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New Titles – w/e 3rd October 2015

in hardcover:

Jim ButcherThe Aeronaut’s Windlass the 1st in his new Cinder Spires series about life in the gigantic Spires, safely above the planet’s surface, and on the airships travelling between them…

Stephen Jones (editor) – Horrorology anthology with some line drawings (and a story) by Clive Barker and more fiction from the likes of Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman & Muriel Gray

in ‘B’ format:

Kameron HurleyEmpire Ascendant volume 2 of her fantasy Worldbreaker Saga, the sequel to The Mirror Empire
David HairUnholy War the 3rd book in his Moontide Quartet.
Mark A. LathamThe Lazarus Gate returning from prison in the Far East, disgraced Captain Hardwick is recruited to join a secret  war between parallel realities. Steampunk.
Helena CogganThe Catalyst 15 y.o. Rose works beside her father in the Department, which works to keep the Gifted in control of the masses of non-magical Ashkind

Nicola GriffithHild very well reviewed historical novel based on the story of Saint Hilda, a minor 7th century royal who founded the monastery at Whitby, where the famous synod was held…

Pat FrankAlas, Babylon classic end of the world novel; not a new edition, I just haven’t had it in stock for ages!

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – Fearsome Magics: The New Book of Fantasy a new Solaris anthology with 10 new stories, all featuring magic in one way or another…

in paperback:

Ben Bova & Les JohnsonRescue Mode the 1st manned mission to Mars is damaged badly in transit
but it’s impossible to turn back! Unlike The Martian, there’s a crew of 8 involved.
Joe McKinneyThe Dead Won’t Die his latest zombie novel…

Mercedes Lackey with Cody Martin, Dennis Lee & Veronica GiguereCollision volume 4 of the Secret World Chronicles, a braided novel about alien invasion

Star Trek: TitanSight Unseen Admiral Riker‘s latest adventure, by James Swallow


Doctor WhoTerror of the Sontarans Big Finish # 203, with Sylvester McCoy & Bonnie Langford
Doctor WhoCriss-Cross Colin Baker in release # 204 from Big Finish

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New Titles – w/e 26th September 2015

in hardcover:

Brandon SandersonLegion: Skin Deep short novel

Greg HrbekNot on Fire, but Burning in what’s assumed to be a terrorist attack, the Golden Gate Bridge is destroyed. Some years later America has become a very different place to live due to the subsequent reactions of the government and the people…
Natasha PulleyThe Watchmaker of Filigree Street fun-looking steampunk adventure, which includes a clockwork octopus!

Barbara HamblyDarkness on his Bones the 6th James Asher vampire novel

in large format:

David Gatewood (editor) – Dark Beyond the Stars 11 new science fiction stories by new authors

in ‘B’ format:

Monica ByrneThe Girl in the Road  winner of the Tiptree Award 2015.  Meena must flee across a mysterious bridge…
Peter F. HamiltonThe Secret Throne  part 1 of The Queen of Dreams children’s fantasy trilogy. Two young sisters discover that their every-day father is really an exiled prince…

Alex MarchallA Crown for Cold Silver – the village mercenary leader Zosia has retired to is destroyed and she must take up arms again for justice – and vengeance!
Evie ManieriFortune’s Blight the rebels have won, but their leader has disappeared and the Empire is at risk!
Stephen AryanBattle Mage Balfruss is sworn to fight, and maybe die, for a country that fears mages and magic…
Victor GischlerGestapo Mars alternate history!

John JamesVotan and Other Stories Fantasy Masterworks edition of the 1960s stories of a 2nd Century Greek living in Roman Germany who ends up having to pass himself off as a Norse god! Includes Votan, Not for all the Gold in Ireland & Men Went to Cattreath
Karen Joy FowlerSarah Canary re-issue of her 1st novel, about a strange woman who appears in the western American territories in 1873
Ursula K. LeGuinThe Wind’s Twelve Quarters & The Compass Rose SF Masterwork edition combining 2 of her short story collections

Warhammer 40,000Overfiend the latest Space Marines Battles omnibus, containig the short novels Stormseer, Shadow captain & Forge Master. Also a 4-page colour insert of art

Jeff GardinerThe Law of Chaos: The Multiverse of Michael Moorcock serious book all about his Eternal Champion books, and more!

