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New Titles – w/e 5th December 2015

Ken LiuThe Grace of Kings part 1 of The Dandelion Dynasty, a big new fantasy series from a winner of the Hugo, Nebula & World Fantasy Awards for his earlier short fiction.

in large format:

Jack McDevittThunderbird the long awaited sequel to Ancient Shores, about the discovery of an ancient yacht and a boathouse, found buried in the American plains on Indian tribal land. In this volume they find out more about the boathouse but politics keeps interfering. The books remind me of Clifford Simak’s work.
David HamblingBroken Meats a sequel to the Lovecraft inspired The Elder Ice. Another case for ex-boxer Harry Stubbs involving Chinese tongs and an aging Jack the Ripper suspect…

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – Meeting Infinity the latest in his Infinity series of anthologies of new work from top authors

in ‘B’ format:

Ian TregellisThe Rising book 2 of the Alchemy Wars; the sequel to The Mechanical
Genevieve CogmanThe Masked City sequel to The Invisible Library
Charlie FletcherThe Paradox sequel to The Oversight. Two of the Oversight’s members are trapped in the world  between the mirrors…

Nick WaltersMutually Assured Domination a new Doctor Who spin-off novel featuring the Dominators and Colonel Lethbridge Stewart

Warhammer 40,000Ahriman: Unchanged by John French. The former Chief Librarian continues his quest for knowledge and power…


Shoreline of Infinity – issue # 2 short fiction, reviews, poems by Banks & MacLeod and work by and about Duncan Lunan. And the page count’s gone up!


Doctor WhoShield of the Jotunn full cast audio adventure # 206 from Big Finish, featuring Colin Baker

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New Titles – w/e 28th November 2015

in hardcover:

Jonathan L. HowardCarter & Lovecraft Daniel Carter is a jaded ex-homicide detective who inherits a strange little bookshop in Providence with a manager called Emily Lovecraft…

in large format:

Tom TonerThe Promise of the Child volume 1 of The Amaranthine Firmament, set over 12,000 years in the future, although it begins in 14th C  Prague… Very well reviewed debut sf novel.

Michael Matheson (editor) – The Humanity of Monsters 26 recent short stories from the likes of Lansdale, Valente  & Gaiman

in ‘B’ format:

Mira GrantChimera the 3td in her Parasitology trilogy, about a zombie plague

in paperback:

Dave BaraImpulse Lieutenant Cochrane had expected to be setting out on a deep space exploration tour of duty. Instead, he’s abruptly assigned to a mysterious mission elsewhere…
Gini KochAlien in Chief the 12th in the series…
Eric Flint Paula Goodlett & Gorg Huff1636: The Viennese Waltz the latest Ring of Fire/1632 novel and the 5th to be set in 1636
Joseph WallaceSlavemakers sequel to Invasive Species, about a newly discovered inimical lifeform…
Harry TurtledoveJoe Steele alternate history where FDR doesn’t become President during the Great Depression
Robert J. MrazekThe Bone Hunters ancient artifact thriller involving the long-missing Peking Man fossils
David DrakeDinosaurs and a Dirigible 5 short stories, some of which were published previously as Time Safari

Rob ThurmanNevermore the 10th Cal Leandros adventure
Steven HarperBlood Storm sequel to Blood Ax and the 2nd of the Books of Blood and Iron
Katherine KurtzThe King’s Dernyi the long-awaited 3rd volume of her Childe Morgan trilogy, set in the world of the Deryni and the Eleven Kingdoms. I assume it’s the final novel (17th?) of the Deryni sequence
Julie E. CzernedaA Play of Shadow the 2nd Night’s Edge fantasy novel; the sequel to A Turn of Light
Margaret Weis & Robert KrammesThe Seventh Sigil the final part of their Dragon Brigade trilogy
Katherine KurtzThe King’s Dernyi the long-awaited 3rd volume of her Childe Morgan trilogy, set in the world of the Deryni and the Eleven Kingdoms. I assume it’s the final novel (17th?) of the Deryni sequence

Mercedes Lackey  (editor) – Crucible: All New Tales of Valdemar 18 new stories set in Valdemar, including one by Lackey herself

Star TrekChild of Two Worlds set not long after tv episode The Cage, Spock is Science Officer under Captain Pike. By Greg Cox

Star Wars –  Heir to the Jedi set not long after SW: A New Hope, Luke is back in action trying to free an important prisoner of the Empire… By Kevin Hearne

art, etc:

Winsor McCay – Dinomania giant hardcover volume of rare strips, newspaper articles, etc. from and about the creator of Little Nemo in Slumberland. And all about Gerty the Dinosaur, possibly the 1st ever animated cartoon.

