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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 25th March 2023

in hardcover:

Garth NixThe Sinister Booksellers of Bath sequel to The Left-Handed Booksellers of London
Priya SharmaPomegranates novella from Absinthe Books about the godess Persephone and climate change!

in softcover:

Ken McLeodBeyond the Reach of Earth volume 2 in his latest series, the Lightspeed Trilogy. Sequel to Beyond the Hallowed Sky

Seanan McGuireBackpacking Through Bedlam the 12th in her Incryptid series
Rory PowerIn a Garden Burning Gold twins Rhea & Lexos use their powers to help their little kingdom; one controls the seasons and the other the tides…
Mias Tsai Bitter Medicine Elle has a menial job doing magical caligraphy at the fairy temp agency but does more interesting work on the side…
Chen QuifanWaste Tide Mimi works on an island piled high with discarded electronic waste, all meant to be re-cycled but mainly just rotting away. The political situation is unstable and trouble is brewing… Translated by Cixin Lui

Preston Grassman (editor) – Multiverses mainly original anthology with 18 stories by the likes of Barker, McDonald, Newitz, Reynolds, and many more!

art, etc:

Enki Bilal & Pierre ChristinLegends of Today omnibus hardcover album from Statix Press with The Cruise of Forgotten, The Stone Vessel & The City That Didn’t Exist


McSweeney’s Quarterly ConcernIssue|No.Sixty-Nine softcover with an 8 page colour comic at the front plus the usual letters and short fiction


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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 18th March 2023

in hardcover:

Django Wexler Emperor of Ruin the final part of his epic Burningblade & Silvereye trilogy, which began with Ashes of the Sun

Darren NaishAncient Sea Reptiles serious illustrated and annotated look at Plesiosaurs, Mosasaurs, and many more!

in softcover:

Brandon Sanderson & Janci PattersonSkyward Flight: The Collection three short novels; Sunreach, ReDawn & Evershore, set in Sanderson’s Skyward background

Nathan BallingrudThe Strange all communication with the first Mars colony has ceased and on Mars people are going mad…
Jane Hennigen Moths a plague has killed or driven mad every male, but society finds ways to cope…
Al HessWorld Running Down scavenger Valentine falls in with an exiled AI in the desert who offers him the chance to gain accress to Salt Lake City to fulfil his dreams, but maybe the price is too high…
Bradley SomerExtinction in a remote valley, the last bear lives out it’s life, protected by a ranger…

Stark HolburnHel’s Eight sequel to Ten Low, an ex-army medic in trouble in deep space

Arthur C. ClarkeThe Hammer of God latest Science Fiction Masterworks re-issue from Orion. In 2110 a meteor is headed for Earth…

V. E. SchwabThe Invisible Life of Adie LaRue she thought she’d bested the Devil and gained immortality, but there’s always a catch!
James BarclayThe Queen’s Assassin a healer from a despised race is forced to live at Court…
Devin MadsonWe Dream of Gods the 4th in The Reborn Empire series, which began with We Ride the Storm
J. L. Worrad The Keep Within deep within the fortress lurks an evil menace…

Graeme MilneTales From an Edinburgh Tour Guide short stories & anecdotes about the spookier side of tourism in the city!

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 11th March 2023

in hardcover:

Grace Curtis Frontier centuries of climate change have reduced Earth to a wasteland when a spaceship arrives, bringing the first visitor for 300 years!
Scotto MooreWild Massive The Building is infinitely tall, in the centre of the multiverse and Carissa lives in one of its many elevator cars, travelling between the floors…

Nghi Yo Into the Riverlands newly published 3rd book of The Singing Hills Cycle. The earlier ones also arrived as softcovers.

in softcover:

Natasha PulleyThe Half Life of Valery K historical fiction set in a closed Soviet city where atomic research is being carried out…
Jennifer Marie Brissett Destroyer of Light aliens have forcibly re-located humanity’s remnants to 3 zones on the planet Eleusis…
John Van StrySummer’s End a newly-qualified engineer finds himself on the run on an ageing spaceship…

Marlon JamesMoon Witch, Spider King part 2 of his Dark Star Trilogy, and the sequel to Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Max GladstoneDead Counrty the 1st of his Craft Wars series, sequel to the original Craft sextet, providing a new entry point to the world of the Craft
C. L. ClarkThe Faithless sequel to The Unbroken and vol 2 of the Magic of the Lost series
Darcy CoatesThe Twisted Dead 3rd in the Gravekeeper series; Keira just wants a normal life looking after the local graveyard…

