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New Titles – w/e 24th June 2017

in hardcover:

Zachery MasonVoid Star in a flooded near future, people need interpreters to fully understand their AIs…

large format:

Shirley JohnsonThe Water War: Episode 1 America’s water supply has been rendered mostly undrinkable by various bacteria, algae and worse, and as society collapses people have to take matters into their own hands…

T. A. PrattClosing Doors the final Marla Mason adventure…
John ShirleyLovecraft Alive: A Collection of Lovecraftian Stories 10 stories of which only 4, I think, have been in books I’ve stocked previously…
Tanith LeeThe Weird Tales of Tanith Lee literally the 28 stories she had published in the magazine Weird Tales

in ‘B’ format:

Yoon Ha Lee – Raven Stratagem the sequel to Nine Fox Gambit and volume 2 of Machineries of Empire
Wendy N. WagnerAn Oath of Dogs Kate has a new job on an alien forest planet but her boss may have been murdered and the mill is being sabotaged, possibly in co-operation with the dog-like native aliens
Jay PoseySungrazer sequel to Outriders, about a new Cold War between Earth and her colonies…
Daniel GodfreyEmpire of Time time travel and a new city of Pompeii
Karin Tidbeck – Amatka Vanja is sent on an info-gathering trip to a strange, wintry colony, where very different philosophies and lifestyles are being pursued…
Sarah Gailey – River of Teeth
alternate history set some years after the US imports hippos to the Louisiana swamps as an alternative food source! (This was a real proposal!)
William Dietrich – The Trojan Icon the 8th Ethan Gage adventure, mainly set in the Russian Empire and eastern Europe

Tom HoltThe Management Style of the Supreme Beings his latest surreal fantasy!
Paul MagrsFellowship of Ink The Smudgelings are a group of writers who meet regularly to discuss their various works, but all their talk of fantasy is affecting the fabric of Space/Time…

Angus WatsonYou Die When You Die part 1 of a new epic fantasy, West of West

Dana FredstiThe Spawn of Lilith set in the dark, non-human corners of the Hollywood film industry…
Michael PrescottThe Street the protagonist finds himself reliving three days of his 1970s childhood

in paperback:

Elizabeth HaydonThe Weaver’s Lament the 9th in her Symphony of Ages series

Nicholas Sainsbury SmithExtinction Edge sequel to Extinction Horizon, set in the devastated aftermath of a global bio-weapon being used…

Star Trek Enigma Tales the latest Deep Space Nine adventure, written by Una McCormack

The Horus LegacyEye of Terra the latest volume of short stories, edited by Laurie Goulding

art, etc:

Shichigoro-ShingoThe Art of Shichigoro reminiscent of both Giger & Ian Miller

Socar MylesFantasy Art Drawing Skills comprehensive guide from Barron’s

Harry Potter – Houses of Hogwarts: Cinematic Guide lots of movie stills and  brief descriptions of the Houses, their main pupils and Heads of House
Ruth McEnergy Stuart & Albert Bigelow PaineGobolinks or Shadow-Pictures for Young and Old non-illustrated booklet describing various inkblots for use in a Victorian-era parlour game (pre-dating their use in the Rorschach Test)


Locus – issue # 677 June cover date. With news of various Awards and Forthcoming Books

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Signed Copies of The Delirium Brief

Yes, Charlie’s latest Laundry book, The Delirium Brief –  the 8th – is out in hardcover in a few weeks and, as before, I’ll  be able to offer signed copies of it.
Official publication date is Thursday the 13th of July and the hardcover price is £18.99
Postage within the UK will be £2.90           = £21.89 in total
Postage to the rest of Europe is £7.20         = £26.19 in total
Postage to most other places is £10.70       = £29.69 in total
Postage to Australia & NZ, etc. is £11.40     = £30.39  in total

Signing options are as before and include having your copy dated, or with the location (Edinburgh) added, or a brief greeting or phrase – Happy Birthday, for example. No first lines though.
Previous customers should receive an e-mail in the next couple of days, or you can contact the shop on

Let me know what you want and I’ll send a PayPal Invoice out to you.


