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Randy Writes a Novel in Transreal

So, a day or two ago, a big purple guy named Randy toured the shop, followed by a camera.
He’s doing a late-ish show at the Fringe and was just out and about…

Here’s the page with the video his team created!
Here’s the video itself on youtube




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New Titles – w/e 13th August 2016

in hardcover:

Jay KristoffNevernight epic fantasy, about a young girl raised to destroy her enemies…

in large format:

Michael SwanwickNot So Much, said the Cat new short story collection, all from the past 8 years
Adrian TchaikovskyTales of the Apt: Spoils of War short stories set in the world of his 10 volume Apt series
Chris Dolley – What Ho Automata 4 related humorous steampunk stories: Something Rummy This Way Comes, Reggiecide, The Aunt Paradox and What Ho, Automaton!

in ‘B’ format:

Catherine M. ValenteRadiance

Stephen BaxterXeelee: Endurance short stories set in his Xeelee background
Gavin DeasEmpires: The First Battle Extraction bound back to back with The First Battle Infiltration. Earth is invaded by two different alien species simultaneously! Gavin Deas is a pseudomyn for authors Stephen Deas & Gavin Smith
Afterblight ChroniclesEnd of the End omnibus edition containing short novels by Paul Cain, Cavan Scott & Simon Guerrier

Marge PiercyWoman on the Edge of Time new edition
Murray ConstantineSwastika Night the latest SF Masterwork from Orion, set in a world 700 years after the Nazi victory Hitler is worshiped as a god… Originally published in 1937

Christopher FarnsworthKill File John Smith is a paid assassin who can read minds…
T. J. LebbonThe Family Man Dom & his family are forced to flee for their lives. Thriller

Warhammer – Gotrek & Felix: Slayer volume 2 of the Doom of Gotrek Gurnisson, by David Guymer
Warhammer 40,000 – Crusaders or Dorn short stories by Guy Haley, in the Space Marines Battles series

in paperback:

C. S. Friedman –  Dreamseeker volume 2 of her Dreamwalker series

art, etc:

Jim Henson‘s The StorytellerDragons the latest graphic novel hardcover, containing 4 short stories.
Jim Henson‘s Labyrinth30th Anniversary Special softcover with 6 short stories


Locus – # 667 interviews with Nancy Kress & David D. Levine


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New Titles – w/e 6th August 2017

in hardcover:

J. K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Cursed Child parts one and two script of the play

Larry Correia & John RingoMonster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge the 1st ‘memoirs’ book but the 6th in the overall series
Travis S. Taylor & Les JohnsonOn to the Asteroid sequel to Back to the Moon

in large format:

Sarah A. HoytThrough Fire the sequel to A Few Good Men
Kerryn Offord & Rick Boatright1636: The Chronicles of Dr. Gribbleflotz the latest novel in Eric Flint‘s 1632/Ring of Fire series…

Greg Van EekhoutPacific Fire sequel to California Bones, about a strange, magical independent California

Neil WilliamsonSecret Language in at last, after being on order since it came out in June; the new novel from the author of The Moon King

Catheryne M. ValenteIn the Night Garden volume 1 of The Orphan’s Tales, back in stock. V2, In the Cities of Coin and Spice came back in last week…

in ‘B’ format:

Foz MeadowsAn Accident of Stars Saffron stumbles through a hole in reality into a kingdom on the brink of war…
Markus HeitzDark Paths 3rd part of The Legends of the Alfar. Translated from German by Sheelafh Alabaster

R. S. BelcherThe Shotgun Arcana what looks like an extremely weird western! Sequel to The Six-Gun Tarot
Keith YatsuhashiKojiki after his father dies, Keiko inherits a one way ticket to Japan and a message saying ‘Go to Japan in my place. Find the Gate. My camera will show you the way.’
Bennett R. Coles Ghosts of War the sequel to Virtues of War

in paperback:

Harry TurtledoveBombs Away the 1st in his new The Hot War series, in which the Korean conflict goes nuclear and war spreads over the rest of the world…
Ben BovaDeath Wave the sequel to New Earth, in which the expedition returns to Earth to warn of coming devastation to the planet…
R. M. MeluchThe Twice and Future Caesar the 6th of the Tour of the Merrimack, set on a battleship in a future space empire ruled by Rome

Faith HunterBlood of the Earth the 1st in her Soulwood series, a spin-off of her Jane Yellowrock series…

art, etc:

Mark GrilleyThe Drawing Lesson softcover graphic novel teaching the reader how to draw

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New Titles – w/e 30th July 2016

in large format:

Amanda RouchetA Promise of Fire in a kingdom on the brink of civil war, Cat has taken refuge in a circus, where her powers are more easily concealed from her enemies…
Elizabeth CrowensSilent Meridian the secret adventures and cases of Sherlock Holmes, with H. G. Wells and others. Volume 1 of The Time Travelling Professor

