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New Titles – w/e 21st July 2018

in hardcover:

Becky ChambersRecord of a Spaceborn Few the 3rd volume of the Wayfarers series, which began with The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
Brian CatlingCloven the final book in his Vorrh Trilogy

in large format:

Manuel de Pedrolo  – Typescript of the Second Origin translated from Catalan by Sara Martin. Key Spanish Sf novel from 1974 about a new beginning after an apocalypse… Foreward by Kim Stanley Robinson
James Maxey
Victory the Lawless series, part 3

in ‘B’ format:

Nick Setchfield – War in the Dark in 1963, the Cold War was also being fought with magic and occult knowledge
Craig Dilouie – One of Us a generation of children are born with various weird mutations…

Mike Ashley (editor) – Moonrise anthology subtitled The Golden Age of Lunar Adventures A companion volume to Lost Mars: The Golden Age of the Red Planet , both published by the British Library


Locusissue # 690 with the Locus Awards and the Locus Poll results. Also tributes to Gardner Dozois.

Interzoneissue # 276 fiction, art, reviews, columns…
Black Staticissue # 64 includes novelettes by Simon Avery & Sean Patraic Birnie


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New Titles – w/e 14th July 2018

in hardcover:

Naomi NovikSpinning Silver Miryem is forced to take up spinning to pay her family’s debts, but soon attracts attention she’d rather not…
Ruthanna EmrysDeep Roots the sequel to the Lovecraftian Winter Tide

Taylor AndersonRiver of Bones the 13th Destroyermen novel; the twelfth, Devil’s Due, came in very recently in paperback

Michael J. SullivanAge of War the 3rd volume in The Legends of the First Empire

in large format:

Hannu RajaniemiSummerland the British Empire and the Soviet Union vie for power in the newly discovered afterlife, known as Summerland. Already re-printing!

Jay SchiffmanGame of the Gods in an all enveloping future war both sides want Max Cone on their side, but he has other plans…

Jonathan Strahen (editor) – Infinity’s End 14 stories in the 6th of the Infinity Project series of top-name anthologies

in ‘B’ format:

Ann LeckieProvenance to regain status among her people Ingray must spring a prisoner from a notorious prison planet
Andy Weir – Artemis hard sf novel set among the criminals & smugglers of the first city on the moon
Christopher Brookmyer – Places in the Darkness
a detective has to leave Earth for an orbiting space station to catch a murderer…
Gavin Smith – Friendly Fire the 2nd Bastard Legion space opera adventure…
Tom Doyle – American Craftsmen
magician-soldier Captain Morton is on the track of treason in the Pentagon…

Adam RobertsReal Town Murders Alma must solve the murder of a person in a totally human-free automated car factory…
Adam Christopher – I Only Killed Him Once the final book in the L.A. Trilogy, featuring a robot detective turned hitman!

Seanan McGuire – The Girl in the Green Silk Gown book 2 in the Ghost Roads series; vol 1, Sparrow Hill Road came out just recently (also in stock)

Tade ThompsonThe Murders of Molly Southbourne every time she bleeds, Molly spawns a deadly copy of herself which she must kill in order to survive…
Victor LavalleChangeling inheriting only a box marked ‘improbabilia’, Kagwa finds himself on a quest for his wife & child, journeying through an ever more unworldly New York City…
Catherine WebbThe Extraordinary and Unusual Adventures of Horatio Lyle 1st in a series of books set in Victorian London featuring an ex-Special Constable, now a sleuth with a passion for science and invention!

Adrian TchaikovskyThe Expert System’s Brother Handry is an exile, wandering a world that seems stranger the more he learns about it…

Stephen Baxter – Raft new SF Masterworks edition of his 1st novel about a desparately endangered colony, split between miners and scientists, each necessary to the other’s survival…

Alexandra Pierce & Mimi MondalLuminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia E. Butler essays and critism on all aspects of th late writer’s work from a variety of writers and scholars

in paperback:

Victor Milan – The Dinosaur Princess volume 3 of his Dinosaur Lords series…

art, etc:

Frederic Brremaud & Federico BertolucciLittle Tails Under the Sea the latest adventures of Chipper & Squizzo as they explore the World’s oceans!


