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New Titles – w/e 28th May 2016

in hardcover:

Emma GeenThe Many Selves of Katherine North Kit is part of a research program which projects her mind into various animals, but she realises that there’s more to the work than she realised…
Kugane MaruyamaOverlord 1: The Undead King an innovative on-line game is switched off, but one of the players was still logged on, and everything suddenly seems more real! With colour plates, character stats and a triple foldout of the main characters and a cut-away of one of the main locations. Nice production.

Doctor WhoIn the Blood new novel with the tenth Doctor and Donna, by Jenny Colgan

in ‘B’ format:

Jamie SawyerLegion the 2nd in his Lazarus Wars series. The Lazarus Legion are sent on a mission to find an artifact that may help humanity defeat the alien Krell
Jodi TaylorLies, Damned Lies and History the 7th of her Chronicles of St. Mary’s. Fun time travel series.

George Mann
Ghosts of Karnak 3rd in his Ghost series, which began with Ghost of Manhattan and Ghosts of War. Now the ghost is involved with strange ancient Egyptian relics and murder!
Ken LiuThe Grace of Kings epic fantasy!

China MievilleThree Moments of an Explosion 28 short stories

Dan AbnettStraight Silver the latest Gaunt’s Ghost Warhammer 40,000 adventure
Nick KymeDamnos the latest omnibus from the Black Library, set in their Warhammer 40,000 background. A Space Marines Battles volume containing Fall of Damnos & Spear of Macragge

in paperback:

Sharon Lee & Steve MillerDragon in Exile the latest Liaden Universe novel; the 18th, I believe

art, etc:

Tom AdamsUncovered: The Art of Agatha Christie and Beyond hardcover with art from all sorts of projects, from AC’s cover art to David Attenborough nature illustrations and dinosaurs, to Lou Reed album covers!
Rahsan Ekedal – hardback with b&w sketches and full colour finished art, including several multi-page sequences of comic book art


Locus – issue # 664

games, etc:

The Game of Thrones  – Puzzle of King’s Landing a big push-out and clip-together jigsaw-like kit with 260 pieces which assembles into a genuine 3-D model of King’s Landing!

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New Titles – w/e 21st May 2016

in hardcover:

Stephen Baxter & Alastair ReynoldsThe Medusa Chronicles inspired by Arthur C. Clarke‘s A Meeting With Medusa, about exploring the atmosphere of Jupiter
Andrew BannisterCreation Machine in a corner of the Spin space empire, an enormous ancient engineering machine has been discovered, which could spell disaster!

China MievilleThree Moments of an Explosion: Stories 28 reasonably recent short stories

in large format:

Andrzej SapkokskiThe Tower of the Swallow the latest in the Witcher series that began with The Last Wish. Translated from Polish by David French
Ian Irvine
The Summon Stone the start of a new trilogy, The Gates of Good and Evil, again set in his Three Worlds background

Clark Ashton SmithA Vintage From Atlantis the 3rd of the 5 volume Collected Fantasies from Night Shade Books. Includes some his best known stories

Kenneth Hite & Kennon BaumanThe Cthulhu Wars illustrated alternate history subtitled ‘The United States’ Battles Against the Mythos’, which start back in the 16th C, apparently!
Mercedes Lackey (editor) – Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 the best of last year’s awards, not the recently announced ones

in ‘B’ format:

A. G. RiddleDeparture Flight 305 crash-lands, but nowhere they expected!

Paul McAuleyFairyland the latest of the SF Masterworks from Orion, originally published in 1995. Nanotech, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence…
Fred HoyleThree Classic Novels omnibus comprising Ossian’s Ride, October the First Is Too Late and Fifth Planet (co-written with Geoffrey Hoyle). A secretive economic miracle taking place in Ireland, time periods are all mixed up, and rival expeditions to one of a rogue star’s passing planets…

Thomas LigottiSongs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe collecting his 1st two horror short story collections in a Penguin Classics edition

in paperback:

Forgotten RealmsSpellstorm the 10th Sage of Shadowdale adventure, featuring Elminster the Mage; it is also the latest Dungeons and Dragons novel by Ed Greenwood


Interzone – # 264, cover date May – June
Black Static – # 52 cover date May – June

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New Titles – w/e 14th May 2016

OK, so my connection still isn’t right and causing some problems but it’s better than it was!


in hardcover:

Ken MacLeodDissidence part 1 of his new trilogy The Corporation Wars. Signed copies available now!

