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New Titles – w/e 16th March 2019

in hardcover:

Cory DoctorowRadicalized 4 novellas set in the near future
Zen ChoThe True Queen magical goings-on in Regency London… sequel to 2013’s Sorcerer to the Crown

Kevin Hearne, Lila Bowen & Chuck WendigDeath & Honey 3 original novellas in a signed & numbered edition. The Buzz Kill by KH, Grist of Bees by LB & Interlude: Tanager by CW. Each with a colour plate by Galen Dara

in large format:

Delilah S. Dawson & Kevin HearneKill the Farm Boy humorous fantasy

Priya SharmaAll the Fabulous Beasts collection of 16 of her stories

Arkady & Boris StrugatskyThe Snail on the Slope new translation by Olena Bormashenko of one of their best novels. I re-read the old 1980 translation by Alan Meyers back in 2014 and now I’m keen to see how this one compares!

Jonathan JanzThe Nightmare Girl horror

in ‘B’ format:

Tade ThompsonRosewater Insurrection sequel to Rosewater
M. T. HillZero Bomb near future mystery in a future UK police state. Looks interesting.
Rachel HengSuicide Club  if she follows the rules Lea could live forever, but the sacrifices she’ll have to make may be too great
Karl SchroederThe Million the ruling class on Earth live lives of luxury but every 30 years 10 billion alien tourists descend on the planet…
Robert Jackson BennettVigilance in 2030 violent reality gameshows have perhaps become a bit too realistic…

Leo CarewThe Wolf epic fantasy in which the short-lived people of the South invade the lands of the long-lived, pastoral Northerners

Lilith SaintdrowThe Quill and the Crow volume 1 44 short essays about all sorts of aspects of writing

in paperback:

Timothy ZahnCobra Traitor book 3 of his Cobra Rebellion set

Lilith SaintcrowRoadtrip Z #1 – Cotton Crossing, #2 – In the Ruins, #3 – Pocalypse Road & #4 – Atlanta Bound complete quartet of the adventures of librarian Ginny and handyman Lee during a zombie apocalypse!

art, etc:

Dark Horse BooksThe Art of Anthem large full colour hardback with loads of art from the new game, from concept to final realisation

Gareth HindsThe Illiad hefty graphic novel version of Homer’s masterpiece. Full colour softcover. Extras include notes, map & a bibliography


Shoreline of Infinity – issue # 14 includes new Ken MacLeod story!

Interzone – issue # 280 with cover art by Richard Wagner
Black Staticissue # 68 cover art by Joachim Luetke

Locus – issue # 698 March 2019 cover date with remembrances of both Bety Ballantine and Carol Emshwiller



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New Titles – w/e 9th March 2019

in hardcover:

K. ChessFamous Men Who Never Lived hordes of refugees fleeing a nuclear war on an alternate time line settle in New York…
Temi OhDo You Dream of Terra-Two? the 1st ever mission to an Earth-like planet 23 years travel away, crewed by a mix of aging veteran astronauts and teenagers who have trained all their lives for this trip…

V. E. SchwabThe Near Witch reprint of her 1st published novel, from 2011

John Ringo & Gary Poole (editors) – Voices of the Fall a short story by Ringo plus a dozen other stories by other authors, using his Dark Tide Rising background…

in large format:

Elizabeth BearAncestral Night Haimey and her space salvager crew stumble upon some ancient alien tech but are immediately on the the run from pirates, revolutionaries & the government! Grand scale space opera!

Caitlin R. KiernanA is for Alien collection with a dozen of her best stories. Interior art by Vince Locke
Caitlin R. KiernanTales of Pain & Wonder collection of 22 interconnected stories (with an alternate reading order given at the end); interior art by Richard A. Kirk

Doctor WhoThirteen Doctors; 13 Stories anthology of Doctor Who stories, one per regeneration

in ‘B’ format:

Andrzej SapkowskiSeason of Storms the 8th Witcher novel, translated from Polish by David French
V. E. SchwabVengeful sequel to Vicious
Anna Smith SparkThe Tower of Living and Dying the sequel to The Court of Broken Knives; volume 2 in her Empires of Dust series

Graham EdwardsString City a PI able to jump between alternate timelines in an interdimensional city finds himself on a case which just keeps getting weirder!
Patrick EdwardsRuin’s Wake history has been erased, and individual identies are following suit…