Bob Howard’s career in the Laundry, the secret British government agency dedicated to protecting the world from the supernatural, has involved brilliant hacking, ancient magic and combat with creatures of pure evil. Now the Laundry’s existence has become public, and Bob is being trotted out on TV to answer pointed questions about elven asylum seekers. What neither Bob nor his managers have foreseen is that their organisation has earned the attention of a horror far more terrifying than any demon: a government looking for public services to privatise.

There are things in the Laundry’s assets that big business would simply love to get its hands on …Inch by inch, Bob Howard and his managers are forced to consider the truly unthinkable: a coup against the British government itself.






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New Titles – w/e 17th June 2017

in hardcover:

Neal Stephenson & Nicole GallandThe Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. a link is found between science, magic and time travel and so the Department of Dichronic Operations is born…
Laura LamShattered Minds the sequel to False Hearts signed copies available soon
Anna StephensGodblind the Red Gods were banished long ago but now they want to break the Veil Between Worlds and return to rule again…

Jeff VandermeerBorne in a future, ruined city, Rachel finds a strange creature in the fur of an enormous bear!
Stephen BaxterXeelee Vengeance the alien Xeelee travel back over a million years to destroy the man most responsible for the war between them and humans…

Taylor AndersonDevil’s Due  the latest (12th) in the Destroyermen series, which began with Into The Storm as a WW2 warship found itself sailing on an alternate Earth and in the middle of a very different war…
Seanan McGuireDown Among the Sticks and Bones a companion volume to Every Heart a Doorway. Wayward Children # 2

Richard KadreyThe Kill Society the 9th Sandman Slim novel

in large format:

Ilona AndrewsOne Fell Sweep volume 1 of The Innkeeper Chronicles.
Lilith SaintcrowCormorant Run the 4th Bannon and Clare adventure, and apparently an homage to Roadside Picnic/Stalker and the Strugatsky Brothers
Lindsay Smith & Max Gladstone (creators) – The Witch Who Came in From the Cold back in 1970, there’s a darker, magical war being waged beneath the Cold War…

in ‘B’ format:

Robert DickinsonThe Tourist a time-traveller departs from his strict schedule

Edward CoxThe Watcher of Dead Time the 3rd in the Relic Guild series
Mark De JagerInfernal Stratus wakes with no memory except his name and that he’s not human, but must cross a world ruined by dark magic
James MorrowThe Asylum of Dr. Caligari a radical new painting inspires WW1 troops to rush into battle…
Stephen DonaldsonThe King’s Justice and The Augur’s Gambit 2 short novels totalling around 300 pages between them, originally published separately in hardcover…

Alastair ReynoldsBeyond the Aquila Rift 19 short stories
John CrowleyTotalitopia plus… the latest volume of fiction and essays, etc. from PS Press in their Unknown Author series

Warhammer 40,000Legacy of the Wulfen omnibus containing Curse of the Wulfen by David Annandale and Legacy of Russ by Robbie Macniven

in paperback:

Harry TurtledoveFallout the 2nd in The Hot War series, set in a world where the Korean War sparks new conflicts…
Forgotten RealmsMaestro the 2nd of the Homecoming series (after Archmage) by R. A. Salvatore

art, etc:

Jacques Tardi & Jean-Patrick ManchetteRun Like Crazy Run Like Hell b&w hardcover adaptation by Tardi of Manchette’s novel…
Alison Wilgus & Molly BrooksScience Comics: Flying Machines 4th in the series of colour softcovers concerning an aspect of science or technology. From men with wings to the mode4rn day (but mainly the early stuff!)