Jack CadyThe Hauntings of Wood Canal a canal in Washington State conceals a dread menace, but when it’s killed, a far worse terror is revealed…
Stevie KopasThe Breadwinner Trilogy omnibus volume containing the zombie apocalypse novels The Breadwinner, Haven & All Good Times

in ‘B’ format:

Aliette de BodardThe House of Shattered Wings Paris is almost destroyed in the Great Magicians War, but life continues…
Rhonda MasonThe Empress Game the final seat on the beleaguered space empire’s ruling council is about to be decided by ritualised combat

Ursula K. LeGuinAlways Coming Home the latest in their SF Masterworks series from Orion

in paperback:

Eric Flint & Walter H. Hunt1636: The Cardinal Virtues the latest in Flint’s long running Ring of Fire/1632 series
Steve WhiteSoldiers out of Time the 5th in his Jason Thanon series, which began with Blood of the Heroes

art,. etc:

Mark Poulton & Dexter WeeksA Cat Named Haiku cute art, each matched with a haiku (of sorts!) in hardcover

Brandon Sanderson, Rik Hoskin & Julius GopezWhite Sand hardcover graphic novel adaptation of a previously unpublished work set in Sanderson’s Cosmere background
Milo ManaraGullivera his adult version of Gulliver’s Travels! Hardcover from Humanoids

Maximilien Le Roy & A. DanThoreau: A Sublime Life back in stock at last


Locus – # 666 with interviews with Peter Straub and Joe Hill

Hi-Fructose – issue # 40 featuring Charlie Immer, who gets an 8 page insert

2017 calendars:
Yes, here they come again already!

Boris Vallejo & Julie BellFantasy Calendar 2017

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New Titles – w/e 23rd July 2016

in hardcover:

Gavin ChaitLament for the Fallen a man who may not be entirely human crashlands near an isolated village in West Africa… Looks intriguing
Max GladstoneFour Roads Cross the 5th in his Craft Sequence, which began with Three Parts Dead.
Harry TurtledoveFallout part 2 of The Hot War, in which the Cold War escalates rapidly into WWIII

Dung Kai-CheungThe Archaeology of an Imaginary City in the future, archeologists research the remnants of a city much like (but not) Hong Kong, called Victoria

in large format:

Alastair ReynoldsBeyond the Aquila Rift giant collection of his short fiction. Also in hardcover
Jeffrey FordA Natural History of Hell a baker’s dozen of his short stories
Paul Di FilippoA Palazzo in the Stars 17 of his inimitable short stories dating from 2010 – 2013, with notes on each by the author

Lilith SaintcrowWasteland King volume 3 of the Gallow & Ragged series

in ‘B’ format:

Natasha PulleyThe Watchmaker of Filigree Street fun steampunk adventure set in London in 1883, which includes a clockwork octopus!
Michael R. MillerThe Dragon’s Blade after being mortally wounded, the last Prince of Dragons is magically transferred into a human baby’s body. 20 years pass and he must reclaim his birthright…
Maria LewisWho’s Afraid? When her mother dies, unhappy Tommi goes to New Zealand seeking her father and discovers her true heritage…

K. S. MerbethBite in a Mad Max style future, Kid hitches a ride with a quartet of dodgy individuals…
Clive BarkerThe Scarlet Gospels the return of Pinhead

Edward S. EllisThe Steam Man of the Prairies short fantastical novel from 1868

Jonathan CooperThe Showstoppers the 2nd in the Lethbridge Stewart adventures featuring the UNIT officer from Doctor Who

in paperback:

Brendan DuBoisDark Victory 16 y.o. Randy barely remembers life before the incessant fighting against the brutal alien invaders…

Star TrekBest Defense the 2nd in the Legacies series by David Mack, celebrating 50 years of Star Trek

Alexander FreedBattlefront the latest Star Wars adventure, featuring the Twilight Company

art, etc:

Dopress BooksSteampunk: The Art of Retro-Futurism large softcover full of great illustrations…

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New Titles – w/e 16th July 2016

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsBeyond the Aquila Rift giant collection of his short fiction, edited by Jonathan Strahan & William Schafer

Ben H. WintersUnderground Airlines in the USA slavery still exists and Victor has been persuaded to become a bounty hunter hunting escaped slaves…

Neil GaimanNeverwhere new edition illustrated by Chris Riddell

Simon Guerrier & Dr. Marek KukulaThe Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who

in large format:

Jonathan Strahan (editor)- Drowned Worlds anthology with a great line-up of authors contributing new stories. McAuley, Robinson, Tidhar, Morrow
Derrick Belanger (editor) – Beyond Watson anthology with a dozen stories of Sherlock Holmes from points of view other than Dr. Watson’s

in ‘B’ format:

Robin HobbFool’s Quest the 2nd book of her Fitz and the Fool series
Jen WilliamsThe Silver Tide 3rd in the series after The Copper Promise & The Iron Ghost
James Hornor JacobsForeign Devils sequel to The Incorruptibles, about a 19th C America in a world in which Rome never fell…
Seth DickinsonThe Traitor well reviewed fantasy, US title is The Traitor Baru Cormorant

Ian McDonald Luna: New Moon acclaimed novel of life on an industrialised Moon… (v2 is postponed until February 2017)
Nina Allan – The Race in a chaotic near future, a young girl goes missing, sparking serious changes for her aunt, Jenna as she tries to find her…
Greg Bear
Killing Titan 2nd in his War Dogs trilogy
Wesley ChuTime Siege sequel to Time Salvager

Vernor VingeA Deepness in the Sky the latest re-issue in the Orion SF Masterworks series. Epic scale science fiction
Sadie MillerMoon Blink a Lethbridge Stewart adventure in the world of Doctor Who

Kit Caless & Gary Budden (editors) – An Unreliable Guide to London 23 short stories about
London and it’s quirks

art, etc:

Moebius & Alexandro JodorowskyMadwoman of the Sacred Heart hardcover re-issue from Humanoids


Interzone – issue # 265
Black Static – issue # 53

Heavy Metal – issue # 281


Game of Thrones – 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle map of the world of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin
Game of ThronesFamily Tree 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle showing the family trees of the Arryn, Stark, Targaryen, Lannister & Baratheon Houses from A Game of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

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New Titles – w/e 9th July 2016

in hardcover:

Tim PowersDown and Out in Purgatory dark fantasy revenge novella from Subterranean Press

in large format:

Arkady & Boris StrugatskyThe Doomed City written earlier, but eventually published in 1988/9 in Russian and now, finally, in English. Set in a city where the sun is switched off at night! Translated by Andrew Bromfield
Frank OwenSouth America has been split in two by another civil war but viruses and plague keep blowing from the North over the lands on the South…
Agustin de RojasThe Year 200 Cuba’s best known sf novel, published there in 1990. Communism has won over capitalism, but humanity is still divided. Looks intriguing. Translated by Nick Caistor & Hebe Powell

Gardner Dozois (editor) – The Year’s Best Science Fiction : Thirty-Third Annual Collection the collection the other annuals are measured against…
Gardner Dozois (editor) – The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 29 the UK edition of the collection the other annuals are measured against!
Paula Guran (editor) – Beyond the Woods: Fairy Tales Retold 30 modern updates on classic fairy tales

Ann & Jeff Vandermeer (editors) – The Big Book of Science Fiction: The Ultimate Collection oversized softcover with over a hundred short stories from H. G. Wells onward, from all over the world

Ben BovaThe Best of Bova: volume II 25 more of his short stories

in ‘B’ format:

Cixin LiuThe Dark Forest sequel to the Hugo Award winning Three Body Problem

Terry Pratchett & Stephen BaxterThe Long Utopia the 4th book in their Long Earth multiple worlds series
Jim ButcherThe Aeronaut’s Windlass 1st volume in his new steampunk fantasy series, The Cinder Spires
Rjurik DavidsonThe Stars Askew sequel to Unwrapped Sky, which I enjoyed a lot when it came out a couple of years ago. The revolution is over but that’s not the end of the city of Caeli-Amur’s problems!
Paige OrwinThe Interminables a cataclysm has shattered reality and two agents of the ruling cabal stumble across a secret war going on that may change everything!

Eric M. BosargeThe Time Train in the 1930s Amos discovers that a future great grandson will inadvertently assist an alien invasion, and that to prevent this, time travellers have come back to his time to kill him!
Sarah KuhnHeroine Complex Evie is PA to her childhood friend, who is now a superhero; she’s good at the job but it all starts going wrong when she has to pose as her boss…

in paperback:

Julia Verne St.JohnThe Transference Engine in 1838 a cult of necromancers want to bring Lord Byron back to life and his nemesis Magdala and Ada Lovelace must stop them!

2017 calendars:

Star TrekShips of the Line wall calendar


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New Titles – w/e 2nd July 2016

in hardcover:

Terry Pratchett & Stephen BaxterThe Long Cosmos the 5th and final book in their Long Earth series.

