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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 7th August 2022

in hardcover:

Lois McMaster BujoldThe Assassins of Thasalon signed & numbered novel from Subterranean Press
Ruthanna EmrysA Half-Built Garden thoughtful novel about first contact set 60 years in the future, and the world the aliens find

in softcover:

Seanan McGuire When Sorrows Come the 15th October Daye adventure

Peter V. BrettThe Desert Prince part 1 of a new series set 15 years after the events in his Demon Cycle, which began with The Painted Man (aka The Warded Man)
Katherine AddisonThe Grief of Stones sequel to The Witness for the Dead and the 2nd of The Cemeteries of Amalo series
Mark StayThe Ghost of Ivy Barn 3rd in The Witches of Woodville series. The adventures of a trainee witch during the Battle of Britain!

Catherine Tobler The Necessity of Stars 1st contact novella

Herve le TellierThe Anomaly a passenger jet encounters a weird storm but all seems fine – until 3 months later an exact duplicate appears, including duplicate crew and passengers!
Theo ClareThe Book of Sand a small group of strangers come to, lost in a desert. There are mysterious towers to hide in from the various threats they must overcome…

Robert Denton III, Marie Brennon & D. G. Laderoute The Great Clans of Rokugan: The Collected Novellas Volume Two, set in the world of The Legend of the Five Rings. With 3 novellas and several shorter

Shiela Finch Forkpoints a dozen stories of alternate branches history might have taken. Subtitled Stories of Decisions Made and Roads Not Taken
Scott R. Jones (editor) – Cthulhusattva Lovedraft-inspired horror anthology with 15 stories, subtitled Tales of thr Black Gnosis


Interzone – issue 292/293 double isse with 4 novelettes, 7 stories, and the usual features!

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 30th July 2022

in hardcover:

Ken LiuSpeaking Bones the 4th in his epic Dandelion Dynasty fantasy series

Mike Ashley (editor) – Gothic Fantasy: Weird Horror Short Stories 44 stories from the 1870s to the 2020s!

in softcover:

Rian HughesThe Black Loconotive a new, secret, Underground tunnel is being built beneath London but an ancient archeological puzzle is uncovered during construction… Lots of b&w schematics & photographs throughout the text. Almost New Wave in it’s design & layout!
Rachel SwirskyJanuary Fifteenth in the near future everybody receives UBI (Universal Basic Income), but how they spend it varies tremendously!

Kristen Britain Winterlight the 7th novel in her Green Rider series
Tad WilliamsBrothers of the Wind stand-alone novel set in Osten Ard, a thousand years before The Dragonbone Chair
Peter McLeanPriest of Crowns the 4th in his War For the Rose Crown series
Melissa AlbertOur Crooked Hearts Ivy & her mother confront issues and creatures from her mother’s past…
Mary McMyneThe Book of Gothel a re-interpretation of the story behind Rapunzel, and why she was in the tower
Sascha StronachThe Dawnhounds disgraced officer Yat is murdered by her collegues but the biotech throughout the city of Hainack, and an ancient Power, have resurected her for their own reasons…

Kirsti Wishart The Projectionist a mystery set in a small Scottish town whose inhabitants live in a perpetual film festival…

Emily Alder, Jimmy Packham & Joan Passey (editors) – Our Haunted Shores the latest volume of the British Library Tales of the Weird series, subtitled Tales From the Coasts of the British isles

art, etc:

Hayao MiyazakiThe Art of Princess Mononoke
Hayao Miyazaki The Art of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Sergio ToppiBestiary the latest in The ST Gallery of matching editions of his work. Animals, creatures & humans of all descriptions. H/C with a mix of b&w and colour

Vincent PerriotNegalyod: The God Network. Full colour hardcover with a cross-time dinosaur adventure!
Matthew Arnold & Riccardo Burchielli Eden full colour softcover. Cryogenically frozen prisoners wake up after a malfunction – thousands of years after a catastrophic war and find the planet is now very different, and dinosaurs are back!

