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New Titles – w/e 28th February 2015

in hardback:

Kelly LinkGet in Trouble her new short story collection

in ‘B’ format:

V. E. SchwabA Darker Shade of Magic Kell smuggles items between different versions of London, but pickpocket Lila steals a very important item from him… Signed copies available – see her own page linked opposite. Hardback also available

Jen WilliamsThe Copper Promise Wydren is offered a job exploring the darkest depths of the Citadel.
Patricia BriggsDead Heat the 4th Alpha & Omega novel
Tom FletcherGleam Wild Alan has been exiled to the Discard and must go on a quest through the gigantic black pyramid that contains all of civilisation
Kameron HurleyRapture the 3rd in the set that began with God’s War
Brian Herbert & Kevin J. AndersonMentats of Dune their 12th Dune novel, following on from Frank Herbert‘s own 6 Dune novels…
Dean R. KoontzThe City

Scott Harrison (editor) – Whispers in the Dark three Cthulhu-based novellas by Alison Littlewood, Thana Niveau & Johnny Mains
John Joseph Adams (editor) – Wastelands 2 subtitled ‘More Stories of the Apocalypse’ 30 stories by top authors, all but 5 from the past 15 years

WarhammerEverchosen  the 2nd in the Archaon series, by Rob Sanders
Warhammer 40,000Nightbringer  the 1st book  of the Chronicles of Uriel Ventrus by Graham McNeill

in paperback:

Iver P. Cooper – 1636: Seas of Fortune the latest novel in Eric Flint‘s Ring of Fire/1632 series
Larry CorreiaMonster Hunter: Nemesis 5th in the series
J. C. NelsonArmageddon Rules the sequel to Free Agent. Another problem for the new partner in the Fairy Godfather Agency
Lauren M. RoyGrave Matters sequel to Night Owls, about a very late night bookshop and strange goings-on relating to it’s customers…

art, etc:

Sean Andrew MurraySketchbook Collection volume 1 b&w pencil & charcoal sketches of fantasy characters, buildings and creatures…
Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 30: Paolo Rivera mainly b&w with 8 pages of colour

Frederic Brremaud & Frederico BertolucciLove: the Tiger beautiful hardback graphic novel about a day in the life of a wild tiger in S.E. Asia, and it’s interactions with other jungle animals. Includes tapirs! Completely textless.

Alexandro Jodorowsky & LadronnFinal Incal full colour hardback from Humanoids


Locus – February cover date Round-up of last year.


Doctor WhoEquilibrium adventure # 196 from Big Finish, featuring Peter Davidson
Doctor WhoThe Darkness of Glass Fourth Doctor adventure # 4.2 from Big Finish, with Tom Baker & Louise Jamieson

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New Titles – w/e 21st February 2015

in large format:

Paul McAuleySomething Coming Through aliens have granted Earth access to 15 habitable exo-planets, but they’re littered with the ruins of previous inhabitants who had also accepted the aliens’ offer…
Jen WilliamsThe Iron Ghost sequel to The Copper Promise. Epic fantasy

in ‘B’ format:

Paul CornellThe Severed Streets the sequel to London Falling
Brandon SandersonThe Rithmatist Joel has learnt all about magic; he just can’t do any!

in paperback:

Fergus CurrieThe Grangemouth Conspiracy hefty thriller spanning over a century about mysterious 19th C Russians and strange goings-on at the petro-chemical plant!

Star TrekThe Missing the latest Deep Space Nine book, by Una McCormack

James AxlerTerminal White the latest Outlanders adventure!

art, etc:

Harald BelherRide vol.1 h/c concept art for electric motorcycles
Darren QuachInkworks vol.1 small h/c of b&w sketches

Brian KesineerWalking Your Octopus back in stock!