Hirohiko ArakiManga in Theory and Practice sparsely illustrated but very informative text which probably transfers to other comic styles as well… Subtitled The Craft of Creating Manga


Shoreline of Infinityissue # 8 new fiction, poetry and reviews
Illustratorsissue # 18 including articles on Mort Drucker and Puffin Books covers. Illustrators issue # 16 (with Neal Adams) also back in stock

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New Titles – w/e 10th June 2017

in hardcover:

Simon R. GreenMoonbreaker the 11th in his Secret Histories series…

Catherynne M. ValenteThe Refrigerator Monologues linked stories from the points of view of the wives and girlfriends of superheroes, etc…

large format:

Ada PalmerToo Like the Lightning in the future living in a utopia feels normal but maybe it really isn’t…
Jane O’ReillyBlue Shift to survive, humanity will have to fight their way through alien-held space… Part 1 of The Second Species Trilogy
Bob ProehlA Hundred Thousand Worlds a minor sci-fi tv series star takes a roadtrip across the USA with her 9 y.o. son, visiting comic & media cons on the way…

Jack CampbellThe Sister Paradox Liam never knew he had a sister, let alone one who would drag him from school into a fantasy world…
Jack CampbellThe Pillars of Reality volumes 4, 5 & 6 which are The Pirates of Pacta Servanda, The Servants of the Storm & The Wrath of the Great Guilds

in ‘B’ format:

Tanya HuffA Peace Divided the 2nd Peacekeeper book, after An Ancient Peace
Becky Chambers A Closed and Common Orbit sequel to The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
Ren Warom – Virology sequel to Escapology

Emma GreenThe Many Selves of Katherine North a secret project to enable people to inhabit the minds of various animals…

Victoria SchwabOur Dark Duet sequel to This Savage Song
Daniel Polansky A City Dreaming ‘M’ is a down on his luck mage in a New York which may be sinking…

Ever Dundas  –Goblin in 2011 a woman is forced to come to terms with her childhood as a young WW2 orphan who took refuge in an imaginary world…
Angus DonaldOutlaw first time in stock, the first of his Outlaw Chronicles about Robin Hood. V8, The Death of Robin Hood, is about to be published…

Ursula K. LeGuinOrsinia omnibus volume of short stories containing the collections Malefrina and Orsinian Tales, with 2 other stories; Two Delays on the Northern Line & Unlocking the Air

Darren NaishHunting Monsters subtitled Cryptozoology and the Reality Behind the Myths. A serious look at current cryptozoology


art, etc:

Alfred S. McEwan, Candice Hansen-Koharcheck & Ari EspinozaMars: The Pristine Beauty of the Red Planet massive hardback of stunning satellite pics of the Martian surface

Glenn FabryAnatomy for Fantasy Artists new, expanded edition. Softcover from Barron’s
Linda RavenscroftHow to Draw & Paint Fairyland from fairies to their castles, mushroom rings, little houses, bridges, etc!

Running PressA Tolkien Treasury tiny hardcover of art and quotes by and about JRRT & LotR

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New Titles – w/e 3rd June 2017

in hardcover:

J. R. R. TolkienBeren and Luthien their story, extracted from among other writings in The Silmarillion and illustrated by Alan Lee.

Steve TribeA Brief History of the Time Lords. A Doctor Who tie in book, heavily illustrated

in ‘B’ format:

George R. R. MartinA Knight of the Seven Kingdoms collecting the 3 previously published Dunk and Egg stories, set a century before the events of The Game of Thrones. The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword & The Mystery Knight. Illustrated by Gary Gianni (who does the art for the annual calendars, as I recall)

Gavin ChaitLament for the Fallen set in a collapsed and failed Nigeria, a man who appears to have fallen out of the sky is befriended by some villagers… Loved the hardcover last year!
Jason M. HoughInjection Burn the 4th of the Dire Earth Cycle, which began with The Darwin Elevator
Nik KorponThe Rebellion’s Last Traitor the past has been outlawed and memory has become a commodity…

K. W. JeterGrim Expectations the 3rd in what has become The George Dower Trilogy of Infernal Devices, Fiendish Schemes and now this title
Rachel VincentSpectacle the cryptids of the Menagerie are sold into slavery to perform and fight for rival show, The Spectacle. Volume 2 of her Menagerie series

Warhammer: Age of SigmarBladestorm the latest novel of The Realmsgate Wars, by Matt Westbrook
Warhammer 40,000Tyrant of the Hollow Worlds a Space Marines Battles adventure, by Mark Clapham

in paperback:

David D. LevineArabella of Mars the Red Planet was colonised early, by an expedition led by Captain William Kidd in the late 17th C and now, a hundred years later, young Arabella must come to London on Earth to complete her education. But she joins a spaceship crew instead!