Hi-Fructosevolume # 48 includes a great article about Hitotsuyama Studio and their giant paper creations!

Illustratorsissue # 22 featuring the Bardon art agency and also various Spanish artists…
An Illustrators SpecialDon Lawrence: Illustrations and Comic Strip Art lots of full colour art, covering his whole career, including pages I hadn’t seen for years. The Range Rider! The Trigan Empire (of course!) and much more…


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New Titles – w/e 7th July

in hardcover:

Claire North84K Theo works in the Criminal Audit Office, which assesses the price to be paid for every crime, including murder

Chris Ruocchio – Empire of Silence book 1 of The Sun Eater. Epic fantasy meets space opera!

in large format:

Gardner DozoisWhen the Great Days Come collection of 18 of his best short stories. He wasn’t only an editor!

in ‘B’ format:

Benedict JackaMarked 9th in the Alex Verus series, about a wizard living in London
T. J. BerrySpace Unicorn Blues humans are about to be judged by all powerful aliens assessing their first decades in space
Micah Yongo – Lost Gods Neythan has been raised as an assassin, but is being framed for the murder of his best friend…

Joe HillStrange Weather 4 short novels, 90 to 140 pages long. Includes Snapshot, Loaded, Aloft & Rain

Phil KellyWar of Secrets the latest Warhammer 40,000 adventure; a Space Marines Conquests book

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New Titles – w/e 30th June 2018

in large format:

Mary Robinette KowalThe Calculating Stars the threat of a massive meteorite strike sparks a much accelerated rush to space back in the early 1950s!
Raymond BoltonAwakening a world on the cusp of an industrial revolution is invaded by aliens… Book 1 of The Ydron Saga

Gardner Dozois (editor) – The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fifth Annual Collection the editor’s final volume of 38 stories, completed before he died.
Ellen Datlow (editor) – The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Ten 21 stories from 2017

William Hope HodgsonThe Best Weird Fiction and Ghost Stories of WHH excellent collection from Oldstyle Tales Press
Fitz-James O’BrienThe Best Weird Fiction and Ghost Stories of F-JO. Subtitled What Was It? & Other Horrors. From Oldstyle Tales Press
Edith NesbitThe Best Weird Fiction and Ghost Stories of EN. Subtitled Man-Size in Marble and Other Horrors. 19 stories, some illustrated and others annotated (as are the other 2 volumes).

in ‘B’ format:

Charles StrossThe Delirium Brief the 8th of the Laundry Files

Jay KristoffGodsgrave book 2 of The Nevernight Chronicle
Jonathan FrenchThe Grey Bastards a company of half-orcs patrol the wasteland, protecting human lands from bands of true orcs
Christopher HusbergBlood Requiem 3rd volue in the Chaos Queen quintet
Fonda LeeJade City turf war fro the control of jade, which in Janloon is used for magic…

Francesco DimitriThe Book of Hidden Things after Art disappears in southern Italy, his friends discover some of his secrets, including a strange book…

Elizabeth BearStone Mad sequel to Karen Memory
Caitlin R. KiernanBlack Helicopters expanded and revised edition

Diana GabaldonSeven Stones to Stand or Fall collection of 7 Outlander short stories

Neil GaimanNorse Mythology re-telling of 15 tales of the old Norse Gods. It’s actually been out for a bit…

Joseph O’NeillLand Under England the latest in the SF Masterworks series, about the fate of a missing Roman Legion…

Warhammer 40,000Fabius Bile: Clonelord the latest Black Library offering, by Josh Reynolds

in paperback:

Eric Flint & Mike ResnickThe Gods of Sagittarius ancient aliens may have visited Earth, and they also seem to have destroyed another race’s religious centre and now an alien shaman seeking revenge desires human help…

art, etc:

Alejandro Jodorowsky & Francois BoucoMoon Face hardcover from Humanoids publishers
Saverio Temuta & Carita LupattelliIzuna book 2 more fantastical Japanese adventure from Humanoids

Carole MaurelLuisa: Now and Then teenage Luisa travels into the future and meets herself at twice her age! She soon makes changes to her stuck-in-a-rut elder self’s life! Softcover from Humanoids
Pierre Cristin & Jean-Claude MexieresValerian: The Complete Collection Volume 4. Contains Chatelet Station, Destination Cassiopeia; Brooklyn Line, Terminus Cosmos; The Ghosts of Inverloch & The Wrath of Hypsis

Science ComicsRockets: Defying Gravity fun history of rocketry and the space race by Anne & Jerzy Drozd

Larry MarderBeanworld Omnibus vol 1 collecting the first 21 issues of the 1980s b&w comic. Very strange and very good!

