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‘Safe Browsing Experience’ at Transreal

So, after many weeks, Transreal Fiction is cracking it’s doors open a little again. Not to the general public perhaps, but maybe to you!

The shop now has an eventbrite page for booking your own personal 45 minute tiimeslot with no other customers in the shop! Worry free browsing! There’s a small fee, offset against any purchase, and also 10% OFF pretty much everything except books already on ‘sale’.

Available times are on Tuesday to Saturday this week, with start times of Noon, one, two, thtee & four p.m. The tickets cost £3.00 (redeemable against purchase) and allow up to three people in the shop for up to 45 minutes (not the whole hour as I’ll need to wipe down surfaces, etc. before the next customer).



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New Titles – Late June/Early July 2020

in hardcover:

Jasper FfordeConstant Rabbit a couple, who happen to be human sized anthropomorphic rabbits, move into a small, rural village… Not for sale until Thursday 9th July

Michael J. SullivanAge of Empyre the 6th of the Legends of the First Empire
Simon R. GreenThe House on Widow’s Hill the latest in his Ishmael Jones series

in B format:

Namwali SerpellOld Drift big novel of 3 Zambian families played out over the past century and into the future…
Robert HarrisSecond Sleep a young priest wanders lost across a strange landscape that appears not be of his era…

M. R. CoreyThe Book of Koli the 1st of his Rampart trilogy. Koli has spent his life being told to stay close to the village and never to go into the ancient woods…
Jenni LyonsThe Name of All Things sequel to The Ruin of Kings and vol 2 of A Chorus of Dragons
Amanda HockingThe Lost City Omte Origins volume 1. Ulla is a half-breed troll but finds attempts to trace her heritage blocked

Brandon SandersonThe Many Lives of Stephen Leeds collection of 3 novellas consisting of Legion, Skin Deep & Eye of the Beholder

J. R. R. TolkienThe Fall of Gondolin with colour plates by Alan Lee
J. R. R. TolkienThe Hobbit re-issue with new cover with art. The LotR trilogy also has new matching covers but stock of them is difficult to get right now…

David SolomonsThe Maze of Doom featuring the 13th Doctor Who


Sherwood SmithA Sword Named Truth volume 1 of The Rise of the Alliance series, continuing on from her Inda books

Bennett R. ColesWinds of Marque sailing the solar winds on HMSS Daring to protect the space lanes! Featuring Blackwood & Virtue
David DrakeTo Clear Away the Shadows the 13th in his RCN Saga
Tom Kratman (creator) – Terra Nova anthology featuring set in Kratman’s Wars of Liberation universe


The current mail order and delivery/collection service is still in operation, and individual visits may be possible at mutually agreed times. More on this soon!

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Transreal (not) Re-Opening

Transreal Fiction will not be re-opening this week.

The current mail order and delivery/collection service is still in operation, and individual visits may be possible at mutually agreed times.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this decision.

e-mail me at
follow me on twitter on @transrealshop

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Yet More Signed Hardbacks!

This is probably the last of a trilogy of posts highlighting some of the rarer titles I have in stock. And some are really quite rare.

I’ll start with Jim Butcher, whose 16th Dresden File novel, Peace Talks, is due out next month!

Jim Butcher – Turn Coat
Subterranean Press 2018 cover art & interior illos byVincent Chong
signed & numbered 395/500

Then there’s the rather weird sequel to cult classic The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

Gordon Dahlquist – The Dark Volume
Subterranean Press 2008 cover art  by Dave McKean
signed & numbered 254/500

Who’s next? Top editor but also author, Jack Dann!

