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New Titles – w/e22nd October 2016

in hardcover:

Robert DickinsonThe Tourist a woman goes missing from a time travel excursion back to the present day, except records show that she didn’t! Complex time-conspiracy adventure!
Becky ChambersA Closed and Common Orbit the sequel to The Long Way to a Cold, Angry Planet

Roberet McCammonLast Train From Perdition the sequel to I Travel by Night

Simon IngsStalin and the Scientists  a very readable history of science in the Soviet Union up until the mid 1950s

in large format:

Stephen HuntThe Stealer’s War the 3rd volume of The Far-Called
R. S. BelcherNightwise 4th book in the series that began with The Six-Gun Tarot
Michelle SagaraCast in Flight the 12th in her Elantra series

Peter CawdronMars Endeavour in going to Mars, the biggest problems are back on Earth!

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – Bridging Infinity the 5th volume of The Infinity Project series of anthologies

in ‘B’ format:

Tom TonerThe Promise of the Child epic space opera set in the 147th Century. War is coming to the immortal human society…
C. A. HigginsLightless Althea feels closer the ship’s AI than to the rest of crew but she’s the only one who can defeat the terrorists who have seized the ship…
Walter Jon WilliamsImpersonations a new Praxis novel!

Mark MorrisThe Wraiths of War cross-genre time travel adventure!

Stephen AryanChaosmage 3rd in the series that began with Battlemage & Bloodmage
Den PatrickThe Girl on the Liar’s Throne 2nd sequel to The Boy With the Porcelain Blade
Megan E. O’KeefeBreak the Chains sequel to Steal the Sky; the 2nd in her Scorched Continent series
J. D. OswaldThe Obsidian Throne the 5th & final volume of The Ballad of Sir Bebfro

Doctor WhoUnderwater War an Eleventh Doctor adventure by Richard Dinnick

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdBold the 14th Kris Longknife adventure

Mark L  Van Name (editor) – Onward, Drake anthology of short stories & articles in honour of David Drake.

Star TrekThe Jackal’s Trick the 2nd in the Prey mini-series by John Jackson Miller

art, etc:

David DayThe Battles of Tolkien 3rd in the series of books all about aspects of JRRT & Middle Earth.. Previous matching volumes were the Atlas and the Dictionary


Daryl GregoryHarrison Squared unabridged on a single  mp3cd of the YA Lovecraftian adventure, read by Luke Daniels

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New Titles – w/e 15th October 2016

in hardcover:

Mark LawrenceThe Wheel of Osheim 3rd in his Red Queen’s War trilogy
Stephen GallagherThe Authentic William James ex-police detective Sebastian Becker‘s latest case…

Doctor Wh0Twelve Doctors of Christmas Seasonal anthology by 12 authors, each with a full colour illustration by a different artist

in large format:

Samuel R. DelaneyDark Reflections mainstream novel in 3 parts, which first appeared in 2007

in ‘B’ format:

Adam RobertsThe Thing Itself Antarctic horror
Peter HigginsWolfhound Empire omnibus of the trilogy of Wolfhound Century, Truth and Fear & Radiant State set in an alternate, almost mythical Russia

Stanislaw LemMortal Engines 14 short stories, chosen & translated by Michael Kandel
John ChristopherCloud on Silver a group of tourists are marooned on a South Pacific island…
Emma BullWar for the Oaks reprint of her classic fantasy novel from 1987

art, etc:

J. K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets large, illustrated edition, matching 1st volume which came out. Art, as with the fist volume, by Jim Kay

Art Spiegelman (editor) – Si Lewen‘s Parade a large concertina-style book in a slipcase. His b&w art on one side with a substantial essay (with illustrations) by Spiegelman on the other
Dave McKeanBlack Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash. Softcover with some great looking pieces

Marc Taro HolmesDesigning Creatures & Characters subtitled How to Build an Artist’s Portfolio for Video Games, Film Animation and More for on-screen creation. Softcover


Hi-Fructose – issue # 41 with a sliced lemon octopus on the cover and a colour insert with more of Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins‘ work bound inside

