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Signed Copies – V. E. Schwab

The latest book by V. E. Schwab comes out in a couple of weeks and she has kindly agreed to sign copies for me.

It’s called A Darker Shade of Magic and is a ‘B’ format paperback from Titan Books, costing £7.99 plus postage.
Postage within the UK will be £1.51, making the total £9.50

I’ll also have a limited number of the Tor US hardcover, which will be £18.99 plus postage.
Postage within the UK will be £2.80, making the total £21.79

Signing options available will be plain signature, or with date, location (Edinburgh) or brief greeting (To Mike, Best wishes, Happy Birthday, etc.)
To order your copy e-mail me at saying what you’d like and which country you live in and I’ll issue a PayPal Invoice for the appropriate amount. Once paid, and the books are in, I’ll get it signed and sent off to you.

For postage rates abroad, please see the V. E. Schwab page on the ‘pages’ list beside this post. Other books you can ask to be signed are listed there also.


A Darker Shade of Magic

Most people only know one London; but what if there were several? Kell is one of the last Travelers – magicians with a rare ability to travel between parallel Londons. There’s Grey London, dirty and crowded and without magic, home to the mad king George III. There’s Red London, where life and magic are revered.

Then, White London, ruled by whoever has murdered their way to the throne. But once upon a time, there was Black London…


edit for clarification

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New Titles – w/e 24th January 2015

in large format:

Patricia A. McKillipGateway Omnibus from Gollancz, containing In the Forests of Sfere, Alphabet of Thorn and The Bell at Sealey Head
Gareth E. ReesMarshland weird fiction and strange history and folklore featuring Hackney marshes and the surrounding areas. Illustrated by Ada Jusic.

in ‘B’ format:

Patricia BriggsNight Broken her 8th Mercy Thomson novel…
Gareth L. PowellMacaque Attack 3rd volume in his Ack-Ack Macaque trilogy
Stephen BlackmooreMythbreaker Fitz is trying to go straight after a life of crime, but ends up on the run from an angel. And he’s always suffered from hallucinations…
Charles DeLintOver My Head the middle part of his Wildings trilogy.  All three parts are now is stock.

magazines, etc:

Black Static – #44 the usual mix of fiction and reviews

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New Titles – w/e 17th January 2015

in hardcover:

Jim C. HinesUnbound the 3rd in his Magic Ex Libris series…
Tim PowersNobody’s Home subtitled An Anubis Gates Story. Novella from Subterranean Press, illustrated by J. K. Potter

in large format:

Alfred DoblinThe Three Leaps of Wang Lun early (1915) German Expressionist novel, also an early example of ‘China as a fantasy kingdom’. Translated by C. D. Godwin
Edgar Pangborn
Gateway Omnibus the latest release in the Gollancz series, containing Davy, A Mirror for Observers and the short story collection Good Neighbours and Other Strangers
Charles DeLint - Under My Skin shape-shifting fantasy; Wildings #1

‘B’ format:

Maggie StiefvaterThe Raven Boys the pupils of the nearby private school are known as the Raven Boys, and Blue can’t resist finding out more about magic and their strange and sinister world…

art, etc:

Joseph Corn & Katherine ChambersYesterday’s Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American Future softback full of art showing now obsolete futures! Lots of explanatory text

Terry Pavlet & Sam GaffordStrange Detective Mysteries 14 years after Edgar Allan Poe‘s death, a group of crack problem solvers is assembled to solve his murder. Features Conan Doyle, Wells, Tesla, Houdini & Bat Masterton! b&w
Warren Ellis & Chris WestonMinistry of Space back in stock; alternate history with Great Britain winning the post-war Space Race. Full colour


Locus – November issue, trailing in at last…
Heavy Metal – issue #272
Juxtapoz – February cover date
Hi-Fructose – #34; includes a 16 page Gary Taxali insert

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New Titles – w/e 10th January 2015

Happy New Year!


in hardcover:

James MorrowGalapagos Regained alternate history in which Darwin’s animal keeper steals his ideas, but then has to collect her own specimens to back up her arguments!
Brandon SandersonFirefight the 2nd in his Reckoners series, the first was Steelheart
John RingoStrands of Sorrow the 4th (and apparently final) part in his nautical zombie apocalypse series!

