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New Titles – w/e 27th February 2016

in hardcover:

V. E. SchwabA Gathering of Shadows the sequel to A Darker Shade of Magic. No signed copies this time, I’m afraid!

China MievilleThis Census Taker novella length hardback

in large format:

Jen WilliamsThe Silver Tide 3rd in the fantasy series that began with The Copper Promise and The Iron Ghost

in ‘B’ format:

Daniel Polansky Those Above the 1st book in The Empty Throne series. 25 years ago, Mankind rose against their oppressors but were slaughtered. Now there are rumours of another revolt against their overlords brewing…
Peter NewmanThe Vagrant during a terrible, long war one man has to journey across the wastelands

in paperback:

S. K. DunstallAlliance sequel to Linesman, and the 2nd in the space opera series
David Drake & John LambsheadInto the Maelstrom the 2nd in their Citizens series, following on from Into the Hinterlands

Ilona AndrewsMagic Shifts the 8th Kate Daniels adventure
Jennifer EstepBitter Bite the 14th Elemental Assassin book…

Star TrekThe Latter Fire the latest novel featuring the ship and crew of the Original Series, written by James Swallow

art, etc:

Hugo PrattCeltic Tales the 3rd volume in Eurocomics series of the collected Corto Maltese
Stephane LevalloisThe Ark b&w adventure from Humanoids. Hardcover
Nick HayesWoody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads graphic novel following the life of the folk singer, with many of his lyrics reproduced and illustrated throughout the story
Lauren RednissThunder & Lightning: Weather Past, Present, Future illustrated meander through all things weather related. Very nice h/c

magazines –

Locus issue # 661, with the 2015 Year in Review roundup


please note that The Dark Forest, the sequel to Ken Liu‘s The Three Body Problem, isn’t out in paperback until early April.

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New Titles -w/e 20th February 2016

in hardcover:

Brandon SandersonCalamity the latest Reckoners novel

Matt RuffLovecraft Country horror novel set in the racist America of 1954
Graham MastertonBuried the 6th Katie Maguire horror novel
Peter StraubInterior Darkness short story collection spanning the last 25 years…

in large format:

Simon MordenDown Station 3 very different people step sideways through an open door and escape their troubles, but find problems of a quite different sort in the strange place they end up…

in ‘B’ format:

V. E. SchwabA Gathering of Shadows the sequel to A Darker Shade of Magic. Sadly, she’s not in Edinburgh to sign copies this time…
Paul WitcoverThe Emperor of All Things the 1st book in The Productions of Time. In 1758 the Seven Years War in raging and there are rumours of a pocket watch with magical properties. A member of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers investigates and finds a lot more than he expected!

Jon WallaceBarricade engineered life called ‘Ficials’ was supposed to be the answer, but the resulting war with humans has left Britain in chaos, and one Ficial must go on a dangerous journey to London…
Frank SchatzingLimit: Part One the 1st half of the epic struggle for control of the Moon’s Helium 3.

in paperback:

Eric Flint & Ryk E. Spoor Castaway Planet the 4th of their Boundary novels, although it can easily be read on it’s own. A family is stranded on a distant planet and nobody knows they’re there… Swiss Family Robinson rather than Robinson Crusoe! The h/c was fun
Mark L. Van NameNo Going Back the 5th Jon & Lobo adventure, about a freelance bodyguard and his sentient tank!

Jacey BedfordWinterwood part 1 of Rowenkind, featuring an unregistered witch who is also a pirate captain, set in an 1800 in which magic works…
Marshall Ryan MarescaThe Alchemy of Chaos the sequel to The Thorn of Dentonhill and the 2nd set in Maradaine
Anne BishopVision in Silver the 4th in her series about The Others

Star WarsLords of the Sith set after the Revenge of the Sith movie… By Paul S. Kemp


Martin FeijooCloud Sketching interesting softcover about shapes seen in clouds and tips on how to draw them…

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New Titles – w/e13th February 2016

in hardcover:

Jim C. HinesRevisionary the 4th in his Magic ex Libris series

John WrayThe Lost Time Accidents Tolliver awakes to find he is no longer part of the time stream and desperately tries to rejoin it in an adventure spanning the 20th C, from Viennese coffeehouses and Einstein’s new theories to post-war pulp SF and into modern times… Looks intriguing.

in large format:

Edward CoxThe Cathedral of Known Things sequel to The Relic Guild, recently published in ‘B’ format
Faith HunterBlood in Her Veins collection containing 19 stories featuring Jane Yellowrock

Abraham MerrittThe Moon Pool the Bison Frontiers of the Imagination edition of the classic 1920s pulp story

in ‘B’ format:

Gavin SmithQuantum Mythology complex, history spanning space opera; Paul McAuley describes it as ‘propelling’.