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New Titles – w/e 14th February 2015

in hardcover:

Iain Banks & Ken MacLeodPoems copies signed by Ken available now

Joe AbercrombieHalf the World the sequel to Half a King
Jacqueline CareyPoison Fruit 3rd volume in her Agent of Hel series…

Ben Bova & Eric Choi (editors) – Carbide Tipped Pens anthology of 17 new hard sf stories

large format:

Tobias BuckellCrystal Rain re-issue of the 1st volume of his Xenowealth series, set in a future where mankind is confined to certain planets following a multi-sided space war…

McSweeney’sno. 48 the latest issue; comes bundled with a separate screenplay by Boots Riley

in ‘B’ format:

Anthony RyanTower Lord the 2nd book in his Raven’s Shadow fantasy series; the 1st was Blood Song
Myke ColeGemini Cell the 4th Shadow Ops adventure

Stephen Jones (editor) – Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth new anthology of stories inspired by H. P. Lovecraft (indeed, it includes 2 of his own stories! (Innsmouth Clay and The Port))

art, etc:

Brian KesingerTraveling With Your Octopus companion h/c to his Walking Your Octopus book, and also the b&w softcover Coloring With Your Octopus!

Larry GonickThe Cartoon Guide to Algebra softcover with cartoon characters and panels, rather than strips
Jean-Claude ForestBarbarella: The Wrath of the Minute-Eater b&w hardcover from Humanoids. This is a completely different story from the outsize h/c I got in a few months ago…
Richard D. Nolane & Francois Miville-DeschenesMillennium full colour historical adventure set 100 years ago, from Humanoids

Leonard StarrMary Perkins on Stage: volume one b&w softcover collecting the newspaper strip about the life and adventures of a showgirl. This volume includes the year of strips running from February 1957 until January 1958. From Classic Comic Press


Juxtapoz – March 2015 cover date
Illustrators – issue #9, featuring Bruce Pennington
Brick Journal – issue #33 of the Lego magazine


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New Titles – w/e 7th February 2015

in hardcover:

Elizabeth BearKaren Memory steampunk mystery set in the boom town of Seattle at the end of the 19th C
Eric Flint & Ryk E. SpoorCastaway Planet 4th in the fast-moving time and space hopping series that began with Boundary!
David B. CoeSpell Blind Justis is a P.I. with paranormal powers, but he also goes mad at full moons…

David DuchovnyHoly Cow Elise Bovary is a cow who makes a break for freedom with her farmyard companions, a pig and a turkey. They disguise themselves as human (as best they can!) and make for the airport…

in large format:

David Weber & Eric FlintCauldron of Ghosts the 3rd in the Honorverse series that began with Crown of Stars

in ‘B’ format:

Chris EvansOf Bone and Thunder gritty epic fantasy about a war far from home and the strain it puts on the young combatants…
Ian McDonaldEmpress of the Sun volume 3 in his steampunk Everness series
William C. DietzBy Force of Arms the 4th Legion of the Damned adventure
Mel OdomMaster Sargeant the war with the Phrenorians comes to the jungle world of Makaum, where there’s already a civil war brewing. Frank Sage is assigned there to integrate the local forces with the Terran military. 1st in the Makaum War series

in paperback:


Marshall Tyan MarescaThe Thorn in Dentonhill during the day Veranix is a struggling magic student. At night, though, he works to bring down the crime boss who murdered his father… Maradaine #1
E. L. TettensorMaster of Plagues sequel to Dreamwalker
Violette MalanThe Dhulyn and Parno Novels volume one omnibus containing The Sleeping God and The Soldier King. Epic fantasy

D&D: Forgotten RealmsRise of the King the Companions Codex #2 by R. A. Salvatore


Doctor WhoThe Exxilons Tom Baker & Louise Jamieson feature in the Big Finish Fourth Doctor Full Cast Audio Drama #4.1

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Iain Banks & Ken MacLeod – Poems

Before Iain Bank‘s death in June 2013 he and Ken MacLeod agreed that a book of their poems should be published. It comes out in a couple of weeks time and is called, appropriately, Poems.

As with previous books of his, Ken has agreed to sign copies for me.
It will cost £12.99 and postage within the UK will be £1.51, making £14.50 in total.

