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New Titles – Late February 2021

in large format:

Tim JordanGlow on a devastated Earth Rex’s ability to resist addiction to wonder nanotech drug Glow may help him change the world!

in ‘B’ format:

Tim PrattThe Fractured Void space opera set in the Twilight Imperium. A minor spaceship patrolling a remote system is ordered to assist a scientist, but other forces have their eye on him as well…
Adrian Tchaikovsky The Expert System’s Champion sequel to The Expert System’s Brother, set 10 years later
K. B. WagersDown Among the Dead vol 2 of The Farian War; Book 1 was the recent There Before the Chaos
K. B. WagersOut Past the Stars vol 3 of The Farian War
Dominic DulleyRisiduum vol 3 of The Long Game, which started with Shattermoon & Morhelion
Jay PoseyEvery Sky a Grave agent Elyth is assigned to stop a planetary uprising but finds out more than she expected…
Everina Maxwell Winter’s Orbit when a key prince is killed desparate steps must be taken to avoid an interplanetary war…

Marion WomackThe Swimmers in the far future the last humans either live alongside thick jungles & monstrous animals, or on the orbiting Upper Settlement
Simon StephensonSet My Heart to Five in 2054 an android programmed for dentistry, but film buff on the side, tries to change things by making his own movie…
Sarah PinkserA Song for a New Day Luce is a musician on the verge of success before things change; Rosemary is too young to remember ‘before’ but finds that living online is not as fulfilling as being on the road…

Lavie TidharBy Force Alone a gritty re-telling of the post-Roman Arthurian stories
Hannah MathewsonWitherward changeling Gedeon Ravenswood has gone rogue and the 6 magical zones of an alternate London are in danger
A. J. HackwithThe Archive of the Forgotten 2nd in the Library of Hell series. Vol 1 was The Library of the Unwritten

Trudi CanavanMaker’s Curse book 4 of Millennium’s Rule, which started with Thief’s Magic
Anthony Ryan The Black Song book 2 of Raven’s Blade, sequel to The Wolf’s Call
David DalgleishVoidbreaker vol 3 of The Keepers following on from Soul Keeper & Raven Caller
Mike BrooksThe Black Coast part 1 of The God-King Chronicles this time the sea raiders have come to the Black Keep for sanctuary and to find a new home as war threatens …
Katharine KerrSword of Fire a new Deverry book! The 16th overall and the start of The Justice War sub-series

Ken LiuThe Hidden Girl and Other Stories collectio

art, etc:

Simon BisleyBisley: Sketches, Prelims & Doodles b&w softcover
MeyocoPolaris: The Art of Meyoco colour softover, mainly of cute Japanese characters. What text there is, is in Japanese.

3dtotal PublishingFundamentals of Character Design subtitled How to Create Engaging Characters for Illustration, Animation & Visual Development softcover

Sergio ToppiThe Collected Toppi Volume Five: The Eastern Path another 7 b&w short stories, with settings ranging from the Eastern Front in WW One to to Siberia (with a mammoth?) to Japan,
Jim Henson‘s The Dark Crystal: The Journey into the Mondo Leviadin the latest h/c collection


IllustrationIssue Number Seventy One over half appears to be about illustrations and illustrators of The Wizard of Oz!
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New Titles – Mid-February 2021

in hardcover:

Becky ChambersThe Galaxy, and the Ground Within the 4th in The Wayfarers quartet, which began with the acclaimed The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
Nnedi OkoraforRemote Control Fatima, now known as Sankofa, is the adopted daughter of the Angel of Death…
Helen FisherSpace Hopper Faye travels back in time to 1977 and meets her late mother and her younger, 8y.o. self…
Francis SpuffordLight Perpetual the stories of 5 people who didn’t die in a V2 strike in WW2. Currently a Radio 4 Book of the Week
Ramsey Campbell The Searching Dead the 1st book of The Three Births of Doaleth trilogy
Kaitlin R. Kiernan Comes a Pale Rider a 2nd collection of Dancy Flammarion horror stories

in large format:

T. J. KluneThe House in the Cerulean Sea Linus is tasked with travelling to a remote orphanage and deciding if some of it’s children might be capable of ending the world!
Dan KoboldtDomesticating Dragons Noah has his dream job, genetically engineering small dragons as domestic pets, but the Reptilian Corp. may be hiding secrets…
Ian J. RossFor the Good of All Steve is dying of leukemia and so volunteers for a secret time travel experiment using a rumoured German wonder-weapon. But he intends to use it to save the lives of two cultural icons of the 20th C, believing the overall timeline will remain unchanged…

in ‘B’ format:

Henry Bartholomew (editor) – Dangerous Dimensions subtitled Mind-bending Tales of the Mathematical Weird another in The British Library Tales of the Weird anthology series
Kevin Manwaring (editor) – Heavy Weather the latest in The British Library Tales of the Weird anthology series, subtitled Tempestuous Tales of Stranger Climes

Josh ReynoldsPoison River the 1st Daidoji Shin Mystery, set in the world of the Legend of the Five Rings
Roberet MammoneI, Alastair a Schizoid Earth adventure featuring Lethbridge Stewart from Doctor Who

Adrian TchaikovskyEmpire in Black and Gold reprint of vol 1 of his epic 10 book fantasy series, Chronicles of the Apt
Adrian TchaikovskyDragonfly Falling vol 2 of Chronicles of the Apt. The other 8 should follow over the next few months. Tribes and nations of people who each take after different species of insect!

in paperback:

Lois McMaster BujoldPenric’s Progress omnibus edition with Penric’s Demon, Penric and the Shaman & Penric’s Fox together with an Introduction by the author and also a 5+ page author’s note on the suggested reading order for all her fiction
Sara Hanover The New, Improved Sorceress 2nd in her Wayward Mages series, which began with The Late, Great Wizard
Patricia BriggsSmoke Bitten the latest Mercy Thompson outing…
David Boop (editor) – Straight Outta Dodge City an anthology of the weird west

art, etc:

Prof. Anuk Tola & Anja SusanjThe Secret Life of Mermaids illustrated book of merpeople from around the world!
Phoebe ImCute Chibi Animals subtitled Learn How To Draw 75 Cuddly Creatures cute Japanese style critters from manatees to squirrels, and mant more!

Chris Miskiewicz & Noah Van SciverGrateful Dead Origins from their roots up to Woodstock…
P.S. Artbooks SofteeAn Earth Man On Venus includes work from Out of This World (1950), Rocket to the Moon, An Earth Man on Venus & Rocket Ship X (1951) & Man O’Mars (1953)
P.S. Artbooks SofteeGhost Stories includes strips from issues #1 – # 5 (1962 – 64)
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New Titles – w/e 7th February 2021

Some stuff has been held up and won’t arrive until Monday.
In the meantime I’ve only received

in hardcover:

Simon R. GreenThe Best Thing You Can Steal in a magical London, Gideon specialises in stealing strange items, like a ghost’s clothes! 1st in a new series featuring Gideon Sable and his very odd team of helpers.

in large format:

Courttia NewlandA River Called Time in an alternate world, a few select people are admitted on board a survivalist ark, years after it sealed itself off from the outside world
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TwentyTwentyOne Four

New Titles – w/e 31st January 2021

in hardcover:

Cal FlynIsles of Abandonment subtitled Life in the Post-Human Landscape non-fiction about areas humans once occupied, but have now retreated from
Rebecca Wragg-SykesKindred subtitled Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art I’ve been trying to get hold of this title for months! New overview of out nearest cousins. 8 pages of colour plates and also some b&w line drawings

David Weber & Chris KennedyInto the Light sequel to 2010’s Out of the Dark, in which, iirc, vampires emerge to help defeat an alien invasion. Now they take the fight to the aliens…
Eric Flint, Gorg Huff & Paula GoodlettThe Macedonian Hazard a new Ring of Fire novel although it’s set in the 4thC BCE. Apparently a sequel to The Alexander Inheritance and part 2 of their Queen of the Sea series
Laura Purcell The Shape of Darkness struggling Victorian Silhouette artist Agnes goes to a seance whilst investigating a family death and opens a Way she may not be able to close!
Seanan McGuireAcross the Green Grass Fields short novel from Subterranean Press. A stand-alone Wayward Children book with new characters

Joe R. LansdaleFishing for Dinosaurs and other stories sighed & numbered edition of 5 novellas from Subterranean Press. Includes intros for each novella from other writers.

in ‘B’ format:

Joshua Johnson The Forever Sea Kindred Greyreach helps keep The Errant sailing magically across the endless prairie
Tessa GrattonLady Hotspur Lady Isarna Hotspur is the Lady Knight who is key to deciding who will take, or keep, the throne…

Jeff VandermeerDead Astronauts in a nameless city 3 shape-changing, post-humans attempt a dangerous mission
Chana PorterThe Seep an alien entity has arrived and is slowly reforming Earth, allowing people to attain their deepest dreams…
Guillermo SaccomannoThe Clerk in a failing dystopia, the Clerk will do anything to keep his job… Translated by Andrea G. Labinger

in paperback:

L. E. Modesitt, jr. – The Mage-Fire War the 21st volume of The Saga of Recluce
Eric Flint & Walter H. HuntCouncil of Fire the 2nd in their Arcane America series

art, etc:

Fleetway Picture Library Classics presents – Westerns featuring art by Ruggero Giovannini 4 b&w tales from Thriller Picture Library set in the Wild West!
Fleetway Picture Library Classics presents – Pirate Tales featuring 4 b&w tales from Thriller Picture Library set on the Spanish Main!


