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New Titles – w/e 8th February 2020

in hardcover:

Menna van PraagThe Sisters Grimm 4 young women know that in a month, when they dream they will finally meet their father… Dark fantasy set in Cambridge
Graham MastertonThe Last Drop of Blood the latest case for DS Katie Maguire

in large format:

Arkady & Boris StrugatskyThe Inhabited Island it starts as a Robinsonade set on a distant planet, told from the Brothers’ unique Soviet perspective! Newly translated by Andrew Bromfield

Kim Stanley RobinsonThree Californias omnibus edition of his three early Orange County trilogy: The Wild Shore (1984), The Gold Coast (1988) & Pacific Edge (1990), with a new intro by Francis Spufford. One location, three very different futures!

Chloe NeillWicked Hour first in her new Heirs of Chicagoland series. The vampires of Chicagoland return!

in ‘B’ format:

Marlon JamesBlack Leopard, Red Wolf Tracker joins a search for a lost boy, but his companions are maybe better avoided! Strange fantasy set in ancient Africa… Part 1 of the Dark Star trilogy from the Man Booker Prize winner
Alexander Dan VilhjalmssonShadows of the Short Days fantasy set in a magical Reykjavik. Translated by Philip Roughton
Breanna Teintze
Lord of Secrets Corcoran Gray is an outlaw wizard on the run who befriends a runaway slave, who could solve all his problems!
Kevin HearneA Blight of Blackwings sequel to A Plague of Giants. Volume 2 of The Seven Kennings
Bradley BeaulieuBeneath the Twisted Trees book 4 of The Song of the Shattered Sands, which began with Twelve Kings. (with a comprehensive precis at the start)
Stephen DonaldsonThe War Within sequel to Seventh Decimate and part 2 of The Great God’s War
Tom LloydKnight of Stars book 3 of The God Fragments

Luke Arnold – The Last Smile in Sunder City Fetch Phillips has rules & one of them is never to work for other humans, and sobriety costs extra! Urban fantasy
E. J. SwiftParis Adrift Hallie has dropped out of Uni to live in Paris but finds herself able to use a hole through time in her work’s basement…
Tim ClareThe Honours Delphine goes to live in a rambling old mansion set on a mysterious large estate in Norfolk a few years before the War… 1st published in 2015
Tim ClareThe Ice House decades later, Delphine is drawn back to the house and it’s weird secrets…

Matthew Reilly – The Secret Runners of New York Skye & her twin brother Red move to New York and join a club which they discover controls a secret portal to the future…

Warhammer 40,000Fist of the Imperium a Space Marine Conquests book by Andy Clark
Warhammer 40,000The Hollow Mountain number 2 in the Vaults of Terra series by Chris Wright

in paperback:

Martha WellsThe Siren Depths prompt appearance of the 3rd in her Raksura series; the first two, The Cloud Roads & The Serpent Sea are both recent paperbacks…

Ursula K. LeGuinThe Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction interesting short essay from 1988, with a new, equally long intro to it by Donna Haraway

art, etc:

Marianne PlumridgeIf Dinosaurs Lived in My Town picture book with illustrations by Bob Eggleton. Looks fun!


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New Titles – w/e 1st February 2020

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsBone Silence 3rd in the series that begins with Revenger & Shadow Captain. Substantially longer than either of the previous two at 600 pages

Michel HouellebecqH. P. Lovecraft Against the World, Against Life new edition. Biographical volume first published in France in 1991. Translated by Dorna Khazeni

in large format:

K. J. ParkerProsper’s Demon novella about a none-too-careful exorcist!
Michele SagaraCast in Wisdom the latest of the Chronicles of Elantra

Matt PhelanKnights vs Monsters illustrated sequel to Knights vs Dinosaurs, in which some of the knights of  King Arthur’s Round Table end up in Scotland! Fun for younger readers!

in ‘B’ format:

Silvia Moreno-GarciaGods of Jade and Shadow fantasy set in 1920s Mexico, just as the Jazz Age is arriving… Loved it in hardcover!
Samantha ShannonThe Priory of the Orange Tree large epic fantasy
Tad WilliamsEmpire of Grass the 2nd volume of The Last King of Osten Ard, the sequel set to best selling trilogy Memory, Sorrow & Thorn (The Dragonbone Chair)
Stephanie GarberFinale last book of her trilogy which began with Caraval & Legendary