Jack Dann – Promised Land
PS Publishing 2007 cover art byVincent Chong
signed & numbered 4/500

and then the rather less known, but still interesting Bradley Denton with a collection of 3 linked novellas, each with an author intro, and also a concluding endpiece by Denton

Bradley Denton – Sargeant Chip
Subterranean Press 2014
signed & Numbered 643/750

followed by one of the most extravagantly produced titles I have, by Tim Powers

Tim Powers – Medusa’s Web
Subterranean Press 2017 cover art & interior illos by J. K. Potter
signed & numbered in a plain slipcase 375/474

And now a giant collection of essays and also a stand alone novella from one of my favourite authors, Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll – Crow’s Dinner
Subterranean Press 2017 cover by Ryder Carroll
signed & numbered 898/1000

Jonathan Carroll – Teaching the Dog to Read
Subterranean Press 2015 cover by Ryder Carroll
signed & numbered 601/1000

And now what’s probably the most recent publication, from another personal favourite, James P. Blaylock

James P. Blaylock – The Gobblin’ Society
Subterranean Press 2020 cover art by Jon Foster
signed & numbered 725/1000

Although Jo Walton‘s Lent is still fairly current also, with a large format paperback out earlier this year – and her next novel due in soon as well!

Jo Walton – Lent
Tor 2019 cover art by Chris Buzelli

Continuing with a collection of 3 linked novellas, by Garth Nix

Garth Nix – Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz: Three Adventures
Subterranean Press 2013 cover art by Thomas Canty
signed & numbered 760/1000

With a collection of three linked short novels (originally as by ‘Jack Buchanan’) from Joe Lansdale & Stephen Mertz next

Joe R. Lansdale & Stephen Mertz – M. I. A. Hunter
Subterranean Press 2015 cover art by Timothy Truman
signed by both authors & numbered 109/500

followed by an historical novel from Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons – Black Hills
Subterranean Press 2010 cover art by Ken Rosenthal
signed & numbered 447/500

and finally a collection from horror writer David J. Schow to round things off

David J. Schow – DJStories: The Best of David J. Schow
Subterranean Press 2018 cover art by Timothy R. Bradstreet
signed & numbered 963/1000

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New Titles (received in June)

in hardback:

Walker DrydenThe City of a Thousand Faces first in a new epic fantasy series, Tumanbay, set in a vast city reminiscent of Byzantium

Taylor AndersonWinds of Wrath the 15th in his Destroyermen alternate history series
Max BrooksDevolution Mount Rainier has erupted violently and Bigfoot tribes have been forced into the open! From the author of The Zombie Survival Guide & World War Z

in large format:

Robert Jackson BennettShorefall sequel to Foundryside and part 2 of The Founders Trilogy
Liz WilliamsComet Weather 4 sisters re-unite to search for their missing mother…

Julian K. JarboeEveryone On the Moon is Essential Personnel 2 poems, 13 short stories and the title novella. Interesting looking collection.

in ‘B’ format:

Tim LebbonEden in the near future huge areas of the Earth are off-limits to allow nature to recover, but some people still venture there…

Ben AaronovitchThe October Man a Rivers of London novella
Carrie VaughnGhosts of Sherwood novella featuring Robin’s family…

in paperback:

Charles E. GannonMarque of Caine the 5th in the Caine Riordan series
Wm.Mark SimmonsA Witch in Time the 5th of the Halflife Chronicles
Michelle WestWar the 8th volume of The House War, which began with The Hidden City

art, etc:

Bryan TalbotLuther Arkwright: The Adventures of LA & Heart of Empire hefty comic-sized volume collecting the entire story. The first 40% (The Adventures section) is b&w with the rest in full colour
John Rhett ThomasThe Art of Frank Cho a Marvel Monograph


Locus – issue # 713 June cover date with book listings through until March! Interviews with Tobias S. Buckell & Madeline Ashby


If you want any of these titles, or any other book I’m likely to have in stock, please contact me and we can probably work something out. I don’t have a shopping basket on here but there are other ways of ordering & paying!

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Stock Catch-Up! (but still closed!)

New titles have been trickling in over time…

in hardcover:

Trudi CanavanMaker’s Curse the 4th book of her Millennium’s Rule quartet
Cixin LiuOf Ants and Dinosaurs novel of a strange alliance millions of years ago!

Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Steven BarnesStarborn & Godsons third novel in the series which began with A Legacy of Heorot back in 1987!

