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New Titles – w/e 27th June 2015

in hardcover:

Cixen LiuThe Three-Body Problem translated from Chinese by Ken Liu. Much praised sf novel
Ed GreenwoodThe Iron Assassin steampunk alternate history where the Hanovers quickly lost the British Crown to another minor dynasty, and an inventor hopes his clockwork zombie will be a suitable guard for the Prince Regent…

in large format:

Kay ElliottRich Man’s War sequel to the recent Poor Man’s Fight. Tanner thought he now had a cushy posting, but is recalled to the front lines…

Lilith SaintcrowTrailer Park Fae part 1 of Gallow and Ragged, her new series about a half-human construction worker and one of the Winter Queen’s servants!

in ‘B’ format:

John BirminghamAscendance the 3rd volume in his Dave vs the Monsters series
Terry GoodkindThe Law of Nines

in paperback:

Tracy & Laura HickmanUnwept book 1 of Nightbirds. Ellis wakes up with no memories but in the little town she’s in, everyone seems to know her…
David L. GolemonOverlord the 9th of his Event Group thrillers
Dari & Eytan KollinThe Unincorporated Man (revised) re-issue of the 1st in the series about a man who wakes up in the far future and finds he is the only person not existing as an individual corporation owned by a slew of shareholders!

Alex ArcherDay of Atonement the 54th Rogue Angel adventure!

art, etc:

Manuel Bichebots, Didier Poli & Guilio ZeloniChild of the Storm 250 page fantasy hardcover graphic novel from Humanoids
Luis RoyoWild Sketches #2 and # 3 now back in stock. # 1 came in a couple of weeks ago


Locus – June cover date, issue # 653
Heavy MetalHoax Hunters # 4 latest issue of the comic
Sketch – issue # 45 featuring an interview with Frank Cho


Philip K. DickNick and the Glimmung his children’s story, read by Nick Podehl
Dimension X volume 1 set of 6 cds with a dozen half hour long radio adaptations of classic sf stories, first broadcast in the early 50s


Zenescope – 2016 Wall calendar

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New Titles – w/e 20th June 2015

in large format:

Ann & Jeff Vandermeer (editors) – Sisters of the Revolution anthology of 29 stories from the past 50 years or so. Subtitled ‘A feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology‘. Includes LeGuin, Carter, Lee, Sargent, Tiptree, Russ, etc…

Paula Guran (editor) – Time Travel: Recent Trips reprints, mainly from the last 10 years of some great time travel stories from top authors.

in ‘B’ format:

Joe AbercrombieHalf the World the sequel to Half a King
Django WexlerThe Shadow Throne 2nd part of his black powder fantasy series, The Shadow Campaign
K. M. McKinleyThe Iron Ship epic fantasy on a world with gigantic tides which sweep low-lying area clear at specific conjunctions of it’s orbiting companions.

A. Bertram ChandlerGateway to Never the 6th (and final) omnibus of his John Grimes Saga stories. Includes 3 short novels: the title novel, The Dark Dimensions and The Way Back, together with half a dozen short stories and a brief memoir by Chandler at the end.

Hannu RajaniemiThe Causal Angel the final part of his trilogy that began with The Quantum Thief and The Fractal Prince.

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V. E. Schwab – signed books

Big thanks to her for signing books for me, especially A Darker Shade of Magic.

She’s now relocating back to the States and I obviously won’t be able to supply personalised copies of her books.
I do, though, still have some signed copies of ADSOM (including in hardcover), Vicious, The Archived and The Unbound.