Huw Lewis Jones & Karl HerbertExplorers’ Sketchbooks heavily illustrated h/c with extracts and art from the original journals, etc. kept by dozens of explorers as they travelled the remote parts of the world


Harry PotterDogtags style necklace with a Gryffindor House crest and a Golden Snitch attached
Harry PotterDogtags style necklace with the Hogwarts School crest and a Deathly Hallows device attached


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New Titles – w/e 23rd June 2018

in hardcover:

Terry BrooksThe Skaar Invasion the 2nd book of The Fall of Shannara
Sarah PinsboroughCross Her Heart psychological thriller

Lois McMaster BujoldMira’s Last Dance fantasy novella published by Subterranean Press; a sequel to Penric’s Mission

McSweeney’s Quarterly Concernissue #52 titled In Their Faces a Landmark  17 new stories about ‘movement and displacement’

in large format:

Ruthanna EmrysWinter Tide Lovecraft inspired novel featuring the few surviving residents of Innsmouth after their release from internment with the American Japanese during WW2!

in ‘B’ format:

Tanya HuffThe Priviledge of Peace her 3rd Peacekeeper novel
David HutchinsonShelter almost a hundred years after the disaster that shattered civilisation, society is looking beyond scavenging the past and towards the future… Volume 1 of shared world series The Aftermath. Volume 2, Haven, will be by Adam Roberts.

Michael BlumleinThoreau’s Microscope the 21st in PM PressOutspoken Author series. Fiction, an essay and an interview with Terry Bisson.

in paperback:

Scott WesterfieldThe Risen Empire re-issue of the 1st of the two Succession books; the Emperor & his sster have ruled for centuries but now augmented humans want a change…
James RollinsThe Demon Crown the latest Sigma Force adventure! Premium edition.


Shoreline of Infinityissue # 12 lead story by Helen Jackson plus more fiction, reviews,  poetry, art, and even a ‘spot the difference’ game!

Locusissue # 689 June cover date; includes their ‘Books through March‘ feature on upcoming releases

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New Titles – w/e 16th June 2018

in hardcover:

Rob Grant & Andrew MarshallThe Quanderhorn Xperimentations secret, absurd history based on documents discovered during the refurbishment of Westminster!

Peter NewmanThe Deathless people scratch a living from the verges of the Godroads, fearing the nearby forests where the Demons lurk. Above, the Deathless live their lives in floating castles…

Robert McCammonThe Listener crime novel set during the Great Depression, featuring a man who can sometimes hear things that haven’t been spoken out loud…

Eric Flint & Walt Boyers (editors) – Grantville Gazette VIII the latest volume of short stories set in Flint’s 1632/Ring of Fire universe…

H. P. Lovecraft & Gary Gianni (illustrator) – The Illustrated Call of Cthulhu very nice h/c edition, filled with b&w art. Includes short story The Sea Raiders by H. G. Wells, also with illustrative sketches. Published by Flesk, who do the annual Spectrum arts collection.

Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly BlackThe Spiderwyck Chronicles: The Completely Fantastical Edition not new, but I now stock the illustrated single volume of the Spiderwyck Chronicles

in large format:

Amanda DownumStill So Strange collection of 28 short stories with a Lovecraftian tinge…

in ‘B’ format:

Natasha PulleyThe Bedlam Stacks strange adventures in 19thC  Peru, searching for botanical specimens! Loved the hardcover last year.
Christina HenryThe Mermaid rumours of the perfect sideshow exhibit reach P. T. Barnam…
Rebecca JamesThe Woman in the Mirror after the War, Alice becomes a governess at remote Winterbourne in Cornwall; 70 years later Rachel is informed of the death of a previously unknown relative and she is requested to travel down to Cornwall…
Hailey EdwardsBone Driven part 2 of the Foundling series, sequel to Bayou Born

