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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 23rd April 2022

in hardcover:

Adrian TchaikovskyEyes of the Void volume 2 of The Final Architecture & the sequel to Shards of Earth
Jenn LyonsThe Discord of the Gods the 5th (and I think final) volume of A Chorus of Dragons
John CrowleyFlint and Mirror magic, war & intrigue in 16th C Ireland…

Maria Bach Kreutzman (editor) – Beastarium Greenlandica anthology of short pieces subtitled A Compendium of the Mythical Creatures, Spirits and Strange Beings of Greenland heavily illiustrated h/c

in softcover:

Andrea Stewart The Bone Shard Emperor sequel to The Bone Shard Daughter

Tim PrattPrison of Sleep sequel to Doors of Sleep and the 2nd of the Journals of Zaxony Delatree, about a man who always wakes up in a different parallel world
Chris PanatierStringers Ben knows a lot, including about the Chime. This is important when he and his best friend get kidnapped by an alien…
Sarah TolmieThe Fourth Island set on the secret 4th island of the Aran Isles!

Charlie Jane AndersEven Greater Mistakes short story collection. Should have had it several months ago!

art, etc:

3dtotal PublishingSketching From the Imagination: Storytelling the latest of their themed volumes of himts & tips for creating art


Locus – issue 734 March cover date, with book releases through to December

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 16th April 2022

It’s the Easter weekend and I have stock in transit but my courier isn’t deliveing on Friday, so I won’t get any more books in this week. So here’s what I did get!

in hardcover:

T. KingfisherNettle & Bone Marra seeks the help of a gravewitch to save her family…
Peng Shepherd The Cartographers Nell’s map-loving father has been murdered and now someone is trying to destroy every copy of a rather common map he was intrigued by…

in softcover:

Charlie Jane Anders Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak sequel to Victories Greater Than Death
Jodi TaylorA Catalogue of Catastrophe the 13th novel of The Chronicles of St. Mary’s time travel adventures

Juliet E. McKennaThe Green Man’s Heir Daniel is a drifter, doing odd jobs for decades, but now a murder turns the spotlight on him and his mysterious background
Amanda Greiglow A Grimoire for Gamblers after her father’s untimely death Elizabeth goes through his papers and realises maybe he wasn’t mad after all! The 1st Trove Arbitrations book
Heather G. HarrisGlimmer of the Other Jinx knows when she hears a lie and now she’s deep in a case involving magic, a missing girl and her murdered parents…
David B. CoeInvasives sequel to Radiants Drowse is a homeless runaway but she’s also a ‘radiant’ who can influence others’ minds…

Kate AtkinsonLife After Life Penguin re-issue with a new cover. Classic alternate timelines novel from 2013
Carl SaganContact new edition of his classic 1985 novel

Legend of the Five RingsThe Great Clans of the Rokugan 4 novellas set in the game background, subtitled The Collected Novellas Volume One

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 9th April 2022

in hardcover:

Ben Aaronovitch Amongst Our Weapons the latest (9th) Rivers of London novel
Susannah WiseThis Fragile Earth after a technological collapse Signy & her family flee London to the little village she grew up in…
Adam OyebanjiBraking Day time for the generation staship to slow down as it reaches it’s destination!

Brandon SandersonDawnshard a new Stormlight Archive novella

in softcover:

Jenn Lyons House of Always the 4th in A Chorus of Dragons, her epic fantasy series
John M. Ford Aspects his final novel, now published 16 years after his death. He’s best known for the award-winning The Dragon Waiting (1983)

Max Barry The 22 Murders of Madison May a serial killer is trying to wipe out all the versions of Madison across the parallel universes…
Micaiah Johnson The Space Between Worlds Cara has finally gained a toehold on the path to respectability, but in the hundreds of parallel worlds discovered, she’s dead in all but eight!
Guy MorpussFive Minds 5 people inhabit a single body, each controlling it for 4 hours at a time – for 25 years, so far!

