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New Titles – w/e 25th June 2016

in hardcover:

Charles StrossThe Nightmare Stacks the 7th of the Laundry Files. Signed copies available.

Sarah PerryThe Essex Serpent strange goings-on in the Essex marshes of late Victorian England

Mira GrantRise  hefty volume of all the short stories set in her Newsflesh series world

in large format:

Lisa Tuttle(The Curious Affair of) The Sonambulist and the Psychic Thief a case for consulting detective Jasper Jesperson and his colleague Miss Lane, once the assistant to a fraudulent psychic (so she knows all the tricks) …
Guy HaleyThe Emperor’s Railroad a 1000 years after civilisation crashed, strange creatures range the lands between warring city-states
James de MilleA Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder satirical sf novel first published in book form in 1888. 4 sailors discover a manuscript detailing epic explorations and adventures…

Ellen Datlow (editor) – The Best Horror of the Year volume eight 20 of the best from last year…

in ‘B’ format:

Jonathan Oliver (editor) – End of the Road anthology of new weird travel tales by the likes of Philip Reeve, Adam Nevill and Ian Whates

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdRebel the 3rd in the series about Vicky Peterwald, daughter of Kris Longknife

Tanith LeeNight’s Master reprint of vol 1 of her exotic Tales from the Flat Earth series from 1978


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Nightmare Stacks

Signed copies in stock now!

The 7th Laundry Files novel from Charles Stross.

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New Titles – w/e 18th June 2016

in hardcover:

Taylor AndersonBlood in the Water the 11th in his Destroyermen series about a US warship and crew lost in an alternate history where humans didn’t evolve…
Laura LamFalse Hearts several decades in the future, a once-conjoined twin is persuaded to pose as her sister to investigate strange goings on. If she succeeds, her sister may receive the treatment she needs to live…

Tom LloydStranger of Tempest part 1 of new fantasy series The God Fragments
Simon R. GreenDead Man Walking the 2nd Ishmael Jones Mystery
Justin CroninThe City of Mirrors the final part of The Passage trilogy

Lois McMaster BujoldPenric’s Demon novella from Subterranean Press set in her World of the Five Gods

in large format:

Patricia A. McKillipDreams of Distant Shores short story collection, including 3 never before published

in ‘B’ format:

Naomi NovikLeague of Dragons the 9th and final Temeraire adventure! Napoleon makes a last, desperate attempt to win by bribing all the dragons he can!

Nimue BrownWhen We Are Vanished  silicon based computers have stopped functioning, but innovative cellulose-based tech may be the solution…
Daniel GodfreyNew Pompeii an energy company discovers a technology that enables them to transport matter from the past, but soon the project has wildly different aims than cheap energy…

Joe R. LansdaleMiracles Ain’t What They Used To Be the latest Outspoken Author volume from PM Press. includes fiction, an interview, several biographical pieces & a bibliography


Shoreline of Infinity – issue # 4 includes The Stilt-Men of the Lunar Swamps by local author Andrew J. Wilson and other fiction by Gary Gibson, among others. Also book reviews and interviews with Ken MacLeod and Tricia Sullivan


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New Laundry Novel by Charles Stross

It’s that time of the year again! A new Charles Stross novel!

Charlie’s 7th Laundry Files novel comes out on the 23rd of this month – i.e. in two weeks! – and is called The Nightmare Stacks.

As before, I will be able to provide signed & dedicated copies of it.
The price for the UK edition is £18.99 and postage within the UK will be another £2.85, making a total per copy of £21.84
Contact me on with details of how you’d like it signed and I’ll issue a PayPal Invoice.
Options include a plain signature, or with the date, or location (Edinburgh) or a brief greeting. No first lines though, I’m afraid.

For Europe, the postage is £6.95
For almost everywhere else it’s £10.40
And for Australia/NZ it’s £11.25


Alex Schwartz had a great job and a promising future – until he caught an unfortunate bout of vampirism, and agreed (on pain of death) to join the Laundry, Britain’s only counter-occult secret intelligence agency. His first assignment is in Leeds – his old hometown. But the thought of telling his parents he’s lost his job, let alone their discovering his ‘condition’, is causing Alex almost as much anxiety as his new lifestyle of supernatural espionage.
His only saving grace is Cassie Brewer, a student from the local Goth Festival who flirts with him despite his fear of sunlight (and girls). But Cassie has secrets of her own – secrets that make Alex’s night life seem positively normal …James Bond meets H. P. Lovecraft in the latest occult thriller from Hugo Award winner Charles Stross, in a series where British spies take on the supernatural.





