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New Titles – w/e 28th April 2018

in hardcover:

Raymond E. FeistKing of Ashes part one of the Firemane Saga, a brand new series from the author of the long running Magician series of books…

in large format:

Adrian TchaichovskyFor Love of Different Shores the 3rd volume of Tales of the Apt, with 4 more novellas…

Rachel ArmstrongOrigamy the fabric of space/time may have to be re-woven…
Ian Whates (editor) – Fables from the Fountain back in stock at last! Homage anthology to Tales From the White Hart by Arthur C. Clarke. I was in one of the stories, but was cut for length…

in ‘B’ format:

Andrew CaldecottRotherweird strange goings-on in a very forgotten little English town…
Melissa CarusoThe Defiant Heir sequel to The Tethered Mage

Brian T. Schmidt (editor) – Infinite Stars two dozen top authors of military & space opera contribute stories set in their most popular backgrounds

in paperback:

Michael McBrideForsaken the 2nd Unit 51 adventure. Premium format.

art, etc:

Katie CookDrawing Cute softcover full of tips and examples of how to make characters and objects look cuter! Looks fun!
Kris, Rob & Dave  – Cyanide and Happiness book of short strips subtitled A Guide to Parenting by Three Guys With No Kids. With text by Dave McElfatrick. Somewhat cynical adult humour.


Illustrators – issue Twenty One featuring Rodney Matthews J. Allen St. John and more!
IllustratorsBritish War Comics Special issue. Bumper issue with 48 extra pages; the title says it all!



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New Titles – w/e 21st April 2018

in hardcover:

Jack McDevittThe Long Sunset Hutch takes on a final mission to track down the source of a musical, possibly alien, message… Academy novel # 8

Sam J. MillerBlackfish City post climate-change, a woman known as ‘the Orcamancer’ arrives to help save a failing floating Arctic city… Budget price of £12.99

John ScalziHead On a possible case of murder in a violent, robotic computer game…

in large format:

Paul LevinsonThe Loose Ends Saga 4 linked time travel stories from the author of The Silk Code. The 1st is Loose Ends, which was nominated for several awards.
Paul LevinsonIan’s Ions and Eons short collection with 3 linked time travel stories

R. S. BelcherThe Night Dahlia a Faerie mob boss employs Laytham Ballard to track down his missing daughter…

in ‘B’ format:

Patricia BriggsSilence Fallen the 10th Mercy Thomson novel…
Christopher FowlerWild Chamber the latest case for Bryant & May

Gardner Dozois (editor) – The Book of Swords Part I & Part II between them they contain the 16 stories from the single volume hardcover edition. 9 in the 1st book and 7 in the 2nd.

AlienThe Cold Forge the latest original story set in the world of the film Alien. Written by Alex White
Warhammer 40,000Warlord: Fury of the God-Machine novel by David Annandale

in paperback:

Eric Flint & David CarricoThe Span of Empire the 3rd in Flint’s Jao Empire series, after ‘Course‘ & ‘Crucible

Doctor WhoRose novelisation of the 9th Doctor tv episodes by Russell T. Davies
Doctor WhoThe Christmas Invasion novelisation of the first 10th Doctor Christmas Special by Jenny T. Colgan
Doctor WhoThe Day of the Doctor novelisation of the 10th, 11th & War Doctors tv episodes by Steven Moffat

The Horus HeresyCorax anthology of 6 more short stories in the Warhammer 40,000 universe

art, etc:

3dtotal PublishingSketching From the Imagination: Dark Arts

Brian KesingerWalking Your Octopus & Traveling With Your Octopus back in stock! Limited quantities available.


Shoreline of InfinityIssue 11.5 Special Edition for this year’s Edinburgh Science Festival. Their Event Horizon evening was a big success, with Paul McAuley, among others, participating

Locusissue # 687 the cover promises interviews with Jeff Vandermeer & Tananarive Due and has a ‘Celebrating 50 Years of Locus‘ headline as well! It’s come a long way since I first read it back in the 1970s…

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New Titles – w/e 14th April 2018

in hardcover:

Django WexlerThe Infernal Battalion the 5th in his Shadow Campaigns black powder fantasy series which began with The Thousand Names
Scarlett ThomasThe Chosen Ones sequel to Dragon’s Green and vol 2 of her Worldquake series

in large format:

David Thomas Moore (editor) – Dracula: Rise of the Beast 5 short stories about the rise of Dracula, including Noblesse Oblige by Adrian Tchaiskovsky

in ‘B’ format:

Tad WilliamsThe Witchwood Crown volume 1 of The Last King of Osten Ard. A return to the world of The Dragonbone Chair!