Neal AsherThe Warship sequel to The Soldier and the 2nd volume of the Rise of the Jain
A. G. RiddleWinter World part 1 of The Long Winter Trilogy. An unexpected new ice age envelopes the Earth…

John PeelOn His Majesty’s National Service subtitled The Laughing Gnome: Coda and featuring  Lethbridge-Stewart from Doctor Who

in paperback:

L. E. Modesitt, Jr.Endgames the 12th  (and possibly last?) in his Imager Portfolio
S. Andrew SwannMarked 1st in his new series about Dana Rohan, who solves crimes by using her ability to travel through alternate timestreams…
Jim C. Hines – Terminal Uprising sequel to Terminal Alliance and the 2nd in his Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse series
Anne BishopWild Country 2nd in her World of the Others series and the sequel to Lake Silence

John Birmingham The Cruel Stars a renegade human faction launch a sneak attack on the Earth they were driven from centuries before…
Gregory Benford & Larry NivenBowl of Heaven and Shipstar omnibus edition of their 2 novels about an interstellar expedition encountering a huge alien object heading fo the same System…

art, etc:

Sergio ToppiThe Collected Toppi Volume Three: South America 5 tales of magic and adventure, with the 2 longest ones in full colour. Hardcover.
Dark Horse – FFDOT. subtitled The Pixel Art of Final Fantasy hardcover

Michael Lagace & Todor HristovThe Forever Maps softcover graphic novel about a man who follows a map, only to find another map, which leads to another map…
Andy RuntonOwly: The Way Home new full colour edition of the first volume in h/c from Scholastic. With a little added text. The (low key) adventures of a friendly little owl!

Rich SparksLove and Other Weird Things single panel b&w cartoons


Shoreline of Infinity – issue # 17
Heavy Metal – issue # 297 Winter Special

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New Titles – w/e 25th January 2020

in hardcover:

William GibsonAgency follow up to The Periferal and more tampering with the time streams
Jeff VandermeerDead Astronauts a weird collection of cross-dimensional rebels battle the all powerful Company…

Eoin ColferHighfire Squib is a bit of a tearaway, spending summer working for a Moonshiner on the bayou, but there’s a dragon lurking deep in the swamps…

Joe R. LansdaleThe Sky Done Ripped signed edition from Subterranean Press with the further cross-dimensional adventures of Ned, the ‘Uplifted’ seal!

in large format:

Matthew HughesA God in Chains in the extreme far future, on a dying Earth, Farouche must scheme to regain his stolen memories and identity…
Matthew HughesForays of a Fat Man collection of 4 novellas featuring Luff Imbry, one of the protagonists of Hughes’ novel Black Brillion back in 2004
Matthew HughesWhat the Wind Brings mainstream/slipstream novel about escaping shipwrecked slaves and the founding of Equador…

Frederic S. DurbinThe Star Shard Cymbril dreams of freedom, but she is trapped inside Thunder Rake, a gigantic labyrinthine town on wheels rolling across the land…

Gene WolfeThe Best of GW 31 of his finest short stories
Susan  PalwickAll Worlds Are Real: Short Fictions 15 stories spanning the sf, f & h genres,, including 3 previously unpublished

Clarissa Weaks (editor) – Once Upon An Enchanted Forest subtitled An Anthology of Romantic Witchcraft Stories. 10 new fantasies, including a new Juliet Marillier story…
Mike Ashley (editor) – Fighters of Fear: Occult Detective Stories 31 tales originally published from 1869 to 1990…

Crawford Kilian & Silvia MoranoGarciaA Writer’s Guide to Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy packed full of tips and information for authors

in ‘B’ format:

Jen WilliamsPoison Song 3rd in her Winnowing Flame trilogy; the previous 2 volumes each won the BFA‘s Robert Holdstock Award for Best Fantasy Novel
R. F. KuangThe Poppy War the Empire has been invaded twice before and survived, but now a 3rd invasion looms…
Guy Gavriel KayA Brightness Long Ago historical fantasy in a land much like Renaissance Italy…
Ian C. Esslemont – Kellanved’s Reach the 3rd book of the Path to Ascendancy, which began with Dancer’s Lament & Deadhouse Gates, all set in the world of the Malazan Empire
Peter MacLeanPriest of Lies volume 2 of The War for the Rose Throne. Sequel to Priest of Bones
Gareth Hanrahan – Gutter Prayer volume 1 of the Black Iron Legacy

