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Transreal New Titles w/e 18th September 2021

in hardcover:

Joe AbercrombieThe Wisdom of Crowds the 3rd volume of The Age of Madness trilogy, after A Little Hatred & The Trouble with Peace
Taylor AndersonPurgatory’s Shore the 1st in his new Artillerymen series, about a mixed group of American soldiers from 1847 en route to Vera Cruz by ship who end up on a mysterious island…
Seanan McGuireWhen Sorrows Come the 15th October Daye novel, with a 60 page novella And With Reveling included at the rear

Ellen Datlow (editor) – When Things Get Dark subtitled Stories Inspired by Shirley Jackson 18 original stories

J. R. R. Tolkien The Nature of Middle Earth subtitled Late Writings on the Lands, Inhabitants and Metaphysics of Middle-earth, edited by Carl F. Hostetter. The slipcased deluxe edition.

in large format:

Tamsyn MuirHarrow the Ninth the 2nd of the Locked Tomb series, after Gideon the Ninth

Calder Szewczak The Offset to keep population growth in check when you reach 18 you must choose which parent will die…

Kai-Fu Lee & Chen QiufanAI 2041 10 short stories from China looking at the relatively near future…

in ‘B’ format:

Peter F. Hamilton & Gareth L. PowellLight Chaser Amahle & her AI traverse the galaxy collecting stories across time and space but she starts to realise that the impending fate of humanity may be woven through some of them…
J. T. Nicholas – Stolen Earth humanity has fled a ruined Earth, which is now behind an Interdiction Zone of orbiting satellites. But one spaceship crew make it through and discover they’ve not been told the truth…
Rab Fergusen – Landfill Mountains in a world full of discarded junk, Joe must seek help for a friend in the distant city… Along the way he has strange adventures and meets strange people!

Ben Aaronovitch – What Abigail Did That Summer the 3rd of the Rivers of London novellas

Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells (editor) – The Devourer Below 9 more original stories in this Arkham Horror anthology

in paperback:

Faith HunterTrue Dead the 24th of her Jane Yellowrock novels
Tom Kratman – Days of Burning, Days of Wrath the 8th in his Carerra series

art, etc:

Michael Leader & Jake CunninghamGhibliotheque attractive, heavily-illustrated hardcover which describes itself as The Unofficial Guide to the Movies of Studio Ghibli. A chapter on each of their 24 films, from Nausicca to 2020’s Earwig and the Witch. I think I’ve seen 18 of them, 14 in a cinema! (some of them thanks to the annual Scotland Loves Anime festival)

Frank ChoPencil & Ink mainly b&w softcover. Mainly full-page illustrations or sketches, with an interview
Dewey Cassell with Jeff Messer Mike Grell: Life is Drawing Without an Eraser comprehensive study of his work. Full colour & b&w softcover

Gareth BrookesThe Dancing Plague mainly two tone squarebound graphic novel about the strange events of July 1518 in Strasbourg

Alan Moore & Jacen BurrowsProvidence Compendium the complete Lovecraftian series in one very hefty square-bound softcover. Full colour
Steve Jones, Sergio Cariello & H. P. LovecraftDagon b&w comic adaptation with the complete story text by HPL at the back

Mike Butterworth & Don LawrenceThe Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Volume III another 27 full colour chapters of adventure! Includes the Doran the Hypnotist section by Miguel Quesada

Metal HurlantSelected Works 23 stories from the ground-breaking French magazine. Full colour, squarebound graphic anthology
Heavy Metal: ElementsTaarna the Cosmic Gardener single issue colour comic by David Erwin, Matthew Medney & Butch Guice


Mike SedakatThe Real Prehistoric Beasts b&w art featuring short b&w stories about mainly dinosaurs but also Smilodons and Megalodons, together with a page of info about each of the 6 species represented

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Transreal New Titles – w/e 11th September 2021

in hardcover:

Silvia Moreno-GarciaCertain Dark Things Aztec history, vampires, cannibals, and more, set in Mexico City! From the author of the exclelent Gods of Jade and Shadow
Calvin KasulkeSeveral people Are Typing Gerald works for a big PR company and finds his consciousness iinadvertently uploaded into their computers but nobody really wants to help him get free again…

Stanislaw LemThe Truth and Other Stories a dozen of his short stories, from the MIT Press

in large format:

Kristen BritainWinterlight the 7th full length Green Rider novel
Gene WolfeThe Land Across 1st time I’ve had in as a softcover. A travel writer visits a very obscure little East European country…

