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Chuck Miller

Very sorry to hear that Chuck Miller died a few days ago aged 62. He was best known as one half of the publishing duo Underwood Miller who made their reputation with hardback editions of almost the complete works of Jack Vance, and also many other books and authors. Their titles included rare Roger Zelazny works and also the 5-volume Philip K. Dick complete short stories. He was also a well-known sf&f book dealer and I well remember getting the catalogs and poring over them for a few days and then phoning up to place an order, which always turned into a long, chatty phone call.
As a result, when I attended the Orlando Worldcon, he invited me to sit in at the U/M table any time I wanted, and chat to everyone, including Jack Vance and his wife Norma.
I wouldn’t have had nearly as good a time there without Chuck’s friendship. We gradually lost touch as he stopped sending out catalogs and relied on selling via e-Bay, which I never took to…

I had wondered recently if he was still listing books there and did a cursory search without any luck, and now I know why.
I was never a close friend but I’ll still miss him.

Here’s a couple of obituaries with further details.

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New Titles – w/e 30th May2015

in hardcover:

Michael Z. WilliamsonA Long Time Until Now a small group of US soldiers find themselves back in the Paleolithic… The cover shows a Roman legionnaire in a humvee being attacked by a wooly rhinoceros!
Paolo BacigalupiThe Water Knife in a drought-ridden near future, there’s a rumour of a new source of plentiful water…

in large format:

Andrzej SapkowskiSword of Destiny 5th in the Witcher series, translated from Polish by David French. Volume 1 was The Last Wish
Jon SprunkBlood and Iron part 1 of the Book of the Black Earth shipwright Harace Delrosa is shipwrecked and enslaved in the mysterious Akeshian Empire

Max Allan CollinsStrip for Murder hard-boiled detective story first published in 2008 although it’s set in 1953. Before the final chapter there’s a short comic strip highlighting the main points about the murder encouraging the reader to guess the culprit before reading the end of the book. Illustrations by Terry Beatty

J. R. R. TolkienBeowulf: A Translation and Commentary one quarter poem, three quarters notes and extra material!

in ‘B’ format:

John BirminghamResistance the 2nd volume of Dave vs. the Monsters. The fight continues against horrors released from deep in the Earth’s crust…
Ian DouglasDeep Time the 6th in his Star Carrier set
Michael LoganApocalypse Cow Britain is overrun by zombie cows!

Stuart DouglasThe Albino’s Treasure subtitled ‘the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Freda WarringtonThe Dark Arts of Blood the 4th in her Blood Wine sequence
Mark Lawrence – Prince of Fools book 1 of The Red Queen’s War. Set in the Broken Empire in a strangely altered Europe

Micheal Reaves & Mallory ReavesThe Silver Dream sequel to Interworld. Story by Neil Gaiman & Micheal Reaves but not written by Gaiman.

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdSurvivor the 2nd in his Vicky Peterwald series, a spin-off from his Kris Longknife series
Ian DouglasDeep Time the 6th in his Star Carrier set
Clive Cussler & Graham BrownGhost Ship the 12th Kurt Austin adventure

Dayton WardArmageddon’s Arrow the latest Star Trek: The Next Generation novel
James AxlerForbidden Trespass the latest Deathlands adventure

Larry Niven (creator) – Man-Kzin Wars XIV 7 short stories

art, etc:

Martha FayOut of Line: The Art of Jules Feiffer large biography, heavily illustrated with his work
Comfort Love & Adam WithersThe Complete Guide to Self-Published Comics glossy softcover

George R. R. MartinGame of Thrones: The Graphic Novel volume four adaptation by Daniel Abraham with art by Tommy Patterson
Satoshi KonDream Fossil 400+ pages collecting his manga short stories. b&w in English


Interzone – #258 cover by Martin Hanford
Illustration – issue # 47 substantial articles on Charles Dana Gibson and George Petty

Heavy MetalHoax Hunters issue #3. comic


Doctor WhoLast of the Cyberman with Colin Baker & Frazer Hines. Adventure #199 from Big Finish
Doctor WhoSuburban Hell with Tom Baker & Louise Jameson. Fourth Doctor Adventure #4.5 from Big Finish

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New Titles – w/e 23rd May 23015

in hardcover:

Neal StephensonSeveneves big new novel about what happens following the sudden destruction of the moon! Both short term and long term…

Eli K. P. WilliamCash Crash Jubilee in a future Tokyo absolutely everything has been quantified and given a price… Volume 1 of The Jubilee Cycle
Gwendolyn WomackThe Memory Painter a new drug enables people to be aware of past lives, but what if they’ve been manipulated throughout history!?