Pat CadiganFools her 3rd novel (from 1992) and Arthur C. Clarke Award winner, now re-issued in Orion‘s SF Masterworks series
C. L. Moore – Northwest of Earth the space opera stories featuring Northwest Smith, starting with the classic Shambleau. Now re-issued by Orion in their Golden Age Masterworks series

in paperback:

Seanan McGuireThat Ain’t Witchcraft the 8th InCryptid novel

Clive Cussler & Graham BrownThe Rising Sea the 15th NUMA Files adventure wth Kurt Austin and the 7th by the Cisser/Brown pairing


Shoreline of InfinityThe Chosen From the First Age anthology collecting work fom the 1st 10 issues of the magazine

Graphiteissue # 10 concept design, illustration & urban sketching, from 3dtotal Publishing

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New Titles – w/e 2nd March 2019

in hardcover:

Ann LeckieThe Raven Tower the author of the multi-award winning Ancillery Justice series turns her hand to fantasy… the kingdom of Traden seems to have been deserted by it’s protective god, Raven
Marlon JamesBlack Leopard Red Wolf very well reviewed fantasy, drawing from African myth and history…

Django WexlerA Ship of Smoke and Steel career criminal Isoka is captured and forced to go on a mission to steal a ghost ship…
Den PatrickWitchsign 75 years have passed since the overthrow of magic and the founding of the Solmindre Empire but vigilante gangs still roam, seeking out any who bear the taint of magic…
Roshani ChokshiThe Gilded Wolves in Paris in 1889, the Order of Babel forces top hotelier Severin to track down a magical artifact…

Rudy RuckerNotes for Return to the Hollow Earth all sorts of extra material and background for his new novel

Ursula K. LeGuinThe Complete Orsinia volume 1 of her collected work, published by The Library of America. It was issued some time ago and is now almost out of print…

J. K. RowlingThe Tales of Beedle the Bard
J.K. RowlingQuidditch Through the Ages
J.K. RowlingFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
uniform large hardcover editions, with large clear text and illustrations

in large format:

Rudy RuckerReturn to the Hollow Earth reprint of his weird 1990 novel
Rudy RuckerThe Hollow Earth & Return to the Hollow Earth the original novel bound together with the sequel
Rudy RuckerNotes for Return to the Hollow Earth all sorts of extra material and background for his new novel

John KesselPride and Prometheus Mary Bennet falls in love with Victor Frankenstein, and befriends Frankenstein’s creation!
Dave FreerTom humorous novel featuring a cat who becomes a Wizard’s assistant

Gardner Dozois (editor) – The Very Best of the Best giant collection of the 38 best short stories from the 35 volumes of The Year’s Best Science Fiction anthologies which he edited!

in ‘B’ format:

Becky ChambersRecord of a Spaceborn Few 3rd in the series that began with The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
Terry Brooks – The Skaar Invasion the sequel to The Black Elfstone and the 2nd part of The Fall of Shannara set, itself part of the overarching Shannara series (now at, I think, 30 volumes!)

in paperback:

B. Caitling / Iain SinclairScales / Silenic Drift 2 novellas published back to back. Brian Caitling (author of The Vorrh trilogy) has Scales, about a (real) expedition to Greenland to transport a massive 30+ ton meteorite from it’s landing site in Greenland to the New York Natural History Museum in 1894. Ian Sinclair’s story, Silenic Drift, is about London and it’s geology & meteorites

art, etc:

Alexandro Jodorowsky & MoebiusThe Incal: Alexandro Jodorowsky 90th Birthday Edition gorgeous boxed edition of the classic bande dessinee with additional rare illustrations and an extra short story by Moebius. Numbered edition, limited to 1550 copies in total.

Hugo PrattThe Secret Rose the 11th of the softcover EuroComics reprints of the classic Corto Maltese stories…
Cyril PedrosaEquinoxes nice h/c collection from NBM of some of his short graphic stories. Also with several fairly short prose pieces.

HeikalaThe Art of Heikala: Works and Thoughts very nice hardcover by the Finnish artist. Sketches, tutorials, finished pieces, her thoughts on all sorts of aspects of her work. The 1st edition was massively oversubscribed on Kickstarter and it’s obvious why!

