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New Titles – w/e 18th May 2019

in hardcover:

Sebastien D. CastellQueenslayer the 5th in the Spellslinger series

in large format:

Jen WilliamsThe Poison Song final book in her Winnowing Flame trilogy, which began with The Ninth Rain

Tanith LeeStrindberg’s Ghost Sonata 20 previously uncollected short stories including 2 Flat Earth tales. Intro by Storm Constantine

in ‘B’ format:

Naomi NovikSpinning Silver Miryem is the best at spinning that anybody knows… Update of Rumplestiltskin
Brian CatlingCloven 3rd part of his Vorrh trilogy
Syd MooreStrange Tombs the latest Essex Witch Museum Mystery

Johanna Sinisalo (editor) – The Dedalus Book of Finnish Fantasy stories from 1870 up until 2001. First published 2005

art, etc:

Hirochi UnnoThe Art of Fantasy, Scifi and Steampunk nice looking book with some great illustrations. Text in Japanese.


Interzone – issue # 281
Black Static – issue # 69

Locus – May cover date, issue # 700! Includes appreciations of the late Gene Wolfe. I’ve probably been reading it for something like 520 issues, since it was an 8(?) page fanzine…


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British Library Anthologies

The British Library have recently been publishing  a lot of re-print anthologies, with some often obscure stories included.
Present stock includes:

Science Fiction Classics
Moonrise: The Golden Age of Lunar Adventures
Lost Mars: The Golden Age of th Red Planet
The End of the World and Other Catastrophes
Menace of the Machine: The Rise of AI in Classic Science Fiction

Tales of the Weird
Spirits of the Season: Christmas Hauntings
Glimpses of thr Unknown: Lost Ghost Stories
From the Depths: And Other Strange Tales From the Sea
Mortal Echoes: Encounters With the End
The Platform Edge: Uncanny Tales of the Railways
Doorway to Dilemma: Bewildering Tales of Dark Fantasy
Wiliam Hope Hodgson – The Weird Tales of WHH

Lost in a Pyramid: & Other Classic Mummy Stories
The Haunted Library: Classic Ghost Stories
Silver Bullets: Classic Werewolf Stories

Walter De La MareOut of the Deep And Other Supernatural Tales

cover art on the Tales of the Weird titles is by Paraguayan artist Enrique Bernadou


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New Titles – w/e 11th May 2019

in hardcover:

Adrian TchaikovskyChildren of Ruin sequel to the award winning Children of Time
David Weber & Jacob HoloThe Gordian Protocol alternate realities and time travel!

Guy Gavriel KayA Brightness Long Ago his latest fantasy seems to be set in a version of medieval Italy and his version of Constantinople, Sarantium!
Stephanie GarberFinale the 3rd part of her Caraval trilogy
Seanan McGuireMiddlegame the Alchemical Congress are scheming to take control…

Scarlett ThomasGalloglass the 3rd in her Worldquake series

Lewis ShinerOutside the Gates of Eden hefty mainstream novel about the 60s generation… Signed & numbered edition from Subterranean Press

in large format:

S. M. StirlingTheater of Spies sequel to Black Chamber and the 2nd in his alternate WWI series

Lara Elena DonnellyAmnesty the 3rd Amberlough Dossier
P. C. HodgellBy Demons Possessed the 6th Kencyrath Chronicle

in ‘B’ format:

D. B. JacksonTime’s Demon part 2 of his Islevale Cycle; the sequel to Time’s Children

G. S. Denning
Warlock Holmes: The Sign of Nine 4th in the series
James BrogdenThe Plague Stones Trish moves to an old cottage in the country which happens to have some standing stones near the back door…
S. A. HarrisHaverscroft modern haunted house chiller. Um, the house isn’t modern!