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New Titles – w/e 13th June 2015

In hardcover:

Terry BrooksThe Darkling Child the 2nd in The Defenders of Shannara sub-series of Shannara novels, and the sequel to The High Druid’s Blade
Adrian TchaikovskyChildren of Time humans flee Earth aiming for a new home on a planet terraformed long ago but never settled. But they discover it’s now occupied…
Adrian TchaikovskyGuns of the Dawn missed this release earlier in the year from the author of The Shadows of the Apt series. Single volume fantasy.

in ‘B’ format:

Alastair ReynoldsSlow Bullets the War seems to be over, but one soldier, left for dead, awakens aboard a transport with a faulty computer…

James BlaylockBeneath London the latest Langdon St. Ives steampunk adventure!
Karen MillerThe Falcon Throne volume 1 of her new epic fantasy series, The Tarnished Crown
Daniel AbrahamThe Widow’s House the 4th in his The Dagger and the Crown series

Lucius Shepard Life During Wartime his classic from 1987, now issued as an SF Masterwork by Orion art, etc:
Robert HoldstockLavondyss sequel to Mythago Wood; the latest in Orion‘s Fantasy Masterworks series

art, etc:

Eliott LillyThe Big Bad World of Concept Art for Video Games illustrated soft cover
Kurt Busiek & Mario AlbertiRedhand: Twilight of the Gods epic fantasy graphic novel from Humanoids. Slipcased
Sydney PaduaThe Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage b&w graphic novel featuring the two famous Victorian computing forerunners
T Edward Bak – Island of Memory graphic novel about the famous explorer/scientist Georg Wilhelm Steller and his expedition to Kamchatka!

Luis RoyoWild Sketches vol 1 back in stock. The other 2 volumes should be back in soon as well…

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Signed Copies of Annhilation Score by Charles Stross

Once again, I’ll be able to provide signed and personalised copies of Charlie’s new Laundry Files book, which comes out in the UK on 2nd July 2015.
Plain signature, or with date, location (Edinburgh), brief dedication, etc. as requested. No first lines though.

Cost for the UK edition will be £16.99 plus £2.80 postage within the UK = £19 79 in total.

Copies to the rest of Europe (inc. Eire) will be £16.99 + £6.85 = £23.84
Most of the rest of the world (inc USA & Canada) will be £16.99 + £10.30 = £27.29
Australia/New Zealand will be £16.99 + £11.15 = £28.14

Previous customers should have received an e-mail already; if not, get in touch at
NOBODY DOES IT BETTER …Dr Mo O’Brien is an intelligence agent at the top secret government agency known as ‘the Laundry’. When occult powers threaten the realm, they’ll be there to clean up the mess and deal with the witnesses. But the Laundry is recovering from a devastating attack and when average citizens all over the country start to develop supernatural powers, the police are called in to help.

Mo is appointed as official police liaison, but in between dealing with police bureaucracy, superpowered members of the public and disgruntled politicians, Mo discovers to her horror that she can no longer rely on her marriage, nor on the weapon that has been at her side for eight years of undercover work, the possessed violin known as ‘Lecter’. If this wasn’t bad enough, a mysterious figure known as Dr Freudstein is committing heists and sending increasingly threatening messages to the police. Who is Freudstein and what is he planning?

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New Titles – w/e 6th June 2015

In hardcover:

James S. A. CoreyNemesis Games the 5th in the epic Expanse space opera series. As ever more colonists stream out to the new planets, the old Solar System political balance buckles
Chris BeckettMother of Eden sequel to Dark Eden

Mercedes LackeyFrom a High Tower the 10th Elemental Masters volume
Simon R. GreenFrom a Drood to a Kill  the 10th Secret Histories book
Sabaa TahirAn Ember in the Ashes Laia’s brother has been captured and she must join the resistance to try to rescue him from the Masks, the Empire’s elite soldiers.
Kirsty LoganThe Gracekeepers North and her bear live on a circus boat, touring the scattered islands of a flooded Earth. She meets Callinish on a remote islet, who tends the graves of those lost at sea…

Robert Conroy1882: Custer in Chains after his celebrated victory over Sitting Bull, Custer becomes President and is soon looking for more glory in war
Robert McCammonThe Border Earth has been the battleground between two different alien species. T hings are very different now…

