on the Saturdays but I’ll be open until 15.00 at least on both days, but probably not after 16.00

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