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Charles Stross

Some of you may have heard my shop mentioned on Charlie’s own site.
Basically, if people would like signed copies of his books, I can supply them.
He’s willing to drop by here as necessary to sign copies of his books, often with brief dedications, which I then send out…


Titles/editions currently available:

Escape From Hakai Land (US h/c novella – £18.00) + £2 p&p within the UK

Quantum Nightmare
(UK ‘B’ paperback – £9.99)
Atrocity Archives (UK ‘B’ paperback – £8.99)
The Jennifer Morgue (UK ‘B’ paperback – £9.99)
The Fuller Memorandum (UK ‘B’ format paperback – £8.99)
Apocalypse Codex – (UK ‘B’ format paperback – £9.99)
The Rhesus Chart (UK ‘B’ format paperback – £9.99)
The Annihilation Score (UK  ‘B’ format paperback – £9.99)
The Nightmare Stacks (UK ‘B’ format paperback – £9.99)
The Delirium Brief (UK ‘B’ format paperback – £8.99)
The Labyrinth Index (UK ‘B’ format paperback – £9.99)
Dead Lies Dreaming UK ‘B’ format paperback – £8.99)

still available:

Empire Games (UK ‘B’ format paperback £8.99)
Dark State (UK ‘B’ format paperback – £8.99)
Invisible Sun (UK ‘B’ format paperback – £9.99)

Accelerando (UK paperback – £10.99)
Neptune’s Brood (UK ‘B’ format paperback – £8.99)
Saturn’s Children (UK paperback – £8.99)
Singularity Sky
(UK paperback – £9.99)
Halting State (UK paperback – £9.99)

I currently have a couple of signed first edition copies of Singularity Sky, published by Ace in August 2003. £40.00 each.
It may be possible to supply other editions but I don’t hold them as stock, so I can’t guarantee to supply them)

Details of how to order signed copies are on this page: signed books
(info on ordering from EU countries is still to be updated. Short version: it just became much more expensive and awkward both for me to send and you to receive.)



  1. Thanks for sending the Atrocity Archive – it arrived just before the latest postal infarction and n time for my friend’s birthday. Cheers.

    Comment by Mister Roy | October 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. Glad it got to you in time; I actually closed the shop for a few minutes to get it posted…

    Comment by transrealfiction | October 6, 2007 | Reply

  3. Signed copy of The Annihilation Score arrived today, brilliant job Transreal, One very happy wife but she’s not reading it fast enough for my liking….perhaps I should have ordered two copies!

    Comment by Ian Blackwell | July 6, 2015 | Reply

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