Jiro Taniguchi The Walking Man: Expanded Edition hardcover with some colour pages. A gentle walk through urban Japan and a man’s memories…
Rokurou OgakiCrazy Food Truck ) Gordon runs a food truck in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and finds his new helper has an armed mititia hunting her… b&w softcover manga


Locus – issue # 738 cover date July with interviews with Daniel Abraham & Nadia Afifi

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 23rd July 2022

in hardcover:

Silvia Moreno-GarciaThe Daughter of Doctor Moreau her latest novel, set in 19thC Mexico
Tad Williams Into the Narrowdark the 3rd book of The Last King of Osten Ard quartet

in softcover:

Ken Liu The Veiled Throne the 3rd volume in his epic Dandelion Dynasty series, which began with The Curse of Kings & The Wall of Storms
J. S. EmeryA Clockwork River the river Rhumb had powered the city for a millenia, through a huge, complex system of drains and sluices – but now it’s backing up and engineers must venture into the undercity…
Cari ThomasThread Needle Anna has discovered a secret, magical London but soon has doubts if using her magical power is in her own interests!
Alex MyersThe Symmetry of Stars the gods of Nature and Nurture each select a pair of twins as Champions…

Jack CampbellResolute sequel to Boundless, and the 2nd part of the Outlands set of The LLost Fleet books (making it the 19th overall)
Jeremy SzalBlindspace sequel to Stormblood and book 2 of The Common. Vakov is an elite soldier, partly because he’s had alien DNA inserted!

Louise CareyOutcast sequel to Inscape hi-tech, cyberspace thriller

Terry PratchettThe Colour of Magic re-issue with new cover art by Leo Nickolls. The 1st Discworld book, now also described as the 1st of the Wizards subseries
Terry PratchettThe Light Fantastic re-issue with new cover art by Leo Nickolls. The 2nd Discworld book, now also described as the 2nd of the Wizards subseries

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 16th July 2022

in softcover:

Charles Stross Invisible Sun final book in his Merchant Princes series; the 3rd in the Empire Games trilogy.
Django WexlerBlood of the Chosen sequel to Ashes of the Sun; vol 2 of Burningblade & Silvereye
Jon SkovronThe Wizard of Eventide 3rd in The Goddess War series, after The Ranger of Marzanna and The Queen of Izmoroz

Eugen BaconMage of Fools Jasmin lives in a seemingly hopeless dystopia but her late husband has left her an almost magical seeming machine…
Dave EggersThe Every Delaney takes a job with a giant online cross media conglomerate with the intention of bringing it down…

Grady Hendrix The Final Girl Support Group someone is out to get the survivors of previous horrific massacres but these girls have proven they can fight back!
John Hornor JacobsA Lush and Seething Hell subtitled Two Tales of Cosmic Horror. Contains The Sea Dreams It Is the Sky and My Heart Struck Sorrow

Vince A. Liaguno & Rena Mason (editors) – Other Terrors: An Inclusive Anthology two dozen new horror stories

art, etc:

Bryan TalbotThe Legend of Luther Arkwright a new instalment!

Final Fantasy XIVShadowbringers subtitled The Art of Reflection – Histories Unwritten
Final Fantasy XIV The Art of Eorzea subtitled A Realm Reborn – Another Dawn

restock! Other Studio Ghibli artbooks will follow, as available
Hayao MiyazakiThe Art of Spirited Away
Hayao MiyazakiThe Art of My Neighbour Totoro
Hayao Miyazaki The Art of Howl’s Moving Castle
Hayao MiyazakiThe Art of Porco Rosso


IllustratorsIssue Thirty-Eight (# 38) a special ‘The Art of John Watkiss‘ issue

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 9th July 2022

in hardcover:

Claire McKennaFiretide Coast 3rd in the Deepwater Trilogy. I enjoyed the 1st one, Monstrous Heart, about magic and lighthouses! Vol 2 was Deepwater King.
Ed McDonaldDaughter of Redwinter Raine has escaped from the fortress of the warrior-magicians, the Drooihn, but she has something they need… Book 1 of the Redwinter Chronicles
Clay HarmonFlames of Mira book 1 of new epic fantasy, The Rift Walker series

Cari ThomasThe Hedge Witch when her funds run out to pay the school fees at a posh boarding school for young witches, orohan Rowan ends up in a day school for them, run by an aunt she never knew she had!

in softcover:

Isabel Ibanez Together We Burn to keep her inheritance, Zarela the flamenco dancer must seek help to earn to be a Dragonador!
W. P. WilesThe Last Blade Priest an ancient evil senses a chance to return, but is opposed by 3 very different people… Part 1 of The Holy Mountain series

Emmi ItarantaThe Moonday Letters episilolatory novel mixing ancient myth with a journey across the Solar System, from Mars colonies to devastated parts of Earth, and beyond!
Benjamin PercyThe Unfamiliar Garden sequel to The Ninth Metal, and part 2 of The Comet Cycle, about the changes wrought by a rare-metal rich comet strike
Tim LebbonThe last Storm journey across a climate change baked America…

Aric McBayKraken Calling twin strands, set 20 years apart following the actions and the results of serious eco-terrorism & climate change…

Polly CrosbyThe Unravelling a yoing woman takes a job helping to classify butterflies on a strange little island. I Liked the h/c a lot!
A. G. Slater The Path of Thorns Asher gains a job at remote Morwood House but grows to like the current Morwood family; can she still exact her revenge for past events?
Edward CoxThe Wood Bee Queen in a small town Ebbie is about to lose his librarian job and retreats into his love of folklore. Elsewhere, a queen has been murdered…

Richard PowersThe Overstory well reviewed (in h/c) climate fiction centred around trees; one of the new Penguin line, Vintage Earth
Marlen HaushoferThe Wall another Vintage Earth title. On holiday in Austria, a woman finds that she is alone in the valley, and that she can’t get out, nor others in. Translated from German by Shaun Whiteside. I enjoyed the film of it, Die Wand, several years ago.

Vandana SinghUtopias of the Third Kind the 28th volume in the Outspoken Authors series by PM Press. The usual format of a novella plus various stories or articles together with an interview by editor Terry Bisson

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 2nd July 2022

in hardcover:

Anthony RyanThe Martyr volume 2 of The Covenant of Steel, after The Pariah
Neal AsherWeaponized his latest stand alone Polity adventure
David Weber & Jane LindskoldA New Clan the 4th in The Star Kingdom series, set in the Honorverse
Adam Roberts The This the whole population now has super-connectivity with the latest social media device. A bit slow getting this one in…

in softcover:

Steven EriksonThe God is Not Willing part 1 of his new fantasy series and The First Tale of Witness
Foz MeadowsAn Accident of Stars the 1st in The Manifold Worlds series. Nice new edition

David Weber & Richard FoxGovernor new adventure in Weber’s Path of the Fury universe; book 1 of Ascent to Empire
W. Michael GearAdrift the 5th in his Donovan series. A new expedition arrives to survey the ocean life…
Patrick ChilesFrontier Marshall is dispatched to save a distant asteroid survey ship but meanwhile near-Earth space falls into chaos!

art, etc:

Carlos Ezquerra The Art of CE subtilted 45 Years of 2000 AD although almost a third appears to be from before he started work there. Lots of colour artwork
Louis GarciaThe Art of LG text by David Roach, published by Dynamite. Plenty text but even more of his art covering his whole career. Mainly b&w
Terry Moore2022 Sketchbook b&w softcover. Mainly figure drawing

Jim Henson’s LabyrinthBestiary: A Definitive Guide to the Creatures of the Goblin King’s Realm H/C crammed with art by Iris Compiet (which echoes Brrian Froud‘s original work closely) & text by S. T. Bende