James P. BlaylockThe Gobblin’ Society the latest Langdon St.Ives steampunk adventure! Signed & Numbered edition from Subterranean Press
Michael SwanwickThe Postutopian Adventures of Darger and Surplus signed & numbered short story collection from Subterranean Press

in large format:

Elizabeth BearThe Red-Stained Wings 2nd volume of The Lotus Kingdoms series, which began with The Stone in the Skull
Justina RobsonPaper Hearts new novella from NewCon Press

in ‘B’ format:

John ScalziThe Last Emperox the 3rd book of The Interdependancy, which began with The Collapsing Empire & The Consuming Fire
Stephen BaxterDestroyer the 1st book in his new World Engines series. An astronaut wakes from cryogenic sleep 500 years in the future but finds that his memories of the past don’t match with that society’s history!

Francis CarsacThe City Among the Stars 1st English language edition of any novel by French scientist Francois Bordes (1919 – 1981), written in the 1960s. Translated by Judith Sullivan & M. Schiff. Carsac was a pseudonym, obviously.

Alix E. HarrowThe Ten Thousand Doors of January a young girl finds a way to escape the sprawling mansion she lives in with her guardian…
Maggie HaggithLyre Dancers the 3rd in her historically based Stone Stories series, initially about the ancient Greek explorer Pytheas, although this ones seems to be more about some of the people he met. Earlier books were The Walrus Mutterer & The Amber Seeker

Christopher PriestEpisodes his 1st short story collection since 2008. 11 stories, with comments, etc. on each by the author

art, etc:

Mike Butterworth & Don LawrenceThe Trigan Empire volume 1 300 hundred full colour pages of the epic 1960s science fantasy comic strip in softcover. Wonderful stuff!

Jose GonzalezThe Art of JG full colour hardcover from Dynamite, subtitled The Premier Vampirella Artist

Ben KatchkorThe Dairy Restaurant great looking hardback novel/history which appears to be about vegetarian restaurants (term used v loosely in some cases) from Biblical times up to present day New York!

magazines, etc:

Interzone – issue # 287 May/June cover date with wrap-around cover by Warwick Fraser-Coombe, unhindered by the usual barcode & price box…
Black Static – issue # 75 May/June cover date with front cover by Ben Baldwin, unhindered by the usual barcode & price box…


If you want any of these titles, or any other book I’m likely to have in stock, please contact me and we can probably work something out. I don’t have a shopping basket on here but there are other ways of ordering & paying!

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More Signed Hardcovers!

OK, so here are some more pictures of some of the signed stock I have available at very reasonable prices! Check around if you don’t believe me!
They’re all first editions.
Clicking on the covers will bring up larger images.

Lets start with a collection from one of the grandest of surviving Grand Masters, Robert Silverberg!

Robert Silverberg – Early Days: More Tales From the Pulp Era
Subterranean Press 2016 cover by Bob Eggleton
signed & numbered 659/1000

Next today is a great looking edition from Richard Morgan

Richard K. Morgan – The Cold Commands
Subterranean Press 2012 cover & endpaper art by Vincent Chong
signed & numbered 360/500

followed by one of the pricier books, but not the priciest, on the list today, the 4th Temeraire novel

Naomi Novik – Empire of Ivory
Subterranean Press 2011 cover by Dominic Harman
signed & numbered 213/500

Then there’s this admittedly somewhat less popular weird western

Stephen Gallagher – The Authentic William James
Subterranean Press 2017
signed & numbered 311/1000

followed by this rather hefty hard SF novel

Peter F. Hamilton – The Naked God
Subterranean 2012 cover by Tomislav Tikulin
signed & numbered 224/500

and next a horror novel from Kelly Armstrong

Kelly Armstrong – Amityville Horrible
Subterranean Press 2012
signed & numbered 886/1500

A rock & roll journey across hell from Stephen Boyett

Stephen Boyett – Mortality Bridge
Subterranean Press 2011 cover by J. K. Potter
signed & numbered 632/750