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New Titles – w/e 8th October 2016

in hardcover:

Chris BeckettDaughter of Eden 3rd in the set that began with Dark Eden, about a lightless lost colony…

in ‘B’ format:

Terry GoodkindWarheart the final book in his epic Sword of Truth series, which began back in 1994 with Wizard’s First Rule!
Brandon SandersonShadows of Self the latest Mistborn novel, featuring Wax & Wayne
Megan E. O’KeefeBreak the Chains – sequel to the recent Steal the Sky and the 2nd Scorched Continent novel…
Wesley Chu The Rise of Io after the wars with the aliens, Ella becomes inhabited by an ineffective alien Quasing
Nik AbnettSavant – the Shield keeps Earth hidden and protected from aliens but now there’s a problem with a probability loop and the Earth may be exposed!

William C. Dietz Into the Guns the violent aftermath of a multiple meteor strike on Earth, which was misinterpreted as the start of WW3
Mira GrantFeedback – the 4th in her Newsflesh zombie series
John ChristopherThe World in Winter climate change novel from 1962

Mark Morris –  Albion Fay horror on a quiet countryside holiday!

art, etc:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemMagical Characters & Places Colouring Book the 1st piece of tie-in merchandise for the new Potterverse film, opening on 18th November. Softcover with some colour stills inside the front & back covers.b&w illos by Nicolette Caven & Micaela Alcaino

Brian & Wendy FroudThe Pressed Fairy Journal of Madeline Cottington new hardcover giving more historical background…
Olento Salaperainen A Field Guide to Fantastical Beasts illustrated hardback about various strange creatures and races


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New Titles – w/e 1st October 2016

in hardcover:

Mercedes LackeyCloser to the Chest the 3rd in The Herald Spy trilogy, set in Valdemar
Eric Flint & Ryk E. SpoorCastaway Odyssey at the end of the previous book, Castaway Planet, an unknown ship had newly arrived in orbit…

in large format:

David DrakePatriots a new colony planet seeks to protect itself, and maybe even also break free of Earth control!
Haruki MurakamiIQ 84 giant dystopian novel, translated from Japanese by Jay Rubin & Philip Gabriel

Yoon Ha LeeConservation of Shadows short story collection

Susan R. MatthewsFleet Inquestor an omnibus of her late 1990s Under Jurisdiction trilogy; An Exchange of Hostages, Prisoner of Conscience & Angel of Destruction. To keep control of a growing space empire, justice has to be hard

in ‘B’ format:

Neal AsherWar Factory Transformation #2, and the sequel to Dark Intelligence
Yoon Ha LeeNinefox Gambit disgraced Captain Cheris tries to redeem herself in battle and save the Hexarchate with the help of a mad tactician

Thomas HocknellThe Life Assistance Agency Ben takes a job with a mysterious Agency and in Prague looking for alchemist Doctor John Dee’s lost secrets…
Simon MordenDown Station – a London Underground cleaning crew escaping a disastrous crash suddenly find themselves stranded in a sparsely populated world
Kim NewmanAngels of Music a secret agency run by the Phantom of the Opera investigates the seamy side of Parisian society…
Brian StaveleyThe Last Mortal Bond volume 3 of the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, following on from The Emperor’s Blades & The Providence of Fire
Mercedes Lackey Closer to the Heart book 2 of The Herald Spy, her current Valdemar series...
Brandon Sanderson – Shadows of Self sequel to The Alloy of Law, set in his Mistborn world

Andrew Smith (editor) – Lost in a Pyramid & Other Classic Mummy Stories title story by Louisa may Alcott(!) plus 11 other tales from the 19th & early 20th C. (the most modern is dated 1910). Published by The British Library

H. G. WellsThe Great Science Fiction Penguin omnibus containing The Time Machine, The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Invisible Man & The War of the Worlds together with 8 short stories

in paperback:

L. E. Modesitt, jr. – Solar Express in the near future an apparent comet is found to be an approaching alien artifact…
David Wellington – The Cyclops Initiative the latest Jim Chappel Mission
Juliet MarillierTower of Thorns the 2nd Blackjack & Grimm book