Jose GonzalezThe Art of JG hardcover highlighting the art of the Vampirella artist…
Stephen HickmanEmpyrean: The Art of SH full colour hardback
Matt GaserFantastical: The Art of MG nice hardcover of sketches and finished art, many with a fantasy or steampunk feel

Alfredo AlcalaThe Art of AA: Secret Teachings of a Comic Book Master some very nice b&w comic art, with plenty of accompanying text

Daniel Zimmer (editor) – The Golden Age: Masterworks of the Golden Age of Illustration, volume 3 full colour hardcover with some great art

Murphy ZulliPuma Blues: The Complete Saga in One Volume the full story in one rather hefty (but very reasonably priced!) 560+ page hardcover.
Steven CerioSunbeam on the Astronaut bizarre b&w art and graphics!
Charles VessThe Horns of Elfland b&w art, with some text. Long time since I’ve seen a copy of this!


Interzone – issue #261 with fiction from Gary Gibson, among others

Locus – cover date November 2015, # 658


more to come; I ordered a bit early to avoid having my delivery caught up in the Thanksgiving slow-down, but I never expected it to arrive before the weekend!

Turtledove, McDevitt, Thurman, Lackey & more…

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New Titles – w/e 21st November 2015

in hardcover:

Terry GoodkindWarheart the 17th and final volume of his Sword of Truth epic fantasy series! I read volume 1, Wizard’s First Rule, when it came out back in 1994…

Ben BovaDeath Wave sequel to New Earth in which the expedition returns to the solar system with devastating news for humanity, but hundreds of years have passed on Earth and everything is different…

H. P. LovecraftThe Complete Fiction handsome, large 1100 page hardcover containing all his fiction…

in large format:

S. E. ListerThe Immortals Rosa is the daughter of a time traveller, stuck re-living 1945 until she manages to break free but is left helplessly adrift in time

Ruthanne ReidThe Christmas Dragon Katie wanted to get away from it all but someone set her a present in a box. But the box jumped!

Ryohgo NaritaDrrr! 2 sequel to Drrr! 1. Offbeat Japanese weirdness!

in ‘B’ format:

David DalgleishSkyborn the 1st in his new Seraphim fantasy series. Kale and Breanna are orphaned twins training to use the Elements in aerial combat in the ongoing civil war…
David John GriffinThe Unusual Possession of Alastair Stubb Eleanor Stubb lies about no longer seeing visions and stops talking to insects to gain her freedom from a sanatorium for the delusional… Gothic horror

Jack McDevittComing Home the latest Alex Benedict novel, in which he finally returns to Earth in pursuit of some early space age artifacts…

Philip K. DickThe Man in the High Castle latest re-print, with a tv tie-in cover
William Hope HodgsonThe House on the Borderland the classic horror novel, together with 4 of his best known sea mysteries. Also with a biography and an explanatory  list of terms and words used which may have fallen out of general usage

Warhammer 40,000Daemon World the latest adventure from Ben Counter
Warhammer 40,000 – Sanctus Reach 8 stories of the Space Marine Battles by Ben Counter, Josh Reynolds, Cavan Scott & Guy Haley

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdUnrelenting the 13th Kris Longknife adventure

Sharon ShinnThe Turning Season the 3rd in her Shifting Circle series, which began with The Shape of Desire
Jenna RhodesKing of Assassins the 3rd in her Elven Ways quartet

Robert J. MrazekValhalla while searching for a crashed WW2 bomber in Greenland the team stumble on a 1000 year old deep frozen Viking ship and it’s crew!

art, etc:

3D TotalPublishing – Anatomy for 3D Artists subtitled The Essential Guide for CG Professionals


Black Static – issue # 49 with cover date of November/December


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New Titles – w/e 14th November 2015

in hardcover:

Trudi CanavanAngel of Storms sequel to Thief’s Magic and book 2 in Millennium’s Rule

in large format:

Catherynne M. ValenteSix-Gun Snow White curious re-working of the fairy tale
Seanan McGuireIndexing ATI’s purpose is to keep the world protected from the encroachment of fairy tales into reality. This is tricky when even their own agents struggle not to revert to their stereotypical characters…

Christopher Golden (editor) – Seize the Night 20 new vampire tales from the likes of David Wellington, Tim Lebbon & Seanan McGuire
Amanda Pillar
(editor) – Bloodlines anthology with 16 new urban fantasy stories…

in ‘B’ format:

Adrian TchaikovskyGuns of the Dawn flintlock fantasy with revolutionary troops determined to carry their fight to the neighbouring Kingdom…

Marie BrennanMidnight Never Come the 1st book of The Onyx Court. Lady Lune is caught up in all sorts of intrigue at the Court of Elizabeth I of England. But she’s also one of the fae, sent to spy on the mortal world…
Brandon SandersonFirefight the 3rd novel of the Reckoners
Cinda Williams ChindaThe Sorcerer’s Heir the 5th in the Heir Chronicles, which began with The Warrior Heir.

Adam ChristopherMade to Kill the 1st in his new L A Trilogy, described as cyberpulp. A robot P.I. in early 1960s Hollywood!

Sarah PinboroughThe Death House Toby was ill and has been assigned to the Death House, where, with others, he’s monitored by the Matron. If he gets sent to the sanitorium, he knows it’s death!
Paul MeloyThe Night Clock in the Dark Time the Firmament Surgeons fight to defeat the Autoscopes before they can tear reality apart!

Carter ScholzGypsy the latest of PM PressOutspoken Authors series. The titular SF novella, 2 short stories, an essay and a bibliography together with an interview with Terry Bisson

Tim PowersEarthquake Weather the latest Fantasy Masterwork from Gollancz. Kootie may be destined to be the new Fisher King, but he’s only 15 y.o.

art, etc:

John Fleskes (editor) – Spectrum 22 the annual round up of the best contemporary fantastic art. In both softcover and hardcover.
Todd Spoor & Bill Cox (editors) – Infected by Art volume three the best of this year’s submissions to their annual competition for fantastic art…

Walt KellyFairy Tales reproductions of 24 of his versions of classic fairy tales. Full colour strips, in hardcover
Steve BynghallThe Good Dinosaur: The Essential Guide details of all the dinos and their interactions from Disney/Pixar‘s new animated film


Heavy Metal – issue # 277 with 2 different covers

2016 calendars:

Vintage Sci-Fi – spiral bound wall calendar of classic pulp covers

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New Titles – w/e 7th November 2015

in hardcover:

Juliet MarillierTower of Thorns a monster has occupied an ancient tower and the whole area is blighted; Blackthorn and Grim are persuaded to try to oust it…
Umberto EcoNumero Zero the narrator arrives back from holiday and finds somebody must have turned off his water, but from inside his flat! Soon he’s involved in finding out the truth about Mussolini’s death (or otherwise!) Translated from Italian by Richard Dixon

Harriet McDougall, Alan Romanczuk & Maria SimonsThe Wheel of Time Companion thick compendium of everything to do with Robert Jordan‘s best-selling Wheel of Time series

in large format:

Kim Stanley RobinsonGreen Earth single volume re-working of his Science in the Capital trilogy about climate change. He’s updated the research & science and shed around 300 pages from the originals to tighten up the story and make it more of a single novel. Still 1060 pages long! Hope he hasn’t dropped the tapirs!

in ‘B’ format:

Kate ElliottBlack Wolves 22 years after they failed to protect his King successfully, the dead King’s sister seeks out the exiled Captain of the famous Black Wolves company to ask for his help… Part 1 of a new trilogy
Julia KnightLegends and Liars sequel to Swords and Scoundrels; part 2 of The Duelists fantasy series
Alyc HelmsThe Dragons of Heaven Missy Masters is a street magician but has just inherited the role of Mr. Mystic, vigilante hero, from her grandfather… Fortunately, not all her magic is slight-of-hand
Mark HodderThe Rise of the Automated Aristocrats the 6th Burton & Swinburne steampunk adventure
Nick CutterDeep a plague that destroys memory is sweeping Earth and the cure may be found in a remote underwater research lab
Mike BrooksDark Sky sequel to Dark Run. More adventures with the crew of the spaceship Keiko when a quick job goes horribly wrong
Patrick S. TomlinsonThe Ark 200 years into a generation starship voyage, a sports star turned detective becomes embroiled in a plot that might destroy this last remnant of human civilisation…

K. J. ParkerThe Last Witness the protagonist takes memories from other people (usually ones they want rid of!) but other people might be willing to kill to access some of them…

in paperback:

Juliet MarillierDreamer’s Pool a renegade healer and another former prison inmate she met there seem to have the right skills to help a desperate prince…  Volume 1 of Blackthorn & Grim
L. E. Modesitt, jr. – Heritage of Cyador the 18th Recluce novel; a direct sequel to Cyador’s Heirs
James A. MooreCity of Wonders book 3 in the Seven Forges series; the Empire’s armies are being pushed back and the Imperial family struggle to retain control…

Karen ChanceReap the Wind the 7th Cassie Palmer adventure
George R. R. Martin & Melinda Snodgrass (editors) – Lowball the latest Wild Cards book, with contributions from such as Walter Jon Williams, Carrie Vaughn and Ian Tregellis

Linda NagataGoing Dark the final book in the Red trilogy. The conflict is escalating and James Shelly must do his best to choose the right side…
Tony PeakInherit the Stars Kwita seeks adventure but her latest contract ends up with both humans and aliens seeking to control her and what she’s found…

Clive Cussler & Dirk CusslerHavana Storm their 6th Dirk Pitt collaboration and the 23rd Dirk Pitt adventure overall

Alex ArcherMystic Warrior the latest Rogue Angel adventure


Galaxy’s Edge – issues 16 (September cover date) & 17 (November cover date)


Doctor WhoPlanet of the Rani # 205 in the Big Finish audio adventures, with Colin Baker

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New Titles – w/e 31st October 2015

in hardcover:

Jon Baird & Kevin CostnerA Passage to Shambhala illustrated by Rick Ross. Very nicely assembled book about an attempt to discover the real Shangri-la during World War I. Many illustrations, and sections which are related in comic strip style. Looks intriguing. The Explorers Guild volume one

Larry CorreiaSon of the Black Sword the 1st in his new Saga of the Forgotten Warrior series. Centuries after the War of the Gods recast the world, a roving Protector, or law enforcer, finds that the law he upholds isn’t as black and white as he thought…

Mark L. Van Name (editor) – Onward, Drake! 20 stories and articles from top writers & editors celebrating David Drake‘s long career. Includes 2 stories by Drake himself

in large format:

John Hornor JacobsForeign Devils sequel to The Incorruptibles, set in a 19th C America where Rome still rules much of the world and war is brewing in the wild west…
Chuck DixonWinterworld: The Mechanic’s Song Scully is an itinerant trader travelling around the icy wastes of a distant planet
B. V. LarsonSwarm the 1st in his Star Force series, about the annexation of Earth by the least unfriendly of the various warring alien races out there… 4 of the stories are new to this collection

Tanith LeeDancing Through the Fire 16 of her best stories, selected by Lee before her death earlier this year

Clark Ashton SmithThe End of the Story softcover of volume 1 of the 5 volume set of Collected Fantasies issued in h/c almost 10 years ago.  25 of his darkly fantastical stories.
Clark Ashton SmithThe Empire of the Necromancers slim volume of 4 of his weird tales…
Carol EmschwillerThe Mount Charlie’s family are Free Humans but he’s spent his life as little more than a pet of the invading aliens…
Stephen GregoryThe Cormorant a young family is left a remote Welsh cottage with the proviso that they look after their late uncle’s pet cormorant…  These things never go well!