Guy Gavriel KayChildren of Earth and Sky a return to his alternate Renaissance Europe…
Steven EriksonFall of Light the 2nd volume in his Malazan-related Kharkanas Trilogy

in large format:

Paul KearneyThe Wolf in the Attic in the wake of WW1, Anna Francis is a young Greek refugee who crosses paths with C. S. Lewis in Oxford…

in ‘B’ format:

Adam RobertsTwenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea in 1958 France’s first nuclear-powered submarine dives, and keeps diving!
Al RobertsonCrashing Heaven Jack Forster fought in the recent system-wide conflict between warring AIs and has a Combat AI installed in him. And it has plans for him…
Tracey Lee FordDinosaur Isle like Jurassic Park as a scientific endeavour without the tourists, but things still go wrong! Incorporates up-to-date research findings.

Edward CoxThe Cathedral of Known Things 40 years after the events of Relic the Guild are forced to flee from their old enemies, the Genii

Katherine LangrishSeven Miles of Steel Thistles subtitled ‘Reflections on Fairy Tales

in paperback:

Michelle WestOracle the 6th in her House Wars fantasy series

Steve AltenMeg revised and expanded edition of the thriller featuring a huge, prehistoric shark that isn’t extinct!

 art, etc:

William O’ConnorThe Great Hall of Dinosaurs hardback subtitled ‘An Artist’s Exploration into the Jurassic World‘ Sketches, tips and finished art for painting or drawing all sorts of dinos!
J. David SpurlockFrazetta Sketchbook II hardcover edition

Mary M. Talbot & Bryan TalbotThe Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia hardcover graphic novel about Louise Michel, a radical from the Paris Commune of 1871 who was tried and deported…
Maxemilien Le Roy & A. DanThoreau: A Sublime Life hardback biographic graphic novel of the philosopher and naturalist

Sylviane Corgiat & Corrado MastantuonoElias the Cursed fantasy adventure from Humanoids
Christian Perrissin & Enea Riboldi – Cape Horn graphic novel of the history of Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia’s European colonisation, from Humanoids, now in softcover

Maris WicksScience Comics: Coral Reefs: Cities of the Ocean fun little colourful graphic novel for children all about the life of a reef
M. K. Reed & Joe FloodScience Comics: Dinosaurs, Fossils & Feathers fun little colourful graphic novel for children all about fossil hunting and dinosaurs!


Heavy Metal – issue # 280



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Internet Problems

Please note that e-mails, etc may be slow to get an answer as my shop connection has failed.
Back online as soon as possible.

Mail to do with signed copies of Dissidence will be answered as expeditiously as possible.
If you’ve ordered a signed copy of The Nightmare Stacks please don’t worry, there’s plenty time!

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New Titles – w/e 9th May 2016

in hardcover:

Neal AsherWar Factory volume 2 of the Transformation series, which began with Dark Intelligence
Sean DankerAdmiral an amnesiac awakes on an almost crewless, damaged spaceship and discovers that he’s in charge!