Jedediah BerryThe Manual of Detection a clerk in a Detective Agency finds himself having to investigate a series of crimes comitted within people’s dreams! New to Transreal Fiction but first published in 2010

Jane LindskoldLibrary of the Sapphire Wind fantasy series Over Where #1. Three humans are summoned to a strange world by mistake, but both parties have to make the best of it…
Larry Correia & Steve DiamondServants of War 1st in the new fantasy series, The Age of Ravens. Illarion is conscripted and sent to serve on The Wall…

Nghi YoThe Empress of Salt and Fortune 1st in The Singing Hills Cycle
Nghi YoWhen the Tiger Came Down the Mountain 2nd in The Singing Hills Cycle (vol 3 also arrived, in h./c)

Nnedi OkoraforAkata Witch first volume of The Nsibidi Scripts
Nnedi OkoraforAkata Warrior 2nd volume of The Nsibidi Scripts; the 3rd, Akata Woman, arrived a couple of weeks ago…

art, etc:

3dtotal PublishingPush Your Creativity: Reimagining Fairy Tales Through Illustration their latest instruction guide. Heavily illustrated softcover

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 4th March 2023

in hardcover:

Samantha ShannonA Day of Fallen Night her big new fantasy… Tunuva has trained all her life to kill Wyrms, but none have been seen since before she began!
Shannon ChakrabortyThe Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi the 1st volume of her new fantasy series. Author of the City of Brass (Daevabad) trilogy as S. A. Chakraborty
Meg ClothierThe Book of Eve historical fantasy inspired by the Voynich Manuscript

in softcover:

Doug Johnstone The Space Between Us an alien octopus crashes near Edinburgh…
Lucy A. Snyder Sister, Maiden, Monster 3 women are forced together, trying to cope with the monstrous plague sweeping the world
Myung-hoon Bae Tower interconnected tales of life ina super-skyscraper. Translated from Korean by Sung Ryu

H. G. ParryThe Magician’s Daughter Rowan the Magician has gone missing from Hy-Brasyl and his ward, Biddy, sets out to find him…
Saara El-ArifiThe Final Strife the Aktibar is a vicious contest to find the next generation of rulers of the Empire…
Lauren Owen Small Angels Chloe comes to Mockbeggar Woods to be married and finds that nothing seems right…

Ursula K. LeGuin Space Crone collection of essays from across her whole career
Michael Andre-DriussiRoadside Picnic Revisited 7 essays about aspects of the classic Strugatsky Brothers‘ novel
Michael Andre-DriussiDeciphering the Text Foundations of Traveller, and other Essays 23 essays covering a wide range of sf related topics, not only the classic 1977 game (although the first two, totalling 20 pages are about it and it’s roots). Articles on Wolfe, Ballard, Bowie, Toynbee, Swanwick and many more…

art, etc:

Laurie LiptonDrawing h/c of Lipton’s very detailed b&w art

Saverio TenutaLegends of the Pierced Veil: The Scarlet Blades medieval Japanese adventure; full colour h/c from Humanoids
Inaki & Roy MirandaWe Live volume 1: Extinction Day Earth is very different in 2084, but 5,000 children will be rescued from it’s destruction by aliens! Young Hototo must get to the pick-up point in time… Full colour h/c
Fabien Grolleau & Ewen BlainGuardian of Fukushima full colouir softcover about the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese disaster, incorporating myth & legend, and a stubborn farmer and his animals!

Julie Bertagne & William GoldsmithWildheart: The Daring Adventures of John Muir fun-looking life story of the famous naturalist, starting in Dunbar, his birthplace and home until his family emigrated when he was 11.


Illustration – issue # 79 long pieces on fantasist Clyde Caldwell & western artist Nick Eggenhofer

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 25th February 2023

in hardcover:

David Weber (editor) – What Price Victory? the 7th Worlds of Honor anthology, set in Weber’s Honorverse. Includes First Victory, a 70 pp novella by Weber plus 4 other stories

in softcover:

Adrian TchaikovskyEyes of the Void the sequel to Shards of Earth and the 2nd in his Final Architecture series

Daniel AbrahamAge of Ash book 1 of the Kithamar Trilogy, a new fantasy series by one of the 2 authors who wrote The Expanse under the name James S. A. Corey
S. B. Divya Meru for centuries post-Humans have been exploring space but now normal humans have a chance!