Peter V. BrettMessenger’s Legacy illustrated Demon Cycle novella
Simon R. GreenTales from the Nightside 10 short stories

in large format:

Charles de LintOut of this World the 3rd book in his Wildlings series, which began with Under my Skin
James Morrow – The Philosopher’s Apprentice
Mason Ambrose accepts a dream job on a tropical island to re-educate a young woman who has lost both her memory and her moral compass
James Morrow – The Madonna and the Starship short satirical novel with diabolical lobsters from outer space!
Liz Riley Jones - Hiraeth Moira is an orphan who discovers she is descended from Druids, and that they still exist on Anglesey. She is soon at the centre of a secret civil war…
Douglas F. Warwick - Plow the Bones collection of his weird fiction
Ellen Datlow (editor) – Lovecraft’s Monsters stories from some top current authors!
Pamela Sargent – Dream of Venus and Other Science Fiction Stories 5 stories from her ‘Venus of Dreams‘ background. Published back-to-back Ace Double style with
Jack Dann & George Zebrowski – Decimated: 10 Science Fiction Stories collaborative stories, mainly from the early/mid 1070s

Ursula K. LeGuinThe Wave in the Mind stories and essays, published in 2004

Mike Resnick (editor) – The Best of Galaxy’s Edge 2013 – 2014 25 short stories, reprinted from the magazine’s first year’s issues.
The Book of Apex: volume 1 collecting the best from the 1st 18 months of monthly online sf/fantasy publication Apex Magazine
The Book of Apex: volume 2
The Book of Apex: volume 3 stories from the issues edited by Catherynne M. Valente
The Book of Apex: volume 4 culled from the 1st 15 issues edited by Lynne M. Thomas

in ‘B’ format:

Larry Niven & Gregory BenfordShipstar further exploration of the Bowl of Heaven, the gigantic space-going habitat discovered in book 1.

Andrzej SapkowskiBaptism of Fire the 4th in the fantasy series that began with The Last Wish
Den Patrick - The Boy With the Porcelain Blade the King rules Landfall from a vast castle and Lucien is only a pawn in his schemes, except Lucien has other ideas…
Mark AlderSon of the Morning an alternate history of the 14th century. Unlike Philip of France, Edward the Third finds he cannot summon his bloodline’s angels, as his father could, so searches for different forces to help him win their struggle. Part 1 of Banners of Blood.
A. J. SmithThe Dark Blood book 2 of the epic fantasy,  Chronicles of the Long War
Brian StaveleyThe Emperor’s Blades the 1st Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne. The Emperor has been murdered and his three children are all under threat, whether they be monk, soldier or princess…
Col BuchananFarlander fantasy re-issue. The Free Ports are under siege by the Empire and the assassin Ash and his apprentice are in the middle of it all. Parts 2 & 3 will be out again in February and March
Rebecca LeveneSmiler’s Fair 5 people’s paths cross at the great, ever-moving carnival, and their lives change track dramatically. Volume 1 of The Hollow Gods

Genevieve CogmanThe Invisible Library Irene and her new assistant secretly gather fiction from alternate realities for the Library. But this time the book they’ve been sent to obtain has already been stolen…

Ursula K. LeGuinThe Unreal & the Real: Outer Space, Inner Lands the 2nd of her 2 volume short story retrospective

in paperback:

Steven HarperIron Axe part 1 of The Books of Blood and Iron young half-troll Danr is tasked by Death herself with a quest…
Daniel Jose OlderHalf-Resurrection Blues Carlos is a half-dead agent of the NY Council of the Dead and has to defeat another ‘inbetweener’ who is a sorcerer! Bone Street Rumba #1
C. S. FriedmanDreamwalker someone is trying to steal artwork based on Jessica’s strange dreams, and now they’ve kidnapped her younger brother for leverage…

Alex ArcherDeath Mask the latest Rogue Angel adventure
James AxlerHive Invasion the latest Deathlands adventure

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End of the Year!