Copies to Europe will be £12.99 + £5.15 p&p making £18.14 in total
Copies to almost everywhere else will be £12.99 + £7.45 p&p making £20.44 in total
Copies to Australia & NZ will be £12.99 + £7.90 p&p making £20.89 in total.

To order a copy, please contact me with your location and how you’d like it signed, and I will issue a PayPal Invoice for the amount due.

People who have previously ordered signed copies of books by either Ken or Iain should have received an e-mail from me about this offer by now. If I’ve missed you, please e-mail me.


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New Titles – w/e 31st January 2015

in hardcover:

Robert Repino- Mort(e) the world’s ants have secretly been creating all sorts of ‘uplifted’ animals, and now is the time to rise against the Humans!
Matthew ReillyThe Great Zoo of China the Chinese are about to unveil a great new zoo, and it’s main draw will be dragons!
Simon R. GreenThe Dark Side of the Road Ishmael Jones must discover which of the Colonel’s house guests murdered him…
Graham MastertonTaken for Dead Katie Maguire of the Garda has another gruesome crime to tackle in Cork…
Neil GaimanTrigger Warning short story collection, The oldest stories date from 2007

large format:

Karen LordThe Galaxy Game three students at the Lyceum school for the psionically gifted can’t wait to graduate and use their acquired skills for good… But there’s a crisis brewing bewteen rival star-faring civilisations

in ‘B’ format:

Joe AbercrombieHalf a King left for dead, the crippled Prince Yarvi knows he can’t win back his position by his strength…
Robert LydonImperial Fire epic sequel to Hawk Quest, an historical novel set in 1081 and spanning much of Europe. In this one, Valton and his companions must venture east…  Really enjoyed the 1st one.
Josh MalerinanBird Box the internet fails; tv stops broadcasting, then the phones go down. And you can’t see out the windows…
Chuck WendigUnclean Spirits part of the Gods and Monsters multi-author series
Jame Smythe – The Echo sequel to The Explorer, set 20 years on. Part 2 of his Anomaly Quartet
V. E. SchwabVicious back in stock; 2 ex-friends battle with their psychic powers… Signed copies of her new book,  A Darker Shade of Magic, will  be available soon!

Martyn Amos & Ra Page (editors) – Beta Life anthology of sf stories set in 2070, written by pairs of authors & scientists.
Jesse Bullington (editor) – Letters to Lovecraft 18 new short stories…

Warhammer 40,000First and Only the latest Gaunt’s Ghosts novel, by Dan Abnett

in paperback:

William C. DietzDeadeye in a much-altered world, Cassandra Lee must try to find a notorious murderer and kidnapper and may have to venture into the red zone. Volume 1 of The Mutant Files
Lisa ShearinThe Dragon Conspiracy the magical ‘Dragon Eggs’ jewels have been stolen and Makenna has 24 hours to break the case… Volume 2 of the SPI Files, and the sequel to last year’s The Grendal Affair
Heather GrahamWaking the Dead a painting’s characters can come to life…

John Joseph Adams (editor) – Wastelands anthology with 22 ‘stories of the apocalypse‘, as the strap line says. Authors include George R. R. Martin, Cory Doctorow and Jack McDevitt

art, etc:

Stefano RaffaeleLoving Dead h/c zombie graphic novel from Humanoids


Interzone – # 256 with fiction from Neil Williamson and an interview with Ann Leckie


Rip-Off!  13 top authors, including Robert Charles Wilson, Lavie Tidhar, Elizabeth Bear, Daryl Gregory and 9 more, take the first line from a favorite famous book and then write their own story starting with it! Works thus ‘ripped-off’ include Moby Dick, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Huckleberry Finn!
Doctor WhoMistfall Big Finish full cast audio drama # 195, with Peter Davidson


Game of ThronesPlaying Cards back in stock; the original deck of cards from the series

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Signed Copies – V. E. Schwab

The latest book by V. E. Schwab comes out in a couple of weeks and she has kindly agreed to sign copies for me.