F. Paul WilsonPanacea Medical Examiner Laura becomes entangled in a war between rival cults, one which claims to have a universal Panacea, and another determined to destroy it…
Nicholas Sansbury SmithExtinction Horizon first book of The Extinction Cycle, about a U.S. military Delta Force team battling a zombie plague in a post-apocalyptic world!
David L. GolemonThe Traveller the 11th Event Group novel

Star TrekHearts and Minds the latest Next Generation adventure, by Dayton Ward

art, etc:

Jeffrey JonesWorld Without End portfolio of 4 colour prints in a large envelope with b&w art on the front. It’s a warehouse find, issued in 1980 by SQP

Melanie DelonMagika: The Art of MD full colour softcover, published by SQP

Christina RosettiGoblin Market  the classic poem, heavily illustrated by Omar Rayyan

Igor BarankoEgyptian Princesses b&w adventure in ancient Egypt, from Humanoids

Christophe Casenove
Sea Creatures In Their Own Words: Armed and Dangerous 2nd informative & humorous volume from Papercutz

Frederic Brremaud & Federico BertolucciLittle Tails: In the Savannah the 3rd Chipper & Squizzo natural history adventure! The creators also produce the ‘Love‘ series

Mark CrilleyManga Art: Inspiration & Techniques From an Expert Illustrator looks very informative, with plenty of illustrations


Illustration Magazine – issue #56 main articles on Saul Tepper and James Avati
Heavy Metal – issue # 286 a Magick Special issue

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New Titles – w/e 27th May 2017

in hardcover:

Cixin LiuThe Wandering Earth short story collection. 10 stories, 5 of which have won awards!

in large format:

Tobias S. BuckellApocalypse Ocean the 4th volume of his Xenowealth sf series
Tobias S. BuckellXenowealth: A Collection 9 stories and an afterward about the background to the series
Hunter SheaSwamp Monster Massacre set in the Florida Everglades
Laird BarronX’s for Eyes strange pulp horror novel about rich twins whose father is a super-villain!

Mike Davis (editor) – Autumn Cthulhu 19 new short stories

in ‘B’ format:

D. Nolan ClarkForgotten Worlds sequel to Forsaken Skies and part 2 of The Silence series. The alien armada has been defeated but there’s still more to do…
Ken LiuThe Wall of Storms volume 2 of his Dandelion Dynasty epic fantasy series, and sequel to The Grace of Kings

gift, etc:

Harry PotterTalking Sorting Hat & Sticker Book little battery powered plastic hat which randomly announces one of the Hogwarts House names when a button is pressed…

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New Titles – w/e 20th May 2017

in hardcover:

Andrew CaldecottRotherweird  story of a strange little town, forgotten to the rest of the world since the reign of Elizabeth 1st…
Andrew BannisterIron Gods sequel to Creation Machine and volume 2 of The Spin Trilogy, set in an ancient, artificially created cluster of suns and planets…

in large format:

Alex LambExodus sequel to Nemesis
Justina Robson The Switch Nico & Twostar will do anything to escape the slums of the city of Harmony…
Elliot JamesLegend Has It the 5th Pax Arcana book; fantasy is overwhelming the real world…

C. E. MurphyAtlantis Fallen one of the last immortals must take action now that rumours of finding the lost continent are rife…
Hunter SheaSavage Jungle subtitled ‘Lair of the Orang Pendek’ weird discoveries in the heart of Sumatra!