Justina RobsonGlorious Angels Tralane and her daughters spend their lives investigating ancient artifacts, but war is coming…

Ernest ClineArmada follow up to the best-selling Ready Player One
Alex Lamb – Roboteer genetically modified humans are spreading throughout Space but have been declared heretics by the masses still on Earth, who have launched a terrible new weapon at them
Matt Hill – Graft in 2025 Manchester mechanic Sol steals vehicles for spare parts but things go wrong when he finds a strange woman hiding in one of the cars and he gets entangled in a cross-dimensional smuggling racket!
Rod DuncanThe Custodian of Marvels the 3rd in the fun alternate history series that began with The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter

Clifford BealThe Guns of Ivrea volume 1 of The Tales of Valdur, a new nautical fantasy
Anthony RyanQueen of Fire the 3rd in his epic Raven’s Shadow fantasy series, which began with Blood Song
Kalashante WilsonThe Sorcerer of the Wildeeps award-winning fantasy about the descendants of gods

James Stoddard & Wiliam Hope HodgsonThe Night Land: A Story Retold a new version of the classic far future horror novel, rewritten in more modern language

Cordwainer SmithNorstrilia his only, classic, novel. The latest SF Masterworks book from Orion

Warhammer 40,000War of the Fang omnibus Space Marines Battles volume, containing The Hunt for Magnus & Battle of the Fang, both by Chris Wright

in paperback:

Kalanya PriceGrave Visions the 4th Alex Croft adventure

art, etc:

GraffitoMovie Posters Re-Imagined hardcover book showing alternate ideas for posters for many of what are now considered cult films.

HumanoidsThe Tipping Point great looking collection of 14 stories from a variety of well-known creators, all featuring a moment of change of some sort… Hardback


James P. BlaylockLand of Dreams weird happenings in a small coastal town. Complete reading of the 1987 novel. Read by Kevin T. Collins

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Next Weekend!

Advance warning that I’ll be closed on Friday & Saturday the 12h & 13th of February.

Should be open as usual on the Thursday and the Monday.

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New Titles – w/e 6th February 2016

in hardcover:

Lois McMaster BujoldGentleman Jole and the Red Queen the latest (17th) Vorkosigan novel. Signed copies available!

Adrian TchaikovskyThe Tiger and the Wolf the 1st book in his new series, Echoes of the Fall. Maniye is key to her father’s plans to unite the tribes but she’s also an outcast…

Patricia A. McKillipKingfisher intriguing looking fantasy
Will McIntoshBurning Midnight strange, valuable, life-enhancing artifacts have appeared all over the world and Sully has been cheated out of his dues after finding one of the rarest. But then he and his friends find an even more valuable one… Very enjoyable YA novel

Yann MartelThe High Mountains of Portugal in 1904 a journal gives clues to an ancient artifact, which Tomas sets off to find. Two further sections relate the consequences of his trip, up to a century later…

Pamela Jackson & Jonathan Letham (editors) – The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick back in stock!

in large format:

Nisi Shawl & Bill Campbell (editors) – Stories for Chip anthology of fiction and essays in honour of Samuel R. Delany

in paperback:

Tanith LeeHunting the White Witch the 3rd part of Lee’s 1970s Birthgrave trilogy


Doctor WhoThe Waters of Amsterdam Big Finish full cast drama # 208, with Peter Davidson
Doctor WhoWave of Destruction Big Finish‘s Fourth Doctor adventure # 5.1, with Tom Baker & Lalla Ward


There should have been a little more, but there’s a box delayed in transit.