S. M. Stirling (editor) – The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth 16 new stories set in his Emberverse background by a wide range of authors, including Turtledove, Birmingham and Lindskold

in large format:

Jon SprunkStorm and Steel volume 2 of fantasy series The Black Earth. V1 came in last month
Stefan SpjutStallo Swedish supernatural thriller; a mother claims her child was abducted by a giant, a photographer sees a bear being ridden by a strange figure… Translated by Susan Beard
Kay Elliott
Poor Man’s Fight Tanner is deep in debt and he’s barely left school; joining the space navy seems the only solution…

David Afsharirad (editor) – The Year’s Best Military SF & Space Opera anthology of 15 stories from 2014; published by Baen
Greg Bear & Gardner Dozois (editors) – Multiverse: Exploring Poul Anderson‘s Worlds 16 stories from top authors, each with an afterward by them about Poul and his fiction
Steven UtleyGhost Seas his 1st short story collection

in ‘B’ format:

Markus HeitzDevastating Hate book 2 in his Legends of the Alfar fantasy series and the sequel to Righteous Fury. Translated from German by Sheelagh Alabaster
Lev A C RosenDepth Simone is a PI in a future, flooded New York where people live in tower blocks sticking out of the water…

James S. A. CoreyCibola Burn Expanse #4 should have listed this earlier!

in paperback:

Simor R. GreenProperty of A Lady Faire the 9th in his Secret Histories series
Mercedes LackeyBlood Red the latest Elemental Masters paperback
Clay & Susan GriffithThe Shadow Revolution part 1 of Crown & Key. Werewolves in Victorian Lundon!

James RollinsThe 6th Extinction the 9th outing for the Sigma Force!

Tanith LeeThe Birthgrave a week after her death and 40 years after it first appeared,a re-issue of the fantasy novel that started her career…

Ryk E. SpoorPhoenix Rising restocked after a break, following the receipt of sequel Phoenix in Shadow.  The foretold Chaos War is looming and Kyri, last of her family, must journey across the world…

art, etc:

Manuel Auad (editor) – Al Parker; Illustrator: Innovator big heavily illustrated biography of the mid-century magazine illustrator
Sean Andrew Murray – Sketchbook Collection volume 1 b&w softcover

Sam GartonOtter in Space a 2nd volume of Otter’s adventures with Teddy and Giraffe as Otter again has ‘THE BEST IDEA EVER!’ (Despite it not involving toast!)

Plumeri & BlozDinosaurs: In the Beginning h/c comic full of short strips about dinosaurs
Plumeri & BlozDinosaurs: Bite of the Albertosaurus children’s h/c comic
Plumeri & BlozDinosaurs: Jurassic Smarts full colour h/c comic


Galaxy’s Edge – #14, May cover date. Heinlein special issue
Juxtapoz – July cover date
Illustrators – Issue ten lead article is on William Stout. Also a big Cynthia Sheppard piece.

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Chuck Miller

Very sorry to hear that Chuck Miller died a few days ago aged 62. He was best known as one half of the publishing duo Underwood Miller who made their reputation with hardback editions of almost the complete works of Jack Vance, and also many other books and authors. Their titles included rare Roger Zelazny works and also the 5-volume Philip K. Dick complete short stories. He was also a well-known sf&f book dealer and I well remember getting the catalogs and poring over them for a few days and then phoning up to place an order, which always turned into a long, chatty phone call.
As a result, when I attended the Orlando Worldcon, he invited me to sit in at the U/M table any time I wanted, and chat to everyone, including Jack Vance and his wife Norma.
I wouldn’t have had nearly as good a time there without Chuck’s friendship. We gradually lost touch as he stopped sending out catalogs and relied on selling via e-Bay, which I never took to…

I had wondered recently if he was still listing books there and did a cursory search without any luck, and now I know why.
I was never a close friend but I’ll still miss him.

Here’s a couple of obituaries with further details.