Mike Ashley (editor) – Doorway to Dilemma short stories from The British Library Tales of the Weird imprint

in paperback:

Rudy RuckerMillion Mile Road Trip – 3 teenagers find themselves on the wrong side of a transdimensional connection with a long way to go to get back…
Rudy RuckerThe Big Aha – all pervasive future biotech and quantum wetware!

Taylor AndersonRiver of Bones the 13th Destroyermen adventure
Alan Dean FosterStrange Music the 15th Pip & Flinx adventure, received very late!
Catherine AsaroThe Bronze Skies sequel to Undercity and part of her Skolian Empire series

Ilona AndrewsMagic Triumphs the 10th Kate Daniels novel. Premier format

Clive Cussler & Robin BurcellThe Grey Ghost the 10th Fargo case, and the 3rd with Burcell as co-writer. Premier format

art, etc:

Pierre Wazem & Antoine AubinSnow Day b&w softcover graphic novel from Humanoids in which a new Sheriff has to solve a crime in a winter-bound town…

DP.Filippi, J. Etienne & Silvio CamboniGregory and the Gargoyles h/c graphic novel about a kid who stays opposite an old church…
Tony Sandoval  –The Windy Day h/c about a young girl who wants to fly a kite but is afraid of the goblins she sees on her route
Pepe SanchezPicoPico Adventures colourful children’s fantasy adventure


Hi-Fructoseissue # 51 with 16 poage insert of the art of Brandi Milne
Heavy Metalissue # 293

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New Titles – w/e 4th May 2019

in hardcover:

Tad WilliamsEmpire of Grass volume 2 of his series The Last King of Osten Ard. Vol 1 was The Witchwood Crown and the whole trilogy is a sequel to the epic Memory, Sorrow & Thorn set.

in large format:

Rachel Armstrong (writer/editor) – Star Ark non fiction. 500 pages analysing what ‘a living, self-sustaining spaceship‘ (A generation starship) might require and how it would operate. Part 1 describes what it might look like and how it might function; part 2 is an anthology of related topics by various experts.

in ‘B’ format:

Chris WoodingThe Ember Blade the 1st volume of The Darkwater Legacy. The blade might be the key to overthrowing the tyrants and changing the system!
Peter NewmanThe Deathless the immortal royal families live within floating palaces while the rest of humanity live beside the great Godroads, in fear of the dangers beyond…
Anna KashinaShadowblade a young swordswoman must impersonate a threatened princess…

Lucy BoothThe Life of Death to avoid being burnt at the stake in 1590, Elizabeth must take on the role of Death but now she’s desperate to find a way out of her pact…

Stewart HotstonTangle’s Game yesterday Amanda had the perfect life, today she’s an enemy of the all-encompassing System…
Tim MajorSnakeskins Caitlin battles to prevent the new science of rejuvenation from creating a government who will never cede power…
Thea LimAn Ocean of Minutes Frank is dying and to fund his cure Polly agrees to time-travel to the near future. But when she arrives Frank is nowhere to be found…

Jodi TaylorHope for the Best the 10th in The Chronicles of St. Mary’s time travel series

R. A. LaffertyThree Great Novels omnibus of of late 1960s books Space Chantey, Past Master & Fourth Mansions. Not sure that Space Chantey counts as great, but it is fun!
R. A. LaffertyThe Best of RAL great collection with 22 of his best short stories. Each has an intro by the likes of Swanwick, Willis, Scalzi, Gaiman and others… In Orion‘s SF Masterworks series

Arthur C. ClarkeAgainst the Fall of Night short novel from 1953, later re-written and expanded to become The City and the Stars. A Golden Age Masterwork from Orion

Andy ClarkFirst Mark the 2nd Blacktalon adventure set in the Warhammer series Age of Sigmar

in paperback:

Steve White & Charles E. GannonOblivion the latet in the Starfire series, which began back in with the David Weber & Steve White collaboration Insurrection back in 1990!

art, etc:

3dtotal PublishingSketching From the Imagination: Creatures and Monsters the latest in their series of instructive volumes