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New Titles – w/e 30th January 2016

in hardcover:

Brandon SandersonThe Bands of Mourning the latest in his epic Mistborn series

in large format:

Clark Ashton SmithThe Door to Saturn the 2nd in the Night Shade Books set of The Collected Fantasies. Classic stuff!

Lilith SaintcrowRoadside Magic the 2nd in her Gallow and Ragged urban fantasy series
Clay & Susan GriffithGeomancer the 4th part of their Vampire Earth series, featuring Gareth & Adele

in ‘B’ format:

Charlie Jane AndersAll the Birds in the Sky Patricia is a witch and her childhood friend is the inventor of the two-second time machine…  very well-reviewed and looks interesting.

Peter V. BrettThe Skull Throne the 4th in his series that began with The Painted Man (aka The Warded Man)
Helen LoweDaughter of Blood volume 3 of her Wall of Night series, which began with The Heir of Night and The Gathering of the Lost

Kervin HearnStaked the 8th in the adventures of the Iron Druid, Atticus O’Sullivan

Tom MoorhouseRiver Singers anthropomorphic water voles!

in paperback:

William DietzGraveyard the 3rd of the Mutant Files

Star TrekA Pocket Full of Lies the latest Voyager adventure, by Kirsten Beyer

art, etc:

Matt HughesGothic Art Nouveau: The Art of MH full colour, from SQP

Dean YeagleSketchbook #2 colour sketches from Comix Buro
Christian RossiSketchbook from Comix Buro
Lorenzo De FeliciSketchbook from Comix Buro

Jim Woodring & Charles BarnardFrank in the 3rd Dimension 27 3-D illustrations of Frank, with Pupshaw & Pushpaw, etc., with custom 3-D glasses!

Saverio Tenuta, Bruno Letizia & Carita LupattelliIzuna large, full colour graphic novel from Humanoids of a mythic-looking Japanese story. Reminiscent of Princess Mononoke, imho
Alexandro Jodorowsky, Zoran Janjetov & Fred BeltranThe Technopriests new reprint of the 400+ page saga. h/c from Humanoids
Sylviane Corgiat & Laura ZuccheriThe Swords of Glass softcover reprint from Humanoids

Sara VaronSweater Weather & other short stories quirky little comic strips. h/c


Hi-Fructose – volume # 38
Illustration – issue # 50 a J. C. Leyendecker special issue to mark the 50th edition

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New Titles – w/e23rd January 2016

in large format:

Tricia SullivanOccupy Me  the Resistance works secretly to improve the world and their mysterious agent, Pearl, is on the trail of a murderer…
Robert Jackson BennettCity of Blades the sequel to City of Stairs

Tim AkersThe Pagan Night epic fantasy where the Church has almost stamped out the old, pagan ways… Book 1 of The Hallowed War

in ‘B’ format:

Paul McAuleySomething Coming Through aliens have granted access to fifteen other worlds but there are mysteries both on Earth and on the once-inhabited planets humans are migrating to…
Rob BuffordZero-G sequel to Tracer, both set on a giant, failing space habitat orbiting a ravaged Earth…

Tim PowersMedusa’s Web in an old mansion in Hollywood, cousins gather in the wake of their aunt’s untimely death…
Jo WaltonThe Philosopher Kings sequel to The Just City

Neil SpringThe Watchers MoD Room 800 want Robert to investigate the odd events at Broad Haven, but it’s where he grew up!

Stephen Hunt Foul Tides Turning the sequel to In Dark Service. Jacob & Carter discovered the truth but that only added to their problems! Interesting looking fantasy
Brian McClellanThe Autumn Republic the final volume of the Powder Mage trilogy. Epic flintlock fantasy! The earlier volumes were Promise of Blood & The Crimson Campaign

in paperback:

Jennifer Brozek & Bryan Thomas Schmidt (editors) – Shattered Shields new fantasy stories, involving battles and fighting! Good-looking line-up

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New Titles – w/e16th January 2016

in hardback:

Michael CobleyAncestral Machines a stand-alone novel in his Humanity’s Fire universe

Harlan EllisonCan & Can’tankerous 10 previously uncollected short stories! Nice edition from Subterranean Press

large format:

Johanna Sinisalo – The Core of the Sun a near future Finnish dystopia from the author of Troll: A Love Story

Michael KurlandThe Whenabouts of Burr novel about alternate histories revolving around the founding of the USA and Aaron Burr’s involvement. Outline and beginning were co-written with Avram Davidson

Joshua Palmatier & Patricia Bray (editors) – Temporally out of Order quirky time travel stories about gadgets that go wrong… Looks fun!
Hank Davis (editor) – Worst Contact anthology of classic stories about when First Contact doesn’t go as peacefully as hoped!

in ‘B’ format:

Raymond FeistJimmy and the Crawler novella set in Krondor, and part of the over-reaching Magician/Midkemia series

Karen LordThe Galaxy Game the government has Rafi under observation, so he flees off-planet to escape and pursue his favourite game, which has major consequences…

Gail Z. Martin
Vendetta 2nd in the urban fantasy Deadly Curiosities series
Peter McLeanDrake professional hitman Don Drake owes a demon a favour but ends up with the Greek Furies hunting him…

Warhammer 40,000Flesh Tearers the latest Space Marine Battles omnibus; contains Flesh of Cretacia, Sons of Wrath & Trial by Blood, all by Andy Smillie.


Interzone – issue # 262  cover date Jan/Feb 2016 with fiction from Ian Sales, among others
Black Static – issue # 50 cover date Jan/Feb 2016 the usual mix of fiction, articles and reviews…

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New Titles – w/e 9th January 2016

And we’re back!

Happy New Year to you all.

In hardcover:

Eric Flint & Dennis Andrew1635: A Parcel of Rogues apparently the 20th novel in Flint’s 1632/Ring of Fire alternate history series. The hunt is on for Oliver Cromwell; he may be in Scotland!

Robert ConroyStorm Front an unexpectedly fierce storm hits a small US town but it also shields some vicious escaped convicts…

Morgan LlywelynOnly the Stones Survive Irish prehistory involving the displacement of the Tuatha de Danann

in large format:

Seanan McGuireReflections the sequel to Indexing, which is, conveniently, also the name of her new series!

Brendan DuBoisDark Victory 10 years ago aliens came to conquer Earth and civilisation was almost destroyed. But the fight continues…
Jerry Pournelle & Roland GreenLord of Janissaries large omnibus volume containing Pournelle’s original 1979 novel with his & Green’s 2 sequels, Clan & Crown and Storms of Victory
Mike ResnickThe Prison in Antares sequel to The Fortress in Orion. The 2nd Dead Enders adventure
Mike KupariHer Brother’s Keeper black sheep of the family Catherine, now a space pirate, is summoned back home and enlisted in the search for her aristocratic brother, lost on a failed, lawless colony planet…

Bryan Thomas Schmidt (editor) – Mission: Tomorrow 19 new near future space exploration stories, set after NASA has been superseded by all sorts of players. McDevitt, Flynn, Silverberg and 16 more!

in ‘B’ format:

Megan E. O’KeefeSteal the Sky Detan the conman aims to steal an airship to escape when things get too hot for him, but a murderous face changer may change his plans…

Charles G. FinneyThe Circus of Dr. Lao the latest in Orion‘s Fantasy Masterworks series, first published in 1935
Vernor VingeA Fire Upon the Deep the latest SF Masterwork from Orion

in paperback:

Jim C. HinesUnbound the 3rd in his Magic Ex Libris series
Barb & J. C. HendeeFirst and Last Sorcerer the 10th book in their Noble Dead series
Daniel Jose OlderMidnight Taxi Tango the sequel to Half-Resurrection Blues and the 2nd in his Bone Street Rhumba series

art, etc:

PloogThe Art of Ploog loads of sketches and finished art covering his whole career. b&w and colour
R. B. WhitePoison mainly full colour but some b&w. Softcover

Juxtapoz – Wild h/c full of animal art, some rather strange, from a variety of artists

Ricardo DelgadoAge of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians collecting the 4 comics about the dinosaurs of N. E. Africa


Heavy Metal – # 278 lead story by Bilal


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Another Year Over

Happy New Year, everyone.

See you in 2016 with lots more exciting new books!

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