David G. Hartwell (editor) – The Color of Evil horror stories by 19 top writers, 1st published in 1987 & (with 2 subsequent anthologies) later collected as part of The Dark Descent anthology in 1997

Star WarsThe Force Awakens novelisation of the latest film, by Alan Dean Foster
Adam Christopher
The Corroded Man novel based on the Dishonored video game

art, etc:

Jim MahfoodSadistic Magician subtitled Sketchbook vol. 1 softcover
Didier GhezThey Drew As They Pleased vol 2: The Hidden Years of Disney’s Musical Years: The 1940s part one title says it all! Hardcover with some great art in varying styles

Shaun Tan – The Singing Bones: Art Inspired by Grimms’ Fairy Tales full page photos of 75 sculptures, with relevant sections of text printed opposite, and summaries of the tales at the back. Hardcover.
Gus GrimleyTales From the Brothers Grimm hardcover with b&w illustrations by Grimley
Cody GodbeyJim Henson‘s Labyrinth Tales hardback with 3 full colour short stories by Godbey

Christophe Bec, Eric Henninot & Milan JovanovicCarthago Humanoids hardcover collecting the 5 books in the set about the hunt for a live Megalodon
Paolo SerpieriSerpieti Collection # 3 – Druuna contains the stories Mandragore & Aphrodisia. Full colour h/c from publishers Lo Scarabeo.. Mature content
Maxim Jodorowsky et alHumanoids Presents The Jodoverse softcover 1o0+ page sampler with chapters from The Incal, Megalex, The Technopriests & The Metabarons! Looks like a great introduction to his bande desinee work!

Prentice RollinsHow to Draw Sci-Fi Utopias and Dystopias from pencil sketches to finished art

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New Titles – w/e 24th September 2016

in hardcover:

Cherie PriestThe Family Plot a house clearance company are asked to clear a big old Southern house and estate, and of course, it has secrets…dark secrets!
Ursula K. LeGuinThe Complete Orsinia collection with the novel Malefrina & Orsinian Tales plus around 65 pages of other material: song lyrics, a couple of short stories, a timeline, textual notes, etc.

Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras & Ella MortonAtlas Obscura hefty and fascinating look at all sorts of odd corners of the world. Heavily illustrated

in ‘B’ format:

Michael CobleyAncestral Machines a stand-alone novel using his Humanity’s Fire background (The Seeds of Earth trilogy); so it’s epic scale sf in the far future!

Ian GrahamThe Path of the Hawk a party of the Church’s elite soldiers are sent on a mission to recover a presumed-dead priest (presumed dead because they had found his corpse a year before!) who is apparently still alive and being held captive… grimdark fantasy
Mark A. LathamThe Iscariot Sanction sequel to The Lazarus Gate. Victorian horror/steampunk
Tim LebbonArmageddon the final part of The Rage War trilogy, set in the Alien vs Predator background
John Hornor JacobsSouthern Gods back in stock; a mysterious radio station broadcasts what may be the Devil’s music – literally!

Stephen Jones (editor) – Horrorology a dozen new horror stories from such as Kim Newman, Muriel Gray & Ramsey Campbell

in paperback:

David Weber & Joelle PresbyThe Road to Hell volume 3 in Weber’s Multiverse series, which began with Hell’s Gate
Charles E. GannonRaising Caine the 3rd in his Terran Republic series, which began with Fire With Fire

John Joseph Adams (editor) – Operation Arcana anthology of military fantasy from the likes of Elizabeth Moon, Tanya Huff & Django Wexler

Star TrekHell’s Heart part 1 of mini-series Prey, written by John Jackson Miller

art, etc:

Kirsty WhitenWronger Rites subtitled The Quing of the Now People  hardcover with full colour pages of strange and exotic people! Also some explanatory verse.