Axie Oh The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea Mina hopes her sacrifice will save her brother’s betrothed and also appease the Storm God but nothing is as she expected or hoped…

Lisa GoldsteinThe Uncertain Places don’t think I’ve had this 2011 novel in before… The tale behind a tale found and then suppressed by the Brothers Grimm!

Edgar Rice BurroughsBeyond the Farthest Star restored edition with ERB’s original text and interior art by Roy G. Krenkel. Shot down, an American pilot has some strange adventures!
Otto BinderThe Unwanted h/c edition of this previously unpublished (I think) short story, adapted by Robert L. Reiner & heavily illustrated by Angelo Torres & Stephan Koidl. Otto was one half of sf writing duo Eando Binder with his brother Earl (E & O = Eando)

art, etc:

Atsushi Nakajima & NekosukeThe Moon Over the Mountain small h/c with an illustrated fable set in medieval China. Companiom volume to the recent Hell in a Bottle in The Maiden’s Bookshelf a re-print series of classic Chinese tales
Keith Brooks & Joe QueenanArt of War, Version 2.0 small, illustrated h/c subtitled Sun Tzu For the Twenty-First Century. Light-hearted update of the classic military text

Jerome Mulot & Floret RuppertThe Extraordinary Part: Orsay’s Hands h/c graphic novel about a young man’s encounter with one of the enigmatic ‘whols’ which have appeared on Earth. Volume 1
Jerry Frissen & Jean-Michel PonzioSimak: Manhunt on Solar Corona h/c graphic novel from Humanoids, which takes place within the ‘Incal Universe
Jed McGowanMy Life Among Humans an alien observes, and is changed by, humanity… h/c graphic novel

Richard Marazano & Christophe FerreiraMilos World volume 1: The Land Under the Lake a young boy has strange adventures beneath the lake near his house… full colour h/c
Richard Marazano & Christophe FerreiraMilos World volume 2: The Black Queen another adventure in the strange land he has discovered! full colour h/c
Richard Marazano & Christophe FerreiraMilos World volume 3: The Cloud Girl a young girl arrives and asks for help… full colour l/f

Mac SmithScurry humans have vanished and a family of house mice in a remote mansion must try to survive despite the odds! Full colour softcover. Looks fun!

Jimmy KuglerInto the Jungle: A Boy’s Comic Strip History of World War II reproduction of over 100 penciled pages of a comic strip retelling the American War in the Pacific as being between frogs and toads! Kugler drew it in the mid 1940s and his son Michael Kugler has written explanatory text to go with it. Softcover
P. S. Artbooks SofteeWeird Horrors volume 1 with issues 1 – 5 from 1952. Full colour softcover


Illustrators – issue # 40 with articles on Rick Griffin, Vaughn Bodē & Mark Bode
Illustrators10th Anniversary Special edition; re-print articles mainly from earlier, out-of-print issues
Illustrators Special Issue#15 the illustrators of Edgar Rice Burroughs re-stock

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Early Closing on Thursday 23rd February

The title says it all, really.

The shop will be closing for the day at around 15.00 and re-opening as usual on Friday.

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 18th February 2023

In hardcover:

Ian McDonaldHopeland Raisa is set on becoming the new electromancer of London…
Chris WoodingThe Shadow Casket sequel to 2019’s The Ember Blade; part 2 of The Darkwater Legacy
Lee BardugoHell Bent sequel to The Ninth House Alex is determined to rescue a friend from Purgatory, even if it costs her her place at Yale!