Michael Jan Friedman (editor) – Pangaea stories based on the premise that throughout all history there has only ever been one super continent!

in ‘B’ format:

Alastair ReynoldsRevenger fast moving space adventure!
Jack CampbellVanguard the 1st volume of Genesis Fleet, the new prequel cycle of The Lost Fleet novels

Terry Pratchett & Stephen BaxterThe Long Cosmos 5th and final book in the Long Earth sequence
James BarclayHeart of Granite set in a war-torn modern fantasy world with commercial dragon flights, etc…
Marie BrennanWithin the Sanctuary of Wings the 5th Memoir by Lady Trent

Alan SmaleEagle and Empire final part of his 13th C Hesperian Trilogy in which Rome never Fell but invades North America …
Eowyn IveyTo the Bright Edge of the World a strange story of a 19th C expedition into unexplored Alaska… Really liked this in hardcover last year!
G. S. Denning – The Hell-hound of the Baskervilles volume 2 of the Warlock Holmes chronicles

Hope MirleesLud-in-the Mist new(ish) edition of the 1926 fantasy classic from Prologue Books

Christopher Golden (editor) – Dark Cities 19 original stories of urban terror

Andrew C. FergusonThe Wrong Box weird legal adventure from one of the Writer’s Bloc stalwarts. Signed copies available soon


Interzoneissue # 270 fiction & reviews, etc. Fiction by Jonathan L. Howard, and others
Black Staticissue # 58 includes fiction from Mark Morris

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New Titles – w/e 13th May 2017

In hardback:

Robin HobbAssassin’s Fate the 16th novel in her epic tale that began 4 trilogies and a quartet ago with Assassin’s Apprentice! Book 3 of Fitz and the Fool.
Jacqueline CareyMiranda and Caliban novel featuring the two characters from The Tempest
Peter S. BeagleIn Calabria Claudio lives quietly in southern Italy but wakes up one morning to find a unicorn outside…

Adrian TchaikovskyA Time for Grief another collection of Tales of the Apt. Also in softcover

in large format:

Jenna RhodesThe Queen of Storm and Shadow the 4th in her Elven Ways series
Rachel VincentMenagerie Delilah is an unwilling member of a travelling show with a menagerie of strange creatures… 1st in a new series

Neil WilliamsonThe Memoirist near-future novella from NewCon Press
Adrian TchaikovskyA Time for Grief another collection of Tales of the Apt. Also in hardcover
Lauren BeukesSlipping subtitled Stories, Essays & Other Writing

in ‘B’ format:

Charles StrossThe Nightmare Stacks the 7th of The Laundry Files. Signed copies should be available soon…
Cixin LiuDeath’s End the final part of the trilogy that began with the award winning The Three-Body Problem. Translated by Ken Liu

James IslingtonThe Shadow of What Was Lost book 1 of The Licanius Trilogy. New epic fantasy
Seanan MaguireDusk or Dark or Dawn or Day Jenna is a ghost, but only she can save the other ghosts of New York…
Andrew BeasleyThe Mummy’s Revenge in Edinburgh’s Old Town a 3,000 year old mummy is prowling about… Book 1 in the SCREAM series for younger readers – Billy & Charley are investigators for S.C.RE.A.M. Supernatural Crimes, Rescues, Emergencies And Mysteries
Yako KitanousMr. Turtle a cyborg turtle living in Japan, with vague memories of a war on Jupiter… Translated by Tyran Grillo.

George R. R. Martin (editor & creator) – Wild Cards: High Stakes the latest in the mosaic novel series which began back in 1986, published by Gollancz

in paperback:

Ilona AndrewsMagic Binds the 9th Kate Daniels novel

Tanith LeeDelirium’s Mistress the 4th of her Tales from the Flat Earth novels
Tanith LeeNight’s Sorceries the 5th and final of her Tales from the Flat Earth novels

Steve AltenNightstalkers the 5th in his MEG series, about unknown marine creatures

art, etc:

Alejandro Jodorowsky & Georges BessThe Magical Twins fun-looking adventure in hardcover from Humanoids

Grant SniderThe Shape of Ideas great little hardcover subtitled ‘An Illustrated Exploration of Creativity‘. Generally, 1 or 2 page colour strips on a variety of topics…


Locus – issue 676, cover date May 2017 with the full Hugo Awards ballot listings

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New Titles – w/e 6th May 2017

in hardcover:

Mark LawrenceRed Sister Book of the Ancestor vol 1
M. R. CareyThe Boy on the Bridge in a post-Breakdown Britain, an expedition sets off from the south of England for the Scottish Highlands…

Eric Flint & Mike ResnickThe Gods of Sagittarius Russ is assigned to protect humanity’s most brilliant mind, who believes that ancient aliens known as the Old Ones may be returning…
Robyn BennisThe Guns Above can Josette, the Corps’ first female airship captain, survive in her post long enough to prove herself!?

