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Laura Lam – signed books

As with several other authors, I can provide signed and personalised copies of Laura’s books.

Shattered Minds will be available in hardcover from mid June, the exact date depending on Laura’s PR commitments, etc. and when she is able to sign my copies.
The price within the UK will be £12.99 + p&p = £15.89 in total

At present, other titles available are the current UK editions of:

False Hearts – paperback £7.99; hardcover £12.99

Pantomime – paperback £7.99
Shadowplay – paperback £7.99
Masquerade – paperback £7.99

Postage & packing in the UK is £1.58 per paperback & £2.90 per hardcover.
Single paperback to Europe is £5.15, hardcover is £6.60
Single paperback to most other places is £7.45, hardcover is £10.15
Australia & NZ – £7.90/£10.75
rates for multiple copies available – just e-mail me at

Options for your signed book include plain signature, the date, the location (Edinburgh), a brief greeting (to ‘your name’, best wishes, etc.)
Once you decide how you’d like a copy signed, e-mail me and I’ll issue a PayPal Invoice for the amount.

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