Another year almost over!

I’ll be closing at 15.00 this afternoon, which is maybe a little early compared to previous years but I have other commitments to attend to, I’m afraid. I usually aim at three o’clock but then overshoot a bit! This year I have to be on time.
Anyway, hope you have a fun time and a great new year.

I’ll be open again at 10.00 on Saturday the 3rd January 2015.



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New Titles – w/e 3rd January 2015

in large format:

Julie E. Czerneda - A Play of Shadow the 2nd half of Night’s Edge, the story begun in A Turn of Light
Alex Gordon – Gideon Lauren discovers that her late father had secrets she has to solve, even if time itself seems to behave strangely… The blurb compares it to Preston/Child

Helen MarshallGifts for the One Who Comes After collection of 17 weird fiction short stories

in paperback:

Steve PerryThe Tejano Conflict the 3rd in his Cutter’s Wars military sf series…
Allen SteeleV-S Day instead of the V2, Nazi Germany is trying to develop a space plane
Joe HaldemanWork Done for Hire an ex sniper turned author is forced to use both his talents to track a murderer in a slightly future USA

Glen CookWorking God’s Mischief the 4th in his Instrumentalities of the Night fantasy series
L. E. Modesitt, Jr. – Rex Regis his 8th Imager novel

art, etc:

Hugo PrattCorto Maltese: Under the Sign of Capricorn big new softcover which is the 1st in a projected series of 12. In b&w, with a colour fold-out map on the extra deep front and back jacket flaps.

Alien: The Archive big hardcover full of art, etc. covering the whole franchise


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New Titles – w/e 27th December 2014

In before Christmas!

in large format:

William H. PattersonLearning Curve: 1907 – 1948 volume 1 of the authorised biography of Robert A. Heinlein.  I really should have had this in a long time ago… I’ll claim I was waiting for volume 2 to come out in hardcover!


Robert E. McGinnis & Art ScottThe Art of REMcG h/c full of McGinnis’ paperback cover art, National Geographic art, his film posters for James Bond, Woody Allen, blaxploitation movies, etc. spanning 7 decades…

Peter Maresca (editor) – Forgotten Fantasy: Sunday Comics 1900 – 1915 giant hardback reproducing the great early comics like Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend, Kin-Der Kids, and many more. The same huge 15″ x 21″ size as the Little Nemo tribute volume that came in recently.

HumanoidsEros Gone Wild 54 illustrated short stories from some of the best European artists in the graphic novel field…

magazines, etc:

Locus – cover date December 2014 Michael Moorcock on the cover
Juxtapoz – January 2015 cover date


Nothing more due in this week, but there should be some new titles next week, carriers allowing!


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New Titles – w/e 20th December 2014

in hardcover:

Phil RickmanNight After Night a reality tv show is to be set in a remote Tudor farmhouse with a tragic history…

Inna Cannon, Damon Murray & Olesya TurkinaSoviet Space Dogs history of the various dogs the Soviet Union launched into space, starting with Laika, the most famous

in large format:

Peter Tieryas LiuBald New World one day, everyone wakes up bald…
Mike ResnickThe Fortress in Orion vol 1 of his new Dead Enders space opera series…

Jerome BixbyMirror Mirror short story collection 15 of his best stories, from 1949 to 1964

in paperback:

Jasper FfordeThe Eye of Zoltar the 3rd in the series that began with The Last Dragonslayer
Laline PaullThe Bees Flora 717 is a hard-working bee, with ambition!

Mercedes Lackey (editor) – No True Way the latest Valdemar anthology
Laurell K. HamiltonJason the 23rd Anita Blake novel
Oliver BowdenUnity the latest Assassin’s Creed adventure


Noel Chidwick – Professor MacIntyre is Missing  9 short stories subtitled New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh volume 1

art, etc:

Andy Scott – ~The Kelpies heavily illusatrated hardback detailing the creation of Scott’s gigantic Kelpies horse head sculptures near Falkirk.
Brian KesingerColoring With Your Octopus outline images from the popular Walking Your Octopus book

Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona StaplesSaga Volume Four collecting the next 6 comics after v3.

