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Transreal New Titles – w/e 22nd January 2022

In hardcover:

Charles Stross – Quantum of Nightmares 2nd in the New Management series. Signed copies available.
Elizabeth May & Laura LamSeven Mercies sequel to their Seven Devils. Signed copies available soon

Ricardo DelgadoDracula of Transylvania giant, almost 500 page version of Bram Stoker’s classic novel. B&W illustrations in the text with a high quality paper colour section at the end.
Lois McMaster Bujold – Masquerade in Lodi her latest signed & numbered Penric & Desdemona novella, from Subterranean Press

in large format:

Sarah J. Daley Obsidian to save her people Shade tries to raise a magical Veil, which nobody has managed to do for over a century…

Fergus CurrieCompound Polyhedra: Modular Origami detailed instructions for making extremely complex origami with names like The Compound of Two Tetrahedra or The Small Triambic Icosahedron

in softcover:

Tim PrattThe Necropolis Empire a novel of the Twilight Imperium. Companion to his recent The Fractured Void
Jane Killick In the Shadow of Deimos a Terraforming Mars novel . In 2316 an asteroid strike on Mars leads to a conspiracy being uncovered…

Ron Walters Deep Dive testing some new VR tech, Peter seems to be stranded in an alternate world
Melissa Albert The Night Country sequel to The Hazel Wood. I missed it when it first appeared.
Melissa AlbertTales From the Hinterland a dozen dark fairytales

in mass market paperback:

Eric Flint, Gorg Huff & Paula GoodletThe Macedonian Hazard the latest 1632 / Ring of Fire novel

art books, etc:
Michael Avon Oeming – The Art of MAO full colour hardback
Sideshow: Fine Art Prints vol 2 hardcover with mainly comic art from 8 members of the Sideshow artists’ collective. Text by Andrew Farago
Jorge R. Gutierrez The Art of Maya and the Three great looking full colour art related to the Netflix series

Terry Moore’s How to Draw; Expanded Edition
Joe Chiodoartwork: shape, color, and form first issued in 2007

Mario Alberti & Antoin Charreyron The Wall on a future apocalyptic Earth, the medicine Solal needs for his sister is behind the walls of the almost mythical ED3N

Casey Zakroff & Pat LewisWhales the latest in the Science Comics series
DavBeneath the Trees: Winter Chills companion to Beneath the Trees: The Autumn of Mister Grumph. Translated by Mike Kennedy
Hiro MaijimaI am a Cat Barista vol 1 of the manga (in English but read back to front) b&w
Vince Hernandez et al – Aspen Mascots: The Complete Collection a millipede’s adventures through time, trying to save his village from destruction! Mainly full colour, but with puzzles and colouring-in sections, etc.

PS Artbooks SofteeBrain Boy / Space Busters vol 1 issues 1 – 3 of Brain Boy from the early 60s plus Space Busters 1 & 2 from 1952
PS Artbooks SofteeStrange Worlds vol 2 issues 6 – 9 + # 18, from the early 50s
PS Artbooks SofteeFight Comics vol 2 issues 4 – 6 from 1940

Laetitia Barbier Tarot and Divination Cards heavily illustrated hardcover history of tarot decks, etc. h/c

Reid MitenbulerWild Minds comprehensive history of the first 50 years of cartoon animation. Subtitled ‘The artists and rivalries that inspired the Golden Age of animation‘. Mainly text


Heavy Metal # 312 featuring work by Sorayama
Illustration# 74 featuring the (mostly) advertising & editorial illustration work of Peter Helck

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Transreal Fiction is Open Again

The shop will re-open om Saturday 15th January at the normal 11.00 opening time.

Ceiling work is complete but it transpires that more work will nead to be done in the near future – but in the meantime we’re open!

I’m also taking this opportunity to start to change things around a bit, so things are in a bit of disarray and won’t look as I envisage until after the pending work has been done.