Naomi NovikUprooted Agnieszka expects the wizard called Dragon to select her friend as tribute for protecting their village, but she’s wrong! (Not a Temeraire novel)
P. N. ElrodThe Hanged Man in an alternate Victorian London Alexandrina Pendlebury is a forensic psychic consultant living on Baker Street and working for Her Majesty’s Psychic Service… Looks fun!
Barbra HamblyCrimson Angel the latest Benjamin January novel

in large format:

Ryk E. SpoorPhoenix in Shadow sequel to Phoenix Rising. Epic fantasy
David WellingtonPosi+ive in post-apocalypse America Finn must make his way to safety although he may be infected with the plague virus
William Meikle The Dunfield Terror there’s a strange glowing fog, but it’s in the middle of a snowstorm. Horror from Crystal Lake Publishers

Tobias S. BuckellSly Mongoose the 3rd in his Xenowealth series, about the long term aftermath of a multi-species space war.
Neil Clarke (editor) – Upgraded anthology of ‘cyborg’ stories. Contributors include Elizabeth Bear, Greg Egan, Ken Liu & Madeline Ashby
Kevin Lucia
Things Slip Through single author horror collection.  From Crystal Lake Publishers
Joe Mynhardt & Emma Audsley (editors) – Horror 101: The Way Forward very readable non-fiction about writing horror, from all sorts of writers including Poppy Z. Brite, Ellen Datlow & Tim Waggoner. From Crystal Lake Publishers
Joe Mynhardt
(editor)The Outsiders 5 horror authors each tell a story of events inside a small gated community…  From Crystal Lake Publishers

in ‘B’ format:
Ian C. EsslemontAssail his 6th and final novel set in the Malazan Empire, which he co-created with Steven Erickson
Marc TurnerWhen the Heavens Fall a rogue necromancer challenges the Lord of the Dead for dominion over the underworld. Part 1 of The Chronicles of the Exile

Adam RobertsBete Animal Rights activists insert computer chips into animals which give them the power of speech…

magazines: Black Static – issue #46, with half a dozen stories, including The Secret Language of Stamps by Neil Williamson

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New Titles – w/e 16th May 2015

in hardcover:

Clive BarkerThe Scarlet Gospels his new horror novel, featuring the Cenobite hell priest Pinhead
Graham MastertonPlague of the Manitou the latest in his Harry Erskine horror series…

Hannu RajaniemiCollected Fiction Hannu has re-located to California so please don’t ask me for signed copies!

in large format:

Geoff ManaughThe BLDG BLOG Book illustrated essays about some of the stranger aspects of architecture and design

in ‘B’ format:

Jack CampbellLeviathan the 5th in his Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier series and the 14th in the overall Lost Fleet sequence

Jack VanceNight Lamp the latest in the Orion SF Masterworks series. The best of Vance’s late period novels; Jaro has to discover the secrets of his past

art, etc:

Cathy Fenner (editor) – Women of Wonder from Underwood Books and the ex-editor of the Spectrum series. Full colour softcover highlighting dozens of female fantasy artists. One page of photo plus bio & a page of their art. Looks great.
Pat Quinn Basic Perspective for Comics & Illustration 56 page magazine format book from Blue Line Art crammed with information and diagrams

VertigoMad Max Fury Road Inspired Artists deluxe hardback with art inspired by the new film from 65 different comic artists. No text apart from all the artists’ comments, just full colour, double page art

Jim Henson’s The StorytellerWitches hardcover with 3 full colour graphic novellas and an illustrated (in b&w) screenplay for an unmade film, all about witches
Eric DrookerFlood! textless graphic novel in b&w (with some blue) with every panel done in a ‘woodcut’ style
Stephane Betbeder (writer) – Sanctum Redux a 600+ page re-imagining of Humanoids’ undersea horror story, Sanctum.
James Tynion IV (writer) – The Woods vol 2 : The Swarm an entire high school has been transported somewhere…strange9780061960321