Rod DuncanThe Fugitive & the Vanishing Man the final volume of The Map of Vanishing Things trilogy…
Patricia BriggsStorm Cursed her 11th Mercy Thompson novel…
V. E. Schwab – The Near Witch re-issue of her first published  novel

James S. A. CoreyTiamat’s Wrath the 8th volume of The Expanse some years have passed and Chrisjen Avasarala has recently died… (Not a spoiler – it’s the 1st line of the book!)
Eyal KlessPuzzler’s War sequel to The Lost Puzzler & book 2 of the Tarakan Chronicles. The last of the Guild of Historians must return to the City of Towers…
S. K. DunstallStars Beyond the sequel to Stars Uncharted. The further adventures of the crew of the spaceship Another Road
Dominic DulleyMorhelion sequel to Scattermoon and book 2 of The Long Game. Orry must discover who the traitor is among the Ascendancy elite
Karen LordThe Best of All Possible Worlds a group of alien refugees arrive on an Earth colony planet…

Warhammer 40,000Anarch the latest Gaunt’s Ghosts outing by Dan Abnett
Warhammer 40,000The Knights of MacRagge by Nick Kyme, featuring the Ultramarines

in paperback:

Jack McDevittOctavia Gone the 9th in his Alex Benedict series, about a far-future antiquarian & antique dealer…


Locus – issue # 708 January cover date, with articles/interviews with Joe Abercrombie & Arkady Martine highlighted on the cover

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New Titles – w/e 18th January 2020

in hardcover:

C. J. CherryhResurgence the latest volume of her epic Foreigner series; the 20th overall and the direct sequel to Emergence
John Ringo, Kacey Ezell & Christopher L. SmithGunpowder & Embers the 1st book in new series Last Judgement’s Fire. 30 years after civilisation was almost destroyed repelling an alien invasion, they’re back!
Terry GoodkindHeart of Black Ice: Sister of Darkness the 4th in the Nicci Chronicles

Seanan McGuireCome Tumbling Down the 5th in her Wayward Children series, which began with Every Heart a Doorway
Lois McMaster BujoldPenric’s Progress omnibus edition containing Penric’s Demon, Penric and the Shaman & Penric’s Fox. Also an intro & author’s note by LMB

in large format:

Patrick ChilesFrozen Orbit the first manned mission to the outer planets discovers that a secret Soviet mission got there decades earlier!
S. P. SomtowThe Singing Moons 1st of the Inquestor Tales, related to his epic sf Inquestor quartet (as by Somtow Sucharitkul), which began with Light on the Sound in 1982… Previous knowledge not required though!

Jin JongA Snake Lies Waiting the 3rd of the Legends of the Condor Heroes. Translated from Chinese by Anne Holmwood & Gigi Chang

Charlaine Harris A Longer Fall the 2nd of her alternate American history series featuring mecenary Gunnie Rose
Kay KenyonNest of the Monarch the final part of her alternate, magical 1930s Dark Talents trilogy, which began with At the Table of Wolves & Serpent in the Heather
Deliah S. Dawson & Kevin HearneNo Country for Old Gnomes vol 2 of humorous fantasy series The Tales of Pell. The 1st was Kill the Farm Boy

in ‘B’ format:

Arkady MartineA Memory Called Empire 1st half of the Teixcalaan duology, about a new ambassador who discovers that her predecessor was murdered, whilst also trying to protect her own small home from being absorbed into the star-spanning Empire…
Gareth HanrahanThe Shadow Saint sequel to The Gutter Prayer and part 2 of the Black Iron Legacy.

Ellen Oh & Elsie Chapman (editors) – A Thousand Beginnings and Endings new anthology of 16 tales, retelling Asian myths and legends

in paperback:

Martha Wells The Serpent Sea the sequel to The Cloud Roads and the 2nd of the Books of the Raksura

art, etc:

Andy Jones & Jeff Conner (project editors) – The Art and Making of The Expanse full colour hardcover full of photos & concept art, etc.