Stephen DonaldsonSeventh Decimate 1st part of The Great God’s War, a new epic fantasy series

Gavin ChaitOur Memory Like Dust set in a near future North Africa and a companion volume to Lament for the Fallen. Another h/c favorite of mine from last year!
Marina J. LostetterNoumenon deep into humanity’s 1st multi-ship voyage to another star all the ships are crewed by clones of the original crew!
Rob BoffardAdrift Sigma Station, an exotic space hotel, is suddenly destroyed, stranding or killing everyone
Daniel GodfreyThe Synapse Sequence in the near future, Ais, bots and drones do everything but the controlling algorithms aren’t always fair…

art, etc:

J. A. W. CooperFamiliars softcover; sketches of witches and their familiars. Some colour
J. A. W. CooperFlora & Fauna sketches of mainly animals, with some plants
J. A. W. CooperViscera slightly more violent sketches of animals and humans

Mike Mignola & Gary GianniHellboy: Into the Silent Sea – Studio Edition large h/c with all the b&w art highlighted, with the comic’s text and editorial comments alongside instead of obscuring the art. Looks great!

MoebiusInside Moebius Part 2 h/c from Humanoids of Moebius’ musings and art
Frederic Brremaud & Giovanni RiganoDaffodil Nosferatu’s vampire legions prepare to descend upon a quiet little town… Hardcover collecting issues 1 – 3 of the comic.


Heavy Metal – issue # 290

Illustrationissue Sixty with pieces on N. C. Wyeth, Frederic Varady & Gilbert Bundy

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New Titles – w/e 9th June 2018

in hard cover:

Christopher MooreNoir it’s the summer of ’47 and strange things have been seen in the sky. Sammy & Cheese (her surname name is Stilton!) are approached by the Airforce for some sensitive snooping…
Simon R. GreenNight Fall apparently a cross-over between his Secret Histories and Nightside series, making it nos. 12 & 14 respectively!
Jacqueline CareyStarless Khai has been raised from birth to protect the Princess Zariya

Travis S. TaylorBringers of Hell the 6th in his Tau Ceti Agenda series

Jim ButcherBrief Cases a dozen short stories from The Dresden Files

J. R. R. TolkienThe Hobbit Facsimile Gift Set a tray/box which has a lenticular (3-D) version of the classic cover on it & in the tray is a replica of the unrevised 1937 1st edition, a cd with JRRT reading extracts, a map (with hidden moon runes on it) and more!

in large format:

Dominic DulleyShattermoon volume 1 of The Long Game. Orry screws up one of har father’s cons by fleeing off-planet with an artifact that may have belonged to the aliens who used to inhabit the shattered moon, the remnants of which are still orbiting the planet…

Lilith SaintcrowAfterwar as a 2nd Civil War winds down in the USA, the hunt is on for a war criminal who holds dangerous secrets which could re-ignite the conflict…
K. R. RichardsonBlood Orbit a rookie policeman is transferred to a distant planet to help investigate a mas murder…

Seanan McGuireSparrow Hill Road 1st in the new Ghost Roads series, about a hit & run victim trying to track down the man who killed her in order to retain his immortality…
Roger TaylorThe Keep you did your job and didn’t ask what was going on when you worked at the remote, mysterious Keep
Joe R. Lansdale & Kasey LansdaleTerror is Our Business: Dana Roberts’ Casebook of Horrors collecting all 8 of the PI’s strange cases

Philip K. Dick5 Great Novels fat volume with argueably his five best novels: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Martian Time-Slip, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Ubik & A Scanner Darkly

in ‘B’ format:

Daryl GregorySpoonbenders complex novel about a family of semi-retired showground magicians, whose powers may or may not be real. I really enjoyed the h/c last year…