Kristine Kathyrn Rusch (editor) – Stories From Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine anthology of 10 stories (and brief intros) from the ground-breaking magazine, all from 1988-90

Julie PhillipsJames Tiptree, Jr: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon highly commended biography of the late, award-winning author
Brent Ryan BellamyRemainders of the American Century subtitled post-apocalyptic novels in the age of US decline serious look at the books and also the background they were being published against

in ‘B’ format:

Susanna Clarke – Piranesi the eagerly awaited paperback edition, which just won a major award from the author of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Gary Gibson Echogenesis 15 people come to beside a wrecked shaceship on a distant planet – but interstellar space travel was still only a dream back on Earth…
Derek B. MillerRadio Life in a wrecked future Elimisha hides from the Keepers in an ancient ruin and finds an artifact the Keepers need to destroy – an internet connection!
C. S. FriedmanThis Virtual Night in deep space a suicide attack has destroyed the life-support systems of a key waystation – but the people responsible were only playing a VR game…
Jonathan LethamThe Arrest America has collapsed following an Event which caused almost everything to stop working..
S. Qiouyi LuIn the Watchful City short novel of nested stories. Looks intriguing; one author quote says cyberpunk but another says fantasy…
J. S. Barnes – The City of Dr. Moreau how Moreau’s experiments made their way in the world…

Stephen Graham JonesMy Heart is a Chainsaw loner Jade has a comprehensive knowledge of horror films, which is about to come in very handy in the small, lakeside town she lives in!

Gwyneth JonesWhite Queen the latest of the Gollancz SF Masterworks, from 1991. In 2033 the earth is a mess but then aliens arrive!

R. Murray GilchristI Am Stone: The Gothic Weird tales of RMG, edited by Daniel Pietersen and another of the ongoing British Library Tales of the Weird. 27 stories and one of the sections of stories is called Useless Heroes!

in paperback:

C. J. Cherryh Divergence the 21st in her Foreigner series, or the 3rd in the 7th sub-trilogy and sequel to Resurgence
Seanan McGuire – A Killing Frost the 14th October Daye novel

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Transreal New Titles – w/e 4th September 2021

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsInhibitor Phase Miguel sets out to destroy a deserted spaceship before it attracts unwanted attention, but he finds there’s still someone left alive on board…
Guy Morpuss Five Minds population pressure has driven people to share bodies, each mind having control for 4 hours at a time!

William Gibson / Pat CadiganAlien 3: The Unproduced First-Draft Screenplay Gibson’s screenplay, now re-written as a novel by Cadigan

J. R. R. Tolkien The Nature of Middle Earth subtitled Late Writings on the Lands, Inhabitants and Metaphysics of Middle-earth, edited by Carl F. Hostetter. The standard edition, although I still expect to get the limited edition in.

in large format:

Elizabeth Knox & David Larsen (editors) – Monsters in the Garden anthology of sf & fantasy from New Zealand. 28 stories, mainly original but with a dozen dating back all the way to 1881!

Marc BurrowsThe Magic of Terry Pratchett a very readable-looking biography of Terry

in ‘B’ format:

Nina AllanThe Art of Space Travel and Other Stories 14 stories spanning her whole writing career

Penny Lewis (editor) – Spindles anthology of 14 stories about sleep of some sort, each with an afterword by a specialist in the topic

art, etc:

Bryan Talbot Grandville L’Integrale all five volumes of his Grandville books, plus more, in a giant 600+ page full colour hardcover!
Fyodor Dostoevsky & Dave McKeanCrime and Punishment: An Illustrated Edition large hardcover in a slipcase (still in it’s plastic wrap, so I can’t comment on the art, etc) , in an outer display box. Very impressive!

Sergio ToppiThe Collected Toppi Volume Six: Japan latest collection of his work; 6 more b&w stories set in the Far East. All previous volumes in stock!
Vincent Pompettoi Ancient Astronauts very nice looking h/c full colour graphic novel set on a distant, apparently pre-industrial planet. No obvious connection to the usual sort of ancient astronauts!