It’s called A Darker Shade of Magic and is a ‘B’ format paperback from Titan Books, costing £7.99 plus postage.
Postage within the UK will be £1.51, making the total £9.50

I’ll also have a limited number of the Tor US hardcover, which will be £18.99 plus postage.
Postage within the UK will be £2.80, making the total £21.79

Signing options available will be plain signature, or with date, location (Edinburgh) or brief greeting (To Mike, Best wishes, Happy Birthday, etc.)
To order your copy e-mail me at saying what you’d like and which country you live in and I’ll issue a PayPal Invoice for the appropriate amount. Once paid, and the books are in, I’ll get it signed and sent off to you.

For postage rates abroad, please see the V. E. Schwab page on the ‘pages’ list beside this post. Other books you can ask to be signed are listed there also.


A Darker Shade of Magic

Most people only know one London; but what if there were several? Kell is one of the last Travelers – magicians with a rare ability to travel between parallel Londons. There’s Grey London, dirty and crowded and without magic, home to the mad king George III. There’s Red London, where life and magic are revered.

Then, White London, ruled by whoever has murdered their way to the throne. But once upon a time, there was Black London…


edit for clarification

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New Titles – w/e 24th January 2015

in large format:

Patricia A. McKillipGateway Omnibus from Gollancz, containing In the Forests of Sfere, Alphabet of Thorn and The Bell at Sealey Head
Gareth E. ReesMarshland weird fiction and strange history and folklore featuring Hackney marshes and the surrounding areas. Illustrated by Ada Jusic.

in ‘B’ format:

Patricia BriggsNight Broken her 8th Mercy Thomson novel…
Gareth L. PowellMacaque Attack 3rd volume in his Ack-Ack Macaque trilogy
Stephen BlackmooreMythbreaker Fitz is trying to go straight after a life of crime, but ends up on the run from an angel. And he’s always suffered from hallucinations…
Charles DeLintOver My Head the middle part of his Wildings trilogy.  All three parts are now is stock.

magazines, etc:

Black Static – #44 the usual mix of fiction and reviews

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New Titles – w/e 17th January 2015

in hardcover:

Jim C. HinesUnbound the 3rd in his Magic Ex Libris series…
Tim PowersNobody’s Home subtitled An Anubis Gates Story. Novella from Subterranean Press, illustrated by J. K. Potter

in large format:

Alfred DoblinThe Three Leaps of Wang Lun early (1915) German Expressionist novel, also an early example of ‘China as a fantasy kingdom’. Translated by C. D. Godwin
Edgar Pangborn
Gateway Omnibus the latest release in the Gollancz series, containing Davy, A Mirror for Observers and the short story collection Good Neighbours and Other Strangers
Charles DeLint - Under My Skin shape-shifting fantasy; Wildings #1

‘B’ format:

Maggie StiefvaterThe Raven Boys the pupils of the nearby private school are known as the Raven Boys, and Blue can’t resist finding out more about magic and their strange and sinister world…

art, etc:

Joseph Corn & Katherine ChambersYesterday’s Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American Future softback full of art showing now obsolete futures! Lots of explanatory text

Terry Pavlet & Sam GaffordStrange Detective Mysteries 14 years after Edgar Allan Poe‘s death, a group of crack problem solvers is assembled to solve his murder. Features Conan Doyle, Wells, Tesla, Houdini & Bat Masterton! b&w
Warren Ellis & Chris WestonMinistry of Space back in stock; alternate history with Great Britain winning the post-war Space Race. Full colour


Locus – November issue, trailing in at last…
Heavy Metal – issue #272
Juxtapoz – February cover date
Hi-Fructose – #34; includes a 16 page Gary Taxali insert

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New Titles – w/e 10th January 2015

Happy New Year!


in hardcover:

James MorrowGalapagos Regained alternate history in which Darwin’s animal keeper steals his ideas, but then has to collect her own specimens to back up her arguments!
Brandon SandersonFirefight the 2nd in his Reckoners series, the first was Steelheart
John RingoStrands of Sorrow the 4th (and apparently final) part in his nautical zombie apocalypse series!