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New Titles – w/e 11th June 2016

in hardcover:

Joe ZiejaMechanical Failure after a year away from the Service, Roger returns and finds that it’s preparing for a war he really doesn’t think exists… The strap line is ‘please restart your warship’!

Terry BrooksThe Sorcerer’s Daughter the final book in The Defenders of Shannara trilogy, part 28 of his long-running Shannara series (I think)

Robert McCammonFreedom of the Mask the latest Matthew Corbett case, set in 1703
Thomas SniegoskiSavage Sidney is about to move off the island she grew up on, but there’s a storm coming. And it’s not a normal storm…

David HamblingThe Dulwich Horror 7 more Lovecraft inspired stories set in south London! His previous two novelettes, The Elder Ice & Broken Meat are not included.

Doctor WhoThe Legends of River Song 5 stories of the life of the Doctor Who character

in large format:

Karin BoyeKallocain obscure Swedish dystopian novel from 1940 and translated in 1966. It’s on the list of nominees for a retro-Hugo this year!
Nicholas Sansbury SmithOrbs cut off in deep quarantine preparing for a vital Mars mission, the doors to the outside are finally opened and they find the world has changed drastically…
Ren WaromEscapology Shock is a genius on-line; off-line he’s running from the enemies he’s made in the virtual world called the Slip…

Hannu RajaniemiInvisible Planets: Collected Fiction 19 of his short stories, with intros he wrote for a couple of them. I assume this is the same as the h/c called Collected Fiction that came out last Spring

in ‘B’ format:

Terry PratchettThe Shepherd’s Crown Terry’s final Discworld novel, featuring Tiffany Aching
Charles StrossThe Annihilation Score his 6th Laundry novel; signed copies will be available soon

Gail Z. MartinThe Shadowed Path short stories featuring Jonmarc Vahanian
Michael MoorcockThe Whispering Swarm semi-autobiographical fantasy set in post-war London
Anna CaltabianoThe Time of the Clockmaker Miss Hatfield has lost the strange clock that enables her to time travel – and she’s stranded in the 16th C!

Ted ChiangStories of Your Life and Other Stories the title story plus 7 others

Kameron HurleyThe Geek Feminist Revolution 37 of her essays (plus intro)

art, etc:

Simon StalenhagTales from the Loop Swedish landscapes with… weird things happening. Alien spaceships, giant mecha, robots & maybe dinosaurs! With short pieces of explanatory text. Hardcover; looks excellent!


Illustrationissue # 52 large features on mid-20th C artists John La Gatta and Harry Beckhoff
IllustratorsIssue Fourteen lead feature on Tara McPherson, with another substantial piece on Joe Jusco

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New Titles – w/e 4th June 2016

in hardcover:

Simon R. GreenDR. DOA the 10th in his Secret Histories series
Mercedes LackeyA Study in Sable the 11th in her Elemental Masters series

Malka Older Infomocracy in the future the world consists of global micro-democracies but politics can still get dirty

John Ringo & Gary Poole (editors) – Black Tide Rising a dozen stories set in Ringo’s zombie apocalypse world, by such authors as Eric Flint, John Scalzi, Sarah Hoyt and Ringo himself

in large format:

Danil O’MalleyStiletto the long-awaited further adventures of Myfanwy Thomas, which began in The Rook

Paul KruegerLast Call at the Nightshade Lounge Bailey learns to fight demons and monsters with magically mixed cocktails! Different drinks give a range of special powers to help…

David Afsharirad (editor) – The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF 20215 the 2nd annual collection, with a dozen stories

in ‘B’ format:

Iain PearsArcadia fascinating blend of fantasy and science fiction; one of my favourite books of last year, when the hardcover came out.
Neal StephensonSeveneves epic story of humanity’s survival after the Earth becomes uninhabitable

V. E. SchwabThis Savage Song the 1st Monsters of Verity novel. Two quite different people from opposite sides in a city where monsters are real…
Django WexlerThe Price of Valour the 3rd in his ‘black powder’ fantasy series, The Shadow Campaigns, which began with The Thousand Names
J. R. WardBlood Kiss part 1 of The Black Dagger Legacy romantic fantasy series
Rebecca AlexanderThe Secrets of Time and Fate cross-time fantasy set in the present day and in Dr. John Dee’s 16th Century England
Jenny T. ColganResistance is Futile a mathematician is recruited to a secret code-breaking project…

B. CatlingThe Vorrh on a distant planet, a soldier sets off to be the first human to cross a strange, apparently endless forest
Adrian J. WalkerThe End of the World Running Club Edgar is 500 miles from home when disaster strikes the world and he must get home as quickly as possible…

Gardner Dozois (editor) – Mash Up top authors contributes their own stories which use classic first sentences from other novels as their starting point!