Olivier LedroitThe Fairy Universe h/c with full colour art of dozens of fairies, with linking text by Olivier & Laurent Ledroit
Olivier Ledroit (co-ordinator) – The Dragon Universe art from dozens of artists, with text by Jean Baptiste Monge & Pascal Moguerou. Both very attractive h/c books

Maurice LeBlanc & Vincent MallieGentleman Thief Arsine Lupin a very attractive h/c illustrated volume of some of the original French stories (translated by Mike Kennedy); mainly text but with a good number of colour & b&w illustrations.

Sherard JacksonDarbi: volume 1 the 1st 3 colour drenched stories about a very violent little T-Rex. h/c.

Laurent Genefort, Francoise Rusak & Francesco TrifogliThe Blood of the Immortals Humanoids h/c. A small team land on a distant planet in search of it’s secrets… Looks nicely done

Neil Gaiman & Colleen DoranTroll Bridge h/c colour adaptation of Gaiman’s story

Falynn Koch The National Parks small graphic novel about the American National Parks, published by History Comics. Lots of facts and stories but not too serious; the narrator character is a Bigfoot!
Rosemary Mosco & Binglin HuExpedition Backyard very cute h/c graphic novel about the adventures of a mole & a vole when they inadvertently end up in the big city, having to make friends with with big city animals!


Locus – issue # 737 June cover date interviews with Nicola Griffith & V. Castro; remembrances of Patricia A. McKillip

Illustration issue # 76 20 pages on the character work of William Oberhardt but 50 pages on the pulp & cheesecake of Earle K. Bergey!
Heavy Metalissue # 317 apparently now monthly again!

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 25th June 2022

in hardcover:

Miles CameronAgainst All Gods book 1 of The Age of Bronze warring gods and mortals
Rebecca StottDark Earth magic and sword-smithing in post-Roman Britain

Michael S. JacksonRinglander the 1st book of The Path and The Way searching for her brother, Kyira makes her way to Tyr, the city that controls the dangerous shipping passage from the outer ocean to the inner seas…
Alex LivingstonThe Knave of Secrets Quinol has abandoned sorcery and become a gambler, but he’s forced into a game for untold stakes…
Victoria Aveyard Blade Breaker sequel to Realm Breaker epic fantasy

Kit Whitfield In the Heart of Hidden Things if you annoy the fairyfolk, go to Gyrford, where the smiths can forge powerful protections…

in softcover:

Brian StaveleyThe Empire’s Ruin vol 1 of The Ashes of the Unhewn Throne, which continues the story in The Chronicle of the Unhewn Thrown trilogy
Mike BrooksThe God Breaker vol 3 of the epic fantasy series which began with The Black Coast & The Splinter King
Robeet Jackson BennettLocklands vol 3 of The Founders Trilogy, which began with Foundryside

Doina Rusti The Book of Perilous Dishes a slave in Bucharest is a wonderful cook because he has obtained a copy of a magic cookery book, but it’s rightful owner is on the trail…
Alex JenningsThe Ballad of Perilous Graves in an alternate New Orleans, 9 songs have escaped from a magic piano!

Stephen Baxter Galaxias in the mid-21st C, the Sun goes out!
Agnes GomillionThe Seed of Cain in a future, collapsed America an independent state known as Kongo arises on the Atlantic seaboard…
Dave Hutchinson Shelter re-issue of post-apocalyptic novel set in rural England a couple of generations after the end of civilisation. I enjoyed it a lot when it first came out
James L. CampiasThe Godel Operation Zee & Adya are searching the myriad habitats of the Solar System for the Godel Trigger, aided by Zee’s AI, but it’s not going smoothly!
Michael Z. Williamson (editor) – Freehold: Defiance anthology of 14 new stories set in his Freehold universe