Illustrators Issue Thirty-One featuring the work of 5 artists, including Rowena & Hannes Bok
Heavy Metalissue # 303 2 varient covers
Locusissue # 720 January 2021 cover date
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TwentyTwentyOne Three

New Titles for w/e 24th January 2021

in hardcover:

Eric Flint & Charles E. Gannon1637: No Peace Beyond the Line the action moves to the Caribbean in this latest Ring of Fire/1632 novel…

Tamsyn MuirPrincess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower signed & numbered limited editon from Subterranean Press. So limited I was short supplied so not all advance orders can be filled. Sorry.

in large format:

Linda NagataPacific Storm near future climate thriller set in Hawai’i

in ‘B’ format:

Genevieve CogmanThe Dark Archive the 7th in her Invisible Library series…
Emily TeshDrowned Country sequel to Silver in the Wood, which I enjoyed a lot. The Wild Man of Greenhollow emerges to help his mother!
C. E. MurphyBaba Yaga’s Daughter short story collection with 10 tales featuring the Old Races

in paperback:

Michael MammayColonyside Colonel Butler is pressed back into service to find a missing person on a new, jungle colony planet…
Patrick ChilesFrozen Orbit on NASA’s first manned mission to the Kuiper Belt, they discover a secret Soviet project has been there for decades!
John Ringo, Kacey Ezell & Christopher L. SmithGunpowder & Embers 30 years earlier, Earth had been invaded successfully and humans forced back to subsistence level existence – until now! Part 1 of Last Judgement’s Fire (I think!)


McSweeney’sissue # 60 large softcover, squarebound in a plastic sleeve. Not sure why it’s so late; I’ve already had the next 2 issues!
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the shop is currently closed to customers
but I will do m/o, etc by arrangement

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TwentyTwentyOne Two!

New titles received w/e 16th January

in hardcover:

Adrian TchaikovskyBear Head Jimmy is on Mars, smuggling illegal data in his head and it’s starting to talk to him and tells him it’s a bear!
Zack JordanThe Last Human Sarya is a much-feared Human (thought wiped out), hiding her species identity as she tries to live quietly among hundreds of other species on Watchtower Station…
C. K. McDonnell The Stranger Times Hannah starts her new job on The Stranger Times, a weekly newspaper of the weird and wonderful… sounds fun but who remembers the somewhat similar The Midnight Examiner by William Kotzwinkle!?
Samantha ShannonThe Mask Falling sequel to The Song Rising and the 4th novel of her Bone Season series

Adam RobertsIt’s the End of the World six chapters, each about a different type of apocalypse

in ‘B’ formet:

William GibsonAgency set in an alternate 2017, Verity is asked to evaluate a new AI digital assistant, while in a future London Wilf is trying to change the past to affect Verity and her new AI, Eunice!
Tim PrattDoors of Sleep every time Zax falls asleep he, and whoever he’s touching, will wake up in an alternate universe of some sort – and he’s discovered he’s being pursued!
Cixin LiuOf Ants and Dinosaurs fun fable of how the two tried to live together
Carol StiversThe Mother Code combatting a dreadful bioweapon, desperate scientists design giant robots, each for a separate baby to grow up in who will eventually emerge when the danger is past!

Paul McAuleyWar of the Maps on a giant world a lucidor, or lawman, is determined to hunt down a criminal, weird alien invasion or not!
George R. R. MartinFire and Blood 24 pieces set 3 centuries before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire, subtitled Being a History of the Targaryen Kings of Westeros. b&w illustrations thoughout
R. S. FordSpear of Malice vol 3 of War of the Archons. The previous books were A Demon in Silver & Hangman’s Gate
Amanda HockingThe Ever After 3rd in her Omte Origins series, after The Lost City & The Morning Flower. All set in her Trylle background
Hannah M. Long Hall of Smoke banished priestess Hessa tries to use her powers to defeat her country’s invaders and win back her place but discovers the dangers are greater than she thought!
Veronica RothChosen Ones a decade after defeating the Dark One, everyone thinks Sloane is still suffering from PTSD, but she knows differently and that the Dark One’s plans were more complex than anyone thought!
Marina & Sergey DyachenkoDaughter From the Dark sequel to Vita Nostra. Dark urban fantasy from Russia translated by Julia Meitov Hersey
Grady Hendrix The Southern Bookclub’s Guide to Slaying Vampires children are going missing and Patricia starts to suspect her neighbour’s newly-returned son – and she’s in danger, having already invited him into her home…

art, etc:

Don LawrenceThe Rise and Fall of The Trigan Empire: volume 2 anothe 280 pages of full-colour adventure from the 1960s!

some stock is still missing in transit…

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Back in lockdown and unable to open the shop again!