Kate Elliott Furious Heaven the 2nd in the Sun Chronicles trilogy, after Unconquerable Sun; epic space opera based loosely on Alexander the Great

Veronica RothArch-Conspirator from the author of the Divergent series, an SF novella re-imagining the Greek myth of Antigone

in softcover:

Ben AaronovitchAmongst Our Weapons the latest (9th) Streets of London novel

Neal AsherWeaponized a stand-alone adventure in his Polity universe…

Rebecca Wahabi Collarbound Isha is a mage and a refugee but her strange tattoos set her aside…
Paul Kreuger Driftwood Orphans exile Tenny gets a chance to return to the city where her friend betrayed her
A. K. LarkwoodThe Thousand Eyes part 2 of The Serpent Gates and the sequel to The Unspoken Name
T. KingfisherNettle & Bone Marra and her sisters realise no Prince will be coming to their rescue…
Kit WhitfieldIn the Heart of Hidden Things the 1st in the Gyrford series, set in a village close to a village close to the fae…
C. S. E. CooneySaint Death’s Daughter Lanie is a necromancer, but is allergic to violence..

Arthur C. ClarkeImperial Earth the latest re-print in the Science Fiction Masterworks series from Orion.

J. R. R. TolkienThe Nature of Middle-earth Jrrt’s own writings about Middle-earth, edited by Carl F. Hostetter


Locus – issue # 743 February cover date. With the year 2022 in review

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 11th February 2023

in hardcover:

Kate ElliotThe Keeper’s Six a mother has to travel between worlds to rescue her son from a dragon lord…
Jonathan CarrollMr. Breakfast Graham is on a solitary road trip across America when he decides to get a tattoo, which leads to strange new encounters…

in softcover:

James S. A. CoreyLeviathan Falls the 9th and final novel of The Expanse, 12 years after vol 1, Leviathan Wakes, was first published!
Laura Kate Dale & Jane Aerith MagnetWho Hunts the Whale a new hire gets her dream job but soon discovers the downside of working for Supremacy Software, the biggest game developer in the business…

Joshua Phillip Johnson The Endless Song sequel to The Forever Sea fantasy literally set on an ocean of grass…
S. L. HuangBurning Roses Rosa used to be known as Red Riding Hood; now she’s older and wants to retire but there’s a problem she must help with…
Nnedi OkoraforAkata Woman 3rd in the series urilising the rich mythology of Nigeria…
Chris Wooding The Braided Path omnibus edition of the trilogy; not new, but a long time since I’ve stocked it! Contains The Weavers of Saramyr, The Skien of Lament & The Ascendancy Veil

Seanan McGuireSpelunking Through Hell the 11th InCryptid adventure
Anne BishopCrowbones 3rd in The World of the Others series after Lake Silence & Wild Country. This series carries on from her prior quintet The Others.
Wen Spencer Harbringer 6th in the Elfhome series, which began with Tinker
Tim PowersStolen Skies 3rd in his multiverse Vickery and Castine series, which began with Alternate Routes & Forced Perspectives
Les Johnson The Spacetime War colonised space has been attacked, and now even Earth is at risk!
Tom Kratman, Justin Watson & Kacey EzellThe Romanov Rescue set in an alternate world where history changed towards the end of WW1. Indeed, it’s subtitled ‘Turning Point: 1918
Tom Kratman, Justin Watson & Kacey EzellThe Romanov Rescue set in an alternate world where history changed towards the end of WW1. Indeed, it’s subtitled ‘Turning Point: 1918

Matthew Chrulew (editor) – Phase Change 22 short stories, described as ‘Imagining Energy Futures
Mercedes Lackey (editor) – Shenanigans the latest anthology of stories set in Valdemar
Elly Bloe (editor) – Bicycles & Broomsticks anthology of stories about witches on bicycles! Companion to the earlier C.A.T.S. (Cycling Across Time and Space) anthology
Voodoonauts Presents(Re)Living Mythology subtitled A Collection of Black Magical Stories & Poetry

Michael Andre-Driussi – Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun: A Chapter Guide details of themes, links & references used in his classic quartet of novels, plus sections of several related short stories and The Urth of the New Sun
Michael Andre-Driussi – Gene Wolfe’s First Four Novels: A Chapter Guide details of themes, links & references used in The Fifth Head of Cerberus (over half of the book) with sections on Operation Ares, Peace & The Devil in a Forest

art, etc:

SekiroShadows Die Twice: Official Artworks full colour softcover (with dust jacket) with Japanese layout; i.e. it’s designed to be read from the back. Fairly minimal English text

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 4th February 2023

in hardcover:

Ray Nayler The Mountain in the Sea a new, very intelligent species of Octopus has been discovered but they might have their own ideas about how to proceed with humans!
Martin MacInnesIn Ascension investigating a newly discovered Atlantic trench, Leigh ends up working for a secretive space agancy!