in ‘B’ format:

Tanya HuffAn Ancient Peace the centuries long war is over and Space is safe again but how long can it last, especially as someone is looking for the planet-busting weapons of the now long peaceful H’san? Peacekeepers #1
John Hornor Jacobs – The Incorruptibles in the 1880s the Roman Empire is still pressing west across America when natives attack a steamboat on the Rio Grande, which is carrying some very influential Roman citizens…

Kim NewmanThe Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School strange goings on at a remote boarding school. Seems like a horror version of St. Trinian’s!
Adam NevilleLost Girl in 2063 climate change is wracking the world and there are no resources to help a father find his kidnapped young daughter, or to stop him taking revenge!

Arturo Perez-ReverteThe Siege in beseiged Cadiz in 1811 a serial killer is loose and commissioner Rogelio Tizon has to stop him…
Peter GeorgeDr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb the original novelisation by one of the film’s scriptwriters, including new material he wrote about Dr Strangelove‘s background!

E. R. EddisonThe Worm Ouroboros not a new edition of the 1922 fantasy classic, just not had it in for ages since the Fantasy Masterworks edition went out of print

S. T. Joshi (editor) – The Madness of Cthulhu volume two more new stories inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft

in paperback:

Star TrekAll That’s Left volume #4 of the Seekers series, written by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore

art, etc:

Frederic Brremaud & Federico BertolucciLove: The Fox 2nd in their quartet of wordless graphic novels depicting a day in the life of various animals. Vol 1 depicted the Tiger and now a Fox has a very busy day! Excellent artwork of all the species it comes across.
George R. R. MartinThe Official Game of Thrones Colouring Book full page b&w art, designed to be coloured in! With an appropriate quote for each on the page opposite

3DTotal PublishingDigital Painting Techniques volume 7 softcover
Basheer Graphic BooksSketching Times large softcover full of mainly b&w sketches of all sorts of subjects from 23 different artists from the Far East. Very nice and not as manga oriented as you might expect!

Richard CorbenRat God full colour h/c graphic novel. Horror
Alexandro Jodorowsky & Francois BoucqBouncer their epic Western graphic novel back in print
Frank Miller & Geoff DarrowThe Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot reprint of their 1995 comic strip. Great fun!

PeyoThe Smurfs Anthology volume 3 from Papercutz. Vols 1 & 2 are also restocked. Hardcovers


Game of Thrones 2016 Official Calendar stills of the characters from the tv series based on the books by George R. R. Martin

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New Titles – w/e 24th October 2015

in hardcover:

Catherynne M. ValenteRadiance a documentary maker takes a trip through the solar system, but in this alternate history it’s a journey through space more akin to the sf of the pulp magazines…
Gene WolfeA Borrowed Man on a future, de-populated Earth, a woman checks out the clone of a mystery writer from the local library…
Kevin J. Anderson & Neil PeartClockwork Lives steampunk adventure; Neil is the lyricist & drummer for Rush

Graham MastertonBlood Sisters the 5th in the Katie Maguire detective series

in large format:

Miles CameronThe Dread Wyrm the 3rd book in the Traitor Son Cycle. The earlier volumes were The Red Knight and The Fell Sword
Thomas E. Sniegoski – A Deafening Silence in Heaven the latest Remy Chandler adventure
Eric Nylund – The Enchamted Knot the 1st in his Magical Families YA series. Konrad belongs to a family who have special powers, especially over magical bindings and knots…

Nalo HopkinsonFalling in Love with Hominids 18 short stories

in ‘B’ format:

Jodi TaylorWhat Could Possibly Go Wrong? the 6th of the Chronicles of St. Mary’s. Light-hearted time traven adventure
Mike RevellStonebird children’s novel about Liam and the gargoyle which befriends him

Tim LebbonPredator: Incursion the first in the Rage War set. Multiple Predator spaceships arrive in Human Space and the Colonial Marines respond…

art, etc:

Terry Pratchett with The Discworld EmporiumThe Compleat Discworld Atlas profusely illustrated book all about the highways and byways of the Discworld, with a giant double-sided map in a folder at the back…

Cypi PressSecrets of Scene Design heavily illustrated book subtitled ‘Rules, Techniques and Insights

Robert W. Chambers & I. N. J. CulbardThe King in Yellow the 1st 4 sections of the classic horror novel by Chambers. Nicely adapted by Culbard. Full colour graphic novel

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New Titles – w/e 17th October 2015

in hardcover:

David WeberHell’s Foundations Quiver the 7th in his Safehold series
Brandon SandersonShadows of Self the latest Mistborn novel!