Neil Gaiman & Charles VessInstructions lovely little childrens’ hardback
Peter ChiskonskiThe H.M.S. Bad Idea fun little book of cartoons, published by


Heavy Metal – #274 lead story by Enki Bilal
Juxtapoz – June cover date

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New Titles – w/e 9th May 2015

in hardcover:

Kate AtkinsonA God in Ruins companion volume to Life After Life.  Signed copies available

Taylor AndersonStraits of Hell the 10th in his alternate history Destroyermen series
James L. CambiasCorsair as mankind expands through the Solar System, various sorts of piracy become very big business…

in large format:

Alison SinclairBreakpoint: Nereis the 1st in her Plague Confederacy series. 150 years after a plague destroys an interstellar empire, a re-contact ship arrives at the planet the disease may have started on…

Meljean BrookThe Kraken King the 4th book in the steampunk Iron Seas series

in ‘B’ format:

Ian TregillisThe Mechanical set in an alternate world with sentient robots oppressed by the harsh Clockmakers’ Guild. Book 1 of the Alchemy Wars
Lionel DavidsonKolymsky Heights in a secret Russian research base in Siberia things are going wrong and help is essential… Philip Pullman rates it the best thriller he’s ever read.

in paperback:

Taylor AndersonDeadly Shores the 9th in his alternate history Destroyermen series
Gini KochAlien Separation the 11th in the series

Barb HendeeWitches with the Enemy the 3rd in her Mist-Torn Witches series
Elizabeth HaydonThe Merchant Emperor the 7th in her Symphony of Ages sequence, which began with Rhapsody: Child of Blood back in 1999!

Violette MalanThe Dhulyn and Parno Novels Volume Two omnibus containing The Storm Witch and Path of the Sun

Jame AxlerHell’s Maw the 73rd Outlanders adventure!

art, etc:

Brian & Wendy FroudBrian Froud‘s  Faeries’ Tales Brian’s art accompanied by Wendy’s stories about the various faeries depicted. Large full colour hardback
Philip Smith & Joseph A McCulloughSteampunk Soldiers: Uniforms & Weapons from the Age of Steam hardback from Osprey Publishing illustrated with ‘steampunk’ styled uniforms from across the world!

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New Titles – w/e 2nd May 2015

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsPoseidon’s Wake using generation starships, mankind has reached the stars, but now a plea for help is received from in advance of where anyone could have reached…
Nnedi OkoraforThe Book of Phoenix a 2 y.o. genetic experiment, she lives in Tower 7, happily reading and learning until her companion is so traumatised he commits suicide. Then everything changes for her…

Travis S. TaylorTrail of Evil the 4th in his Tau Ceti Agenda series, which began with One Day on Mars

Kate AtkinsonA God in Ruins companion volume to the excellent Life after Life. Signed copies. Sadly, it’s embargoed until the 7th May so I can’t sell it yet.
But I can take orders for it.

in large format:

Richard Ford – Lord of Ashes the final part of his Steelhaven fantasy trilogy, which began with Herald of the Storm and The Shattered Crown

Max GladstoneThree Parts Dead steampunk fantasy. Kos, the Fire God has died and Tara, a 1st year associate in  a renowned necromantic firm, must try to resurrect him before the city is torn by riots. But she discovers the god was murdered…
Max GladstoneTwo Serpents Rise sequel to Three Parts Dead and the 2nd part of the Craft Sequence
Max Gladstone Full Fathom Five the 3r volume of the Craft Sequence

in ‘B’ format:

Peter WattsEchopraxia sequel to Blindsight
Gary Gibson – Extinction Game Jerry was the last man alive, but he’s been rescued by the ‘Authority’ and joins a mission with other survivoros from other alternate earths…

Trudi Canavan Thief’s Magic book 1 of her new series, Millennium’s Rule
Lindsey Piper – Hunter Warrior book 3 in her Dragon Kings series
Django WexlerThe Mad Apprentice the sequel to The Forbidden Library
Viola CarrThe Diabolical Miss Hyde the exploits of Dr. Eliza Jekyll, daughter of the infamous Dr. Henry Jekyll!
Sue TingeyMarked lonely Lucky can see ghosts and her only friend is Kayla, the ghost she’s known since birth… But neither are what they appear