Neil Gaiman & Divya Srinivasan (illustrator) – Cinamon children’s picture book about a tiger

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New Titles – w/e 27th April 2019

in hardcover:

Neal AsherThe Warship part 2 of The Rise of the Jain trilogy. The 1st was The Soldier

in large format:

Emma NewmanAtlas Alone her latest Planetfall novel

Sarah PinskerSooner Or Later Everything Falls Into The Sea 13 short stories from the Nebula Award winning author (Best Novelette 2018; included here)
Sofia SamatarTender collection of 20 cross-genre short stories

Larry Niven  (creator) – Man-Kzin Wars XV 7 new tales of the conflict…

in ‘B’ format:

Greg EganPerihelion Summer a small black hole enters the Solar System…

Scarlett ThomasThe Chosen Ones sequel to Dragon’s Green, in her Worldquake Sequence

Ramsey CampbellThe Hungry Moon his latest horror novel; a firebrand priest and an ancient sacrificial pit!
Raymond A. VillarealA People’s History of the Vampire Uprising a plague of vampirism sweeps America…

Ian DoescherWilliam Shakespeare’s Get Thee… Back to the Future! From the author of the popular William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series

in paperback:

Eric Flint & Charles E. Gannon1636: The Vatican Sanction the latest novel in Flint’s sprawling Ring of Fire/1632 alternate history series
Travis S. TaylorBringers of Hell the 6th in his Tau Ceti Agenda series…
Les Johnson Mission to Methone an asteroid miner discovers something very odd about the rock he’s mining…
Sharon Lee & Steve MillerNeogenesis their latest Liaden Universe novel

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New Titles – w/e 20th April 2019

Happy Easter!

in hardback:

M. G. WheatonEmily Eternal an AI which could maybe save humanity is under threat, but 2 human companions may be able to help…
Jim Al-KhaliliSun Fall in a little over 20 years, scientists discover that the Earth’s magnetic field is begining to fail. Ist novel from the well known physicist & radio/tv personality…
Timothy ZahnKnight the sequel to Pawn and the 2nd in his Sibyl’s War series. Nicole has a plan to take control of the massive spaceship she has been abducted to…

Mike ResnickThe Master of Dreams madcap timeline hopping fantasy romp…
Delilah S. Dawson & Kevin HearneNo Country for Old Gnomes the sequel to Kill the Farm Boy; and the second of the Books of Pell

in large format:

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year: Volume Thirteen 30 of the best f&sf stories published in 2018

Peter S. Beagle & Jacob Weisman (editors) – The Unicorn Anthology 16 stories about unicorns,  written since the late 1980s

in ‘B’ format:

Melissa CarusoThe Unbound Empire sequel to The Defiant Heir and the conclusion of her Sword and Fire trilogy
Anna StephensDarksoul sequel to Godblind
Nicki Pau PretoCrown of Feathers 16 years ago the legendary Phoenix Riders disappeared but Veronika’s dream is to join their ranks…

Andrew BannisterStone Clock the 3rd in his Spin series, which began with Creation Machine

Roque LarraquyComemadre Argentinian strangeness, translated by Heather Cleary

art, etc:

Mark A. NelsonFantasy World-Building subtitled A Guide to Developing Mythic Worlds and Legendary Creatures. From Dover Publications. This appears to be a late re-titling of the announced Creative World Building and Creature Design

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New Titles – w/e13th April 2019

in hardcover:

Mark LawrenceHoly Sister the 3rd in the Book od the Ancestor series, after Grey Sister
Terry GoodkindThe Scribbly Man the 1st Children of D’Hara novella

in large format:

Claire LegrandFuryborn a thousand years on, ancient events seem more like a fairy tale but assassin Eliana finds that’s not the case as she searches for her mother…

in ‘B’ format:

K. J. ParkerSixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City engineer Orhan leads the defense of his city during the Great Siege!