Amilie Wen ZhaoSong of Silver, Flame Like Night epic fantasy inspired by Chinese myths; magic has been long supressed but Lan has strange runes on her arm no-one else can see…

in softcover:

Annalee NewitzThe Terraformers her parents helped terraform planet Sask-E and now Destry continues their work, but discovers a secret, unauthorised project…
Sequoia Nagamatsu How High We Go in the Dark climate change releases a deadly virus which devastates humanity. After the recovery civilisation looks very different but people still have their dreams and problems….
Edward AshtonMickey7 a disposable clone working on the moon starts to wonder about his previous numbers…

Claire McKenna Firetide Coast vol 3 of her Deepwater Trilogy, which began with Monstrous Heart & Deepwater King
David TowesyEquinox two brothers share a body, one by day, the other by night. But the closer one gets to solving a witchcraft case, the more his brother seems to obstruct him…

Miles CameronAgainst All Gods 1st book of The Age of Bronze an alternate Bronze Age where the gods are real!
Francesca MayWild and Wicked Things in the decadent high society 1920s magic can get you what money can’t…
Isaac FellmanThe Two Doctors Gorski Annae can read minds and wants to study psychiatric magic under the imfamous magician Gorski

Devin MadsonWe Ride the Storm
We Lie With Death
We Cry For Blood the 1st 3 volumes of the epic fantasy series The Reborn Empire. Vol 4, We Dream of Gods, is due in March

Dahlia Adler (editor) – At Midnight: 15 Beloved Fairy Tales Re-Imagined amthology including well known YA authors

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 28th January 2023

in hardcover:

Hannah KanerGodkiller listed last week, but now they’re signed!

in softcover:

Laura Lam & Elizabeth MaySeven Mercies sequel to Seven Devils
T. J. KluneUnder the Whispering Door with some unexpected help, workaholic Wallace attempts to ‘get a life’ in the few days before a reaper comes to collect him!

Jessie Burton Medusa exiled to a tiny island, the Gorgon only has her snakes to talk to, until Perseus arrives!
R. C. SherriffThe Hopkins Manuscript (new to Transreal Fiction) 1939 novel about the end of the world as the moon is about to crash into the Earth!

Evan DickenThe Heart of Iuchiban the latest Legend of the Five Rings adventure

John Miller (editor) – Polar Horrors: Chilling Tales From the Ends of the Earth the latest book from The British Library in their Tales of the Weird anthology series

art, etc:

Matthew PellettScorn: The Art of the Game full colour hardback with his Giger-esque creations…
Paul GerrardRivals, Gods & Machines full colour h/c, with art from the various films & other projects he’s worked on

3DTotal PublishingComposition and Narrative latest in their Artists’ Master Series; heavily illustrated hardcover
Stufio Ghibli – The Complete Works official hardcover detailing all their projects

Milo Manara with Vincenzo CeramiPandora’s Eyes full colour h/c from Humanoids. A young woman is caught up in a kidnap scheme…
Alejandro Jodorowskyh/c : The Saga of Alandor Diosamte plus selected short stories. 4th book in the series by Humanoids
Alehandro Jodorowsky & Moebius present – The Incal: Psychoverse fully licensed prequel by Mark Russell, Yanick Paquette & Dave McCaig
Sam Timel & Jorge MiguelSapiens Imperium complex hardback g/n from Humanoids with a storyline based very loosely on the fate of the family of the deposed (in 1972) King Hassan II of Morocco!

Yu IshiharaDoomsday With My Dog Vol 1 cull colour softcover manga; a girl & her pet learn to survive… (Nothing like A Boy and His Dog!)
Shigeru MizukiKitaro: The Birth of Kitaro origin story of the popular japanese character; softcover manga

Strange Suspense Stories vol 6 – the latest PS Artbooks Softee, reprinting issues 43 – 47 from September 1959 to May 1960
Race For the Moon/Thrills of Tomorrow – a PS Artbooks Softee, with selections from the 2 comics printed back-to-back, dos-à-dos format


CDQ# 23 [Character Design Quarterly]
Locus – issue # 744 January cover date. Greg Bear tributes & a long Annalee Newitz interview about her new Terraformers novel (due soon!)

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