Some new titles have arrived since my last post, but I’ve not had time to list them yet. Locus, Quantum of Nightmares (not yet signed, obviously), Deep Dive by Ron Walters, The Night Country by Melissa Albert, and a load of art books & magazines which I’ll list next week when I get them out on sale…

Hope to see some of you on Saturday!

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Closed for Repairs

For the past several weeks Transreal Fiction has been suffering from water damage to two of the shop ceilings.

Finally, they’re going to be repaired, starting as soon as the New Year break finishes.
The shop will re-open as soon as feasible after the work is complete.

I apologise for any inconvenience, including to mail order customers, whose books may be delayed (although I hope not!)
This applies especially to readers of Laura Lam, Elizabeth May & Charles Stross.

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Transreal New Titles – w/e 31st December 2022

Transreal Fiction will be closed from around 15.00 on Hogmanay until internal repairs are completed to the shop. This should be sometime in January 2022

in hardcover:

Eric Flint, Paula Goodlet & Gorg Huff1637: The Coast of Chaos the latest volume set in the Ring of Fire / 1632 background. A short novel plus seven other stories

in large format:

Andrew NetteDangerous Visions and New Worlds subtitled Radical Science Fiction 1950 – 1985. 37 articles about various aspects of sf looking at SF from the end of the pulps through the New Wave and beyond. Looks very interesting

Mauro MartoneThe Orcadian File

Mercedes Lackey (editor) – Boundaries anthology of 20 short stories about the Heralds, Bards & Healers of Valdemar

in ‘B’ format:

Fonda LeeJade Legacy the 3rd and final book in the Green Bone Saga
Jonathan WattsBury Me Where They Fall Amiel must journey into a magical forest and confront her homeland’s deadly enemy…

Melissa AlbertTales From the Hinterland collection of a dozen stories set in the landscape of The Hazel Wood, her dark fairy tale of a novel published in 2018

in paperback:

David Weber & Chris KennedyInto the Light vampires have emerged from myth to help in the fight against invading aliens. Sequel to Out of the Dark

art, etc:

James CameronTech Noir: The Art of JC very hefty hardcover covering his whole career, as described by his own personal art for his film projects


Boris Vallejo & Julie BellFantasy Wall Calendar 2022 there’s always at least one trailing in late…
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current opening hours:

Closed from 15.00 on Hogmanay until shop repairs are completed

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Quantum of Nightmares – Charles Stross

It’s not been very long since Invisible Sun, but it’s alrerady that time again!

Charlie’s latest Laundry/New Management novel will be published in early January 2022
The UK edition will be a £18.99 hardcover, published by Orbit.
Postage within the UK will be an additional £3.20

Let me know how you’d like your copy/ies signed and I’ll send a Square Invoice (or a Paypal Invoice if you ask) confirming the details and asking for yours! Copies will be signed in person as usual; it won’t be a signed bookplate.
This assumes we’re not in Lockdown again but whatever COVID restrictions in force in Scotland at the time will apply.

Options include having it dated, the location added, or a brief greeting, etc. No first lines though. I always convey your requests for what you’d like, but ultimately it’s Charlie signing the books and he likes to keep it short!

Hope to hear from you – emails to are the most efficient way to contact me. Please note also that the shop is having essential repairs done in early/mid January which involves considerable upheaval although I hope sending the signed books out won’t be delayed.


It’s a brave new Britain under the New Management. The Prime Minister is an eldritch god of unimaginable power. Crime is plummeting as almost every offense is punishable by death.

And everywhere you look, there are people with strange powers, some of which they can control, and some, not so much. Hyperorganised and formidable, Eve Starkey defeated her boss, the louche magical adept and billionaire Rupert de Montfort Bigge, in a supernatural duel to the death. Now she’s in charge of the Bigge Corporation, just in time to discover the lethal trap Rupert set for her long ago .

. . Wendy Deere is investigating unauthorized supernatural shenanigans.

She swore to herself she wouldn’t again get entangled with Eve Starkey’s bohemian brother Imp and his crew of transhuman misfits. Yeah, right. Mary Macandless has powers of her own.