Mike Ashley (editor) – Menace of the Machine anthology from the British Library subtitled The Rise of AI in Classic Science Fiction. Part of their Science Fiction Classics series


Locusissue # 699 April 2019 cover date, with Jasper Fforde as the lead interview

CDQ – issue # 8 of Character Design Quarterly

IllustratorsIssue Twenty-Five with feature articles on Milo Manara, Greg Hildebrandt, Margaret Brundage & Art Frahn
Illustrators Special issueThe Art of Ron Embleton


Cthulhu Landscape Mug – mug with wrap-around b&w art of Cthulhu rising from the ocean and threatening the crew of a passing sailing ship!

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New Titles – w/e 6th April 2019

in hardcover:

Chris BeckettBeneath the World, A Sea a police officer investiugates the killing of a number of Duendes, recently discovered somewhat humanoid creatures…
Eric FlintThe Polish Maelstrom the 26th Ring of Fire / 1632 (now 1637) novel overall, and the 22nd Flint has written himself, or co-written.

Samantha ShannonThe Priory of the Orange Tree the unwed Queen of Inys must avoid assassins and also produce an heir to continue the millenia old dynasty…

in large format:

Tais TengPhaedra: Alastor 824 a new stand alone Alastor Cluster novel, with the full permission and co-operation of the Jack Vance estate!

Jonathan JanzWolf Land a werewolf disrupts the 10 year anniversary High School reunion!

in ‘B’ format:

Hannu RajaniemiSummerland in 1938 the British secret services combat their Soviet opposite numbers in the realm of the afterlife…
Tim MaughanInfinite Detail terrorists destroy the Internet!
Tunde FarrandWolf Country in a future London, all but the rich live a life of enforced consumerism, ending eventually in obligatory euthanasia…

Kameron HurleyThe Light Brigade soldiers being ‘beamed’ back from fighting on other planets seem somehow…diferent
Drew WilliamsThe Stars Now Unclaimed Kamati is a mercenary searching for people who may be able to reverse the damage an alien pulse of energy has sone to civilisations across space…
Stephen BaxterXeelee Redemption a population of Xeelee may still live at the centre of the galaxy…

Mark LawrenceGrey Sister the 2nd Book of the Ancestor and the sequel to Red Sister
Den PatrickWitchsign decades after the victory over the forces of fire and magic, any child found with the witchsign is seized, never to be seen again…
Ed McDonaldRavencry sequel to Blackwing and book 2 of The Raven’s Mark

Gail CarrigerThe Omega Objection volume 2 of the San Andreas Shifters series. The Summage Solution (vol 1) is also back in stock
Gail CarrigerHow to Marry a Werewolf rejected by her family and friends, Faith travels to London looking to better herself, and plot revenge…

Catriona WardLittle Eve during a future war a terrible storm brings change to a secretive cult living on a remote Scottish island…
Lesley KellyThe Health of Strangers as a strange disease sweeps the city, the North Edinburgh Health Enforcement Team battle the Virus

Jonathan JanzThe Dark Game 10 authors find that the 6 week writing retreat they’ve been invited to is not what it seems!

C. L. MooreJirel of Joiry a Golden Age Masterworks edition of stories featuring her most famous fantasy character

William Hope HodgsonThe Weird Tales of WHH 10 of his best stories selected by Xavier Aldana Reyes for this British Library Tales of the Weird edition.
Gardner Dozois (editor) – The Book of Magic part 1 8 of the stories originally in the hardcover edition
Gardner Dozois (editor) – The Book of Magic part 2 the other 9 of the stories originally in the hardcover edition

in paperback:

Sylvain NeuvelOnly Human sequel to Sleeping Giants & Waking Gods; the 3rd of the Themis Files


Frederic S. DurbinDragonfly reading by Casey Holloway of one of my favourite Hallowe’en novels! Bridget investigates strange noises coming from beneath her uncle’s cellar…



