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New Titles – w/e 3rd December 2016

in hardcover:

Ken MacLeodInsurgence the 2nd volume of The Corporation Wars. Signed copies available

Ben AaronovitchThe Hanging Tree apologies to all whom I’ve told this was delayed; I was trusting info from one of my suppliers who obviously was very wrong.

in large format:

Fred SaberhagenThe First Swords new edition of the omnibus volume of The First Book of Swords, The Second Book of Swords & The Third Book of Swords, all initially published in 1983 or 4.
Mark MorrisWrapped in Skin collection of 14 short stories

in ‘B’ format:

Madge PiercyHe, She and It in the much changed mid-21st C, Shire returns to her home town and meets a cyborg… First published in 1991

Warhammer 40,000The Talon of Horus book 1 of The Black Legion, by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Warhammer 40,000Astra Militarum 8 short stories of The Legends of the Dark Millennium

Larry Niven & Sean LamRingworld: The Graphic Novel, part 2 Part 1 has been delayed somewhere, I guess. Manga style adaptation

in paperback:

Geoffrey A. LandisMars Crossing a manned mission to Mars finds that their pre-delivered fuel and other supplies are compromised and they’ll have to reach another distant supply drop…
Buzz Aldrin & John BarnesThe Return a secret research project is the only chance the International Space Station crew may be rescued…

Dave DuncanSpeak to the Devil magic has been driven underground and Otto Magnus has been tasked with commanding a strategic fort. Part 1 of The Brothers Magnus
Margaret Weis & Tracy HickmanDoom of the Dragon the 4th book in their Dragonships of Vindras series

Christopher GoldenDead Ringers doppleganger horror!

art, etc:

Kevin Ketner (editor) – The Art of Red Sonja v2 substantial hardcover

Jose del NidoDeadly Seductions: The Art of JdN full colour softcover
Bruce ColeroHeavenly Bodies: The Art of BC from SQP
Fastner & LarsonSexy Dreams  their latest SQP title. Colour softcover

Enki Bilal & Pierre ChristinCentury’s End nice hardcover collecting The Black Order Brigade (set during the Spanish Civil War) and The Hunting Party  (Warsaw Pact era)

Alexandre Jodorowsky & Philippe CamoinTarot de Marseille (tarot deck)
Luis RoyoDark Tarot (tarot deck) back in stock


Shoreline of Infinity – issue # 6 of Edinburgh’s own science fiction magazine!

Harry PotterHogwarts Crest Keychain hefty medallion style key fob of the school crest

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New Titles – w/e26th November 2016

in large format:

Steph SwainstonFair Rebel 15 years after resisting the Insects’ ferocious attacks, the Immortal Circle are at last ready to counter-attack! Sequel to the Castle trilogy
Steph SwainstonThe Castle Omnibus hefty volume containing The Year of Our War, No Present Like Time & The Modern World 50 immortals serve the Emperor and lead the fight against the encroaching hordes of giant insects…

Alvaro Zinos-AmaroTraveler of Worlds: Conversations with Robert Silverberg transcripts of 7 long conversations from 2015 with the author, who gets by far the larger part of the conversations… Also intro/end material

Frank HerbertThe Collected Stories of FH 40 of his best stories, from 1952 to 1979, with an intro he wrote for a previous collection in 1975, before several of these were written

Jack CampbellAd Astra 11 more short stories, not included in the other two JC books I’ve had in recently. Includes the award-winning novella Lady Be Good
Jack CampbellThe Dragons of Dorcastle on a distant world the great Mage and Mechanic Guilds vie for power but catastrophe is approaching which may destroy their civilisation… Part 1 of The Pillars of Reality

in ‘B’ format:

K. B. WagersBehind the Throne a wayward princess finds that inheriting her home planet’s throne is more dangerous than the gunrunning she’s been doing. The Indranan War book 1

in paperback:

Jean JohnsonThe Blockade the 3rd volume of her First Salik War series
S. K. Dunstall Confluence the 3rd Linesman novel

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Corporation Wars II – Insurgence

Ken MacLeod has a new hardcover!