Randall MunroeWhat If? serious answers to absurd questions, from the creator of the XKCD webcomic

art, etc:

Dave SeeleyArt of DS big full colour hardback of his mainly science fictional art
Roman Dirge Something at the Window is Scratching new hardcover of single panel pieces. Not a Lenore book
Meredith Gran & Mario Udzenija – Doodle jump comics hardback collection of the 1st 6 issues…

magazines, etc:

Interzone – issue # 260 cover date September/October, featuring fiction from John Shirley and Jeff Noon

Locus – issue # 656,  September cover date

Illustration – issue # 49 with pieces on Donato Giancoli and Tomer Hanuka
Illustrators – issue # 11 incvludes a big article on pulp cover artist John Newton Howitt

2016 calendars:

Boris Vallejo & Julie BellFantasy Calendar

Olivia de BerardinisOlivia: Pin-Ups

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New Titles – w/e 19th September 2015

in hardcover:

William R. ForstchenOne Day After the sequel to One Second After, in which nuclear weapons were used against the United States…
Seth DickinsonThe Traitor Baru is an Imperial agent sent to a foreign kingdom who schemes to foment trouble against the Empire she serves!
Laurell K. HamiltonDead Ice the 24th book in her Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series…

Ian DoescherTragedy of the Sith’s Revenge the 6th in his set of Star Wars rewrites in Shakespearean play style!


Peter StraubPerdido hardcover from Subterranean Press of a novella length fragment from an unpublished novel. Signed & numbered.
Joe R. Lansdale & Stephen MertzM. I. A. Hunter signed and numbered hardcover from Subterranean Press containing 3 novels mainly written by Lansdale from ideas by Mertz, and tidied up a by him also. Contains Hanoi Deathgrip, Mountain Massacre & Saigon Slaughter
Tim PowersNobody’s Home h/c novella from Subterranean, set in the world of The Anubis Gates.

in large format:

Ian McDonaldLuna volume 1 of his New Moon series. His first major novel since the excellent Dervish House.
Stephen BaxterXeelee: Endurance collection of 10 previously published stories and 1 original, Endurance, all set in his Xeelee Universe

Daniel PolanskyLow Town the underside of life in Rigus, main town of the Thirteen Lands
Lilith SaintcrowSelene she wants to find her brother’s killer but she’s a sexwitch indentured to a vampire!

J. R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec (editors) – Professor Challenger: New Worlds, Lost Places new short story collection of Conan Doyle‘s famous scientist. Includes Out of the Depths,  by local author Andrew J. wilson

John Joseph Adams (editor) – Loosed Upon the World collection of 27 stories to do with climate change.  By Nancy Kress, Sean McMullan and many more
Charles C. Waugh & Martin Harry Greenberg (editors) – Lighthouse Hauntings a dozen ghost stories from the likes of Ed Gorman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Thomas F. Monteleone. All featuring lighthouses!

Robert SilverbergThe Millennium Express : 1995 – 2009 volume 9 of his collected short stories

Jane LindskoldWanderings on Writing the author’s thoughts on writing fantasy…

in ‘B’ format:

Neal AsherDark Intelligence book 1 of his new Transformation series. On the point of rescue from enemy aliens, the rescue ship’s AI turns rogue and kills Thorvald and his squad. A century later he’s revived and discovers that the AI is still a danger to him…

Warhammer 40,000Honour Guard the latest Gaunt’s Ghosts adventure by Dan Abnett


Black Static – issue # 48 september/october cover date

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New Titles – w/e 12th September 2015

in hardcover:

Iain PearsArcadia in 1960s Oxford at the time of the Inklings, Rosie goes in search of a missing cat – and instead finds herself in a different world. And elsewhere a scientist is considering the nature of time itself…

in large format:

David HairUnholy War volume 3 of the Moontide Quartet. The Leviathan Bridge has risen and the invasion is underway!

in ‘B’ format:

Richard MorganThe Dark Defiles volume 3 of the series that began with The Steel Remains and The Cold Commands
Luke Scull Sword of the North the 2nd book featuring the Grim Company

David Barnett – Gideon Smith & The Mask of the Ripper3rd in alternate steampunk series where Britain rules the orld…
Tony BallantyneDream Paris thousands of people, including her parents, are missing and Anna must venture into a warped version of Paris to try to rescue them

Kim HarrisonThe Drafter par 1 of a new series about a woman who can change time, on the run from her Black Ops controllers…

Mike WildSeven Cities of Old the west of America has become the Altered States and the Westwatch must contain the weirdness within…
Matthew de AbaituaIf Then the computer program known as The Process controls everything and it seems to be preparing for war!

Jodi TaylorJust One Damned Thing After Another the 1st of The Chronicles of St. Mary’s. A secretive time travel organisation quietly investigate the key events in history but things go wrong…
Jodi TaylorA Second Chance vol 3 of The Chronicles of St. Mary’s
Jodi TaylorA Trail Through Time vol 4 of The Chronicles of St. Mary’s

Michael Scott RohanThe Anvil of Ice his best known book, part 1 of The Winter of the World, now a Fantasy masterwork from Orion
George R. R. MartinDying of the Light reprint of his first novel from 1977, now a Science Fiction Masterwork from Orion

art, etc:

Ari BerkBrian Froud‘s Goblins! the ten and a halfth year anniversary edition. Now with more Goblins! And Cheeze!
Didier GhezThey Drew as They Pleased: The Hidden Art of Disney’s Golden Age – the 1930s hardcover 4 sections full of preliminary sketches, etc. by 4 of the early Disney artists – Arthur Hurter, Ferdinand Horvath, Gustaf Tenggren & Bianca Majolie. Excellent.


Heavy Metal – issue # 276, October cover date with Frezzato, Bilal and more artists…


Game of ThronesMonopoly version of the iconic boardgame, based on George R. R. Martin‘s creation

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Michael Scott Rohan – signed copies

Michael Scott Rohan is the author of 15+ novels, mainly written in the 1980s & 90s, of which the best known are the Winter of the World novels. Sadly, they’ve all been out of print for years.
However, the first one, The Anvil of Ice, has now been issued in Orion’s Fantasy Masterworks series in paperbacK and the author has agreed to sign copies of it for me.
The date, the location or a brief greeting can also be added on request.

It’s a ‘B’ format £9.99 paperback and postage within the UK should be £1.51, making £11.50 in total.
Prices to elsewhere on application.

Let me know at if you’re interested and I can issue a PayPal Invoice if it’s not convenient to collect your copy.


The chronicles of The Winter of the World echo down the ages in half-remembered myth and song – tales of mysterious powers of the Mastersmiths, of the forging of great weapons, of the subterranean kingdoms of the duergar, of Gods who walked abroad, and of the Powers that struggled endlessly for dominion. In the Northlands, beleaguered by the ever-encroaching Ice and the marauding Ekwesh, a young cowherd, saved from the raiders by the mysterious Mastersmith, discovers in himself an uncanny power to shape metal – but it is a power that may easily be turned to evil ends, and on a dreadful night he flees his new home, and embarks on the quest to find both his own destiny, and a weapon that will let him stand against the Power of the Ice. His wanderings will bring him great friends but earn him greater enemies, and eventually they will transform him from lowly cowherd to a mastersmith fit to stand with the greatest of all men.