Mike Ashley (editor) – The Ghost Slayers the latest volume from the British Library Tales of the Weird series, subtitled Thrilling Tales of Occult Detection

art, etc:

Timothy TrumanThe Fantastic Illustrations of TT hardback covering his whole career, including the Grateful Dead Monopoly set!
Jiro TaniguchiVenice beautiful images of a trip to the city

Yuka Tsutsui (editor) – Science Fiction Illustration softcover showcasing current Japanese artists; published by PIE International

Greg Biga & Jan B. CookeJohn Severin: Two-Fisted Comic Book Artist heavily illustrated h/c biography. Includes colour reproductions of two of his American Eagle western adventures

Neil Gaiman & Colleen DoranChivalry full colour hardback adaptation of a Gaiman story about an elderly widow who buys the Holy Grail in a junk shop!
Alexandro Jodorowsky & Georges Bess / Oliver BoiscommunThe Jodorowsky Library: Son of the Gun & Pietrolino 2 more of his graphic novels in this hardback from Humanoids, vol 2 of The Jodorowsky Library

Lorenzo Mattotti & Jerry KramskyGarlandia hefty b&w hardback graphic novel about life among the strange inhabitants of a fantastical land. Not new (it’s from 2018) but the 1st time in stock. From Fantagraphics
Dan SantatThe Aquanaut full colour graphic novel about a young girl and a deep sea diving suit operated by a mix of strange sea creatures! Looks good fun.
Fabien Vehlmann & KerascoetBeautiful Darkness full colour graphic novel about pixies and therir day to day struggles… Like the Mattotti g/n, it’s also got a comparison with The Moomins in the blurb!

H. P. LovecraftThe Mountains of Madness colour graphic adaptation by Adam Fyda, from Blue Fox Comics

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Transreal Fiction new Titles – w/e 2nd April 2022

in hardcover:

Charles StrossEscape From Yokai Land a Laundry novella. Signed copies available

Rory PowerIn a Garden Burning Gold Rhea & Lexos are twins who help their father rule his hidden-away kingdom with magic discover the outside world and how different things could be…

in softcover:

Mark LawrenceThe Girl and the Mountain sequel to The Girl and the Stars and The Second Book of the Ice
Scott HawkinsThe Library at Mount Char Carolyn lives and works at a mysterious ancient library – but the Librarian has gone missing… I really enjoyed the US edition a while ago
G. R. MatthewsSeven Deaths of an Empire the Emperor has died and Apprentice Magician Kyron is helping escort the body back to the capital – but whoever controls the body has great power

Marjorie Liu The Tanglefoot Palace & Other Stories the title novella plus 6 shorter fantasies

Lavie Tidhar (editor) – The Best of World SF volume 1 26 of the best short stories from around the world…

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 26th March 2022

in hardcover:

Olivie BlakeAtlas Six every decade 6 magicians are invited to compete for 5 places in the secretive Alexandrian Society…

in softcover:

J. L. WorradPennyblade Kyra is an outcast of her race, accepted by humans only because of her skill with her sword
Premee MohamedThe Annual Migration of Clouds after climate change, a young woman infected with a mind altering parasite gets the chance to escape her dead-end life
Wil McCarthyRich Man’s Sky a mission into orbit to defeat the schemes of the men who control space and access to it’s wealth
Ilona AndrewsFated Blades Ramona & Matias are on different sides but must join forces to save their paradise planet…

Richard ButnerThe Adventurists collection of 16 stories, published by Small Beer Press

Elly BlueC. A.T.S. Cycling Across Time and Space 11 sf&f stories about cats and cycling!

Gideon Marcus (publisher) – Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women Volume 2 another 20 stories from the 1950s, with intros by more modern writers! V1 is also back in stock.