And now one of my personal favourites, Lewis Shiner. His current novel, <i>Outside the Gates of Eden</i> is excellent! I’ve not listed here, but it is in stock. This one contains ‘three short novels and a fable’

Lewis Shiner – Heroes and Villains
Subterranean Press 2017 cover by Ken Laager
signed & numbered  671/750

Local best=selling author Charlie Stross

Charles Stross – Singularity Sky
Ace 2003 cover by Danilo Ducak

Almost there! Today’s penultimate entry is a collection from the ever dependable Jack McDevitt

Jack McDevitt – A Voice in the Night
Subterranean Press 2018 cover by Les Edwards
signed & numbered 548/1000

And to close, an admittedly minor work from another Grand Master, Tom Disch, with what I think is his last published novella. One or two older works have surfaced since. Having been published postumously, this one isn’t signed.

P1080795 (2)

Thomas M. Disch – Proteus Sails Again
Subterranean 2008 cover art by Jacob McMurray & Shawn Wolfe


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New Titles! (But still closed)

Books continue to arrive, although I have no re-opening date. (More on that later)

In hardcover:

Laura LamGoldilocks eagerly awaited new SF novel from the now-local author! Signed copies may be available!

Mark LawrenceThe Girl and the Stars volume 1 of his new fantasy series, The Book of Ice
Claire McKennaMonstrous Heart a lonely lighthouse shines out over a sea teeming with colossal, ancient beasts…
Rin ChupecoWicked As You Wish Avalon has fallen, it’s magic dispersed and it’s citizens scattered, with their prince currently in exile in Arizona…
Mark BlacklockHinton Victorians, philosophy and mathematics! In a novel.

Lois McMaster Bujold – Penric’s Travels her latest fantasy novel (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)
Adrian Tchaikovsky
Firewalkers (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)
Mike ResnickThe Mistress of Illusions (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)

in large format:

Simeon MillsThe Obsoletes a pair of robots pass as human, knowing they’ll be disassembled if they’re discovered...

Corry L. LeeWeave the Lightning (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)
Glen Cook – Port of Shadows the latest Chronicle of the Black Company (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)
Joe LansdaleMice and Minestrone his latest collection featuring Hap & Leonard (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)

in ‘B’ Format:

Joe AbercrombieA Litle Hatred the 1st volume of The Age of Madness trilogy
Anna Smith SparkThe House of Sacrifice book 3 of The Empires of Dust series
Edward Cox – Song of the Sycamore Finn was a casualty of the war, but has been posessed by an ancient entity and is enmeshed in an even older struggle…
Peter Newman – The Ruthless sequel to The Vagrant & The Deathless
Eric Lewis – The Heron Kings her patients slaughtered, Sister Alessia vows to save as many on both sides of the war as she and her followers possibly can… From Flame Tree Press

Andrew Caldecott – The Lost Acre 3rd in the trilogy which began with Rotherweird
Jane Rawson – From the Wreck George Hills is saved from a shipwreck in 1859 but is convinced they was another person(?) helping him survive…
Maria Lewis – The Wailing Woman Sadie Burke is a banshee and thus at the bottom of the pecking order…
Ramsey Campbell – Wise Friend Patrick and his teenage son have discovered his late aunt’s ocult journals…

Christina Henry – Looking Glass 4 novellas  set in the world of her books Alice and Red Queen
Mike Ashley (editor) – A Phantom Lover and other Dark Tales by Vernon Lee  the latest Tales of the Weird anthology from the British Library
Marie O’Regan & Paul Kane (editors) – Cursed anthology with stories from top authors such as M. R. Carey, Christina Henry & Charie Jane Anders. Oh, Neil Gaiman as well!