It’s called Insurgence and is part two of The Corporation Wars trilogy.
As before, he’s willing to sign copies and personalise them if requested.
Options include plain signature, date, location, brief greeting, etc.
The price is £14.99 for the book  plus p&p
If you’re interested and want a copy of one of these books, or more information, just ask!
If you order a copy (or copies) please say what you’d like, and I’ll issue a PayPal Invoice which will confirm the details.

For the UK, the postage is $2.85 per book
For Europe, the postage is £6.95
For almost everywhere else it’s £10.40
And for Australia/NZ it’s £11.25

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New Titles – w/e 19th November 2016

in hardcover:

J. K. RowlingFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay see alsoart books, etc.’

Will McIntoshFaller everybody’s memories suddenly disappear and the world has, literally, fractured into myriad pieces like floating islands. A man is falling down between them…

H. P. Lovecraft The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales attractive looking volume, with a poster enclosed at the back

in large format:

Mercedes LackeyHunter civilisation is slowly rebuilding itself centuries after a catastrophic mixing of our world with the realm of magic…

in ‘B’ format:

Nnedi OkoraforBinti the award-winning novella, in paperback for the 1st time

Warhammer 40,000 – Rebirth Circle of Fire book 1, by Nick Kyme

art, etc:

John FleskesSpectrum 23 the annual collection of the fantastic in the arts, with a short section on this year’s Spectrum Grand Master, Mike Mignola. In both hardback and softcover editions

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemThe Art of the Film dozens of characters and beasts, etc. in full colour
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemInside the Magic: The Making of FB&WtFT background info with loads of stills, etc.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemThe Case of Beasts: Explore the Film Wizardry of FB&WtFT. h/c with magnetic clasp and full of background info, including several fold-out posters in envelopes, and non-standard pages, etc.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemMagical Movie Handbook smaller hardcover full of info and stills, etc. from the film

Aranzi AronzoThe Cute Book back in stock after a lapse of several years!


Interzone – issue # 261
Black Static – issue # 55

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New Titles – w/e 12th November 2016

in hardcover:

Brandon Sanderson Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection short stories

Justin Richards – The American Adventures 6 short stories set at various times in American history featuring the current Doctor Who

in large format:

Josiah BancroftSenlin Ascends visiting the Tower of Babel on honeymoon, Thomas loses track of his new wife as they tour the ancient, fantastical building…

Glasgow SF Writers Circle Thirty Years of Rain anthology with 31 stories by authors in the group, including Neil Williamson, Gary Gibson, Hal Duncan and many more…
Robert Silverberg (editor) – This Way to the End Times anthology subtitled Classic Tales of the Apocalypse including work by Stapledon, Tiptree, Aldiss & Vance…
Jim Butcher & Kerrie L. Hughes (editors) – Shadowed Souls urban fantasy anthology

Lee FalkThe Story of the Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks new novelisation of the Phantom‘s story…

Adam RobertsThe History of Science Fiction: Second Edition

in ‘B’ format:

Ted ChiangArrival short story collection previously titled Stories of Your Life and others. It contains Story of Your Life, now adapted into a major sf film about to open, called Arrival
Tricia SullivanOccupy Me  Pearl works for the Resistance, whose mission is to secretly improve the world!
Peter McLeanDominion sequel to Drake, and the 2nd Burned Man book, set deep under London

Brandon SandersonCalamity his new Reckoners book
Patrick RothfussThe Slow Regard for Silent Things UK softcover of the novella. Not part 3 of The Kingkiller Chronicle, although it is related to the series
Ellen Kushner & Delia ShermanThe Fall of the Kings volume 3 of Swords of Riverside, which began in 1987 with Swordspoint, by Kushner