Samuel R. DelanyOccasional Views Volume 2 more essays & articles, etc. on his career and the craft of writing

art, etc:

Tarek & Vincent PompettiConquest: Julius Ceasar‘s Gallic War nice looking full colour interpretation of Ceasar’s own writings
H. P. LovecraftThe Statement of Randolph Carter b&w adaptation by Steven Philip Jones with the full text also at the back. Published by Caliber Comics


Heavy Metalissue # 315 alternate covers available
Hi-Fructoseissue # 62 includes a full colour16 page insert of Frog Wife by Ryan Heshka

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Transreal Fiction new Titles – w/e 19th March 2022

in hardcover:

John Scalzi The Kaiju Preservation Society there are animal righs, and then there are alien, offworld monster rights!
Lucy Kissick Plutoshine not everybody wants the terraforming of Pluto to go ahead…

Adrian TchaikovskyOgres signed, limited edition. All’s fine until the landlord comes to the village for his rent -you don’t argue with an ogre!

Zoe GilbertMischief Acts Herne the Hunter flees down the centuries, trying to escape his fate. I loved her previous bookl, Folk, back in 2018
Tom BeckerleggeThe Carnival of Ash – Cadenza, the Renaissance city of words and poets may be forced into war with nearby Venice…

Brandon SandersonThe Way of Kings part 1 nice-looking re-issue of the first volume (in 2 parts) of The Stormlight Archive
Brandon SandersonThe Way of Kings part 2
H. P. LovecraftTales of Terror collection with 9 of his best known stories

in softcover:

Adrian Tchaikovsky – Shards of Earth 80 years after the earth was destroyed, veteranIdris makes a monumental discovery…
Becky ChambersThe Galaxy and ther Ground Within the 4th book in her Wayfarers series, which began with The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
David MusgraveLambda humanoid aliens are among us, but all they want seems to be rather menial jobs…
Micaiah Johnson Space Between Worlds the snag to travelling the multiverse is that you can’t visit another timeline if there’s already a ‘you’ there
Terry Miles Rabbits a hugely popular AR game may have a flaw in it which could destroy everything!
C. F. BarringtonThe Blood Isles sequel to The Wolf Mile, about secret bloodthirsty games set in Edinburgh
Josh WinningThe Shadow Glass the son of recently deceased film director Bob Corman (no relation) finds his father’s movie props, etc. have a life of their own!
A. Lee MartinezThe Last Adventure of Constance Verity final book in the fast moving trilogy. CV Saves the World & CV Destroys the Universe both came out very recently
Luke ArnoldDead Man in a Ditch sequel to The Last Smile in Sunder City. Fetch is a PI and also may be the only man who can restore the magic into the world…
Olga WojtasMiss Blaine’s Prefect and the Weird Sisters 3rd in the series featuring an ex-pupil of the school Miss Jean Brodie taught at! She thinks the book gave completely the wrong impression!

Brandon SandersonThe Rhythm of War part 1 the 4th book (excluding 2 novellas) of The Stormlight Archive series
Brandon Sanderson The Rhythm of War part 2
John GwynneThe Shadow of the Gods the 1st book in The Bloodsworn series; epic fantasy with a strong Norse feel
Nick MartellThe Kingdom of Liars book 1 of The Legacy of the Mercenary King. Michael is determined to prove his despised father didn’t murder the King’s 9 y.o. son…
Nick MartellThe Two-Faced Queen book 2 of The Legacy of the Mercenary King
Markus HeitzAera omnibus of the 10 novella series, The Return of the Ancient Gods first published as e-books a few years ago. Translated by Emily Gunning & Charlie Homewood

Laure EveBlackheart Knights modern-day Arthurian adventure

Samantha ShannonThe Mask Falling the 4th novel in her Bone Season series. Signed (bookplate) copies of the h/c still available

Mark KnowlesArgo historical retelling of the Greek myth. King Pelias tricks his nephew (who he thought he had had assasinated as a child) into going on a quest…
Edgar Rice BurroughsStories of Mars omnibus including Princess, Gods and Warlord of Mars. The latest in Gollancz‘s Golden Age Masterworks series of classic reprint

Steven R. Southard & Kelly A Harmon (editors) – 20,000 Leagues Remembered 16 stories inspired by Jules Verne‘s classic novel

art, etc:

Iris CompietFaeries of the Faultlines expanded edition of the 2017 Kickstarter-funded book with art reminiscent of Brian Froud‘s work. Intros by both Froud & Alan Lee
Sergio Toppi Primordial Tarot great vibrant artwork on this deck of cards. Full colour


Locus – issue # 733 February cover date includes the 2021 Year in Review feature.