Alex MarshallA War in Crimson Embers the 3rd book in The Crimson Empire series, earlier titles were A Crown for Cold Silver & A Blade of Black Steel
Cameron JohnstonThe Traitor God after 10 years away, Edrin returns home to avenge his friend’s brutal death and no sorcery, daemons or gods will stop him…
Jess RichardsCity of Circles when her circus visits the magical city of Matryoshka, Danu stays behind to try to uncover the secrets in her past…
Vivian ShawStrange Practice Dr. Greta Helsing tends to the London undead and their various peculiar ailments but things are changing…
Bryan CampThe City of Lost Fortunes in chaotic post-Katrina New Orleans Jude has retired but still has the gift of finding missing objects; drawn back into things, can he use his ability to find the murderer of the Fortune god…

Jack CampbellAscendant  2nd volume in his Genesis Fleet series, set in the universe of The Lost Fleet series…
Michael TolkinNK3 a weaponised microbe has destroyed the memories and identities of almost all humankind and the few uninfected left in the remnants of civilisation rule it all!
Amber RoyerFree Chocolate in the far future chocolate is Earth’s only worthwhile export! Looks fun!

Rob BoffardOuter Earth omnibus containing the Tracer, Zero-G & Impact trilogy, about a failing orbital habitat which harbours the last few thousand humans

Warhammer 40,000 The Last Hunt featuring the White Scars, a Space Marine Chapter. Written by Robbie MacNiven

Lea TaylorMidlothian Folk Tales two dozen stories set in and around Edinburgh…

in paperback:

Taylor AndersonDevil’s Due the 12th Destroyermen adventure, about a WW2 destroyer crew in an alternate universe

art, etc:

Dougal DixonAfter Man new h/c edition of his 1981 classic showing how (and the why) various yet-to-evolve new species might look
Mark P. WittonRecreating an Age of Reptiles 90+ full colour up-to-date paintings of dinosaurs, early mammels, etc. with notes on aspects of their creation and rendering.

Kevin J. Anderson & Neil PeartClockwork Lives steampunk flavoured full colour h/c graphic novel conceived by Neil Peart of Canadian rock group Rush


Graphite – issue # 7 new issue of the concept drawing magazine

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New Titles – w/e 2nd June 2018

in hardcover:

Catherynne M. ValenteSpace Opera humans have reached the stars and discovered that influence and position can be gained by competing in the once-a-Cycle Metagalactic Grand Prix…
Greg EganPhoresis one of a pair of twin planets is dying, and it’s people hope that migration to it’s unknown companion may save them…

in large format:

Sarah GaileyAmerican Hippo alternate history omnibus containing the novellas River of Teeth & Taste of Marrow with 2 more short stories, all about the hippo ranching business in the swamps of the American South!
Yahtzee CroshawJam the Apocalypse will be a lot… stickier… than anyone prepared for!

Duncan Lunan (editor) – Starfield re-issue of the 1989 anthology of 17 Scottish science fiction stories, published this time around by the Shoreline of Infinity team.

David RoweThe Proverbs of Middle-Earth strange as news from Bree!

Mur LaffertyI Should Be Writing subtitled ‘A Writer’s Workshop‘ and written by the award winning podcaster and author

in ‘B’ format:

Peter WattsThe Freeze-Frame Revolution when only a tiny proportion of deep-sleep passengers are awake at any one time, how can they plan anything? Especially without the controlling AI knowing!
Ian McDonaldTime Was two people, presumed dead during WW2, are adrift in time and try to find each other by leaving clues in books, plays, etc…

in paperback:

L. E. Modesitt, Jr.Assassin’s Price the 11th volume of the Imager Portfolio
Hailey EdwardsBone Driven the sequel to Bayou Born and part 2 of her Foundling series…
Deborah HarknessA Discovery of Witches Diana discovers a rare manuscript about alchemy in the Bodlian Library stacks and wants nothing to do with it. But it’s too late, and strange beings are stirring! Volume 1 of her All Souls trilogy

Star Trek: PrometheusThe Root of All Rage the 2nd novel set on the USS Prometheus in the same era as ST: The Original Series. Written by Bernd Perplies & Christian Humberg

art, etc:

The Art of Jim Starlin: A Life in Words and Pictures large, heavily illustrated hardcover
Simon Grenan, Roger Sabin & Julian WaiteMarie Duval hardcover collecting the work of this Victorian cartoonist & illustrator
Frank QuietlyDrawings & Sketches small h/c with b&w and colour sketches and drawings