3dtotal PublishingBeginner’s Guide to Sketching: Robots, Vehicles & Sci-Fi Concepts hints and tips from dozens of artists…

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New Titles – w/e 23rd February 2019

in hardcover:

Ian C. EsslemontKellanved’s Reach the 3rd book of the Path to Ascendancy

in large format:

Caitlin R. KiernanThe Very best of CRK   20 of her best stories, with an intro by Richard Kadrey

David CraigResurrection Men in Victorian Glasgow, the undead’s influence reaches the highest levels…
Rachel & Sean Qitsualik-TinsleySkraelings first contact between a small tribe of Inuit and a Norse expedition…

in ‘B’ format:

Gareth L. PowellFleet of Knives the sequel to Embers of War

Angus MacallanGates of Stone a prince and a princess from two completely separate countries both set out on quests which will cross the same pirate ridden seas… The 1st book of The Lords of the Islands series. Set mainly in an alternate S.E.Asia

T. FrohockWhere Oblivion Lives in 1932 arcane forces struggle to avert the looming Spanish Civil War! A los Nefilim novel.

Mahvesh Murad & Jared Shurin (editors) – The Outcast Hours 2 dozen new stories plus 9 ‘microstories’ by China Mieville. The editors previously released the well-received The Djinn Falls in Love and Other Stories


Locusissue # 697 cover date February 2019 includes The Year in Review 2018 and their recommended reading lists…

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New Titles -16th February 2019

in hardcover:

Charlie Jane AndersThe City in the Middle of the Night new novel from the author of All the Birds in the Sky and set in a city on a planet which doesn’t rotate…
Jim C. HinesTerminal Uprising sequel to Terminal Alliance, and book 2 of The Janitors od the Post-Apocalypse

Kim WilkinsSisters of the Fire sequel to Daughters of the Storm, about 5 Royal siblings…

Ken Liu (editor/translator) – Broken Stars anthology of new Chinese science fiction

in ‘B’ format:

Stephanie GarberLegendary sequel to Caraval
V. E. SchwabDark Vault onmibus of 2 early books, The Archived and The Unbound

Charles Eric MaineThe Darkest of Nights reprint by the British Library in their Science Fiction Classics series, of his 1962 novel about a world-wide pandemic…

Mary E. BraddonThe Face in the Glass subtitled The Gothic Tales of MEB 14 stories; published in their Tales of the Weird series by the British Library

in paperback:

Michael J. SullivanAge oi War volume 3 of The Legends of the First Empire. Prestige format

Seanan McGuireDeadlands: Boneyard 3rd in the weird western series…
Kelly MedingStray Moon sequel to Stray Magic

art, etc:

James WyattThe Art of Magic: the Gathering:  Ravnica companion volume to The Art of M:tG – Dominaria

Jason Viola & Zack GiallongoPolar Bears: Survival on the Ice the latest fun & educational full-colour square-bound comic from Science Comics. I think that’s 14 so far.

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New Titles – w/e 9th February 2019

in hardcover:

Nnedi OkoraforBinti: The Complete Trilogy includes Binti, Binti: Home, Binti: The Night Masquerade and also the 34 page short story Binti: Sacred Fire

Deborah K. WolfForbidden City sequel to The Dragon’s Legacy

Graham MastertonBegging to Die his latest Katie Maguire thriller…

in large format:

Nancy A. CollinsAbsalom’s Wake wierd 19th C whaling horror!
Michelle SagaraCast in Oblivion latest in the Elantra series…
Michael PrescottTears for the Dead the latest Bonnie Parker case

in ‘B’ format:

Ratmond E. FeistKing of Ashes volume 1 of his brand new Firemane saga!
Anthony RyanThe Empire of Ashes the third volume of The Draconis Memoria
Darius Hinks – The Ingenious set adrift in time, the city of Athanor has collected a very mixed citizenship over the centuries…
Patrice SarathFog Season more scheming in the port of Port Saint Frey; the sequel to The Sisters Mederos
George Mann – The Revenant Express
the 6th Newbury and Hobbes Investigation

Sam J. MillerBlackfish City climate change & cyberpunk in a city at the top of the world…
Sam PetersFrom Distant Stars sequel to From Darkest Skies
Lidia YuknavitchThe Book of Joan a woman called Joan leads her small band of rebels in a fight to save a resource depleted world…
Arwen Elys DaytonStronger, Faster, and More Beautiful 6 linked narratives about the future of humanity

Arthur C. ClarkeEarthlight latest in the Golden Age Masterworks series from Gollancz

Warhammer 40,000Blood of Iax latest Ultramarines adventure, by Robbie MacNiven

in paperback:

S. A. SidorThe Beast of Nightfall Lodge sequel to Fury From the Tomb, and the second case for The Institute for Singular Antiquities

Hank Davis (editor) – Space Pioneers classic reprint anthology!