2015 wall calendars:

Mary Fairburn (illustrator) – Tolkien: The Official Calendar not seen this artist’s LotR work before… interesting stuff

Star Trek – stills from The Original Series


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New Titles – w/e 13th December 2014

It’s Christmas, so there just aren’t that many new titles…

in ‘B’ format:

Karen Joy FowlerWe Are All Completely Beside Ourselves now at college, Rosemary realises that her childhood was very strange…
Jonathan OliverDangerous Games original anthology with 18 stories from the likes of Chuck Wendig, Pat Cadigan, Lavie Tidhar and Paul Kearney, with the games involved ranging from Bridge to Russian Roulette, and many more

Warhammer 40,000Ahriman: Sorcerer the greatest sorcerer of the Thousand Suns seeks an ancient grimoire which may contain vital knowledge… by John French; the sequel to Ahriman: Exile

art, etc:

Ian Edginton & I. N. J. CulbardBrass Sun: The Wheel of Worlds hardcover graphic novel set on a world in a mechanical solar system
Bryan Talbot – Grandville Noel the 4th Inspector Lebrock scientific romance thriller! Full colour hardback
Bryan TalbotArkwright Integral big hardcover collecting the entire Luther Arkwright adventures!

Eric ShanowerAdventures in Oz vol 1 large full colour hardback collecting the recent IDW comics of The Enchanted Apples of Oz and  The Ice King of Oz. Great looking art; adapted from the books by L. Frank Baum


Brick Journal – issue #32 of the Lego magazine
Illustration – issue #46, with a large article on cover artist Virgil Finlay


Olivia de BenardinisOlivia with Betty Page pin-up art

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New Titles – w/e 6th December 2014

in large format:

Hope MirleesLud-in-the-Mist the classic 1926 fantasy novel…
John BowenAfter the Rain satirical post-apocalyptic novel from 1958; it starts with the flooding of Foyle’s Book Shop basement!

Hal DuncanScruffians: Stories of Better Sodomites short fiction
Hal DuncanRhapsody: Notes on Strange Fictions his collected essays and articles

in ‘B’ format:

Adrian TchaikovskySeal of the Worm the 10th in his Shadows of the Apt series
William HorwoodWinter the 4th in his Hyddenworld quartet
Gail CarrigerWaistcoats & Weaponry the 3rd in her Finishing School steampunk series…
David RamirezThe Forever Watch murder mystery set 400 years into the Noah’s (a vast generation starship) voyage to another star system
Nalini SinghArchangel’s Shadows the 7th Guild Hunter novel
Nalini Singh – Shield of Winter her latest Psy-Changeling novel…
Robert HoldstockMythago Wood new Fantasy Masterworks edition of this 1984 classic

Garry KilworthThe Iron Wire historical novel about laying the Overland Telegraph Line across Australia, from Adelaide to Darwin

Warhammer 40,000Pandorax the latest Space Marines Battles story by C. Z. Dunn

in paperback:

Phillipa BornikovaThis Case is Gonna Kill Me Linnet starts a new job in a law firm and finds it’s run by vampires! 1st in the series; #2 came in last week
Diana PalmerThe Morcai Battalion 1st in the series about one man leading the fightback against those who destroyed his home…
Nina CroftDeadly Pursuit 2nd in the Dark Desires werewolf series…

art, etc:

David Weber, et al – Tales of Honor: On Basilisk Station graphic novel of the 1st book in the top-selling Honor Harrington series. From Top Cow/Image
Marianne PlumridgeIf Dinosaurs Lived in My Town big hardcover heavily illustrated by Bob Eggleton


The Brothers GrimmThe Illustrated Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Pop-Up edition of eight of their stories!


Doctor WhoMasters of Earth Full Cast Audio Drama #193 from Big Finish, with Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant

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