Warhammer 40,000Adeptus Mechanicus omnibus edition of 2 of Rob Sanders‘ adventures, Skitarius & Tech-Priest
Warhammer 40,000The Plagues of Orath three short novels in the Space Marines Battles series; Plague Harvest by Cavan Scott, Engines of War by Steve Lyons & Armour of Faith by Graeme Lyon. Includes 4 page glossy colour insert

in paperback:

Simon R. GreenFrom a Drood to a Kill the 9th in his Secret Histories series
Victor Milan – The Dinosaur Lords chivalry, knights and all sorts of dinosaurs, either to be ridden to battle or hunted!
N. S. DolkartSilent Hall 5 refugees from a deadly plague take up a quest for magic strong enough to save themselves, and their wizard patron’s magic library…

Lincoln ChildThe Forgotten Room in a private estate on Rhode Island a deserted wing of a mansion may hold the answers to some strange events…
Chuck WendigZeroes several hackers & conspiracy theorists are forced into working for the Government but come across secrets even they can hardly believe…

art, etc:

Daniel WallaceWarcraft: Behind the Dark Portal subtitled ‘inside the epic new film‘. One half is full colour art and the history of the Alliance, flip it over and the other side does the same for the Horde.


Doctor WhoLegacy of Death Fourth Doctor adventure # 5.4 from Big Finish, featuring Tom Baker and Lalla Ward
Doctor Who And You Will Obey Me the latest Big Finish ( # 211) adventure featuring Peter Davidson


Game of ThronesPlaying Cards 2nd edition with new characters on the face cards

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New Titles – w/e 28th May 2016

in hardcover:

Emma GeenThe Many Selves of Katherine North Kit is part of a research program which projects her mind into various animals, but she realises that there’s more to the work than she realised…
Kugane MaruyamaOverlord 1: The Undead King an innovative on-line game is switched off, but one of the players was still logged on, and everything suddenly seems more real! With colour plates, character stats and a triple foldout of the main characters and a cut-away of one of the main locations. Nice production.

Doctor WhoIn the Blood new novel with the tenth Doctor and Donna, by Jenny Colgan

in ‘B’ format:

Jamie SawyerLegion the 2nd in his Lazarus Wars series. The Lazarus Legion are sent on a mission to find an artifact that may help humanity defeat the alien Krell
Jodi TaylorLies, Damned Lies and History the 7th of her Chronicles of St. Mary’s. Fun time travel series.

George Mann
Ghosts of Karnak 3rd in his Ghost series, which began with Ghost of Manhattan and Ghosts of War. Now the ghost is involved with strange ancient Egyptian relics and murder!
Ken LiuThe Grace of Kings epic fantasy!

China MievilleThree Moments of an Explosion 28 short stories

Dan AbnettStraight Silver the latest Gaunt’s Ghost Warhammer 40,000 adventure
Nick KymeDamnos the latest omnibus from the Black Library, set in their Warhammer 40,000 background. A Space Marines Battles volume containing Fall of Damnos & Spear of Macragge

in paperback:

Sharon Lee & Steve MillerDragon in Exile the latest Liaden Universe novel; the 18th, I believe

art, etc:

Tom AdamsUncovered: The Art of Agatha Christie and Beyond hardcover with art from all sorts of projects, from AC’s cover art to David Attenborough nature illustrations and dinosaurs, to Lou Reed album covers!
Rahsan Ekedal – hardback with b&w sketches and full colour finished art, including several multi-page sequences of comic book art


Locus – issue # 664

games, etc:

The Game of Thrones  – Puzzle of King’s Landing a big push-out and clip-together jigsaw-like kit with 260 pieces which assembles into a genuine 3-D model of King’s Landing!

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New Titles – w/e 21st May 2016

in hardcover:

Stephen Baxter & Alastair ReynoldsThe Medusa Chronicles inspired by Arthur C. Clarke‘s A Meeting With Medusa, about exploring the atmosphere of Jupiter
Andrew BannisterCreation Machine in a corner of the Spin space empire, an enormous ancient engineering machine has been discovered, which could spell disaster!