Neil GaimanOdd and the Frost Giants – children’s story about a young Viking, with b&w illustrations by Chris Riddell


Shoreline of Infinity – issue # 5 another great cover from Sara Julia together with new fiction, reviews and more…

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New Titles – w/e 17th September 2016

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsRevenger in the far future Captain Rackamore and his crew scavenge  for relics of ancient space-going civilisations, but they’re not the only ones…
Peter F. HamiltonNight Without Stars the sequel to The Abyss Beyond Dreams and the 2nd in the Chronicle of the Fallers
Christopher PriestThe Gradual Alesandro is a musician in a warring Fascist state whose music is oddly influenced by the sight of some prohibited islands in the distance. Then he gets a chance to go there…

Jane LindskoldArtemis Invaded sequel to Artemis Awakening, about an investigator stranded on a one-time pleasure planet run wild

Helen KeenThe Science of the Game of Thrones wide-ranging, fun and not entirely serious guide by the Fringe & R4 science communicator/comedienne

in large format:

Connie WillisCrosstalk in the near future, a personal empathy device becomes available and newly-in-love Briddey  and Trent can’t wait to get one…

Duncan LunanThe Elements of Time short story collection published by Scottish SF magazine publishers Shoreline of Infinity. 7 time travel stories, with b&w illustrations by Sydney Jordan, creator of the long-running Jeff Hawke comic strip
Jane LindskoldCuriosities short story collection

in ‘B’ format:

Kij JohnsonThe Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe a more modern take on Lovecraft‘s famous story…
Marie BrennanA Star Shall Fall the 3rd in her Onyx Court series

George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois (editors) – Old Venus 16 new stories about an old fashioned Venus! Companion to the similar Old Mars anthology.

Doctor WhoTerrible Lizards what’s lurking in the Everglades!? By Jonathan Green

in paperback:

Julie E. CzernedaThis Gulf of Time and Stars part 1 of Reunification, the latest trilogy in her Clan Chronicles. Epic space opera full of trading and dip[lomacy between rival races and spheres of influence

art, etc:

Mark SchultzCarbon2 a follow up to 2013’s original Carbon. b&w sketches and finished art
Michael Kaluta & Charles VessMythic Coloring Book  a tête-bêche (a book designed like an old Ace Double with 2 front covers) with b&w art by Vess in one half, and once flipped over, art by Kaluta in the other direction


Interzone – issue #  266
Black Static – # 54
Heavy Metal – issue  # 282 a sci-fi special issue


George R. R. MartinA Song of Ice and Fire 2017, with illustrations by Didier Graffet

Vintage Sci-Fi 2017 – a dozen classic pulp magazine covers

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New Titles – w/e 10th September 2016

in hardcover:

Cixin LiuDeath’s End the 3rd in the set that began with the Hugo winning Three Body Problem
Sergei Lukyanenko The Sixth Watch the latest in his Night Watch series, sequel to The New Watch. All the earlier ones are in stock in paperback…
Graham Masterton
Living Death his 7th Katie Maguire novel

Rodge Glass (editor) – Head Land anthology of 27 short stories celebrating 10 years of the Edge Hill Short Story Prize. Includes the likes of China Mieville, A.L.Kennedy and Neil Gaiman
Yanni Kuznia
(editor) – A Fantasy Medley #3 new stories from Kevin Hearne (an Iron Druid story), Aliette De Bodard, Laura Bickle & Jacqueline Carey. From Subterranean Press

James P. BlaylockThe Further Adventures of Langdon St. Ives omnibus edition collecting several stories & novellas: The Ebb Tide, The Affair of the Chalk Cliffs, The Adventure of the Ring of Stones, The Here and Thereians & Eathbound Things

Polly FaberMango & Bambang: Tapir all at Sea  illustrated by Clara Vulliamy. Sequel to M&B: The Not-a-Pig. Transreal Fiction sponsors the tapirs at Edinburgh Zoo
Polly FaberMango & Bambang: Tiny Tapir Trouble illustrated by Clara Vulliamy. Transreal Fiction likes tapirs!

in large format:

Peter S. BeagleSummerlong new fantasy novel from the author of The Last Unicorn
Robert McCammonBlue World
softcover from Subterranean Press, apparently expanded from previous editions and now with 16 stories