Fortunio Matania – Portfolio mainly b&w/2 tone historical figures and scenes
Ronald Sydney Embleton – Illustration Art Gasllery presents: Charles Dickens – Drawings and Paintings by RSE half Dickens’ characters & half more general, typical scenes
Illustrators Special #10 – The Art of Sydney Jordan / The Art of Jim Holdaway lots of illos from the Jeff Hawke strip!
Illustrators Special #11 – The Art of Frank Bellamy Dan Dare, Heros the Spartan, and much more!
Illustrators Special #12 – Blazing Guns and Flashing Swords: The Very Best of British Boys’ Comics

Michael Dumontier & Neil FarberConstructive Abandonment small h/c of single panel colour cartoons.
Ben Towle Four Fisted Tales: Animals in Combat short 2-tone stories about the use of animals in warfare, including
Wojtek the Bear. Also cats, birds, dolphins, and more
Ralph Tedesco & Victoria Rau – The Watcher collection of the 1st 3 issues of the horror comic


Heavy Metal – issue # 309 with 2 alternate covers

IllustratorsIssue Thirty-Three ( # 33) featuring J. C. Leyendecker, Edmund Dulac, Edmund Blair Leighton, and more!
lllustratorsIssue Thirty-Four ( # 34) featuring Jesus Blascoe, Victor de la Fuente and several others…
Illustration – issue # 73 includes articles on Peter Driben and Zoe Mozert

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Transreal Fiction is Open Again!

Or will be from noon on Friday, 27th August.
Access on foot/bike only from the top end.

As of Thursday afternoon, Candlemaker Row is closed to all vehicle traffic at the top and the bottom and is also closed to pedestrians from the rear of Frankenstein’s on down. Barriers right across the road & pavements. So Still Life, Avizandum & Lackdhu are all still closed.

Outline, Little Blue Door, Black Moon Botanica and others on up to the junction are all allowed to be open.
The road will be closed for quite some time, I expect, with scaffolding needed right around the fire site.


Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 30th August 2021

Virtually nothing in this week as I’ve not known when I might be open, apart from various art magazines which I’ll list next week.

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Transreal Fiction is Closed (temporarily!)

Due to the major fire on Tuesday affecting buildings between George the 4th Bridge and Candlemaker Row, Transreal Fiction has had to close until further notice. Currently, I’m not able to gain access to the shop at all so I can’t even offer a postal or delivery service as I have been doing recently. Books can be ordered via the site, which has an option to select Transreal Fiction to receive a small portion of the purchase price.

Hopefully, I’ll be allowed back soon, with customers not too far behind! But we’ll have to wait and see.

More updates on my twitter feed @transrealshop or here if they’re particularly significant.

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Transreal New Titles – w/e 21st August 2021

in hardcover:

Ben AaronovitchRivers of London 10th Anniversary Edition, with several b&w illos and a new map. Transreal Fiction copies come with a signed bookplate!

in large format:

Robeert V. S. Redick Sidewinders large sequel to The Master Assassins and vol 2 of The Fire Sacraments trilogy

J. S. DewesThe Exiled Fleet volume 2 of The Divide, set at the edge of the Universe! I enjoyed vol 1, The Last Watch
Elly BangsUnity Danae escapes from an underwater enclave as it descends into chaos and must make her way across a post-apocalyptic Southwest America…
R. W. W. GreeneTwenty Five to Life as the end of the world approaches, Julie decides to spend her time by joining a vagrant caravan across America…

Matthew Hughes Barbarians of the Beyond officially sanctioned companion novel to Jack Vance’s Demon Prince series! What happened to the other people at Mount Pleasant!?

John Helfers (editor) – Leviathans: Armored Skies shared world anthology with heavily armoured airships fighting foer control of the skies… 8 stories including work by Harry Turtledove & S. M. Stirling

in ‘B’ format:

Richard KadreyKing Bullet the 12th and final Sandman Slim novel!
Jenni Fagan Luckenbooth the Devil’s daughter comes to live in an old Edinburgh close…

Yoon Ha LeePhoenix Extravagant Geyan is an artist and just wants to paint so ends up taking a job painting magical annimating sigils on military automatons…

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child Crooked River the latest Agent Pendergast case
Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child The Scorpion’sTail the lastest Nora Kelly case

Terry Pratchett – The Tme-Travelling Caveman collection of early children’s short stories. b&w illustrations

in paperback:

David Weber & Jacob Holo The Valkerie Protocol sequel to The Gordian Protocol

art, etc:

3dtotal PublishingCharacter Design Collection: Heroines their latest illustration guide



Locus – issue # 727 Auguest cover date Interviews with Stephen Graham Jones & T J Klune

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Transreal New Titles – w/e 14th August 2021

in hardcover:

Eric Flint, Walt Boyes & Joy Ward (editors) – Grantville Gazette IX the latest anthology of stories set in the Ring of Fire / 1632 background created by Flint

in large format:

Cameron JohnstonThe Maleficent Seven Black Herran has to re-unite her retired Captains to fight once again…

Jerzy Zulawski Lunar Trilogy written between 1901 & 1910 and more recently translated from Polish by Elzbieta Morgan. The story of a marooned expedition to the moon…

Rich Horton (editor) – The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2020 His 12th annual volume…

in ‘B’ format:

P. Djeli ClarkMaster of Djinn magic & steampunk set in early 20thC Cairo! Loved this in h/c
Kevin HearnePaper & Blood the 2nd in his Ink & Sigil series

S. J. MordenGallowglass running from his own family, Jack takes a job as an asteroid miner…

art, etc:

Shuzo Oshimi Femme Fatale: he Art of SO full colour softcover of this manga artist
Simone GrunewaldDraw What You Love mainly colour hardcover look at her art, with loads of ideas and tips

Jaques TardiFarewell, Brindavoine Tardi’s 1st solo graphic novel; a full colour hardback and a prequel of sorts to his Adele Blanc Sec adventures
Etienne AppertRiver of Ink graphic novel about the origins of art and illustration!

Steve Lafler Death Plays a Mean Harmonica a couple re-locate to southern Mexico but meet an ancient vampire. b&w ‘alternative’ comic
Milton Lawson, Dave Chisholm & Fabian CabosThompson Heller: Detective Interstellar collecting 3 issues of the comic. Soft cover, full colour. Looks fun!
H. P. LovecraftThe Tomb b&w adaptation by Steve Jones & Octavio Cariello, together with the original short story text by HPL

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current opening hours:
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New Titles – w/e 8th August 2021

in hardcover:

Ian Green The Gauntlet and the Fist Beneath Flore must use her old martial skills as she pursues her daughter’s abductors across a tortured landscape filled with twitsted monsters and ancient gods…

Eli Lee A Strange and Brilliant Light in the near future AI ‘auts’ are everywhere and unemployment is soaring…

Grady HendrixThe Final Girl Support Group Lynette was the sole survivor of a massacre and runs a support group for other similar survivors, but now somewone seems to be targetting them…

Sara SheridanThe Fair Botanists historical novel set in Edinburgh about early 18thC botanists!

in ‘B’ format:

Hao JingfangVagabonds the Mars/Earth Cold War has eased and and Martian students visiting Earth as a good will gesture head back to Mars along with a group of Terran envoys… Translated by Ken Liu
John BirminghamThe Cruel Stars repulsed centuries ago, a massive alien fleet returns and attacks the borders of Human Space. 1st in a trilogy

Matt Thomas Anthracite Kevin has been kidnapped and taken to an alternate reality where Wales rules the World!
Christopher PriestThe Evidence Todd is a novelist, living in the Dream Archipelago, who starts discovering anomolies when he attends a crime-writers conference

Devin Madson We Cry For Blood vol 3 of the Reborn Empire quartet. We Live With Death & We Ride the Storm (parts 1 & 2) also came in.

Mike ShackleA Fool’s Hope sequel to We Are the Dead and part 2 of The Last War

C. F. BarringtonThe Wolf Mile vicious, all-out underground LARPing in Edinburgh’s Old Town is a massive online draw in the future…

in paperback:

Taylor AndersonWinds of Wrath the 15th and final book in his Destroyermen series! It started back in 2008 with Into the Storm.

art, etc:

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – The Art of Reflection Histories Forsaken large softcover full of art from the game

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New Titles – w/e 31st July 2021

in hardcover:

D. K. FieldsFarewell to the Liar the final part of the Tales of Fenest trilogy; probably my favourite fantasy series of recent years! Previous titles were Widow’s Welcome & The Stitcher and the Mute
Peter V. Brett The Desert Prince long-awaited 1st volume in a new series set 15 years after the events in The Core, the final book of The Demon Cycle

Matt Bell Appleseed in 50 years the fierce disasters of climate change are biting deep; in a 1000 years an icesheet lies atop America… the roots of both may have been planted by two brothers in the 18thC…
Darcie Little BadgerElatsoe in a time much like our own, native American myth and magic have also helped shaped our world…
Adam SimcoxThe Dying Squad Lincolnshire DI Joe Lazarus comes across his own body – and a spirit guide to enlist him in a squad of recently deceased police! Signed (bookplate) copies available

in ‘B’ format:

Jasper FfordeThe Constant Rabbit human-sized anthropomorphic rabbits move into a conservative English village…