H. P. Lovecraft The Call of Cthulhu large new heavily illustrated edition with lots of full page art by Francois Baranger. Intro by John Howe.
Owen D. PomeryBritish Ice spys and high adventure in the high North! Two tone softcover graphic novel
Jenni GudgeonFolkland Fables interesting, whimsical art and stories about Folkland Wood and the strange creatures which live in it. Based on Scottish tales & lore, in hardcover

Jordi BayarriIsaac Newton and the Laws of Motion; Charle Darwin and the Theory of Evolution; Marie Curie and Radioactivity; Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity these 4 books are short graphic novels showing important events in the characters’ lives and highlighting their main achievements. Full colour softcovers, with a timeline, glossary & further resources listed at the back of each.


Interzone – issue # 285
Black Static – issue # 73

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Monday Opening, or Not!

As in the previous few years, I’ll be closed on Mondays now it’s the New Year.

Unlike previous years, I probably won’t resume opening on Mondays in the Summer.
I might decide to open on Mondays during July, August & pre-Christmas December, but no guarantees!

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New Titles – w/e 11th January 2020

in hardcover:

Jane AlexanderA User’s Guide to Make-Believe near future thriller involving Imagen, a cutting-edge company bringing extreme VR experiences to the public…
Terry GoodkindWitch’s Oath subtitled a ‘Children of D’Hara Novella episode 4′

in large format:

Tanith LeeThe Heart of the Moon fairly obscure short novel, first published back in 2005. Also includes short story The Dry Season from 1996

in ‘B’ format:

Emma NewmanAtlas Alone her latest Planetfall novel
Blake CrouchRecursion an apparent epidemic is sweeping the world, implanting impossible memories in all it touches…
Ben H. WintersGolden State Laz is a special police veteran, trusted to find the truth in a society where the worst crime is to lie…
Megan AngeloFollowers Marlow and her mother are two of the ‘stars’ chosen to be continuously on tv, but why was she picked?

Mercedes LackeyThe Case of the Spellbound Child the 13th novel in her Elemental Masters series

Christopher RuocchioHowling Dark volume 2 of his Sun Eater series, and the sequel to Empire of Silence, mixing fantasy and epic space opera

Miles CameronBright Steel  the 3rd volume of hios Masters & Mages series
Terry BrooksThe Stiehl Assassin the 3rd book of The Fall of Shannara. By my count, the 31st Shannara volume overall, but maybe only the 28th!

John BrunnerThe Shockwave Rider the pre-cyberpunk classic from 1975, now re-issued in the SF Masterworks series from Orion/Gollancz

art, etc:

MunashichiThe Art of Munashichi full colour softcover packed with detailed paintings of mainly fantasy & traditional Japanese backgrounds and buildings but also including some characters. Very nice.



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Happy New Titles – w/e 4th January 2020

Hope you had a great time; a Happy New Year to all!

New titles available when I re-open at 10.00 on Saturday 4th January 2o2o will be:

in large format:

Tim MaughamInfinite Detail back in stock

in paperback:

David WeberThrough Fiery Trials his 10th Safehold book
James L. CambiasArkad’s World human visitors to a very alien world find a human orphan to be their guide across it…

Eric Flint & Dave FreerAll the Plagues of Hell the 6th in their Heirs of Alexandria series

art, etc:

Eric PowellArt and Many Mistakes large hardcover with a mix of b&w and ful colour art
Rick Berry & Phil HaleDouble Memory: Art and Collaborations warehouse find originally published in hardcover in 1992 by Donald M. Grant

Sam J. GlanzmanBattle For Britain (from the Pages of Combat) 3 short tales in full colour. Comic sized
J. Werner Presents Classic Pulp: Horror reproduction of 3 classic horror stories

magazines, etc:

Illustrators Magazine – issue # 28 including pieces on Frank Kelly Freas, Lauent Durieux, Yvonne Gilbert and more!
Illustrators Daggers Drawn! – The Art of Commando Comics. Special Issue – # 5
Illustrators – Brian Bolland. Special Issue – # 6

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Festive Closing Times!

Yes, I will be shut at Christmas and New Year!