Kay KenyonAt the Table of Wolves following the psychic trauma of WW1, strange talents began to appear in the British population. By 1936 there’s a secret training site for the Talented, training them in how to combat the rising Nazi menace, both at home and abroad…
Angels SlaterVigil Verity has the ability to walk between worlds. Part 1 of the Verity Fassbinder series

Jodi TaylorAn Argumentation of Historians the 9th novel in the Chronicles of St. Mary’s time travel series
John Scalzi  – Head On online VR games have become ever more realistic, and bloody. And beheading people is only a game!

Mike Ashley (editor) – Lost Mars 10 classic tales of ‘The Golden Age of the Red Planet’. Wells, Bradbury, Weinbaum, Ballard, Tubb, and more…

Garard JonesMen of Tomorrow subtitled The True Story of the Birth of the Superheroes. Looks to be a well-researched history of the early days of the genre

art, etc:

LoishThe Sketchbook of Loish: Art in Progress slip-cased hardcover from 3dtotalPublishing


Hi-Fructose – issue # 47 with an 8-page insert featuring art by Erik Jones

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New Titles – w/e 7th April 2018

in hardcover:

Catherynne M. ValenteSpace Opera peace now reigns but every Cycle the great galactic civilisations come together to celebrate and compete against each other at various accomplishments…

in large format:

Emma NewmanBefore Mars Anna arrives on Mars to take up the post of geologist and also artist in residence but she soon stumbles on a mystery footprint…
Mur LaffertySix Wakes Maria wakes to find that she’s had to be cloned to survive, and that the rest of the spaceship crew are all dead…

K. C. ArcherSchool for Psychics Teddy had never thought of herself as special, but is recruited to attend a secret training facility for psychics…

Lara Elena DonnellyAmberlough in a glamerous, decadent city, revolution is in the air…

Kate Forsyth & Kim WilkinsThe Silver Well 7 tales set in the same little English village, each set further back in time than the previous one, spanning almost 2000 years…
Kate ForsythVasilisa the Wise short stories of ‘tales of brave young women’, illustrated by Lorena Carrington

in ‘B’ format:

Mark LawrenceRed Sister book one of his new Ancestor series
K. M. McKinleyThe Brass God the 3rd book of her Gates of the World series.  Book 1 was The Iron Ship, followed by The City of Ice.
Ed McDonaldBlackwing book 1 of The Raven’s Mark, set in a wasteland known as the Misery… epic fantasy
Sebastien de CastellTyrant’s Throne the 4th in his Traitor’s Blade series…

Sylvain NeuvelWaking Gods set 10 years after Sleeping Giants and 2nd in his Themis Files series. More giant alien robots appear on Earth…
Ada PalmerSeven Surrenders sequel to Too Like the Lightning. In 2454, Earth’s long golden age is coming to a close… The Terra Ignota trilogy volume 2.

Joanne M. HarrisRunelight sequel to Runemarks, about the Norse Gods reasserting themselves in the present day

Gail CarrigerCompetence the 3rd in her steampunk Custard Protocol set

Kevin HearneScourged short stories set in the world of his Iron Druid Chronicles

art, etc:

3dtotal PublishingSketching From the Imagination: Dark Arts tips and suggestions from 50 different artists…

magazines, etc:

3dtotal PublishingCDQ #4 Character Design Quarterly

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New Titles – w/e 31st March 2018

in hardback:

Adrian TchaikovskyThe Hyena and the Hawk the 3rd in his Echoes of the Fall fantasy trilogy
Leo CarewThe Wolf the ambitious Suthdal armies have invaded the  lands of the Black Kingdom to the north but now face a desperate struggle…

Simon R. GreenDeath Shall Come the 4th Ishmael Jones Mystery

in large format:

Theodora GossThe Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter Jekyll’s daughter, Mary, encounters Hyde’s daughter, Diana! And that’s just the beginning…  A Nebula Award nominee

Mishell BakerImposter Syndrome  the 3rd book in her Arcadia Project urban fantasy series, initially set in Hollywood…
James MaxeyBig Ape sequel to Cut-Up Girl and vol 2 of Lawless, set in a world with B-list superheroes…

Scott R. Jones (Editor) – Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis 15 new Lovecraftian stories…

in ‘B’ format:

Elan MastaiAll Our Wrong Todays Tom & Penny have inadvertently changed history and become stuck in this world, instead of the utopia they grew up in…
Omar El AkkadAmerican War in 2075, North America is undergoing an ongoing political and military upheaval…
Tim LebbonThe Folded Land sequel to dark urban fantasy novel Relics

Mark A. LathamRed Tower a new Sherlock Holmes case investigating a murder following Watson’s attendance at a seance…
Elizabeth BearStone Mad sequel to Karen Memery, set in a steampunk Seattle…

Star Wars: Battlefront IIInferno Squad the crack Imperial troops have infiltrated the Rebel faction led by Saw Gerrera…  Written by Christie Golden

art, etc:

Nicola Streeten & Kath Tate (editors) – The Inking Woman heavily illustrated history of female artists in British comics & cartooning over the past 250 years! Hardcover.