Neil Clarke (editor) – The Best Science Fiction of the Year from the editor of Clarkesworld magazine, 31 of the best sf stories from last year…

in ‘B’ format:

Adrian TchaikovskyThe Tiger and the Wolf volume 1 of new fantasy series Echoes of the Fall
Miles CameronThe Dread Wyrm book 3  of the adventures of The Red Knight
Daniel AbrahamThe Spider’s War volume 5 of The Dagger and the Coin
Seanan McGuire Once Broken Faith  the 10th Toby Daye adventure
David HairAscendant’s Rite the final book of The Moontide Quartet
Elizabeth MayThe Vanishing Throne sequel to The Falconer; described as a cross between Jane Austin and the Brothers Grimm! Partly set in Edinburgh
James BennettChasing Embers Ben Garston, AKA Red Ben, guards the border between myth and reality…

Austin GrossmanCrooked alternate history featuring President Richard Nixon
Ferrett SteinmetzFix sequel to Flex and The Flux. 3rd in the Mancer series
K. C. Alexander Necrotech cyberpunk thriller as Riko battles daily to survive in a future where everybody seems to be after her…

Edgar Allan PoeTales of Horror new edition of his most famous stories

Warhammer 40,000Sons of Titan 4 Grey Knights stories by David Annandale
Warhammer 40,000The Tau Empire anthology with 2 novellas & 8 short stories about the Legends of the Dark Millennium

in paperback:

S. M. Stirling –  The Desert and the Blade the latest novel of the Change

art, etc:

Colin SalterScience is Beautiful subtitled The Human Body Under the Microscope big hardcover full of pretty amazing images!

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New Titles – w/e 3rd September 2016

in hardback:

S. M. StirlingPrince of Outcasts the 13th in his Change series, which began with Dies the Fire
Eric Flint & David Carrico – The Span of Empire the 3rd in Flint’s Jao Empire series
Wen SpencerProject Elfhome the 5th in the series that began with Tinker

in large format:

Michael SwanwickChasing the Phoenix further Darger & Surplus adventures in a very strange future China
Laura GellegoOmnia the superstore’s warehouse has absolutely everything in stock, but sometimes it’s difficult to find it…

Kristine Kathryn Rusch (editor) – Women of Futures Past a dozen stories by some of the field’s most respected female writers, dating from the 1930s and C. L. Moore

in ‘B’ format:

Clifford D. SimakThe Big Front Yard and other stories the complete short fiction, volume 2
Clifford D. SimakThe Ghost of a Model T and other stories the complete short fiction, volume 3, both from Open Road Press

Ellen Datlow (editor) – Children of Lovecraft horror anthology with 14 stories

in paperback:

David WeberHell’s Foundations Quiver the 8th in his Safehold series, which began with Off Armageddon Reef
Larry CorreiaSon of the Black Sword 1st volume of epic fantasy, The Saga of the Forgotten Warrior

Orson Scott CardGate Father the 3rd of his Mithermages series
Jennifer EstepUnraveled  the 15th Elemental Assassin adventure
Hunter SheaThe Jersey Devil a horror re-awakens at a summer music festival

W. Michael Gear & Kathleen O’Neal GearPeople of the Songtrail novel of First Contact between the Vikings and the inhabitants of North America..

Star TrekPurgatory’s Key the 3rd volume of the 50th Anniversary  Legacies trilogy, by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore.

art, etc:

Guillermo Del Toro: At Home with Monsters heavily illustrated hardback all about the film director’s influences. Text by Britt Salvesen & Jim Shedden

Hugo PrattThe Ethiopian the 4th of the Eurocomics reprints of the Corto Maltese graphic novels
Arnoud Plumeri & BlozDinosaurs: Biggest Battles in 3-D full colour hardcover with several short stories. With 3-D glasses.
Crystal Velasquez & Manuel PreitanoJust Princesses full colour adventures of Princess Katrina with Red Riding Hood, Snow White & Prince Maximillian as they try to save her kingdom…