Gene WolfeThe Book of the New Sun Vol. 1 with The Shadow of the Torturer & The Claw of the Conciliator
Gene WolfeThe Book of the New Sun Vol. 2 with The Sword of the Lictor & The Citadel of the Autarch– re-issue in new covers of the classic quartet of books from the early 1980s

in paperback:

Erin M. EvansAshes of the Tyrant the latest in the Brimstone Angels Saga, set in Dungeons & DragonsForgotten Realms

art, etc:

Sierra Hahn (editor) – Jim Henson‘s Labyrinth Artist Tribute hardcover with full colour art by dozens of artists celebrating the film Labyrinth
Abner DeanWhat Am I Doing Here? hardback collecting his b&w single panel cartoons

Neil Gaiman & P. Craig RussellThe Graveyard Book hardback graphic adaptation by Russell of Gaiman’s award-winning novel. 8 artists, including Russell, illustrate a chapter each.
Bruce BrownHoward Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom hardcover collecting Arcana’s H. P. Lovecraft inspired mini-series


Locus – issue # 669, October cover date here at last!
Locus – issue # 670, November cover date with features on Pat Cadigan & Cat Rambo
Heavy Metal – issue # 283, a ‘Fear Special’

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New Titles – w/e 6th November 2016

in hardcover:

David WeberAt the Sign of Triumph the 9th Safehold volume

Brent WeeksThe Blood Mirror volume 4 of his Lightbringer series… # 1 was The Black Prism
Matthew ReillyThe Four Legendary Kingdoms the latest non-stop Jack West thriller!

J. R. R. TolkienThe Lay of Aotrou & Itroun epic verse composed in or before 1930 but not published until 1945 (and then only briefly)

Lucy Elizabeth Collier (editor) – Cumbrian Cthulhu: Complete Short Stories volumes 1 – 4  hefty hardcover containing 38 short horror stories  with a Lovecraftian theme, set in Cumbria! Originally published in aid of The Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association

Edward Brooke-HitchingThe Phantom Atlas fascinating collection of old maps, etc. that got it wrong!

in large format:

Miles CameronA Plague of Swords the 4th book in his Traitor Son Cycle, which began with The Red Knight
Cassandra Rose ClarkeOur Lady of the Ice the infrastructure of a domed city in Antarctica is beginning to fail…

in ‘B’ format:

Dave HutchinsonEurope in Winter 3r book in his Fractured Europe sequence of novels, which began with Europe in Autumn

Christopher HinzBinary Storm a new, stand-alone Paratwa novel! The previous one appeared in 1991!
Alex WhiteEvery Mountain made Low Loxley can see the dead, but, worryingly, they can see her, too!
Kristen PainterThe Werewolf Meets Her Match the 2nd of her Nocturne Falls light horror series

Ellen KushnerSwordspoint reprint of her 1987 novel
Ellen KushnerThe Privilege of the Sword sequel to Swordspoint

Maurice LeblancAn Arsene Lupine Omnibus 4 adventuress featuring the early 20th C French rogue
Maurice LeblancArsine Lupine vs Sherlock Holmes 2 stories pitting the French gentleman burglar against the great English detective…

WarhammerHammers of Sigmar 2 short novels of the Realmgate Wars, set in the Age of Sigmar. Stormcast by Darius Hinks and Scion of the Storm by C. L. Werner
Warhammer 40,000Sons of Corax 7 short Legends of the Dark Millenium stories by George Mann

Oliver MortonThe Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World a serious look at the pros and cons of various ways climate change could be tackled

in paperback:

Marshall Ryan MarescaAn Import of Intrigue the 2nd of the Maradaine Constabulary books
Clive Cussler & Graham BrownThe Pharaoh’s Secret the 13th Kurt Austin adventure!

wall calendars:

Terry Pratchett –  Discworld Collector’s Edition 2017 with illustrations by Josh Kirby
J. R. R. TolkienCalendar 2017 with art by JRRT himself, and an introduction by Alan Lee


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New Titles – w/e 29th October 2016

in hardcover:

David WeberShadow of Victory the 19th novel in the main sequence of Honorverse books