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New Titles – w/e 5th September 2015

large format:

Patrick DeWittUnderMajorDomo Minor aimless liar Lucian Minor takes a job in a very gothic castle…

in ‘B’ format:

Sherri S. TepperFish Tails 700 page sequel to 2010s The Waters Rising which also has references to, and characters from, many of her previous novels
Debbie Viguie & James R. TuckRobin Hood: Demon’s Bane 1st in a new series retelling the legend; subtitled Mark of the Black Arrow
Erika JohansenThe Queen of the Tearling young Kelsea lives quietly far away from Court, but she has just inherited the throne of her now very corrupt  kingdom…
Patricia BriggsShifting Shadows collection of Mercy Thompson short stories

in paperback:

Adam BakunasWindswept Padma’s job is recruiting new Union members from among the  thousands of people working in space, and she just wants to meet her quota and retire. But she discovers a secret project by the big corporations involving a possibly calamitous plague…

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New Titles – w/e 29th August 2015

in hardcover:

Terry PratchettThe Shepherd’s Crown Terry’s final Discworld novel, featuring Tiffany Aching & Granny Weatherwax. Mind how you go.
Terry Pratchett & The Discworld Emporium2016 Discworld Diary: A Practical Manual for the Modern Witch

Jack DuBrulThe Lightning Stones the return of Philip Mercer! The geologist’s most recent adventure was in the 2007 paperback of Havoc
S. M. Stirling – The Desert and the Blade the latest Change novel

Cecelia HollandDragon Heart a young princess of a recently defeated country fights against marriage to the brother of the Emperor
Zen ChoSorcerer and the Crown Britain’s Sorcerer Royal is under pressure, and Prunella may be able to help… . Somewhat reminiscent of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and set at roughly the same time
Fran WildeUpdraft Kirit is denied her dream of flying but the Tower lawmakers enlist her for plans of their own…

in large format:

Cherie PriestChapelwood sequel to Maplecroft, and the 2nd of her Borden Despatches

Ellen Datlow (editor) – The Best Horror of the Year volume seven 22 of the best stories from 2014

in paperback:

Seanan McGuireA Red-Rose Chain the 9th October Daye book
Devon MonkCrucible Zero the 3rd in the House Immortal series

Simon R. GreenForces From Beyond the 6th Ghost Finders novel
Wen SpencerWood Sprites the 4th Elfhome book, in the series which began with Tinker
J. C. NelsonWish Bound the 3rd Grimm Agency novel
Tanith LeeShadowfire the sequel to recently re-issued The Birthgrave

Alan SmaleClash of Eagles Rome never fell, and with the aid of their new Viking allies, sends a Legion to conquer North America. It doesn’t go to plan! I enjoyed the hardcover

Charles E. GannonTrial by Fire the 870 page sequel to Fire With Fire. Military sf
S. M. StirlingThe Golden Princess the latest paperback in the Change series
Linda NagataThe Trials the 2nd in her science fiction Red sequence
Mel OdomGuerilla book 2 in his military sf Makaum War series

Jacqueline CareyPoison Fruit the 3rd Agent of Hel title
Ann AguirreBreakout the 3rd in her Dred Chronicles
Matthew ReillyThe Great Zoo of China a ‘Jurassic Park’ style of visitor attraction is about to open in China with some very unexpected animals as the stars. And, of course, it all goes wrong!
Clive Cussler & Russell BlakeThe Eye of Heaven the 5th Fargo adventure
Tom WoodThe Darkest Day thriller

Star TrekAtonement the latest Voyager adventure, by Kirsten Beyer

Alex ArcherThe Mortality Principle the latest Rogue Angel adventure
James AxlerChild of Slaughter the latest Deathlands novel

art, etc:

Neil Gaiman & P. Craig Russell (artist) – The Graveyard Book volume 1 full colour softcover adaptation of the 1st half of Gaiman’s award-winning novel
Neil Gaiman & P. Craig Russell (artist) – The Graveyard Book volume 2 full colour softcover adaptation of the 2nd half of Gaiman’s award-winning novel

Bobby Nash & Jamie Chase Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ At the Earth’s Core full colour hardcover adaptation of the 1922 first Pellucidar novel. From Dark Horse
Rodolfo Santullo & Matias BergaraDengue sf thriller involving climate change; hardcover from Humanoids
David Munoz & Manuel GarciaThe Last Ones in a new Ice Age, vampires emerge from the shadows… h/c from Humanoids


Locus – issue # 655, August cover date with Neal Stephenson & Wesley Chu featuring

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New Titles – w/e 22nd August 2015

in large format:

Aliette de BodardThe House of Shattered Wings Paris lies in ruins following the Great Magicians War but the Great Houses still squabble over the remains…

Sarah AveryTales from the Rugosa Coven  collection of 3 linked novellas set around the weird goings-on surrounding a New Jersey network of witches…
Lilith SaintcrowBlood Call supernatural thriller

in ‘B’ format:

Peter F. HamiltonThe Abyss Beyond Dreams the 1st of the Chronicles of the Fallers. An Investigator crash-lands on an unknown human-occupied planet in the Void

Brent WeeksThe Broken Eye the 3rd book in his Lightbringer series…
Brian StaveleyThe Providence of Fire sequel to The Emperor’s Blades and the 2nd book in his Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne trilogy
Jen WilliamsIron Ghost sequel to The Copper Promise a new adventure beckons in distant Skaldshollow…
Melinda SnodgrassThe Edge of Dawn the final part of the trilogy that began with The Edge of Reason and then The Edge of Ruin

George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois (editors) – Rogues fat anthology of 21 new stories from the best in the field

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New Titles – w/e 15th August 2015

in hardcover:

Robin HobbFool’s Quest the 2nd in her Fitz and the Fool trilogy

Michael SwanwickChasing the Phoenix the further exploits of Darger & Surplus as they travel across a much-changed world to China
John ScalziThe End of All things the 6th book in his Old Man’s War background
Cixin LiuDark Forest sequel to The Three-Body Problem

in large format:

David DrakeIrona 770 in the city of Benign‘s 700th year a young girl is Chosen to join the governing council…
David Drake & Jim KjelgaardThe Hunter Returns in prehistoric times Hawk has been exiled from his tribe for trying to change the old ways of hunting. But times are changing and maybe his way is the way to survival! Reprint

Will LorimerThe AWESOME Headfux local author’s novel of alternate realities and conspiracy theories…

Harry TurtledoveWe Install, and other stories new collection, mostly from the last decade
Fritz LeiberThe Night of the Long Knives short, bleak novel set in a  postapocalyptic nuclear desert. 1st published in January 1960’s Amazing

in ‘B’ format:

Alexander MaskillThe Hive Construct deep in the Sahara, New Cairo is controlled by giant corporations but the software they rely on to control the populace has been hit by a virus…
Joanne M. HarrisThe Gospel of Loki the story of Loki, the outsider god of the Norse pantheon, from his own point of view…
David HairScarlet Tides volume 2 of The Moontide Quartet; sequel to Mage’s Blood.
Mark HodderThe Return of the Discontinued Man the 5th Burton & Swinburne mystery

Paul McAuleyConfluence fat omnibus edition of his late 90s trilogy Child of the River, Ancient of Days and Shrine of Stars, together with 2 related short stories. Confluence is an artificial world, mainly consisting of a very long river…
Patricia A. McKillipThe Riddle-Master’s Game omnibus edition containing her 1st novel, The Riddle-Master of Hed with sequels Heir of Sea and Fire and Harpist in the Wind. a Fantasy Masterworks edition from Orion