J. K. JemisinThe City We Became 5 people, each representing a borough of New York, must unite to repel a trans-dimensional incursion!
Dan Klefstad Fiona’s Guardians an ancient vampire exists quietly, with her bound servant procuring the blood she needs, but over the decades they have been surruptiously surrounded by an aggressive order of monks dedicated to anti-vampirism…
Jin YongA Snake Lies Waiting the 3rd volume of the epic Legends of the Condor Heroes. Translated from Chinese by Anna Holmwood & Gigi Chang

Jean Passey – (editor) – Cornish Horrors subtitled Tales From the Land’s End anthology of 15 stories in the latest volume of the British Library‘s Taies of the Weird.

Zoraida Cordova & Natalie C. Parker (editors) – Vampires Never get Old anthology with new stories from 11 YA authors such as V. E. Schwab, Rebecca Roanhorse & Tessa Gratton

art, etc:

Piers BizonyThe Art of NASA: The Illustrations That Sold the Missions giant book of concept art!
Eric Nolen-WeathingtonPaolo Rivera: Modern Masters Volume Thirty latest artist to be featured in the series…

Dave McKean – Raptor full colour softcover, subtitled A Sokol Graphic Novel
Manuele FiorCelestia full colour hardcover; 2 young telepaths are forced to venture onto the unknown mainland…
Geof DarrowThe Shaolin Cowboy: Start Trek sodftcover continuation of his often violent adventures!
H. P. LovecraftThe Alchemist b&w comic adaptation by Steve Jones & Octavio Cariello, together with a short bio and the original prose story by HPL

Hugo Pratt & Val HoldingBattler Britton h/c from Rebellion with 2 war stories illustrated by Pratt
Tait Howard Spiders: Worldwide Webs excellent little comic from Science Comics with more than you ever wanted to know about spiders!


Heavy Metalissue # 308


Ted NaismithTolkien Wall Calendar 2022 his interpretations of scenes from Middle Earth

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New Titles – w/e 24th July 2021

in hardcover:

Steven EriksonGod is Not Willing a return to Mazalan! The First Tale of Witness
Nina AllanThe Good Neighbours Cath returns to her roots and investighates local myths while also making friends with the woman now living in the house her childhood friend’s family was murdered in…
Claire NorthNotes From the Burning Age an archive keeper able to translate the ancient texts is approached to translate stolen texts that may rewrite everything he believes in…

in large format:

Dan AbnettEmbedded journalist Lex is leterally embedded (on a chip) inside a combatant’s head. But then the soldier dies and Lex may be trapped…
James S. ParkerInfinity’s Gateway a warship disappears during WW2. Decades later another ship investigates a strange phemomenon and what lies beyond!
X. L. BeckettGamechanger after the struggles of the 21stC, defense lawyer Rubi needs to discover why her latest client apperently want’s to stop the planet’s recovery…

Jeffrey FordBig Dark Hole 15 short stories in this collection from Small Beer Press, including 3 never before published.

Paula Guran (editor) Far Out two dozen stories in this ‘recent queer science fiction and fantasy‘ anthology

in ‘B’ format:

John AppelAssassin’s Orbit investigators of a murder on a distant planet find clues to a threat thought long past…
A. E. WarrenThe Hidden Base book 2 of Tomorrow’s Ancestors and the sequel to Subjrct Twenty One. Elise has already rescued neanderthal # 21 from the Museum of Evolution but now the stakes are even higher…
Hank GreenA Beautifully Foolish Endevour sequel to An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. The strange giant statues have disappeared from around the world and April May is assumed dead. But her friends receive strange, predictive books and maybe she’s not dead after all…
Louise CareyInscape Tanya’s first mission into the unafilliated zone should have been a simple retrival…

Alex PhebyMordew Nathan grows up in the slums, diving in the mud for treasure to survive. But his talent is soon noted…
Katherine AddisonWitness for the Dead Thara Celehar tries to live quietly and not attract attention… sequel to The Goblin Emperor
H. G. ParryA Radical Act of Free Magic 2nd of the Shadow Histories, sequel to A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians a 2 part alternate, magical late 18thC.

Andrew Neill MacLeodThe Fall of the House of Thomas Weir The Casebook of Johnston & Boswell Volume 1; the pair investigate ghoulish rumours circulating in Edinburgh’s Old Town closes… Scenes set very near the shop! (But well before I opened!)

Bora Chung – Cursed Bunny collection of strange short stories translated from Korean by Anton Hur

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