Peter V. BrettMessenger’s Legacy illustrated Demon Cycle novella
Simon R. GreenTales from the Nightside 10 short stories

in large format:

Charles de LintOut of this World the 3rd book in his Wildlings series, which began with Under my Skin
James Morrow – The Philosopher’s Apprentice
Mason Ambrose accepts a dream job on a tropical island to re-educate a young woman who has lost both her memory and her moral compass
James Morrow – The Madonna and the Starship short satirical novel with diabolical lobsters from outer space!
Liz Riley Jones - Hiraeth Moira is an orphan who discovers she is descended from Druids, and that they still exist on Anglesey. She is soon at the centre of a secret civil war…
Douglas F. Warwick - Plow the Bones collection of his weird fiction
Ellen Datlow (editor) – Lovecraft’s Monsters stories from some top current authors!
Pamela Sargent – Dream of Venus and Other Science Fiction Stories 5 stories from her ‘Venus of Dreams‘ background. Published back-to-back Ace Double style with
Jack Dann & George Zebrowski – Decimated: 10 Science Fiction Stories collaborative stories, mainly from the early/mid 1070s

Ursula K. LeGuinThe Wave in the Mind stories and essays, published in 2004

Mike Resnick (editor) – The Best of Galaxy’s Edge 2013 – 2014 25 short stories, reprinted from the magazine’s first year’s issues.
The Book of Apex: volume 1 collecting the best from the 1st 18 months of monthly online sf/fantasy publication Apex Magazine
The Book of Apex: volume 2
The Book of Apex: volume 3 stories from the issues edited by Catherynne M. Valente
The Book of Apex: volume 4 culled from the 1st 15 issues edited by Lynne M. Thomas

in ‘B’ format:

Larry Niven & Gregory BenfordShipstar further exploration of the Bowl of Heaven, the gigantic space-going habitat discovered in book 1.

Andrzej SapkowskiBaptism of Fire the 4th in the fantasy series that began with The Last Wish
Den Patrick - The Boy With the Porcelain Blade the King rules Landfall from a vast castle and Lucien is only a pawn in his schemes, except Lucien has other ideas…
Mark AlderSon of the Morning an alternate history of the 14th century. Unlike Philip of France, Edward the Third finds he cannot summon his bloodline’s angels, as his father could, so searches for different forces to help him win their struggle. Part 1 of Banners of Blood.
A. J. SmithThe Dark Blood book 2 of the epic fantasy,  Chronicles of the Long War
Brian StaveleyThe Emperor’s Blades the 1st Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne. The Emperor has been murdered and his three children are all under threat, whether they be monk, soldier or princess…
Col BuchananFarlander fantasy re-issue. The Free Ports are under siege by the Empire and the assassin Ash and his apprentice are in the middle of it all. Parts 2 & 3 will be out again in February and March
Rebecca LeveneSmiler’s Fair 5 people’s paths cross at the great, ever-moving carnival, and their lives change track dramatically. Volume 1 of The Hollow Gods

Genevieve CogmanThe Invisible Library Irene and her new assistant secretly gather fiction from alternate realities for the Library. But this time the book they’ve been sent to obtain has already been stolen…

Ursula K. LeGuinThe Unreal & the Real: Outer Space, Inner Lands the 2nd of her 2 volume short story retrospective

in paperback:

Steven HarperIron Axe part 1 of The Books of Blood and Iron young half-troll Danr is tasked by Death herself with a quest…
Daniel Jose OlderHalf-Resurrection Blues Carlos is a half-dead agent of the NY Council of the Dead and has to defeat another ‘inbetweener’ who is a sorcerer! Bone Street Rumba #1
C. S. FriedmanDreamwalker someone is trying to steal artwork based on Jessica’s strange dreams, and now they’ve kidnapped her younger brother for leverage…

Alex ArcherDeath Mask the latest Rogue Angel adventure
James AxlerHive Invasion the latest Deathlands adventure

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