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New Titles – w/e 30th March 2019

in hardcover:
James S. A. CoreyTiamat’s Wrath the 8th novel in the Expanse series
Adrian TchaikovskyCage of Souls on a far future dying Earth, one man leaves the last city to see what manner of folk may still survive in the wilds
Arkady MartineA Memory Called Empire the new ambassador to the alien Teixcalaanli Empire discovers that her predecessor may have been murdered…

in large format:

Theodora GossSnow White Learns Witchcraft short story collection
Georgina BruceThis House of Wounds short stories from a local author
Aliya WhiteleyWitchcraft in the Harem new dark fantasy collection

Joseph Michael Sommers & Kyle Eveleth (editors) – The Artistry of Neil Gaiman serious look at Gaiman’s career and work

in ‘B’ format:

Andrew CaldecottWyntertide the strange sequel to Rotherweird

Madeline MillerCirce historical novel

Josh ReynoldsShadowspire: The Mirrored City a Warhammer Underworlds adventure

art, etc:

Donato GiancolaMiddle-Earth: Journeys in Myth and Legend big hardcover, full of his takes on iconic scenes and characters from The Hobbit & LotR. Looks great!

Josh Frank, Tim Heidecker & Manuela Pertiga (illustrator) – Giraffes on Horseback Salad  hardcover graphic novel adaptation of the almost forgotten 1930s screenplay by Salvador Dali for a Marx Brothers movie! (Obviously, the film never got made!)

Tadd GalushaCretaceous textless, vibrantly coloured graphic novel about a T.Rex and the various other dinosaurs and reptiles it encounters. Softcover from Oni Press
Alejandro Jodorowsky & MoebiusAngel Claws new edition from Humanoids of this b&w graphic novel, re-issued to coincide with Jodorowsky’s 90th birthday. Mature content.
Alejandro Jodorowsky & Juan GimenezThe Metabarons 40th Anniversary edition from Humanoids!


Illustrationissue Sixty-Three with a large article on Mario Cooper

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New Titles – w/e 23rd March 2019

in hardcover:

Joe R. LansdaleRime sf novella from PS Publishing, set on board a giant deep-sleep starship…

in large format:

Ian McDonaldMoon Rising the conclusion of his Luna trilogy
Ryu Mutsuse 10 Billion Days &  100 Billion Nights Stabledonian scale philosophical Japanese sf novel, first published there in 1967
Joe R. LansdaleThe Elephant of Surprise the latest Hap and Leonard adventure…

K. A. DooreThe Perfect Assassin a young assassin is having doubts about his new occupation… Book 1 of the Chronicles of Ghadid

Caitlin R. KiernanTo Charles Fort With Love horror/dark fantasy collection

in ‘B’ format:

David DalglishSoul Keeper Devin is a peaceful, itinerant Soulkeeper but now the Veil is torn and magic and monsters are invading the land again…
David HairPrince of the Spear third part of his Sunsurge Quartet

Louisa MorganWitches Kind sequel to A Secret History of Witches, set just after the end of WW2

C. RuocchioThe Empire of Silence book 1 of the far future Suneater series, about Hadrian, some time hero, or just as likely, considered a monster!
Seth FriedThe Municipalists a bureaucrat & a rogue AI are tasked with tracking down a cyberterrorist, and it looks like it was an inside job…

Mandy HaggithThe Amber Seeker sequel to The Walrus Mutterer, about Pytheas the Greek‘s voyage to Britain and beyond in 320 BC!

Nisi Shawl (editor) – New Suns anthology of 17 new stories by people of colour

in paperback:

Alan Dean FosterRelic Rustan is probably the only human in the Galaxy but is persuaded to look for his rumoured home planet of Earth!

art, etc:

Charles Vess (illustrator) – The Book of Ballads and Sagas Neil Gaiman, Emma Bull, Jane Yolan, Charles DeLint and others interpret classic ballads & stories, which Vess then illustrates. The original verses, etc. are also included. 1st published in 2004. Hardcover, b&w

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