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Transreal Fiction

The latest book by V. E. Schwab comes out in a couple of weeks and she has kindly agreed to sign copies for me.

It’s called A Darker Shade of Magic and is a ‘B’ format paperback from Titan Books, costing £7.99 plus postage.
Postage within the UK will be £2.80, making the total £10.79

I’ll also have a limited number of the Tor US hardcover, which will be £18.99 plus postage.
Postage within the UK will be £2.80, making the total £21.79

Signing options available will be plain signature, or with date, location (Edinburgh) or brief greeting (To Mike, Best wishes, Happy Birthday, etc.)
To order your copy e-mail me at saying what you’d like and which country you live in and I’ll issue a PayPal Invoice for the appropriate amount. Once paid, and the books are in, I’ll get it signed and sent off to you.

For postage rates abroad, please see the V. E. Schwab page on the ‘pages’ list beside this post. Other books you can ask to be signed are listed there also.


Iain Banks & Ken MacLeod – signed copies of Poems

Before Iain Bank‘s death in June 2013 he and Ken MacLeod agreed that a book of their poems should be published. It comes out in a couple of weeks time and is called, appropriately, Poems.

As with previous books of his, Ken has agreed to sign copies for me.
It will cost £12.99 and postage within the UK will be £2.80, making £15.79 in total.

Copies to Europe will be £12.99 + £5.15 p&p making £18.14 in total
Copies to almost everywhere else will be £12.99 + £7.45 p&p making £20.44 in total
Copies to Australia & NZ will be £12.99 + £7.90 p&p making £20.89 in total.

To order a copy, please contact me with your location and how you’d like it signed, and I will issue a PayPal Invoice for the amount due.


Transreal Fiction is a shop dedicated to selling science fiction, fantasy & related books, together with a limited selection of other merchandise.But really, it’s about books. Transreal Fiction opened in April 1997 in Cowgatehead and moved to it’s present location nearby in June 2011. The owner, Mike Calder, first sold sf & f books many years ago and has worked in the business either part- or full-time since. For years he also had a respectable job as well, but that’s another story…

The shop is named after the term coined by Rudy Rucker to describe his fiction and I thought it an apt name for a shop specialising in speculative fiction. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, Rudy Rucker was happy to allow me to use of the term as a name for my shop.


  1. Hiya Mike

    I spent a day last week looking at a collection. If you are interested have a look and make an offer.

    haven’t spoken in a long time – I haven’t been in Edinburgh for a long, long while. Glad to see the shop still thriving.

    drop me a line and a mail address for me to send the spreadsheet for you to look at – or you can ring me at home if you like –

    cheers for now

    edited for privacy 2nd March 2009

    Comment by Kenny Penman | March 2, 2009 | Reply

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