David B. CoeShadow’s Blade the 3rd of the Case Files of Justis Fearsson

Eric Flint (editor) – Ring of Fire IV the latest collection of stories and articles about Flint’s Ring of Fire/1632 universe

in large format:

Robert Charles WilsonAffinities in the near future, everybody can find their own ‘tribe’ that’s closer than family…
Jonathan Strahan (editor) – The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year: Volume Ten 27 of the best short stories from 2015
David Farland (editor) – Writers of the Future volume 32 twenty new authors, each with an illustration, and a 16 page full colour section at the back for their art competition

Matt Ruff – Set This House in Order re-stock of his multiple-personality novel. Each element of Andy’s personality is a different voice in his head…

Rhys HughesThirty Tributes to Calvino short story collection, inspired by Italo Calvino

in ‘B’ format:

James S. A. CoreyNemesis Games volume 5 of The Expanse. The Roci is in dock for repairs and the crew go their separate ways…
Jack CampbellShattered Spear the 4th in The Lost Stars sequence of The Lost Fleet series, the 15th overall
Jay PoseyOutriders Captain Lincoln has a sudden ‘promotion’ to head a deadly, and suicidal, intelligence group…
Andy McDermottThe Revelation Code the 11th Wilde & Chase novel

Django WexlerThe Palace of Glass the 3rd in his Forbidden Library series
S. E. GroveThe Glass Sentence a century ago in 1891 the World’s continents were all scattered through time. Now mapmaking and cartography are vital arts

Caspar HendersonThe Book of Barely Imagined Beings in the style of an old bestiary the author looks at strange, yet real, animals…

in paperback:

Ben BovaPower Surge near future political thriller about the future of the US power industry
Taylor AndersonStraits of Hell the 10th Destroyermen novel, set in an alternate world which a WW2 warship has materialised in
Gini KochCamp Alien the 13th in the series

Elizabeth HaydenThe Hollow Queen the final part of The War of the Known World trilogy and part 8 overall of her Symphony of Ages
Barb HendeeTo Kill a Kettle Witch the 4th in her Mist-Torn Witches series

Clive Cussler & Boyd MorrisonPiranha the 10th in Cussler’s Oregon Files series and the 1st to be co-written with Morrison
Steve AltenVostok ancient artifact thriller set in the Antarctic as scientists probe Lake Vostok. Sequel to The Loch, and prequel to the next Meg novel!


Jack VanceThe Green Pearl complete text of the 2nd part of his Lyonesse Trilogy, read by Kevin T. Collins. Budget price mp3 cd

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New Titles – w/e 30th April 2016

in hardback:

Joe AbercrombieSharp Ends short stories set in his First Law world

Terry PratchettSeriously Funny little book of his best quotes from his novels

in large format:

Kit ReedWhere sf novel in which the entire population, save one, of a small town mysteriously vanish
Stefan SpjutStallo strange disappearances and stranger sightings in the Swedish countryside…

in ‘B’ format:

Tony GonzalesTabit Genesis on a distant planet, humans still fear the aliens who destroyed Earth…

Terry BrooksThe Darkling Child the 2nd book of The Defenders of Shannara trilogy, which started with The High Druid’s Blade
Naomi NovikUprooted short-listed for this year’s Nebula Award
Scarlett ThomasThe Seed Collectors the inter-twined lives of the family of a famous botanical seed collector

Paula Guran (editor) – The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu unlike other ‘Mammoth‘ anthologies from Robinson, these 25 stories are all new work.

in paperback:

Robert Conroy1882: Custer in Chains having won the Indian Wars, Custer becomes President and soon declares war on Spain…
Catherine AsaroUndercity a Skolian Empire book, featuring Major Bhaajan, once an officer in the Imperial Space Command
Timothy ZahnCobra Outlaw the 2nd book of his Cobra Rebellion series. The 8th Cobra book overall

Star TrekElusive Salvation the latest Original Series adventure, by Dayton Ward

AlienInvasion the 2nd book of the Rage War,  by Tim Lebbon

art, etc:

Ashley WoodThe Art of TomorrowKings 2006 – 2016 hardcover
J. David Spurlock & Frank FrazettaFrazetta Sketchbooks volume II contains the original sketches and the finished product, with some text

Carlos Gomes CabralWhoosh! subtitled 250 Ways to get Motion into your Drawings art technique

Enki BilalThe Nikopol Trilogy reprint of his classic bande desinee. Hardback from Titan Comics
D. P. Filippi (writer) – Marshals epic sf graphic novel in hardcover from Humanoids

Frank UivaA Trip to the Bottom of the World fun little children’s graphic novel in hardback
Kate BeatonStep Aside, Pops a collection of her b&w cartoons and strips


Locus – # 663 April cover date with Paolo Bacigalupi & Tim Pratt the main cover names..