BromLost Gods Chet must journey deep into a chaotic underworld to save himself and his family…
Juliet MarillierDen of Wolves 3rd volume in the Blackthorn & Grim series, featuring 2 ex-soldiers caught up in magical affairs…

Ken Liu (editor) – Invisible Planets anthology of new Chinese science fiction, also translated by the editor. Looks intriguing!

in large format:

Jack Campbell Borrowed Time 7 short stories he wrote as John Hemry (his real name)
Jack CampbellSwords and Saddles 3 novellas written under his real name, with author notes

in ‘B’ format:

Albert Sanchez PinolCold Skin reissue of his sub-Antarctic lighthouse horror novel. Translated from Spanish by Cheryl Leah Morgan

Christopher FowlerLondon’s Glory collection gathering together various Bryant & May short stories…
Juliet E. McKennaShadow Histories of the River Kingdom short story collection

Doctor WhoExtra Time short 11th Doctor novel by Richard Dungworth
Doctor WhoTerminal of Despair short 11th Doctor novel by Steve Lyons

in paperback:

Faith HunterCurse on the Land the 2nd in her Jane Yellowknife spin-off series, Soulwood, following on from Blood of the Earth
Gerald BrandtThe Courier Kris is a courier who sees one of her clients murdered, probably for the package she was about to deliver, and she is forced to flee to the lower levels of the megacity…

Kim Stanley RobinsonThe Memory of Whiteness weirdness and intrigue as a giant solo orchestra machine makes a rare tour of the solar system’s colonies. From 1985
Tanith LeeDeath’s Master volume 2 of her lush Flat Earth fantasy series, originally published in 1979

art, etc:

Ron MillerSpaceships: An Illustrated History of the Real and the Imagined big hardcover full of pictures and explanatory text

Dark Horse/DiceThe Art of Battlefield 1 hardcover with full colour art from the World War One based computer game. Looks great

MoebiusEdena thick hardcover from Humanoids, collecting together the complete story
Alexandro Jodorowsky, Jerry Frissen & Valentin SecherThe Metabaron Book 1: The Techno-Admiral & The Anti-Baron hardback from Humanoids

Mike MacLean & Brian PuledoZack the Zombie Exterminator h/c graphic novel

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New Titles – w/e22nd October 2016

in hardcover:

Robert DickinsonThe Tourist a woman goes missing from a time travel excursion back to the present day, except records show that she didn’t! Complex time-conspiracy adventure!
Becky ChambersA Closed and Common Orbit the sequel to The Long Way to a Cold, Angry Planet

Roberet McCammonLast Train From Perdition the sequel to I Travel by Night

Simon IngsStalin and the Scientists  a very readable history of science in the Soviet Union up until the mid 1950s

in large format:

Stephen HuntThe Stealer’s War the 3rd volume of The Far-Called
R. S. BelcherNightwise 4th book in the series that began with The Six-Gun Tarot
Michelle SagaraCast in Flight the 12th in her Elantra series

Peter CawdronMars Endeavour in going to Mars, the biggest problems are back on Earth!

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – Bridging Infinity the 5th volume of The Infinity Project series of anthologies

in ‘B’ format:

Tom TonerThe Promise of the Child epic space opera set in the 147th Century. War is coming to the immortal human society…
C. A. HigginsLightless Althea feels closer the ship’s AI than to the rest of crew but she’s the only one who can defeat the terrorists who have seized the ship…
Walter Jon WilliamsImpersonations a new Praxis novel!

Mark MorrisThe Wraiths of War cross-genre time travel adventure!

Stephen AryanChaosmage 3rd in the series that began with Battlemage & Bloodmage
Den PatrickThe Girl on the Liar’s Throne 2nd sequel to The Boy With the Porcelain Blade
Megan E. O’KeefeBreak the Chains sequel to Steal the Sky; the 2nd in her Scorched Continent series
J. D. OswaldThe Obsidian Throne the 5th & final volume of The Ballad of Sir Bebfro

Doctor WhoUnderwater War an Eleventh Doctor adventure by Richard Dinnick

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdBold the 14th Kris Longknife adventure

Mark L  Van Name (editor) – Onward, Drake anthology of short stories & articles in honour of David Drake.