China MievilleThree Moments of an Explosion: Stories 28 reasonably recent short stories

in large format:

Andrzej SapkokskiThe Tower of the Swallow the latest in the Witcher series that began with The Last Wish. Translated from Polish by David French
Ian Irvine
The Summon Stone the start of a new trilogy, The Gates of Good and Evil, again set in his Three Worlds background

Clark Ashton SmithA Vintage From Atlantis the 3rd of the 5 volume Collected Fantasies from Night Shade Books. Includes some his best known stories

Kenneth Hite & Kennon BaumanThe Cthulhu Wars illustrated alternate history subtitled ‘The United States’ Battles Against the Mythos’, which start back in the 16th C, apparently!
Mercedes Lackey (editor) – Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 the best of last year’s awards, not the recently announced ones

in ‘B’ format:

A. G. RiddleDeparture Flight 305 crash-lands, but nowhere they expected!

Paul McAuleyFairyland the latest of the SF Masterworks from Orion, originally published in 1995. Nanotech, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence…
Fred HoyleThree Classic Novels omnibus comprising Ossian’s Ride, October the First Is Too Late and Fifth Planet (co-written with Geoffrey Hoyle). A secretive economic miracle taking place in Ireland, time periods are all mixed up, and rival expeditions to one of a rogue star’s passing planets…

Thomas LigottiSongs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe collecting his 1st two horror short story collections in a Penguin Classics edition

in paperback:

Forgotten RealmsSpellstorm the 10th Sage of Shadowdale adventure, featuring Elminster the Mage; it is also the latest Dungeons and Dragons novel by Ed Greenwood


Interzone – # 264, cover date May – June
Black Static – # 52 cover date May – June

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New Titles – w/e 14th May 2016

OK, so my connection still isn’t right and causing some problems but it’s better than it was!


in hardcover:

Ken MacLeodDissidence part 1 of his new trilogy The Corporation Wars. Signed copies available now!

Guy Gavriel KayChildren of Earth and Sky a return to his alternate Renaissance Europe…
Steven EriksonFall of Light the 2nd volume in his Malazan-related Kharkanas Trilogy

in large format:

Paul KearneyThe Wolf in the Attic in the wake of WW1, Anna Francis is a young Greek refugee who crosses paths with C. S. Lewis in Oxford…

in ‘B’ format:

Adam RobertsTwenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea in 1958 France’s first nuclear-powered submarine dives, and keeps diving!
Al RobertsonCrashing Heaven Jack Forster fought in the recent system-wide conflict between warring AIs and has a Combat AI installed in him. And it has plans for him…
Tracey Lee FordDinosaur Isle like Jurassic Park as a scientific endeavour without the tourists, but things still go wrong! Incorporates up-to-date research findings.

Edward CoxThe Cathedral of Known Things 40 years after the events of Relic the Guild are forced to flee from their old enemies, the Genii

Katherine LangrishSeven Miles of Steel Thistles subtitled ‘Reflections on Fairy Tales

in paperback:

Michelle WestOracle the 6th in her House Wars fantasy series

Steve AltenMeg revised and expanded edition of the thriller featuring a huge, prehistoric shark that isn’t extinct!

 art, etc:

William O’ConnorThe Great Hall of Dinosaurs hardback subtitled ‘An Artist’s Exploration into the Jurassic World‘ Sketches, tips and finished art for painting or drawing all sorts of dinos!
J. David SpurlockFrazetta Sketchbook II hardcover edition

Mary M. Talbot & Bryan TalbotThe Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia hardcover graphic novel about Louise Michel, a radical from the Paris Commune of 1871 who was tried and deported…
Maxemilien Le Roy & A. DanThoreau: A Sublime Life hardback biographic graphic novel of the philosopher and naturalist

Sylviane Corgiat & Corrado MastantuonoElias the Cursed fantasy adventure from Humanoids
Christian Perrissin & Enea Riboldi – Cape Horn graphic novel of the history of Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia’s European colonisation, from Humanoids, now in softcover

Maris WicksScience Comics: Coral Reefs: Cities of the Ocean fun little colourful graphic novel for children all about the life of a reef
M. K. Reed & Joe FloodScience Comics: Dinosaurs, Fossils & Feathers fun little colourful graphic novel for children all about fossil hunting and dinosaurs!


Heavy Metal – issue # 280



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Internet Problems

Please note that e-mails, etc may be slow to get an answer as my shop connection has failed.
Back online as soon as possible.

Mail to do with signed copies of Dissidence will be answered as expeditiously as possible.
If you’ve ordered a signed copy of The Nightmare Stacks please don’t worry, there’s plenty time!

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