David Greygoose – Brunt Boggart subtitled A Tapestry of Tales. 3 sets of interlinked tales, which build to form a new mythology
Pippa GoldschmidtThe Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space short story collection from the author of The Falling Sky

Michael Marshall SmithOnly Forward reprint of his 1st, award-winning novel

Warhammer 40,000Warriors of Ultramar an Ultramarines adventure by Graham McNeill

art, etc:

John Avon Journeys to Somewhere Else hardback full colour art book with several fold out pages for panoramas, etc. Great looking stuff!
Daniel Zimmer (editor) – The Golden Age: Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration from the founder of Illustration magazine. Large hardcover full of colour art from the last century, all in alphabetical order by artist, which leads to some interesting juxtapositions of subjects and styles!

The HobbitThe Definitive Movie Posters big book of 40 easily removable posters from the whole Hobbit film trilogy by Peter Jackson

Alain Paris, Val, Notaro & Saverio TenutaThrone of Ice hardcover graphic novel from Humanoids, set in an unknown culture in prehistoric, ice-free Antarctica!
Saverio TenutaLegend of the Scarlet Blades hardback graphic novel from Humanoids, set in medieval Japan…

Frank FrazettaWarriors Coaster Set 4 square cork coasters with a different warrior on each one, in full colour
Frank FrazettaDeath Dealer Playing Cards standard deck with different characters on all 16 face cards & 2 jokers, with the classic Death Dealer image on all the backs.


VadeboncoeurCollection of Images #13 large, occasional magazine packed with interesting full colour art
Juxtapoz – May 2015 cover date

Locus – April cover date

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New Titles – w/e 26th April 2015

in hardcover:

Robert Charles WilsonThe Affinities new data analysis technologies mean that everybody can be divided into one of 22 groups. But joining the group you’re eligible for may have it’s problems as well as benefits…
Peter NewmanThe Vagrant he must cross a land blasted by war to reach the last stronghold against whatever emerged from The Breach, and he has the only weapon that might help…
Benjamin PercyThe Dead Lands 150 years ago St.Louis was fortified against the hordes of plague victims. Now there’s word of safe lands to the west and so a small expedition heads into the unknown…

Ian DoescherWilliam Shakespeare‘s The Phantom Menace: Star Wars Part the First companion volume to the three already out relating to episodes 4, 5 & 6

in large format:

Marko KloosTerms of Enlistment the only way out of the slums is the colonial lottery or joining the military, which may also get Andrew off planet!
B. CatlingThe Vorrh outside the town is the endless forest, which can bend time and memories. A human colonist sets off to cross it but not everyone wants him to succeed
Diana Pharaoh FrancisEdge of Dreams 5 teenagers are lost inside a mountain and magical tracker Riley has to ask for some rather distasteful help…
Faith Hunter & Kalanya Price (editors)  – Kicking It urban fantasy stories, mainly involving footware, like actual killer boots!
T. A. PrattLady of Misrule the latest Marla Mason book…
Charles DeLintWhere Desert Spirits Crowd the Night  short novel about artist and dreamer Sophie Etoile, from Newford

Stuart Douglas (editor) – Iris Wildthyme: 15  an anthology of 15 stories featuring the time traveller created by Paul Magrs for some Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures

in ‘B’ format:

John BirminghamEmergence a deep-drilling oil rig drills too deep and releases swarms of monsters! Hung over safety worker Dave Hooper takes a stand… Dave vs. The Monsters part 1

Terry BrooksThe High Druid’s Blade the 1st volume of The Defenders of Shannara series
Gail Z. MartinWar of Shadows the 3rd part of her Ascendant Kings Saga
Sarah J. MaasA Court of Thorns and Roses Feyre is a mortal who has been imprisoned in the Fairie Realms for hunting and killing a magical creature…

Adam ChristopherThe Machine Awakens mankind is slowly losing the Spider Wars and a murder investigation starts to reveal a vast conspiracy stretching from Earth to the floating gas mines of Jupiter…

in paperback:

David WeberShadow of Freedom the 14th in the main sequence of Honor Harrington novels
Jack McDevittThe Hercules Text reprint of his 1st novel. An extraterrestrial message is finally decoded, with possibly world-changing results…
A. AmericanGoing Home when civilisation abruptly collapses Morgan will do whatever it takes to get home again…