Right now she’s pretending to be a nanny in order to kidnap the children of a pair of famous, Government-authorized adepts. These children have powers of their own, and Mary Macandless is in way over her head. All of these stories will come together, with world-bending results…

‘For all of Stross’s genuine ability to spook and dismay, The Laundry Files are some of the most tremendously humane books I’ve ever read’ Tamsyn Muir, author of Gideon the Ninth

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 24th December 2021 (updated)

Transreal will be closing for Christmas at about 15.00 on the 24th, and re-opening on the 28th at noon.
Transreal will close again at about 15.00 on Friday 31st for New Year and WILL NOT RE-OPEN UNTIL AFTER ESSENTIAL REPAIRS ARE CARRIED OUT. I HOPE TO RE-OPEN IN MID-JANUARY 2022.

in hardback:

James S. A. Corey Leviathan Falls the conclusion of the 9 volume Expanse series, which began back in 2011 with FLeviathan Wakes!
Polly Crosby The Unravelling Tartelin takes a job on a remote, mysterious island helping to research butterflies. But that’s not all she finds there…

in large format:

Simon Ings (editor) – We, Robots 100 stories about artificial intelligence from H. G. Wells onwards…
Jeff & Ann Vandermeer (editors) – The Time Traveller’s Almanac a hundred of the best time travel tales, from H. G. Wells to Douglas Adams

Stephen Jones (editor) – The Mammoth Book of Folk Horror 19 classic stories from Arthur Machen onwards

Naomi MitchisonThe Big House this children’s time travel/fantasy novel came out long ago, but it’s new to Transreal!

art, etc:

Daniele Serra Illusions small softcover, mainly of her rather gothic-looking bookcover art. Mainly colour (althought the tones are generally rather dark!)


Black StaticDouble Issue # 80 & #81 its usual mix of fiction and reviews, etc.

Mike SedakatOnce Upon a Time During the Ice Age several short b&w stories featuring Pleistocene megafauna
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Seven Mercies – Laura Lam & Elizabeth May

Their sequel to Seven Devils is out in mid-January and Transreal Fiction is again able to offer signed copies of their new book.

It’s called Seven Mercies and is more grand space opera. It comes out in the UK in mid/late January 2022

The book is a £20.00 hardcover and 2nd class postage within the UK will be £3.20
If you’d also like a signed copy of the first book, Seven Devils, in hardcover add another £15.00 (no additional postage)
Postage rates for other countries available on request.

If you would like a copy please let me know how you’d like it signed – date, location, brief greeting, etc –  and I will issue you an Invoice and forward the book once both authors have signed it.
I anticipate both authors being able to sign copies and not bookplates but we’ll be working within whatever the current COVID restrictions are in force in Scotland at the time.


THE MOST-WANTED REBELS IN THE GALAXY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN SAVE IT. After an ambush leaves the Novantae resistance in tatters, the survivors scatter across the galaxy. Wanted by two great empires, the bounty on any rebel’s head is enough to make a captor filthy rich. And the Seven Devils? Biggest score of them all.

The Devils take refuge on Fortuna where Ariadne gets a message with unimaginable consequences: the Oracle has gone rogue. In a planned coup against the Empire’s new ruler, the AI has developed a way of mass programming citizens into mindless drones. The Oracle’s demand is simple: it wants its daughter Ariadne back at any cost.

Time for an Impossible to Infiltrate mission: high chance of death, low chance of success. The Devils will have to use their unique skills, no matter the sacrifice, even if that means teaming up with old enemies. Their plan? Get to the heart of the Empire.

Destroy the Oracle. Burn it all to the ground.


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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 18th December 2021

Transreal will be closing for Christmas at about 15.00 on the 24th, and re-opening on the 28th at noon.
Transreal will close again at about 15.00 on Friday 31st for New Year and WILL NOT RE-OPEN UNTIL ESSENTIAL REPAIRS ARE CARRIED OUT. I HOPE TO RE-OPEN IN MID-JANUARY 2022.

in hardcover:
Daryl GregoryRevelator back in 1933, in a cave deep in the Appalachians 9 y.o. Stella meets her family’s god for the first time…

William GoldmanThe Princess Bride I already stock a very nice hardback of this classic, but this deluxe edition is definitely a step up!