Polly FaberSuperstar Tapir the 4th Mango & Bambang book, with four new adventures. Illustrations by Clara Vulliamy. I should have had this for World Tapir Day last week but it’s here now!

in large format:

Robert Jackson BennettCity of Miracles the 3rd in his Divine Cities series. City of Stairs & City of Blades were the first 2 volumes
Todd LockwoodThe Summer Dragon Maia witnesses the Summer Dragon, seen as an omen of change, and her peaceful life is shattered as she is swept up in greater events…
Cassandra KhawFood of the Gods chef Rupert Wong’s 2nd job is as admin for the Ten Chinese Hells, and his bosses there aren’t to be messed with!
Jonathan MaberryDogs of War the latest adventure for Joe Ledger, as robot dogs are produced which can carry WMDs into almost anywhere across America!

in ‘B’ format:

Andrew Lane & Nigel FosterNetherspace humans can’t understand the aliens but they have managed to trade with them…
Joe HillThe Fireman a terrible virus is destroying humanity but Harper Grayson just wants to see her unborn baby safe…

Guy Gavriel KayChildren of Earth and Sky a lush, somewhat Renaissance-era fantasy…
James AbbottThe Never King a once loved military commander is imprisoned for life but news eventually arrives that spurs him to action…
Foz MeadowsA Tyranny of Queens sequel to An Accident of Stars and volume 2 of The Manifold Worlds

Peter MacLeanDamnation 3rd in his Burned Man series, about a down & out magician living rough in Edinburgh

Peter V. BrettThe Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold novella set in the world of The Painted Man

WarhammerBlack Rift adventure in the Age of Sigmar by Josh Reynolds

in paperback:

Taylor AndersonBlood in the Water the 11th Destroyermen adventure
Gini KochAlien Education the 15th in the series!

Simon R. GreenDr. DOA the 10th in his series of Secret Histories
Faith HunterCold Reign the latest Jane Yellowrock novel…
Larry Niven & Steven BarnesThe Seascape Tattoo heroic fantasy

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New Titles – w/e 29th April 2017

in hardcover:

Cory DoctorowWalkaway his first major novel for several years, set in a climate-changed, post-scarcity world, where the rich still seem to own everything
Sylvain NeuvelWaking Gods the sequel to Sleeping Giants

Steven EriksonThe Fiends of Nightmaria novella featuring Bauchelain & Korbal Broach. From P. S. Publishing.

Doctor WhoThe Shining Man novel featuring the current Doctor and his new companion, Bill, written by Gavin Scott
Doctor WhoDiamond Dogs novel featuring the current Doctor and his new companion, Bill, written by Mike Tucker
Doctor WhoPlague City novel featuring the current Doctor and his new companion, Bill, written by Jonathan Morris

in large format:

Anne CharnockDreams Before the Start of Time a series of interweaving vignettes spanning 5 generations, focusing on advances in medical techniques, etc. to do with human fertility…

Bernie Mojzes & A. C. Wise (editors) – Clowns : The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix anthology of flash fiction concerning strange clowns!

in ‘B’ format:

Terry BrooksThe Sorcerer’s Daughter the 3rd volume in The Defenders of Shannara sub-series of his Shannara books
Bill BrounNight of the Animals 35 years in the future, a man sneaks into London Zoo to release all the animals. Outside, a cult has sworn to destroy all animals everywhere…
Jon WallaceRig 3rd in the trilogy. Previous volumes were Barricade & Steeple
Arkady & Boris StrugatskyFar Rainbow 2004 reprint of their classic novel about a distant planet called Rainbow. Translator unknown.

in paperback:

David B. CoeShadow’s Blade the 3rd of the Case Files of Justin Fearsson
Steve White & Charles E. GannonImperative the 7th Starfire novel, which began back in 1990 with David Weber & Steve White‘s Insurrection


IllustratorsIssue Seventeen nice looking articles on Zac Retz, Mort Kunstler & Gustave Dore and others…

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