Warhammer 40,000Hereticus Eisenhorn‘s latest adventure by Dan Abnett

Marge PiercyMy Life, My Body the latest Outspoken Authors volume from PM Press. Short essays. poems and an interview. Also some short fiction.

art, etc:

Philippe DruilletThe 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane hardcover reprint of the classic 1972 French space adventure comic strip!  2 more volunes are planned, the next coming in December


Jack VanceServants of the Wankh the 2nd volume of his Planet  of Adventure quartet. Adam Reith reaches the city of Cath and finds strange aliens living nearby, who communicate in complex chimes. Sequel to City of the Chasch and again read by Elijah Alexander

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New Titles – w/e 8th August 2015

in hardcover:

David WeberThe Sword of the South
David B. CoeHis Father’s Eyes sequel to Spell-Blind, recently in paperback

Brandon SandersonLegion hardcover novella featuring Stephen Leeds and his many ‘aspects’, published by Gollancz

in large format:

Christina HenryAlice strange novel inspired by Alice in Wonderland
Jim HinesBlood of Heroes a Fable game tie-in

Mercedes LackeyThe Complete Arrows Trilogy omnibus containing the original Valdemar trilogy, Arrows of the Queen, Arrow’s Flight and Arrow’s Fall

in ‘B’ format:

Tom HoltThe Good, the Bad and the Smug Mordak the Goblin King is having problems…
Benedict JackaVeiled the 6th Alex Verus adventure
John ScalziLock-In

Walter M. Miller, jr.Dark Benediction 14 of his best short stories, now an SF Masterworks edition. Some excellent stories!
Patricia McKillip – The Forgotten Beasts of Eld her 1st novel, now a Fantasy Masterwork from Orion
Harry Turtledove and Rachel TurtledoveOn the Train a novella and a shorter linked novelette; All Aboard! by Harry and First Passage by daughter Rachel
Europa Universalis IV: What If? The Anthology of Alternate History
13 stories, each including an afterword about the divergence point
David V. Barrett (editor) – Tales for the Vatican Vaults

in paperback:

Steven Gould – Exo the latest Jumper novel, continuing the story of teen teleporter
Jacey BadfordCrossways the 2nd Psi-Tech adventure
M. L. BrennanDark Ascension
Phyllis AmesFrozen in Amber Amber Treganis is a werecougar…

Forgotten RealmsVengeance of the Iron Dwarf the latest book from R. A. Salvatore; volume 3 of The Companions Codex from Wizards of ther Coast

art, etc:

Satoshi KonThe Art of SK sketches and paintings from projects such as Millennium Actress and Perfect Blue
Daniel Zimmer (editor) – The Golden Age: Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration vol 2 vol 1 came in earlier in the year… Big h/c of full colour art from almost 200 different artists
CYPI PressSketch City: Tips and Inspiration for Drawing on Location 25 short sections by different artists, mainly for drawing buildings and architecture etc.

Ricardo DelgadoAge of Reptiles omnibus volume 1 400 pages of dinosaurs! Collecting Tribal Warfare, The Hunt and The Journey, with a cover gallery, essay and sketches
Plumeri & BlozDinosaurs in 3D larger companion h/c to the 3 ‘regular’ volumes issued earlier in the year. Short strips all about dinosaurs

Hoax Hunters – #5 latest comic from Heavy Metal magazine

Luis RoyoDark Tarot miniature tarot deck

2016 Calendars:

Magali Villeneuve (artist) – A Song of Ice and Fire art based on the series created by George R. R. Martin
Luis & Romulo RoyoThe Fantasy Art of Royo 16 month wall calendar produced by Luis Royo and his son
Frank FrazettaThe Fantasy Art of FZ  16 month wall calendar
Nene ThomasDragon Witches: The Art of NT
16 month wall calendar
Ciruelo Dragons 16 month wall calendar
Victoria FrancesThe Gothic Art of VF 16 month wall calendar Star TrekThe Original Series wall calendar

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