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Ken MacLeod – Dissidence

Ken has a new hardcover out next month!

It’s called Dissidence and is part one of The Corporation Wars trilogy.

As before, he’s willing to sign copies and personalise them if requested.
Options include plain signature, date, location, brief greeting, etc.

The price is £12.99 for the book and £2.85 p&p within the UK. £15.84 altogether.

If you’re interested and want a copy, or more information, just ask!
If you order a copy (or copies) please say what you’d like, and I’ll issue a PayPal Invoice which will confirm the details.


They’ve died for the companies more times than they can remember. Now
they must fight to live for themselves.  Sentient machines work, fight
and die in interstellar exploration and conflict for the benefit of
their owners – the competing mining corporations of Earth.

But sent over hundreds of light-years, commands are late to arrive and often
hard to enforce. The machines must make their own decisions, and make
them stick. With this newfound autonomy come new questions about their

The robots want answers. The companies would rather see
them dead.  THE CORPORATION WARS: DISSIDENCE is an all-action,
colourful space opera giving a robot’s-eye view of a robot revolt.

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New Titles – w/e 23rd April 2016

in hardcover:

Steven EriksonFall of Light the 2nd book in his Kharkanas Trilogy, set before the 10 book Malazan Book of the Fallen

Harry TurtledoveThe House of Daniel  baseball in an alternate 1930s USA with vampires, zombies and flying carpets!

Sylvain Neuval Sleeping Giants a child falls down a well, but her rescuers find something…far too old at the bottom
Richard KadreyThe Everything Box first in a new series, from the author of Sandman Slim An angel lost something very important 4,000 years ago…

in large format:

Paul McAuleyInto Everywhere the sequel to Something Coming Through, which I really enjoyed last year…
Alex StewartShooting the Rift space-going Commerce Guild apprentice Simon must choose between the Rimward Commonwealth and the League of Democracies… Military sf

Dave FreerChangeling’s Island juvenile misfit Tim has been sent to live on a boring rundown farm on a remote Australian island but finds that things become much weirder than he could have anticipated!

in ‘B’ format:

Alastair ReynoldsPoseidon’s Wake completing the trilogy which began with Blue Remembered Earth and On the Steel Breeze

Stephen AryanBlood Mage the sequel to Battlemage
Joe AbercrombieHalf a War companion to Half a King and Half the World
Kristen BritainMirror Sight the 5th in her Green Rider series…

Greg BearJust Over the Horizon: The Complete Short Fiction of GB: volume one 14 stories in the 1st 280 pages with an 80 page screenplay at the end. all the stories seem to be revised for this collection, which includes Blood Music and Tangents

in paperback:

Kim HarrisonThe Drafter in Detroit in 2030 Peri Reed finds that she’s been manipulated by the secret agency she works for bending time and altering history… vol 1 of her new series

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New Titles – w/e 16th April 2016

in hardcover:

Fred ChappellA Shadow all of Light young Falco heads to the big city, determined to apprentice himself to a master shadow-thief…

Ursula K. LeGuinLate in the Day: Poems 2010 – 2014 slim book of new verse; and back in stock is her softcover Steering the Craft about writing skills

Iain M. BanksFeersum Enjinn his 1994 novel now a SF Masterworks hardcover! With a new introduction by Ken MacLeod

in large format:

Ken LiuThe Paper Menagerie 15 stories from the author of Nebula nominee The Grace of Kings
David BrinInsistence of Vision short story collection which includes a new ‘Uplift‘ novella, Temptation
Joe R. LansdaleHap and Leonard complete collection of their adventures, with a new story for the collection. Also a photo insert.