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New Titles – w/e 2nd February 2019

in hardcover:

Jenn LyonsThe Ruin of Kings slum-dweller and bard’s apprentice, Kihrin has been marked by a Demon, which brings him to the attention of the King…
R. A. SalvatoreReckoning of Fallen Gods the sequel to Child of a Mad God and volume 2 of The Coven

Lois McMaster BujoldThe Prisoner of Limnos sequel novella to Mira’s Last Dance, set in the world of the Five Gods

in ‘B’ format:

Jordanna Max BrodskyThe Wolf in the Whale her family starving, Omat treks across the Arctic ice for help but encounters a Viking warrior whose actions will change the world forever…

in paperback:

C. J. CherryhEmergence the 1st part of the 7th trilogy of her Foreigner sequence; the 19th overall
Stephen LawheadIn the Region of the Summer Stars book 1 of his new Eirlandia series, set on an alternate Celtic island of Eire
Anne BishopLake Silence the 6th book in The World of the Others
S. A. SidorFury From the Tomb 1st book in a new series featuring The Institute for Singular Antiquities and set in the late 19th C.  Vol 2 is due out soon.


Hi-Fructoseissue # 50 half a century! This issue’s insert features the art of Jason Limon

art, etc:

Michael WhelanBeyond Science Fiction: The Alternative Realism of MW softcover featuring art from the 1970s to the present day… Some classic stuff!
Frank Frazetta & J. David SpurlockFrazetta: Sketchbooks II hardcover with more of his iconic art…

Sergio ToppiThe Collected Toppi: Volume One – The Enchanted World 11 of his short strips from the late 1970s to the 1990s. Excellent b&w pencil work slightly reminiscent of Ian Miller and quirky stories. Hardcover.
Alexandro Jodorowsky & Juan GimenezThe Metabarons new 40th Anniversary Edition from Humanoids. Hardcover with 540+ pages

Michael TisserandKrazy subtitled George Herriman: A Life in Black and White thick softcover biography, but don’t expect too much Krazy Kat


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New Titles – w/e 26th January 2019

in hardcover:

Ben H. WintersGolden State crime novel set in a future America

Tom Baker with James GossScratchman a Doctor Who novel set in Scotland, with the Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane Smith…

in large format:

Miles CameronDark Forge sequel to Cold Iron; part 2 of Masters and Mages

Adrian Collins & Mike Myers (editors) – Knee-Deep in Grit  26 grimdark fantasy tales from the likes of Adrian Tchaikovsky, James A. Moore, R. Scott Bakker & Mark Lawrence

in ‘B’ format:

Dominic DulleyShattermoon Orry’s latest con goes horribly wrong and suddenly she’s fleeing for her life on board an obsolete spacecraft piloted by a reclusive loner… Book 1 of The Long Game

Jeff NoonA man of Shadows John Nyquist hunts a serial killer nicknamed Quicksilver in the dim shadows of Dusk, the zone lying between unending darkness and permanent light…
Josiah BancroftThe Hod King the 3rd of The Books of Babel, set after Senlin Ascenda & Arm of the Sphinx

Tessa GrattonThe Queens of Innis Lear ruined by the King, his 3 daughters know only a change of monarch can revive the magic of their island kingdom…

Charles Eric MaineThe Tide Went Out Philip is a journalist investigating a cover up into the reason why water levels have started dropping… new edition of this 1958  novel, now a Science Fiction Classic from the British Library

Mike Ashley (editor) – The Platform Edge: Uncanny Tales of the Railways anthology from the British Library in their Tales of the Weird series

Warhammer: Age of SigmarThe Silver Shard a Callis & Toll adventure by Nick Horth


Lee J. Ames with Erin HarveyDraw 50: Outer Space step by step guide to drawing rockets, spaceman etc!