Star TrekThe Jackal’s Trick the 2nd in the Prey mini-series by John Jackson Miller

art, etc:

David DayThe Battles of Tolkien 3rd in the series of books all about aspects of JRRT & Middle Earth.. Previous matching volumes were the Atlas and the Dictionary


Daryl GregoryHarrison Squared unabridged on a single  mp3cd of the YA Lovecraftian adventure, read by Luke Daniels

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New Titles – w/e 15th October 2016

in hardcover:

Mark LawrenceThe Wheel of Osheim 3rd in his Red Queen’s War trilogy
Stephen GallagherThe Authentic William James ex-police detective Sebastian Becker‘s latest case…

Doctor Wh0Twelve Doctors of Christmas Seasonal anthology by 12 authors, each with a full colour illustration by a different artist

in large format:

Samuel R. DelaneyDark Reflections mainstream novel in 3 parts, which first appeared in 2007

in ‘B’ format:

Adam RobertsThe Thing Itself Antarctic horror
Peter HigginsWolfhound Empire omnibus of the trilogy of Wolfhound Century, Truth and Fear & Radiant State set in an alternate, almost mythical Russia

Stanislaw LemMortal Engines 14 short stories, chosen & translated by Michael Kandel
John ChristopherCloud on Silver a group of tourists are marooned on a South Pacific island…
Emma BullWar for the Oaks reprint of her classic fantasy novel from 1987

art, etc:

J. K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets large, illustrated edition, matching 1st volume which came out. Art, as with the fist volume, by Jim Kay

Art Spiegelman (editor) – Si Lewen‘s Parade a large concertina-style book in a slipcase. His b&w art on one side with a substantial essay (with illustrations) by Spiegelman on the other
Dave McKeanBlack Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash. Softcover with some great looking pieces

Marc Taro HolmesDesigning Creatures & Characters subtitled How to Build an Artist’s Portfolio for Video Games, Film Animation and More for on-screen creation. Softcover


Hi-Fructose – issue # 41 with a sliced lemon octopus on the cover and a colour insert with more of Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins‘ work bound inside

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New Titles – w/e 8th October 2016

in hardcover:

Chris BeckettDaughter of Eden 3rd in the set that began with Dark Eden, about a lightless lost colony…

in ‘B’ format:

Terry GoodkindWarheart the final book in his epic Sword of Truth series, which began back in 1994 with Wizard’s First Rule!
Brandon SandersonShadows of Self the latest Mistborn novel, featuring Wax & Wayne
Megan E. O’KeefeBreak the Chains – sequel to the recent Steal the Sky and the 2nd Scorched Continent novel…
Wesley Chu The Rise of Io after the wars with the aliens, Ella becomes inhabited by an ineffective alien Quasing
Nik AbnettSavant – the Shield keeps Earth hidden and protected from aliens but now there’s a problem with a probability loop and the Earth may be exposed!

William C. Dietz Into the Guns the violent aftermath of a multiple meteor strike on Earth, which was misinterpreted as the start of WW3
Mira GrantFeedback – the 4th in her Newsflesh zombie series
John ChristopherThe World in Winter climate change novel from 1962

Mark Morris –  Albion Fay horror on a quiet countryside holiday!

art, etc:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemMagical Characters & Places Colouring Book the 1st piece of tie-in merchandise for the new Potterverse film, opening on 18th November. Softcover with some colour stills inside the front & back covers.b&w illos by Nicolette Caven & Micaela Alcaino

Brian & Wendy FroudThe Pressed Fairy Journal of Madeline Cottington new hardcover giving more historical background…
Olento Salaperainen A Field Guide to Fantastical Beasts illustrated hardback about various strange creatures and races


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