But I still have stock arriving fairly regularly (last week being an exception) although my first UK book stock of the year won’t arrive until next week, I’m afraid. Some good stuff due though! Same postal/local delivery options available as before. Some titles due in last week have still not arrived.

in the meantime for w/e 09/01/21 I have


Robert E. HowardThe Rattle of Bones & Other Terrifying Tales 8 short stories, 7 (8 if you count the cover) with a full page, full colour plate by Gabriel Rodriguez. From Clover Press

art, etc:

Killian EngObjuct Compendium full colour h/c with a variety of styles of art inside. Looks great!
Mark RydenAnima Animals – h/c full of all sorts of slightly weird figures and heads. Mainly colour

Jim Henson‘s The StorytellerGhosts collecting 4 full colour short graphic novels by Michael Walsh, Mark Lazlo, Jennifer Rostowsky & VER, together with notes and b&w sketches
PS Artbooks SofteeKona – Monarch of Monster Isle full colour reproductions of 4 Kona comics from 1961 plus Reptilicus #1 from 1962. Dinosaurs, cave men, adventurers!
PS Artbooks PresentsAnarcho Dictator of Death full colour adventure from 1941 featuring Radar the International Policeman, with script by Otto Binder & art by Al Carreno


Heavy Metalissue # 302 with 2 variant covers by Patrick Reilly & Otto Schmidt

2021 wall calendars:

TOTORO – a scene from the film every month

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New Titles – w/e 24th December 2020

The last new titles I’ll be able to sell over the counter this year.

in large format:

Courttia NewlandA River of Time

in ‘B’ format:

David AnnandaleCurse of Honor adventure based on The Legend of the Five Rings game
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shop opening times this week
Tues : 12.00 – 17.00
Wed: 12.00 – 17.00
Thurs: 12.00 – 15.00
Re-open on the 19th January 2021
(at the earliest)

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New Titles – w/e 19th December 2020

[Festive opening hours at the foot of this post]

in hardcover:

Jeff VandermeerAmbergris omnibus edition of his trilogy consisting of City of Saints and Madmen, Shriek: An Afterword & Finch

in large format:

Emma MelvilleJourneyman: An Inspector Marshall Mystery weird, generation-spanning pagan rites at the heart of a rural murder investigation…

Glen CookThe Best of GC 18 Stories from across his career

Robert E. Hampson & Sandra L. Medlock (editors) – The Founder Effect anthology set aboard the first colonising starship as it leaves the solar system in 2185 CE with it’s 10,000 passengers. Contibutors include Jody Lynn Nye & David Weber
Nick Mamatas (editor) – Wonder & Glory Forever subtitled Awe-Inspiring Lovecraftian Fiction. A dozen stories, almost all from the last 20 years although it includes The Shadow Over Innsmouth by HPL & The City of the Singing Flame by CAS

in ‘B’ format:

Benedict JackaForged the eleventh Alex Verus adventure!
Amanda Hocking The Morning Flower Omte Origins volume 2, a sequel series to her Trylle trilogy

John BrunnerThe Society of Time omnibus edition of 5 novellas, 3 of which ( Spoil of Time, The Word Not Written & The Fulness of Time ) make up his Society of Time sequence set 400 years after the Spanish Armada was successful). Issued by the British Library in their Science Fiction Classics series
Murray LeinsterSidewise in Time a Golden Age Masterworks volume with 10 of his best known stories
John SladekThe Complete Roderick an SF Masterworks book, containing Roderick & Roderick at Random. Not new, but a long time since I’ve stocked it

Chris LynchThe George Konstinen Mystery the latest Doctor Who Lethbridge-Stewart Bloodlines adventure!

Clelia FarrisCreative Surgery collection of 7 stories from this Sardinian sf author, translated from Italian by Rachel Cordasco & Jennifer Delare

art, etc:


LocusDecember cover date, issue # 719

McSweeney’sIssue # 61 almost the latest hardcover edition of the literary magazine!
McSweeney’sIssue # 62 the latest issue, titled The Queer Fiction Issue
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Seasonal Opening Hours

My very best wishes to all my customers who have supported me this trying year. And also those who haven’t been able to as well! Times are strange and everybody’s circumstances are different. Whatever your situation. I hope you all enjoy the Season and remain suitably socially distanced where appropriate!
For the first time since I opened back in April 1997 I’ll be closing the shop between Christmas and New Year but I will be back on the 5th January 2021. Hopefully I’ll feel it’s worth opening longer hours again by the time Spring comes…

Christmas shop opening hours will be
15th – Tues: 12.00 – 17.00
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5th January 2021
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