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 12th March 2022

in hardcover:

James S. A. CoreyMemory’s Legion novellas set in The Expanse background

Yu Chen & Regina Kanyu Wang (editors) – The Way Spring Arrives amd other stories 18 short stories & several essays by female & non-binary people, translated from the original Chinese.

in softcover:

Max Gladstone Last Exit the US interstate system is a vast magical network capable of accessing multiple realities…
Michael Boatman Last God Standing God has abdicated for life as a normal human being, but now all the dieties He’s replaced over the millenia are trying to make a comeback…

Seanan McGuire Spelunking Through Hell subtitled ‘a Visitor’s Guide to the Underworld‘, The latest Incryptid novel, with an extra novella at the back called And Sweep Up the Wood… A cryptid field guide and a playlist are also included.

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – Mission Critical 2019 anthology I don’t remember getting at the time. 15 original stories all about problems in space!

art, etc:

3dtotal PublishingFairy Tales & Folklore the latest in their Character Design Collection for help & tips for drawing various characters

Mia WolffAbove & Below: The Voyages of Vingilio the watery adventures of a young boy. h/c with very nice art

Paul J. Bolger, Barry Devlin & Dee CunniffeHound thick h/c with dramatic, mainly b&w, art (some red highlights), retelling the myth of Cú Chulainn
Garth Ennis & Keith BurnsOut of the Blue full colour sofrcover collecting all 6 issues of the WW2 RAF adventure comic. Includes art by Ian Kennedy


Illustration – issue Number Seventy Five #75 big articles on Jessie Wilcox Smith and John Schoenherr (his includes many of his Dune related pieces)

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 05/03/2022

in hardcover:

Marlon JamesMoon Witch, Spider King 2nd in his Dark Star trilogy, which began with Black Leopard, Red Wolf

in softcover:

Gareth L. PowellStars and Bones patt 1 of a new series. The last refugees from Earth are in a fleet of vast space arks…

Khan WongCircus Infinite Jes has escaped from a lab testing them for their special abilities and finds a job in a circus – but it’s run by the Mob and they’ve got their own plans…


Very sparse week for new titles, partly because some US stuff is stuck in transit to me, and other titles are suffering delays in even reaching the suppliers…

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 26th February 2022

in hardcover:

T. L. Huchu Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments sequel to The Library of the Dead. Vol 2 in the Edinburgh Nights series
Richard SwanThe Justice of Kings vol 1 of The Empire of the Wolf. Sir Konrad is an Emperor’s Justice, who upholds the Law by whatever means, magical or otherwise, necessary…

John Joseph Adams (editor) – Lost Worlds & Mythological Kingdoms 17 new stories about unmapped or forgotten territories of all descriptions… Looks very good.

in softcover:

A. D. WarrenThe Fourth Species 3rd in the Tomorrow’s Ancestors series which began with Subject Twenty One, aboiut a re-created neanderthal in a research zoo…

Natalie Zina Walschots Hench Anna’s latest temp job is working for a costumed super-villain! But after she’s sacked after a caper goes wrong, she realises that being the hero or the monster is mainly down to marketing!

Janni Lee Simner Bones of Faerie part 1 of The Bones of Faerie Trilogy
Janni Lee Simner Faerie Winter part 2 of The Bones of Faerie Trilogy
Janni Lee SimnerFaerie After part 3 of The Bones of Faerie Trilogy

Robert JordanThe World of RJ’s Wheel of Time a tie-in with the new tv series. Text, plus a few b&w maps

art, etc:

J. R. R. TolkienPictures by JRRT very attractive new slipcased hardcover edition, with text by Christopher Tolkien

Iain McCaig Shadowline: The Art of IMcC big, full colour hardcover. Revised & expanded from the 2008 edition
James StokoeGrunt: The Art & Unpublished comics of JS. Mainly full colour, rather gonzo artwork!