Illustration – # 52 big articles on Harry Beckhoff & John Lagatta
Illustration – # 53 featuring Eric Pape & Mel Odom (not the SF author)
Illustrators – issue # 15 with articles on Jonathan Ball, Andy Thomas & Dave McKean

2017 wall calendars:

Frank FrazettaThe Fantasy Art of Frazetta
CireuloDragons by Ciruelo
Star Trek – Beyond  with stills from the recent movie


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New Titles – w/e27th August 2016

in hardcover:

Terry PratchettThe Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner 14 short stories for children, with b&w illustrations by Mark Beech

Francis SpuffordGolden Hill in 1746, a mysterious stranger arrives in New York with a banker’s draft for a huge sum of money in his pocket… Historical novel from the author of Red Plenty and Backroom Boys
Eqwyn Ivey To the Edge of the World in 1885, an expedition into heart of unexplored Alaska has no real idea what they’ll find…

in large format:

Stephen BaxterObelisk new short story collection which includes additions to his Proxima/Ultima novels, and also some set in the Long Earth world of the books he c0-wrote with Terry Pratchett

Nick MamatasI am Providence a gruesome murder at a Lovecraft convention known as the Summer Tentacular!
Rudy Rucker & Bruce SterlingTransreal Cyberpunk 9 strange co-written  short stories! With notes on their creation. And, yes, if you hadn’t realised, I named my shop after Rudy’s neologism…
Carrie Vaughn – Amaryllis and Other Stories 18 short stories

in ‘B’ format:

Luke RhinehartInvasion cute, friendly aliens appear from another dimension but quickly cause chaos…

Rob BoffardImpact the 3rd in his trilogy set on a failing space station
Jamie SawyerOrigins the final volume of his Lazarus War trilogy

Blake CharltonSpellbreaker 3rd in the set that began with Spellwright
Andy Remic – Twilight of the Dragons sequel to The Dragon Empire, and part 2 of The Blood Dragon Empire series
M. R. CareyFellside horror/ghost story set in a strange little village on the Yorkshire Moors…

WarhammerWar Storm 3 stories by Nick Kyme, Guy Haley & Josh Reynolds set during the Realmgate Wars in the Age of Sigmar
Warhammer 40,000Hand of Asuryan by Gav Thorpe, featuring the warrior named

in paperback:

Robert ConroyGermanica alternate history with a final Alpine German redoubt ruled by Goebbels and hoping to hold out long enough for the western Allies to tire and thus be able to sue for (conditional) peace

Greg Bear & Gardner Dozois (editors) – Multiverse: Exploring the Worlds of Poul Anderson
Hank Davis (editor) – Things From Outer Space

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New Titles – w/e 20th August 2016

in hardcover:

Kate ElliottPoisoned Blade the 2nd book in her Court of Fives series

in large format:

James BarclayHeart of Granite book 1 of new sf series Blood and Fire. The world is at war but Max has everything he could want – until he hears something that he shouldn’t, then it all changes…

Adrian Tchaikovsky, Keris McDonald & Adam Gauntlett The Private Life of Elder Things 11 short Lovecraftian stories, with 5 by Tchaikovsky and 3 by each of the other 2 authors

in ‘B’ format:

N. K. JemisinThe Obelisk Gate sequel to The Fifth Season; part 2 of The Broken Earth trilogy
Trudi CanavanAngel of Storms sequel to Thief’s Magic and the 2nd in her Millennium Rule set
Gail CarrigerImprudence a little late getting this, the 2nd in her Custard Protocol steampunk series

Adrian TchaikovskySpiderlight

Arkady & Boris StrugatskyMonday Starts on Saturday new translation by Andrew Bromfield of their weird scientific magic novel from 1964. Previously titled Monday Starts on Saturday.

Doctor WhoHorror of the Space Snakes by Gary Russell
Doctor WhoWeb in Space by David Bailley

Art, etc:

Paul KidbyTerry Pratchett‘s Discworld Colouring Book dozens of b&w line drawings from the Discworld to colour in! With 16 pages of  ‘filled in’ full colour sample pages from Paul Kidby at the back

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