M. Alice LeGrowBizenghast: Falling Into Fear hardcover, with 2 dozen little removable colour posters in plastic sleeves and a dozen pages of stickers

David Munoz, Tirso & Javi MontesWhispers in the Walls horror story set in a children’s hospital in Czeckoslovakia in 1949. From Humanoids
Giovanni Gualdoni, Gabriele Clima, Matteo Piana & Davide TurottiThe Ring of the Seven Worlds softcover. Steampunk fantasy from Humanoids
Daniel LieskeThe Wormwood Saga brightly coloured little fantasy adventure. Softcover

Bernard Seret & Julien SoleSharks small h/c all about sharks! One of several titles in IDW’s new The Little Book of Knowledge series

Evan DorkinMilk and Cheese b&w collection of the comic, which ran from 1989 – 2000. Softcover

Tentacle Kitty: Coloring Book with b&w drawings by 8 artists, from Dark Horse

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Gardner Dozois – 1947 – 2018

The man who was probably the top short fiction editor in the field for over 30 years died last week. The 35th edition of his annual doorstop of an anthology of The Year’s Best Science Fiction is due out this summer although his editing career (as opposed to his writing career) started long ago in a small way back in 1972 and kicked into gear in 1976 and hardly paused until now. Apart from producing dozens of anthologies, often with the assistance of Jack Dann or George R. R. Martin, among others, he also edited Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine for 20 years and won innumerable awards for his work.


(cover art by Doug Herring)

But he was also an acomplished author in his own right and won, or was nominated for, Hugos & Nebulas 16 times over 30 years. I probably first read his short work in The Visible Man, his first short story collection, back in 1977 (I still have my copy!) and later in Geodesic Dreams.  He also wrote a couple of novels, Nightmare Blue, with George Alec Effinger in 1975, which I bought when it came out for the Effinger connection but never really liked, and Strangers three years later, which I struggled with as well. But his short fiction was great! He collaborated with several authors, including his wife Susan Casper, and Slow Dancing Through Time, in 1990, collected the best of these stories in one place.

When I heard of his death, I wanted to read something of his but many of my books are currently boxed up. But I did find my little copy of Peacemaker, his Hugo nominated and Nebula winning story from 1983, re-issued on it’s own by Pulphouse in 1991.
I hadn’t remembered much about it, but it’s still a strong story; the climate change details are fortunately wrong (his changes are much speeded up), but the portrayal of a future rural America is still chilling to read today.

So, farewell Gardner, a giant in our field.

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New Titles – w/e 26th May 2018

in hardcover:

Andrzej SapkowskiSeason of Storms the latest volume of The Witcher series, which began with The Last Wish. The previous volume, The Lady of the Lake is recently out in paperback
Andrew CaldecottWyntertide the sequel to the splendidly strange Rotherweird

V. E. SchwabVicious hardcover edition of her 2014 title…

in ‘B’ format:

Neal Stephenson & Nichole GallandThe Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.  time travel goings on in the Department of Diachronic Operations!

Adrian TchaikovskyDogs of War Rex is a heavily armed, and armoured, genetically modified fighting machine. But at heart all he wants to be is a Good Dog…
Mercedes LackeyThe Hills Have Spies part 1 of her new Family Spies series, set in Valdemar

Juliet E. McKennaThe Green Man’s Heir Daniel is a drifter, picking up casual work as he goes, but now the police are interested in his background, but he’d rather not have his childhood investigated…

Amie Kaufman & Jay KristoffIlluminae, Gemina & Obsidio all 3 volumes of their Iluminae Files, about Hanna & Nik and their efforts to help win an interstellar war…

Warhammer 40,000The Carrion Throne 1st novel of The Vaults of Terra, by Chris Wright

art, etc:

PIE InternationalBeautiful Scenes From a Fantasy World companion volume to the recent Everyday Scenes From a Parallel World. Background images from various anime and manga

Jean-Francois Chabas & David SalaThe Enchanted Chest large h/c with a full page colour illustration opposite every page of the text of the fairy tale


Locus – issue # 688 May cover date, with pieces on Nick Harkaway & Ada Palmer, among others. Also details of this year’s PKD Award

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