Kevin Conran‘s – Sky Captain and the Art of Tomorrow large hardcover with huge amounts of concept art and designs from the 2004 film. Looks great!

Alexandro Jodorowsky & MoebiusThe Incal the deluxe black and white edition!
Thomas OttThe Forest slim hardcover graphic novel, with a single b&w panel on each page
Renaud DilliesBubbles & Gondola hardback graphic novel in full colour about the adventures of 2 mice
Renaud Dillies & Regis HautiereAbelard hardback graphic novel in full colour about the adventures of a duck and his friends. Matching editions from NBM

Steven Philip Jones & H. P. LovecrtaftThe Picture in the House b&w graphic adaptation, with the complete story text at the back. Art by Rob Davies

PS Artbooks SofteeForbidden Worlds full colour stories from 6 issues of the comic – # 101 – 106, which are all, I think, from 1962


IllustratorsIssue Thirty-Six (# 36) with articles on, interviews with, and art by Thomas Fluharty, Arantza Sestayo, Caran d’Ache & Jose Luis Salinas
Heavy Metal – issue # 314 alternate covers available

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 19th February 2022

in hardcover:

Daniel AbrahamThe Age of Ash vol 1 of a big new fantasy series (The Kithomar Trilogy) from one of the authors of The Expanse SF series
Sarah J. MaasHouse of Sky and Breath the 2nd Crescent City novel; sequel to House of Earth and Blood
Kate ElliottServant Mage a low-level mage, caught up in an anti-Royalist conspiracy. Novella
Jane YolenArch of Bone YA (or maybe younger) sequel to Moby Dick, with Starbuck’s son trying to find the truth behind Ishmael’s news of disaster for the Pequod! B&W illos by Ruth Anderson

Octavia ButlerFledgling nice new slipcased edition

Tochi OnyebuchiGoliath by 2050 all the wealth had migrated off Earth to new space colonies and habitats… Those left behind do the best they can…
Edward AshtonMickey7 Micky is a replaceable clone on a dangerous new colony world. When the 7th version disappears and is presumed dead, Mickey8 is activated…
David Weber, Timothy Zahn & Thomas PopeA Call to Insurrection the 4th in Weber’s Manticore Ascendant series, set in the Honorverse

in softcover:

Elizabeth KnoxThe Absolute Book engrossing fantasy novel; possibly my favourite book of last year, when I read the hardcover.
Erica Johansen – Beneath the Keep the 4th in her Queen of the Tearling series
Louisa MorganThe Great Witch of Brittany sequel to A Secret History of Witches
A. J. HackwithThe God of Lost Words 3rd in The Library of the Unwritten series
Stephen DeasThe House of Cats and Gulls book 2 of his Black Moon series; sequel to The Moonsteel Crown
G. R. McAllisterThe Five Queendons of Scorpica in an ancient land ruled by women only boys are now being born…

Nicole GallandMaster of the Revels solo sequel to time travel adventure The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O., which she co-wrote with Neal Stephenson
Bethany CliftThe Last One at the Party after a catastrophic plague one woman remains alive and sets out from London with a stray golden retriever looking for hope…
W. M. Cleese The Haunting of Las Lagrimas in 1913 a new gardener arrives at a long untended estate deep in the Pampas to find hostility and strangeness all around
Sue Rainsford Redder Days two twins await momentous events in an almost abandoned commune but discover that nothing they thought they knew may be true

Zen ChoSpirits Abroad expanded edition, now with 19 stories instead of 10

Lynne Jamneck (editor) – Dreams From the Witch House 19 stories, mainly from 2015, with the strap line ‘Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror’

Micheal Knost (editor) – Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy 21 articles and essays all about aspects of writing genre fiction. First published 2013

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