M. J. ScottThe Shattered Court Lady Sophia is a Royal Witch and 32nd in line to the Throne, but is forced to flee after an attack by the Kingdom’s ancient enemies. Now she has serious choices to make…
Kelly McCullough – Darkened Blade the 6th in his Fallen Blade series

David Baldacci (editor) – FaceOff anthology of 11 stories each featuring 2 noted characters from a variety of authors meeting each other… Rebus, Jack Reacher, Repairman Jack and many more

Star TrekCrisis of Consciousness an Original Series novel by Dave Galanter

David AnnandaleThe Damnation of Pythos: Thinning the Veil a Horus Heresy adventure set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe


Doctor WhoThe Defectors audio adventure # 198 in the main Big Finish Doctor Who series, with Sylvester McCoy and Katy Manning
Doctor WhoDeath Match Fourth Doctor adventure 4.4 from Big Finish, with Tom Baker & Louise Jameson

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New Titles – w/e 18th April 2015

in hardcover:

Ken LiuThe Grace of Kings the seven kingdoms of the archipelago of Dara have been welded into an empire, but that doesn’t mean there’s peace!

in large format:

Ian WhatesPelquin’s Comet in a bid to claim a store of alien weaponry the crew of the Comet are pursued by rivals but their most dangerous opponent may be on board!

Alex BledsoeWisp of a Thing sequel to The Hum and the Shiver, about the reclusive folk of Cloud County, Tennessee
Brenda CooperEdge of Dark mankind had banished rogue AIs to the very edge of the Solar System a long time ago, but now they want to return – and they’ve evolved… Book 1 of The Glittering Edge
Sarah Jane StratfordThe Moonlight Brigade a Roman General from the time of the Republic becomes a vampire, and centuries later, hopes to bring down Mussolini’s regime and replace it with a new Republic! Includes Nazi vampire hunters!

Tom PurdomLovers & Fighters, Starships & Dragons a dozen of this under-rated author’s best short stories, with an intro by Michael Swanwick.
Mike Allen Unseaming horror collection

Jennifer Brozek & Bryan Thomas Schmidt (editors) – Shattered Shields 17 new heroic fantasy combat stories by authors such as Elizabeth Moon, David Farland and Glen Cook

in ‘B’ format:

Paul MagrsLost on Mars YA novel about settlers on Mars two or three generations after first colonisation… looks like fun!
Tim LebbonThe Silence Ali and her family seek refuge from the plague in a huge underground cave system, but there are vicious creatures living there; blind, but hunting by sound and echo-location…

E. E. RichardsonDisturbed Earth DCI Clair Pierce heads up Yorkshire’s Ritual Crime Unit but, returning to work after an injury, finds things have changed in her absence… 1st in a series
William DietrichThe Murder of Adam and Eve time travel adventure back to ancient East Africa…

in paperback:

Dennis L. McKiernanStolen Crown the latest Mithgar novel, the first since 2008’s City of Jade
Benjamin Percy Red Moon fat, modern werewolf thriller!

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New Titles – w/e 11th April 2015


Peter V. BrettThe Skull Throne the 4th in the series that began with The Painted Man.  I’d have had it a bit sooner but my supplier allowed me to order the export edition by mistake and, of course, wouldn’t send copies to me. Took a while to realise what the problem was…
C. J. CherryhTracker the 1st in the 6th sub-trilogy of her Foreigner sequence. 16th overall.

in ‘B’ format:

Robert SilverbergDownward to the Earth SF Masterwork from Orion; a once-colonised planet is abandoned when the natives are found to be sentient. Now it’s a place of mystery…
Arkady & Boris StrugatskyHard to be a God a left wing agent from Earth is landed on a feudal planet… SF Masterwork with an intro by Ken MacLeod and newly translated by Olena Bornashenko, which means it probably reads better than the previous English language editions!