As ever, I’ll be closing mid/late afternoon on Christmas Eve – open until at least 15.00  but definitely closing up by 16.00. After that I’ll be shut until Saturday  28th – i.e. closed for 3 days.

And the same routine for the New Year break; closing early on Hogmany and re-opening at 10.00 on Saturday 4th January 2020. And, also as in years past, I’ll be closed on Mondays after the turn of the year, so official shop hours will be
Tues – Friday 11.00 – 18.00
Saturday 10.00 – 18.00


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New Titles – w/e 21st December 2019

in hardcover:

Greg EganThe Best of GE giant collection from Subterranean Press. Numbered edition of 1000
K. J. ParkerMy Beautiful Life singed & numbered fantasy novella from Subterranean Press

in large format:

Elizabeth BearAncestral Night 1st volume of her White Space sf series about a salvage mission in deep space discovering some ancient tech…
Mirah BolenderThe Monstrous Citadel sequel to The City of Broken Magic and volume 2 of her Chronicles of Amicae. Defusing ancient magical weapons…

C. Henry MartensHell Follows After in the 23rd C, in a ruined but recovering America, Edge and Jody meet when they join a trading mission to the interior…

Allan Kaster (editor) – The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories restock of volume 3, plus the first 2 in the series…

Reliquiaevol 7 no. 2 small press publication described as ‘Landscape – Nature – Mythology‘. Verse & short prose pieces, both original and translations of older texts. Prayers, incantations, pastoral descriptive passages…

Adam RobertsH. G. Wells: A Literary Life apparently the 1st book to look at all his writings across his lifetime, both fictional and otherwise. Looks very readable.

in ‘B’ format:

Aaron Dembski-BowdenSpear of the Emperor a Warhammer 40,000 adventure

art, etc:

PIE Books – Silent World photographs of deserted Japanese buildings. From PIE International, in the same format as their anime-inspired Everyday Scenes From a Parallel World set of books

3dtotal PublicationsBeginner’s Guide to Comic Art Characters from 2016, although I don’t think I’ve stocked it before. Multiple artists give lessons and tips on creating all sorts of heroes and villains! Soft cover with lots of colour pages

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New Titles – w/e 14th December 2019

in hardcover:

James IslingtonThe Light of All That Falls the 3rd in the Licanius Trilogy, which began with The Shadow of What Was Lost

David DayA Dictionary of the Sources of Tolkien. Subtitled The History and Mythology That Inspired Tolkien’s World. Published in the US as An Encyclopedia of Tolkien

in large format:

Kim Lakin-SmithRise imprisoned for sedition among members of what she thought was a lesser race, Kali stumbles upon an ancient energy source…
Stephen R. WilkTraveler a time traveller’s machine breaks down, leaving him stranded in ancient Rome, needing help from a street urchin who thinks of him as ‘the crazy man’!

Peter WattsPeter Watts is an Angry, Sentient Tumor 50+ short stories & essays published by Tachyon Publications
Philip K. DickThe early Science Fiction of PKD a dozen stories originally published in the early 50s
Philip K. DickThe early Science Fiction of PKD Volume 2 eleven stories originally published in the mid-50s. These volumes came out several years ago but I haven’t stocked them before…

Allan Kaster (editor) – The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories 3 eleven stories by the likes of Greg Egan & Alastair Reynolds!

in ‘B’ format:

Kristen BritainThe Dream Gatherer neat edition of a novella with a couple of short stories (with b&w illos by KB) set in her Green Rider millieu. Also an essay about the series; now running for over 20 years since the 1st volume… h/c also available
Caroline LoganThe Stone of Destiny YA fantasy novel, grounded in Scottish myths and legends. A Four Treasures novel
Eric BrownApproaching Omega disaster strikes a deep-sleep colony ship a thousand years into it’s mission… the 2017 edition of this novella, from Telos Publishing

Sharon BidwellThe Shadowman a Lethbridge Stewart: Bloodlines novel set in the world of Doctor Who

art, etc:

Rick BerryInvented People: Paintings by RB – Volume Number 1 full colour softcover of his art

3dtotal PublishingSketch Every Day attractive softcover full of drawing tips and tutorials by Simone Grunewald


Locus – issue # 707 December cover date

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