David DayAn Atlas of Tolkien companion volume to his recent Tolkien: A Dictionary. It’s nice, but not really an atlas, in my opinion! Heavily illustrated (with some maps) articles about Middle Earth

in large format:

N. K. JemisinThe Fifth Season the 1st book of The Broken Earth on a world beset by natural disasters, Essen must rescue her daughter…
Victor GischlerThe Tattooed Duchess part 2 of A Fire Beneath the Skin, which started with Ink Mage, which arrived last week…
David HamblingThe Elder Ice in 1924 ex-boxer Harry Stubbs is investigating the death of a polar explorer and searching for a mysterious legacy. Apparently loosely based on Lovecraft‘s writings and Ernest Shackleton!

Clifford D. SimakI Am Crying All Inside volume 1 of his collected short fiction. 10 stories, including his un-published submission for The Last Dangerous Visions! Published by Open Road

in ‘B’ format:

Mercedes LackeyCloser to the Heart the 2nd in her latest Valdemar series, The Herald Spy
Mark MorrisThe Society of Blood the 2nd in his Obsidian Heart series, after The Wolves of London
Jodi TaylorA Symphony of Echoes the 2nd in the Chronicles of St Mary’s. No.s 1, 3, 4 & 5 came in a couple of weeks ago. Humorous time travel series

J. D. OswaldDreamwalker the 1st of The Ballad of Sir Benfro quintet, about the young orphan Errol and the dragon called Benfro.
J. D. OswaldThe Rose Cord 2nd in the series set in the Twin Kingdoms
J. D. OswaldThe Golden Cage 3rd in the series
J. D. OswaldThe Broken World 4th part of the series

art, etc:

Liz ClimoLobster is the Best Medicine more 2-panel humorous cartoons featuring animals from the creator of The Little World of Liz Climo
Jason Poole & Jason P. Schein A Dynasty of Dinosaurs mainly b&w drawing, with some interesting ,but  designed for colouring in!

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New Titles – w/e 10th October 2015

in hardcover:

J. K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Illustrated Edition big, profusely illustrated hardcover

George R. R. MartinA Knight of the Seven Kingdoms omnibus of the 3 novellas featuring Dunc & Egg set in the world of The Game of Thrones, which have never been published together before. The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword & The Mystery Knight. b&w illustrations throughout by Gary Gianni

David Weber & Timothy Zahn with Thomas PopeA Call to Arms the 2nd volume in their Honorverse-set series, Manticore Ascendant

Laura Anne GilmanSilver on the Road a mythic version of the Old West

Justin RichardsDoctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales  15 ‘Doctored’ fairy stories!

in large format:

Joe Hill & John Joseph Adams (editors) – The Best of American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015 F&SF join the list of ‘Best American‘ anthologies issued annually by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 20 stories
Massimo Berruti, S. T. Joshi & Sam Gafford (editors) – William Hope Hodgson: Voices from the Borderland essays and criticism of the classic horror author, together with a comprehensive bibliography

Greg BearKilling Titan sequel to War Dogs, about an alien invasion of the Solar System…

Donald MoffittChildren of the Comet his 1st novel for years! Torris lives on an icy comet at the foot of the giant tree which he must climb as his rite of passage… Reminds me of Niven’s Integral Trees!
Alter S. ReissSunset Mantle a doughty warrior finally finds a remote haven to retire to, but has to take up arms again to defend it…

O. R. MellingThe Hunter’s Moon vol #1 of The Chronicles of Faerie. Gwen arrives in Ireland for a walking holiday but gets involved with the King of the Faeries …

in ‘B’ format:

Ann LeckieAncillary Mercy the 3rd in the sequence…
Stephen BaxterUltima the 2nd of his pair of books of which the 1st was Proxima.