Tricia SullivanShadowboxer on the Hugo shortlist for this year…


C. J. CherryhPeacemaker the 3rd in the 5th sub-trilogy of her Foreigner sequence

S. Andrew SwannDragon Thief the sequel to Dragon Princess Frank body-swaps from the princess’ body to one belonging to a notorious thief…
Faith HunterDark Heir the 9th Jane Yellowrock novel
Chris Marie GreenEvery Breath You Take the 3rd in the Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire series
Diana RowlandVengeance of the Demon 5th in the series featuring Kara Gillian, demon summoner

Paul ChristopherSecret of the Templars 9th volume of the series with John ‘Doc’ Holliday

art, etc:

Jae-Cheol ParkThe Art of PaperBlue large softcover full of tutorials and images in various stages of creation

Luca ZampeioloKallamity Sketchbook: Mech in Ink hardcover sketchbook, with several pages of tips at the back
Jorge BalaguerThe Monster Book of Manga: Steampunk shows 7 pages each for 39 different characters from initial sketch to full colour art. Robot, Time Traveller, Female Inventor, Galactic Hero, and many more!

Sylviane Corgiat & Laura ZuccheriThe Swords of Glass big fantasy hardback graphic novel from Humanoids


Hi Fructose – volume 35
Heavy MetalHoax Hunters #1 1st in a new comic series. This is a new comic book separate from the ongoing magazine.


Game of ThronesIn Memoriam neat little illustrated hardback showcasing all the characters who have died…so far! Based on the tv series rather than the novels by George R. R. Martin

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New Titles – week ending 4th April 2015

in hardcover:

Jack VanceGrand Crusades: The Early JV Volume Five five short novels dating from 1950 to 1965. Most obscure one is probably Crusade to Maxus

in large format:

Steven UtleyThe 400-Million-Year Itch 19 strange stories of Earth’s deep pre-history, subtitled Silurian Tales volume 1
Steven UtleyInvisible Kingdoms 16 more short stories about an expedition back in time, subtitled Silurian Tales volume 2

Clifton Fadiman (editor) – Fantasia Mathematica reprint of a 1958 anthology of stories, poems and book extracts, etc. concerning maths and arithmetic. Looks fun! For certain values of fun!

in ‘B’ format:

Charles StrossThe Rhesus Chart the 5th of the Laundry Files
Terry Pratchett & Stephen BaxterThe Long Mars the 3rd in their Long Earth series gets into space… There’s at least one more collaboration to come (in June) and after that I suspect Baxter will be continuing the series himself
William C. DietzFor More Than Glory the 5th Legion of the Damned adventure

Tad WilliamsSleeping Late on Judgement Day the 3rd Bobby Dollar book, about an angel marooned on Earth
Charlaine HarrisMidnight Crossroad Midnight is a strange little Texas town, with inhabitants to match… 1st in a new series
Robert Jackson BennettCity of Stairs in a city where streets and alleys can lead anywhere, and through time, solving a murder isn’t easy…

Martin MillarThe Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies in 421BC Aristophanes seeks help to finish his latest play and enlists Luxos, who’s main aim is, however, to get his own work heard by the Athenian crowds!

Boris & Arkady StrugatskyThe Dead Mountaineer’s Inn a previously untranslated mystery novel the late brothers wrote in 1970. Translated by Josh Billings
Ursula K. LeGuinThe Word for World is Forest the latest in the SF Masterworks series from Orion, first published in 1972. Short novel about a peaceful world fighting back against brutal invaders

in paperback:

John VarleyDark Lightning the 4th in the set that began with Red Lightning
Jane LindskoldArtemis Arising the Empire has collapsed but now an archeologist has tracked down one of it’s pleasure planets – and things have changed since the height of empire!

Douglas PrestonThe Kraken Project the 4th adventure featuring Wyman Ford. The previous one was Impact. An AI has taken refuge in the depths of the internet…
David GibbonsPyramid the 8th Jack Howard adventure

L. E. Modesitt, jr. – Cyador’s Heirs the 17th volume in his Magic of Recluce series
Pip Ballantine & Tee MorrisThe Diamond Conspiracy the 4th Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novel
Linda GrimesQuick Fix sequel to In a Fix. Urban fantasy

Star WarsA New Dawn action set between the films Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, written by John Jackson Miller


Ben KatchorHand-Drying in America large hardback, full of dozens of (usually colour) 2-page strips set in New York


Simon ClarkThe Night of the Triffids full cast audio drama with Sam Troughton & Nicola Bryant of the sequel to John Wyndham‘s classic The Day of the Triffids. From Big Finish. I quite enjoyed the book years ago and this is apparently very well done.

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