McSweeney’s Quarterly Reviewissue # 66 softcover

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 18th June 2022

in hardcover:

Natasha Pulley The Half Life of Valery K in 1963 a nuclear scientist is taken from the Soviet prison camp he’s in and forced to study a strangely damaged forest and the town deep within it…

Alix E. HarrowA Mirror Mended 2nd in her Fractured Fables series. The 1st was A Spindle Splintered

in softcover:

Karen HellerThe Splendid City Eleanor is a young witch in the drought-struck state of Liberty and she’s turned her annoying colleague into a cat – but she still has to work with him and solve the water crisis by finding another missing witch…
Aliette de BodardFireheart Tiger a young princess returns to the Imperial Court, having spent years away as a hostage… a TorDotCom novella
D. G. ComptonSo here’s Our Leo a rare new novel (non-sf) from Compton. A ficticious biography of a man born in 1940, although the novel starts in 1983
E. C. TubbPlanetoid Disposals Ltd. not actually new, but I saw it listed and couldn’t resist! Originally published in 1953 and revised in 2022. A space debris disposal company is the only defence against an alien invasion!

Lynne McEwanIn Dark Water new Scottish crime novel, set by the Solway Firth. Not sure how it got on the order form! Her 1st novel.

Charles E. Gannon & Robert E. Waters Calabar’s War the latest 1636 book set in Eric Flint‘s 1632/Ring of Fire world

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 11th June 2022

in hardcover:

Raymond E. FeistMaster of Furies sequel to Queen of Storms & King of Ashes; the 3rd in his Firemane Saga
J. M. MiroOrdinary Monsters in 1882 the Cairndale Institute, north of Edinburgh, is home to orphaned children with strange abilities…

Alastair Reynolds Eversion a mission to a strange lake in the Arctic, or maybe an inlet in Patagonia, by schooner, or maybe a steamship, or even in a zeppelin!
David KoeppAurora a solar storm knocks out the world’s power grids – maybe for decades! The author is a world-famous Hollywood screenwriter.

Steve BrusatteThe Rise and Reign of the Mammals natural history book subtitled A New History, From the Shadow of the Dinosaurs to Us illustrated by Todd Marshall & Sarah Shelley

in softcover:

Andrzej Sapkowski Warriors of God volume 2 of his Hussite Trilogy, translated by David French
David Hair
World’s Edge sequel to Map’s Edge; The Tethered Citadel vol 2. I enjoyed vol 1
Catriona SilveyMeet Me in Another Life love across multiple worlds…

Megan Whalen TurnerThe Thief re-issue of the 1st Queen’s Thief novel from 1996
Stefan Zweig Shooting Stars (new to Transreal but actually quite old!) 10 ‘tipping point’ alternate histories, some first published back in 1927. 2013 UK Pushkin Press edition (translated by Anthea Bell)

Aaron Worth (editor) – The Night Wire and Other Tales of Weird Media the latest volume, with 17 stories, of the Tales of the Weird series from the British Library


Shoreline of Infinity – issue # 31 the latest print issue

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 4th June 2022

Posted early this week because of the double Bank Holiday for the Jubilee. There are no deliveries on Thursday or Friday, so even if my suppliers get in new titles to send, I had to finalise this week’s order on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday before the shut down.
Transreal Fiction will be open usual – i.e. 12.00 – 17.00 on Thursday & Friday & 11.00 – 17.00 on Saturday. Then closed Sunday & Monday.

in softcover:

Yoko TawadaScattered All Over the Earth Hiruko may be the last Japanese speaker alive. She and her companions try to track down rumours of another speaker, so she can hear her native language again… Translated by Margaret Mitsutani

Jeff VandermeerHummingbird Salamander New Weird adventure in pursuit of strange taxidermy and possibly saving the world!


Locus – issue # 736 May cover date with the Hugo Awards shortlists and interviews witth Adrian Tchaikovsky & Dhonielle Clayton

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