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New Titles – w/e 30th May2015

in hardcover:

Michael Z. WilliamsonA Long Time Until Now a small group of US soldiers find themselves back in the Paleolithic… The cover shows a Roman legionnaire in a humvee being attacked by a wooly rhinoceros!
Paolo BacigalupiThe Water Knife in a drought-ridden near future, there’s a rumour of a new source of plentiful water…

in large format:

Andrzej SapkowskiSword of Destiny 5th in the Witcher series, translated from Polish by David French. Volume 1 was The Last Wish
Jon SprunkBlood and Iron part 1 of the Book of the Black Earth shipwright Harace Delrosa is shipwrecked and enslaved in the mysterious Akeshian Empire

Max Allan CollinsStrip for Murder hard-boiled detective story first published in 2008 although it’s set in 1953. Before the final chapter there’s a short comic strip highlighting the main points about the murder encouraging the reader to guess the culprit before reading the end of the book. Illustrations by Terry Beatty

J. R. R. TolkienBeowulf: A Translation and Commentary one quarter poem, three quarters notes and extra material!

in ‘B’ format:

John BirminghamResistance the 2nd volume of Dave vs. the Monsters. The fight continues against horrors released from deep in the Earth’s crust…
Ian DouglasDeep Time the 6th in his Star Carrier set
Michael LoganApocalypse Cow Britain is overrun by zombie cows!

Stuart DouglasThe Albino’s Treasure subtitled ‘the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Freda WarringtonThe Dark Arts of Blood the 4th in her Blood Wine sequence
Mark Lawrence – Prince of Fools book 1 of The Red Queen’s War. Set in the Broken Empire in a strangely altered Europe

Micheal Reaves & Mallory ReavesThe Silver Dream sequel to Interworld. Story by Neil Gaiman & Micheal Reaves but not written by Gaiman.

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdSurvivor the 2nd in his Vicky Peterwald series, a spin-off from his Kris Longknife series
Ian DouglasDeep Time the 6th in his Star Carrier set
Clive Cussler & Graham BrownGhost Ship the 12th Kurt Austin adventure

Dayton WardArmageddon’s Arrow the latest Star Trek: The Next Generation novel
James AxlerForbidden Trespass the latest Deathlands adventure

Larry Niven (creator) – Man-Kzin Wars XIV 7 short stories

art, etc:

Martha FayOut of Line: The Art of Jules Feiffer large biography, heavily illustrated with his work
Comfort Love & Adam WithersThe Complete Guide to Self-Published Comics glossy softcover

George R. R. MartinGame of Thrones: The Graphic Novel volume four adaptation by Daniel Abraham with art by Tommy Patterson
Satoshi KonDream Fossil 400+ pages collecting his manga short stories. b&w in English


Interzone – #258 cover by Martin Hanford
Illustration – issue # 47 substantial articles on Charles Dana Gibson and George Petty

Heavy MetalHoax Hunters issue #3. comic


Doctor WhoLast of the Cyberman with Colin Baker & Frazer Hines. Adventure #199 from Big Finish
Doctor WhoSuburban Hell with Tom Baker & Louise Jameson. Fourth Doctor Adventure #4.5 from Big Finish

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New Titles – w/e 23rd May 23015

in hardcover:

Neal StephensonSeveneves big new novel about what happens following the sudden destruction of the moon! Both short term and long term…

Eli K. P. WilliamCash Crash Jubilee in a future Tokyo absolutely everything has been quantified and given a price… Volume 1 of The Jubilee Cycle
Gwendolyn WomackThe Memory Painter a new drug enables people to be aware of past lives, but what if they’ve been manipulated throughout history!?