CDQCharacter Design Quarterly issue # 07 includes special features on drawing tentacles and horns!

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New Titles – w/e19th January 2019

in hardcover:

C. J. Cherryh & Jane FancherAlliance Rising an unmarked, unknown ship is inbound for the aging Alpha Station and attracts the attention of distant powers like Pell and Cyteen… Set in a bywater of Cherryh’s most popular background.
R. S. BelcherKing of the Road the 2nd book in The Brotherhood of the Wheel series, about a forgotten Templar offshoot which still continues to protect travellers on their journeys…

Diane SetterfieldOnce Upon a River  a complex mystery story set on the Thames in the 19th C.  A stranger arrives at a riverside pub with a drowned girl in his arms…

in large format:

S. Andrew SwannMarked Dana was born with a strange mark on her skin and the ability to walk into differing pasts and futures at will…
Michael MoreciBlack Star Renegades fast moving space adventure!

in ‘B’ format:

Emma NewmanBefore Mars a stand alone novel set before her other Planetfall books
Jane O’ReillyDeep Blue the sequel to Blue Shift

David Hair – The King the 4th in his The Return of Ravana series, following The Pyre, The Adversaries & The Exile

Gareth HanrahanGutter Prayer part 1 of The Black Iron Legacy, set in an eternal city where something is stirring in the ancient tunnels below!

Rachel Hyland (editor) – Geek versus Geek book of 36 pairs of essays (or rants!) contrasting two sides of a genre topic.

art, etc:

Jackie MorrisTell Me a Dragon Postcard Pack box of 10 large cards & envelopes, each card with a full colour dragon of some sort on it!

Rikke VilladsenThe Sea h/c b&w graphic novel about an old fisherman and his strange catch!


Illustration issue Sixty-Two featuring Ron Lesser, and a long article about wartime propaganda art

Locusissue # 696 Charles Vess looks at f&sf art

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New Titles – w/e 12th January 2019

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsShadow Captain the sequel to Revenger
David WeberThrough Fiery Trials the 10th in his Safehold series

Seanan McGuire In An Absent Dream Laundy finds a portal to what she thinks is the perfect world, but everything has it’s cost  -and pitfalls!

Katherine ArdenThe Winter of the Witch final book of her Winternight trilogy, which began with The Bear and the Nightingale

Brandon SandersonMistborn: A Secret History it says ‘novella’ but it’s 160 pages long… Set after the original Mistborn trilogy

in large format:

Mimi YuThe Girl King unexpectedly denied her rightful position as Empress, Liu seeks allies among her family’s enemies, while her younger sister also plots, either to help her sister or maybe to snatch the throne for herself!

Sherwood Smith A Stranger to Command set before Crown Duel telling the backstory of the Marquis of Shevraeth
Kay KenyonSerpent in the Heather the 3rd Dark Talents adventure, set in Wales in 1936

in ‘B’ format:

Cameron MilesCold Iron book 1 of her new series, Masters & Mages.
Patrice SarathThe Sisters Mederos two sisters plot to restore the family’s fortunes, possibly dealt a terrible blow by the uncontrolled magic of one of them… The sequel, Fog Season, is due in a few weeks. Books 1 & 2 of The Tales of Port Frey

Catherine CavendishThe Haunting of Henderson Close modern ghost story set in Edinburgh featuring a close not unlike Mary King’s Close.
Jonathan JanzA Savage Species work on a new nature preserve awakens an ancient terror!

Gavin G. SmithWar Criminals the 3rd Bastard Legion book
Nicholas Sansbury SmithExtinction: Red Line prequel to the main Extinction Cycle of books

in paperback:

James A. MooreGates of the Dead the 3rd in his Tides of War fantasy series…

Ben BovaSurvival the 3rd in his Star Quest series, which began with Apes and Angels & Death Wave


Brian FroudBF’s World of Faerie: Revised and Expanded Edition big, and lavishly illustrated, with one or two surprises inside!


Interzoneissue # 279 cover date Jan – Feb 2019 editorial by Sean McMullen
Black Staticissue # 67 cover date Jan – Feb 2019 opening comments by Lynda E. Rucker and Ralph Robert Moore

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