McSweeney’s Quarterly – issue # 64: The Audio Issue sealed box with a dozen items in it, some of which may be described as ‘audio’. Includes an 8 foot illustrated scroll!

in large format:
L. X. BeckettDealbreaker volume 2 of Bounceback, sequel to Gamechanger
Alex Thompson – Spidertouch
Razvan is a translator for an oppressive regime but maybe helping its enemies would be worse!
David Weber – In Fury Born a much revised and extended version of Path of the Fury, from 1992. This edition first published in 2006

magazines, etc:

3DTotal Publishing – Character Design Quarterly – issue # 17
3DTotal Publishing – Character Design Quarterly – issue # 18
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current opening hours:
Tues – Fri: 12.00 – 17.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 11th December 2021

Sadly, a couple of anticipated titles failed to arrive this week. Hopefully next week.

in ‘B’ format:

Genevieve CogmanThe Untold Story the 8th in her Invisible Library series, and the conclusion of this cycle although the author may return to write more in due course…
Benedict JackaRisen the 12th and final Alex Verus case!
M. A. CarrickThe Liar’s Knot Rook & Rose # 2 and the sequel to The Mask of Mirrors. Pseudonym for Marie Brennan & Alyc Helms
Sabaa Tahir
A Sky Beyond the Storm the final book in the Ember Quartet, which began with Ember in the Ashes

Ian DouglasAlien Hostiles the 2nd in his Solar Warden series, after Alien Secrets

art, etc:

Albert AlgoudBlistering Barnacles neat little illustrated hardback full of the sayings of Captain Haddock, from the TinTin comics. Explanations & definitions of all the words used!

Glen BarrStudies b&w pencil sketches. Hardcover

Ed SimonPandrmonium: A Visual History of Demonology heavily illustrated with ample text. Hardcover


Locus – issue # 730 Nevember cover date. Delayed in transit, but finally here. Chuck Wendig & Betsy Wollheim on the cover
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current opening hours:
Tues – Fri: 12.00 – 17.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 4th December 2022

in hardcover:

Freya MarskeA Marvellous Light struggling to rescue his newly-inherited estate from it’s debts, Robin Blyth, Bart. finds himself appointed parliamentary liason to a secret society…
Monica ByrneThe Actual Star complex novel spanning 2 thoudand years, from the Maya far into the future…
Mercedes LackeyBeyond the origins of Valdemar! Signed by the author

Darren NaishDinopedia compact h/c mainlt text with some b&w illos. Subtitled A Brief Compendium of Dinosaur lore

in large format:

David HairWorld’s Edge sequel to Map’s Edge and vol 2 in The Tethered Citadel series

Ellen Datlow (editor) – The Best New Horror of the Year: Volume Thirteen 25 of the best stories from 2020
Edward Willett (editor) – Shapers of Worlds 1st volume of this anthology series (vol 2 came in last month) includes John Scalzi, Gareth Powell, Tanya Huff & 14 more

in ‘B’ format:

Kim NewmanSomething More Than Night monster hunting in 1930’s Hollywood!
Adrian TchaikovskyElder Race short science fantasy novel; a princess must ask a reclusive sorcerer for help, but nothing is as it seems…

Victoria SchwabBridge of Souls the things you miss during a pandemic! Should probably have had this back in March! Vol 3 of her City of Ghosts series, the 1st of which was set in Edinburgh… This one is in New Orleans.

in paperback:

Eric Flint & Charles E. Gannon1637: No Peace Beyond the Line latest paperback in Flint’s Ring of Fire/1632 alternate history series

art, etc:

Mike SlaterLovecraft Cocktails from the author of The Necronomnomnom. Drinks inspired by the works of HPL.

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current opening hours:
Tues – Fri: 12.00 – 17.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00

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