Lord DunsanyThe King of Elfland’s Daughter re-issue the classic 1924 fantasy novel

Peter F. Hamilton – Salvation Lost sequel to Salvation
Cixin Liu – The Supernova Era a wave of deadly radiation is due to reach the Earth imminently… translated by Loel Martinsen
Baoshu – The Redemption of Time novel set in the same background as The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. Translated by Ken Liu
Premee MohamedBeneath the Rising an invention by Nick’s best friend may eliminate the need for fossil fuels but has also inadvertently awakened ancient horrors!
Jack CampbellTriumphant the 3rd volume of The Genesis Fleet series, part of The Lost Fleet universe…
Becky ChambersTo Be Taught if Fortunate adapted humans are able to explore hazardous exoplanets… Novella

Elizabeth BearHammered re-print of her first novel, and the sequel
Elizabeth BearScardown her second novel! The first 2 parts of the Jenny Casey trilogy about a Modified Soldier in 2062

Andy Frankham-Allen & Tim GambrellAn Ordinary Man featuring Lethbridge-Stewart from Doctor Who; the 1st of the new Bloodlines series

in paperback:

David Weber & Jacob HoloThe Gordian Protocol alternate history involving time travel (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)
Taylor AndersonPass of Fire the 14th in his Destroyermen series (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)

art/gift, etc:

Grant Snider I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf the case for books from the creator of The Shape of Ideas


Locus – May ( # 712) edition [if you’ve not already contacted me about your subscription, please do so by e-mail to]

Mail Order, or local delivery by hand, is possible for all these titles (and any other books in stock! Contact me for details)

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Goldilocks – Signed Copies!

I’ve not been able to do very much during the Lockdown, but here’s a thing!

One of the hottest new titles just published is the SF novel Goldilocks, by Laura Lam – and I’ll have some signed copies available soon.
I’ll have signed copies of the UK hardcover for £19.00 plus only £1.00 postage
I can also offer the US edition but that will be £23.00 plus £1.00 postage.

Books can be personalised with date, location (Edinburgh) or brief greeting (to Micah, to Carina, best wishes, etc) but in the present circumstances I can only offer this option for a few days and then I’ll only be able to provide plain signatures.

e-mail me at if you’re interested and I’ll issue a Paypal Invoice.
For the moment this offer is restricted to the UK.



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Signed Hardcovers!

Thought I would put a few pictures up of some of the signed stock I have available at very reasonable prices!
They’re all first editions.
Clicking on the covers will bring up larger images.

First up, here’s three from ex-local author Hannu Rajaniemi with some great cover art!



Rajaniemi, Hannu – The Causal Angel
Gollancz 2014 cover by Chris Moore



Rajaniemi, Hannu – The Causal Angel
Tor 2014 cover by Kekai Kotaki



Rajaniemi, Hannu – The Fractal Prince
Tor 2012 cover by Kekai Kotaki

And a couple of horror titles, the first from a great bloke I got drunk with a couple of times, the late, great Lucius Shepard



Shepard, Lucius – Beautiful Blood
Subterranean 2014 cover by J. K. Potter
signed & numbered 539/1000

and from Robert McCammon



McCammon, Robert – Stinger
Subterranean Press 2012 cover by Les Edwards
signed & numbered 826/1000

and also from McCammon, but not so much horror (despite the great octopus endpapers) is his fourth Matthew Corbett historical thriller



McCammon, Robert – The Providence Rider
Subterranean Press 2012 cover by Vincent Chong

Next up are two from Peter V. Brett





You’ll see there’s a signed bookplate with one of the copies; I’ll include it with either title, depending on which one sells first!
And next is a volume of modern pulp adventure from the influential Mike Resnick



Resnick, Mike – Voyages: The Chronicles of Lucifer Jones
Subterranean 2017 cover by Bob Eggleton
signed & numbered 759/1000

Almost near the end with a title by acclaimed newcomer Charlie Jane Anders



Anders, Charlie Jane – Rock Manning Goes For Broke
Subterranean Press – 2018 cover by Carolyn Nowak
signed & numbered 503/1500

Finally, and most modernly, there’s current top seller Aliette de Bodard‘s latest beautiful edition from Subterranean Press!



de Bodard, Aliette – Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight
Subterranean 2019 cover by Maurizio Manzieri
signed & numbered 1017/1250

To purchase any of these titles, please e-mail me at
I regret that at present these books are only available to UK customers only.
P&P £3.00 per volume.



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