Ellen Datlow (editor) – The Monstrous horror anthology with stories from Kim Newman, Peter Straub, Christopher Fowler and more!

Warhammer 40,000The Unburdened: Betrayal at Calth the latest Horus Heresy adventure, by David Annandale

in ‘B’ format:

Chris BeckettMother of Eden sequel to Dark Eden
Adrian TchaikovskyChildren of Time colonists from Earth arrive on a distant, pre-terraformed planet only to find it’s already been occupied!

art, etc:

Leah Moore & John Reppion (adaptors) – The Complete Alice in Wonderland graphic novel of the classic story by Lewis Carroll
Neil Gaiman & Gris GrimlyThe Dangerous Alphabet back in stock


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New Titles – w/e 9th April 2016

in hardcover:

C. J. CherryhVisitor the latest novel of her Foreigner sequence. Part 2 of the 6th trilogy, or # 17 overall
Mercedes Lackey & Cody MartinSilence the latest Serrated Edge novel! The previous one appears to have been in 2006
Seanan McGuireEvery Heart a Doorway YA novella about a school for children who have returned to this world after adventures in other, magical worlds…

Ian EsslemontDancer’s Lament volume 1 of new series Path to Ascendancy, set in the time before the Malazan Empire arose…
Graham MastertonScarlet Widow set in the 1750s, an orphaned apothecary’s daughter migrates to America but becomes involved in tying to solve a hideous mystery…

in large format:

Mark MorrisWrapped in Skin short story collection
Alex GordonJericho sequel to Gideon; Lauren investigates an abandoned logging camp, which conceals a primal malevolence!

Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum & Edward Lee (editors) – Tales from the Lake vol 2 anthology of 19 horror stories featuring lakes… All 3 editors have stories in it, btw.

in ‘B’ format:

Kim Stanley RobinsonAurora his generation starship novel! Things don’t go smoothly!
Patrick S. TomlinsonTrident’s Forge first contact goes wrong on Earth’s first extra-solar colony planet
James LovegroveWorld of Water on a distant water-world, the undersea natives have been persuaded by alien enemies of Mankind to attack the human settlements…

Mark LawrenceThe Liar’s Key volume 2 of The Red Queen’s War
Sebastien de CastellKnight’s Shadow the 2nd book of the Greatcoats, following on from Traitor’s Blade
James A MooreThe Silent Army the 4th book of his Seven Forges series

Jamie Wyman, Gini Koch & Glen Mehnalt.sherlock.holmes 3 novellas, together with the short stories these re-imagined Sherlocks first appeared in.

Warhammer 40,000The World Engine the latest Space Marines Battles novel by Ben Counter. Includes 8-page colour insert

World of WarcraftIllidan the night elf sorcerer, imprisoned for 10,000 years, is the only hope against the Burning Legion‘s return! By William King

in paperback:

C. J. CherryhTracker the latest paperback in her Foreigner sequence. Part 1 of the 6th trilogy, or # 16 overall
Kevin J. AndersonBlood of the Cosmos 2nd book in his Saga of Shadows

Faith HunterShadow Rites the latest Jane Yellowknife novel
Peter OrullionTrial of Intentions the sequel to The Unremembered. Volume 2 of The Vault of Heaven. Epic fantasy about a man trying to prevent a seemingly inevitable war


Ian McDonaldKing of the Morning, Queen of the Day one of my favourite novels of his, from 1991, read (unabridged) by Dierdre Mullins. 3 sections set in different periods adding up to a history, or mythology perhaps, of 20th C Ireland. The original book title was King of Morning, Queen of Day, if anyone cares, and won the Philip K. Dick Award

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