Larry Niven & Steven BarnesThe Seascape Tattoo their latest collaboration in The Magic Goes Away series
Claudia Christian & Morgan Grant BuchananGladiator the 1st novel in their Wolf’s Empire series, about a Galactic Roman Empire

Stephen DonaldsonThe Augur’s Gambit the portents show that the kingdom of Indemmie is doomed, but Gordian the Augur has a plan… Novella
Stephen DonaldsonThe King’s Justice a stranger arrives in a remote village on the trail of a terrible crime… Novella

in large format:

Jenna BlackDescendant: The Complete Nikki Glass Series omnibus collecting 4 novels and Pros and Cons, a 70 page novella previously only available as a e-book

in ‘B’ format:

Jack McDevittThunderbird sequel to 1996’s Ancient Shores, although no particular knowledge of that book is required to enjoy this one. An ancient stargate has been discovered on a Native American reservation and plans are afoot to explore and exploit it! (The previous book told of the events leading to it’s discovery)
Melinda SnodgrassThe High Ground part 1 of The Imperials Saga the Emperor’s daughter is admitted to the Solar League’s elite military academy, and she must graduate…
Walter TevisThe Man Who Fell to Earth the latest SF Masterwork from Orion. 1st published in 1963

Cynthea MassonThe Alchemists’ Council Jaden is a new Initiate tasked with helping to maintain the elemental balance. But is the Rebel Branch he fights against the real enemy?
Alyc HelmsThe Conclave of Shadow sequel to The Dragons of Heaven
Christina HenryRed Queen Alice’s adventures are stranger and more dangerous than in Lewis Carroll‘s story!

Richard KadreyThe Perdition Score the 8th Sandman Slim novel…

David A. Goodman (editor) – The Autobiography of James T. Kirk Star Trek from the iconic captain’s point of view!

in paperback:

David Weber & Timothy ZahnA Call to Duty the 1st in the Manticore Ascendant, set in Weber’s Honorverse
Michael Z. WilliamsonA Long Time Until Now a US army patrol in Afghanistan discovers itself one of several groups from across history now stranded in prehistoric times…

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildCrimson Shore the 15th Agent Pendergast case, as he investigates strangenesses possibly connected to the Salem Witch Trials

L. E. Modesitt, jr.Haze and The Hammer of Darkness omnibus edition of 2 of his stand-alone SF novels. The mysterious planet Haze is protected by millions of nanotech satellites. And are the Gods really gods? Martin Martel battles to discover the truth. Modesitt’s 2nd novel, from 1985

Star TrekCaptain to Captain part 1 of Legacies, a special 50th Anniversary trilogy by Greg Cox

art, etc:

3dTotalPublishingMaster the Art of Speed Painting: Digital Painting Techniques very nice looking softcover with loads of full colour illustrations

Tony MillionaireDrinky Crow Drinks Again the latest collection of Maakies comic strips. Hardcover, b&w

Phillippe Thirault,  Marc Males & Mario JanniThousand Faces hardcover fom Humanoids collecting all 5 albums of the Wild West adventure story. Full colour
Kurt Busiek, Mario Alberti, Sam Timel & BazalRedhand: Twilight of the Gods full colour fantasy adventure from Humanoids. Softcover
Michelangelo La Neve & Marco NizzoliDay of the Magicians now in softcover
Alexandre JodorowskyScreaming Planet now in softcover

Fritz LeiberFafhrd and the Gray Mauser: The Cloud of Hate and other stories softcover collecting the first 5 issues of the 1973 comic, Sword of Sorcery. Stories adapted by Dennis O’Neil, Howard Chaykin & Walter Simonson. Great art!


Locus – June cover date, issue # 665 Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling on the cover and the quarterly forthcoming books sections inside

Illustration – issue # 51 featuring John Gannam, Frank Walts and pulp art by C. B. Mayshark


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New Titles – w/e 25th June 2016

in hardcover:

Charles StrossThe Nightmare Stacks the 7th of the Laundry Files. Signed copies available.

Sarah PerryThe Essex Serpent strange goings-on in the Essex marshes of late Victorian England

Mira GrantRise  hefty volume of all the short stories set in her Newsflesh series world

in large format:

Lisa Tuttle(The Curious Affair of) The Sonambulist and the Psychic Thief a case for consulting detective Jasper Jesperson and his colleague Miss Lane, once the assistant to a fraudulent psychic (so she knows all the tricks) …
Guy HaleyThe Emperor’s Railroad a 1000 years after civilisation crashed, strange creatures range the lands between warring city-states
James de MilleA Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder satirical sf novel first published in book form in 1888. 4 sailors discover a manuscript detailing epic explorations and adventures…

Ellen Datlow (editor) – The Best Horror of the Year volume eight 20 of the best from last year…

in ‘B’ format:

Jonathan Oliver (editor) – End of the Road anthology of new weird travel tales by the likes of Philip Reeve, Adam Nevill and Ian Whates

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdRebel the 3rd in the series about Vicky Peterwald, daughter of Kris Longknife

Tanith LeeNight’s Master reprint of vol 1 of her exotic Tales from the Flat Earth series from 1978


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Nightmare Stacks

Signed copies in stock now!

The 7th Laundry Files novel from Charles Stross.

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