Naomi NovikUprooted Agnieszka expects the wizard called Dragon to select her friend as tribute for protecting their village, but she’s wrong! (Not a Temeraire novel)
P. N. ElrodThe Hanged Man in an alternate Victorian London Alexandrina Pendlebury is a forensic psychic consultant living on Baker Street and working for Her Majesty’s Psychic Service… Looks fun!
Barbra HamblyCrimson Angel the latest Benjamin January novel

in large format:

Ryk E. SpoorPhoenix in Shadow sequel to Phoenix Rising. Epic fantasy
David WellingtonPosi+ive in post-apocalypse America Finn must make his way to safety although he may be infected with the plague virus
William Meikle The Dunfield Terror there’s a strange glowing fog, but it’s in the middle of a snowstorm. Horror from Crystal Lake Publishers

Tobias S. BuckellSly Mongoose the 3rd in his Xenowealth series, about the long term aftermath of a multi-species space war.
Neil Clarke (editor) – Upgraded anthology of ‘cyborg’ stories. Contributors include Elizabeth Bear, Greg Egan, Ken Liu & Madeline Ashby
Kevin Lucia
Things Slip Through single author horror collection.  From Crystal Lake Publishers
Joe Mynhardt & Emma Audsley (editors) – Horror 101: The Way Forward very readable non-fiction about writing horror, from all sorts of writers including Poppy Z. Brite, Ellen Datlow & Tim Waggoner. From Crystal Lake Publishers
Joe Mynhardt
(editor)The Outsiders 5 horror authors each tell a story of events inside a small gated community…  From Crystal Lake Publishers

in ‘B’ format:
Ian C. EsslemontAssail his 6th and final novel set in the Malazan Empire, which he co-created with Steven Erickson
Marc TurnerWhen the Heavens Fall a rogue necromancer challenges the Lord of the Dead for dominion over the underworld. Part 1 of The Chronicles of the Exile

Adam RobertsBete Animal Rights activists insert computer chips into animals which give them the power of speech…

magazines: Black Static – issue #46, with half a dozen stories, including The Secret Language of Stamps by Neil Williamson

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New Titles – w/e 16th May 2015

in hardcover:

Clive BarkerThe Scarlet Gospels his new horror novel, featuring the Cenobite hell priest Pinhead
Graham MastertonPlague of the Manitou the latest in his Harry Erskine horror series…

Hannu RajaniemiCollected Fiction Hannu has re-located to California so please don’t ask me for signed copies!

in large format:

Geoff ManaughThe BLDG BLOG Book illustrated essays about some of the stranger aspects of architecture and design

in ‘B’ format:

Jack CampbellLeviathan the 5th in his Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier series and the 14th in the overall Lost Fleet sequence

Jack VanceNight Lamp the latest in the Orion SF Masterworks series. The best of Vance’s late period novels; Jaro has to discover the secrets of his past

art, etc:

Cathy Fenner (editor) – Women of Wonder from Underwood Books and the ex-editor of the Spectrum series. Full colour softcover highlighting dozens of female fantasy artists. One page of photo plus bio & a page of their art. Looks great.
Pat Quinn Basic Perspective for Comics & Illustration 56 page magazine format book from Blue Line Art crammed with information and diagrams

VertigoMad Max Fury Road Inspired Artists deluxe hardback with art inspired by the new film from 65 different comic artists. No text apart from all the artists’ comments, just full colour, double page art

Jim Henson’s The StorytellerWitches hardcover with 3 full colour graphic novellas and an illustrated (in b&w) screenplay for an unmade film, all about witches
Eric DrookerFlood! textless graphic novel in b&w (with some blue) with every panel done in a ‘woodcut’ style
Stephane Betbeder (writer) – Sanctum Redux a 600+ page re-imagining of Humanoids’ undersea horror story, Sanctum.
James Tynion IV (writer) – The Woods vol 2 : The Swarm an entire high school has been transported somewhere…strange9780061960321

Neil Gaiman & Charles VessInstructions lovely little childrens’ hardback
Peter ChiskonskiThe H.M.S. Bad Idea fun little book of cartoons, published by


Heavy Metal – #274 lead story by Enki Bilal
Juxtapoz – June cover date

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