David Wong Futuristic Violence & Fancy Suits a thriller demonstrating that the near future is a very strange place indeed! Looks great fun!
Benjamin PercyThe Dead Lands in a devastated future, a stranger arrives at the walled Sanctuary with wild claims of a better life far away across the American wasteland…

Sam SykesThe City Stained Red  the city’s factions are about to erupt into open violence and Lenk and his friends are caught in the middle… continuing his Aeons’ Gate trilogy with volume 1 of Bring Down Heaven
Den PatrickThe Boy who Wept Blood sequel to The Boy with the Porcelain Blade
Julia KnightSwords and Scoundels two brothers, trown out of the Duellist’s Guild, take to highway robbery – but make a very bad choice of who to hold up! The Duellists book 1
Richard FordLord of Ashes Steelhaven vol 3, following on from Herald of the Storm & The Shattered Crown
Rebecca Alexander – The Secrets of Blod and Bone
sequel to The Secrets of Life and Death. Fantasy split between 16th C Venice and the present day…

Brian W. AldissThe Malacia Tapestry reprint of his strange fantastical novel from 1976. One of my favourites of his…

Pippa Goldschmidt & Tania Hershman (editors) –  I Am Because You Are   23 new stories inspired by relativity!

in paperback:

Ferrett SteinmetzThe Flux sequel to Flex, which was Mancer #1
Andrew S. SwannThe Moreau Quartet vol 2 the second half of the quartet, consisting of Emperors of the twilight and Spectre of the Dawn

Warhammr 40,000Legacies of Betrayal the latest Horus Heresy short story collection. 19 stories.

art, etc:

Brian FroudJim Henson‘s Dark Crystal: Creation Myths volume III hardcover graphic novel
Sylvain Cordurie & LaciSherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon hardback graphic novel from Humanoids


Hi-Fructose – volume 37 4th and final issue of the year. B&w insert of the work of Kate MacDowell

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New Titles – w/e 3rd October 2015

in hardcover:

Jim ButcherThe Aeronaut’s Windlass the 1st in his new Cinder Spires series about life in the gigantic Spires, safely above the planet’s surface, and on the airships travelling between them…

Stephen Jones (editor) – Horrorology anthology with some line drawings (and a story) by Clive Barker and more fiction from the likes of Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman & Muriel Gray

in ‘B’ format:

Kameron HurleyEmpire Ascendant volume 2 of her fantasy Worldbreaker Saga, the sequel to The Mirror Empire
David HairUnholy War the 3rd book in his Moontide Quartet.
Mark A. LathamThe Lazarus Gate returning from prison in the Far East, disgraced Captain Hardwick is recruited to join a secret  war between parallel realities. Steampunk.
Helena CogganThe Catalyst 15 y.o. Rose works beside her father in the Department, which works to keep the Gifted in control of the masses of non-magical Ashkind

Nicola GriffithHild very well reviewed historical novel based on the story of Saint Hilda, a minor 7th century royal who founded the monastery at Whitby, where the famous synod was held…

Pat FrankAlas, Babylon classic end of the world novel; not a new edition, I just haven’t had it in stock for ages!

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – Fearsome Magics: The New Book of Fantasy a new Solaris anthology with 10 new stories, all featuring magic in one way or another…

in paperback:

Ben Bova & Les JohnsonRescue Mode the 1st manned mission to Mars is damaged badly in transit
but it’s impossible to turn back! Unlike The Martian, there’s a crew of 8 involved.
Joe McKinneyThe Dead Won’t Die his latest zombie novel…

Mercedes Lackey with Cody Martin, Dennis Lee & Veronica GiguereCollision volume 4 of the Secret World Chronicles, a braided novel about alien invasion

Star Trek: TitanSight Unseen Admiral Riker‘s latest adventure, by James Swallow


Doctor WhoTerror of the Sontarans Big Finish # 203, with Sylvester McCoy & Bonnie Langford
Doctor WhoCriss-Cross Colin Baker in release # 204 from Big Finish

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