Hugo PrattThe Golden House of Samarkand  the latest Corto Maltese graphic novel…
Saverio Tenuta, Bruno Letizia & Carita LupattelliIzuna hardcover fantasy graphic novel from Humanoids. Nominated for an Eisner Award!

Jim Henson‘s – Fraggle Rock Omnibus full colour softcover collection of 20 stories featuring the characters from the tv series


The Happy Reader – issue # 9 a Treasure Island (by RLS) special issue!

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New Titles – w/e 24th March 2018

in large format:

Andrzej SapkowskiLady of the Lake the latest in the Witcher series, which began with The Last Wish. Translated as usual from Polish by David French

Joe R. LansdaleJackrabbit Smile his latest Hap and Leonard novel…

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year: volume twelve 29 of the best from last year

in ‘B’ format:

Robin HobbAssassin’s Fate after 16 novels ans a couple of novellas, it’s the final volume of the long-running cycle which started with Assassin’s Apprentice
Brian Catling – The Erstwhile sequel to The Vorrh
Terry BrooksBlack Elfstone the latest Shannara novel; the 3rd in the Fall of Shannara set

Andrew BannisterIron Gods the sequel to Creation Machine
Anna NewmanPlanetfall & After Atlas her 2 books about a distant human colony, in anticipation of her new novel, Before Mars, coming in April

Pacific Rim: UprisingAscension prequel novelisation to the 2nd Pacific Rim film, by Greg Keyes

Guy HaleyDante the latest Warhammer 40,000 adventure; the tale of one of the great Masters of the Space Marines


LocusMarch cover date, issue # 585 with Ursula K. Le Guin on the cover

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New Titles – w/e 18th March 2018

in hardcover:

Paolo Bacigalupi & Tobias BuckellThe Tangled Lands in the crumbling empire, every use of magic corrupts the ecology just a little bit more… yet the last, great city is ruled by a master Majister
Kim WilkinsOdin’s Girl on discovering who she is, Sara is set a series of challenges by the Norse God…

Doctor WhoThe Day She Saved the Doctor 4 novellas from 4 different authors, about 4 different Companions: Sarah Jane, Rose, Clara & Bill

in large format:

Jen WilliamsThe Bitter Twins sequel to The Ninth Rain and part 2 of The Winnowing Flame Trilogy
Robert V. S. Redick Master Assassins 1st book of his new series, The Fire Sacraments. 2 brothers are mistaken for professional killers and must flee into the desert…

in ‘B’ format:

Kim Stanley RobinsonNew York 2140 climate change 120 years from now. One of his best, imho.
Annalee NewitzAutonomous post climate-change cyberpunk-ish novel. Very good.
Jeff VandermeerBorne ‘new weird’ novel set in a ruined future city, from the author of The Southern Reach Trilogy
Ada Palmer – Too Like the Lightning  1st book of Terra Ignota, set in 2454

Andrzej SapkowskiThe Lady of the Lake the 7th volume of The Witcher series, which began with The Last Wish. Translated by David French
Aliette De BodardThe House of Binding Thorns sequel to The The Home of Shattered Wings
Deborah A. Wolf – The Dragon’s Legacy
the singers of the magic song that keeps the Earth Dragon asleep are becoming fewer every year…
Anna StevensGodblind minor skirmishes have plagued the border reaches for years, but now the ruler of one of the Kingdoms is distracted. Now might be the chance for the other to seize the advantage…
Kristen BritainFirebrand her 6th Green Rider novel

Patricia BriggsBurn Bright the 5th Alpha & Omega novel
Ben AaronovitchThe Furthest Station a new Peter Grant novella
Max PorterGrief is the Thing With Feathers a recently bereaved father and his two sons are visited by Crow, who gives them Hope, among other things…

Ben H. WintersCountdown City & World of Trouble the sequels to The Last Policeman

Warhammer 40,000The Magos 700 pages of all the short stories with a new novel featuring Gregor Eisenhorn, written by Dan Abnett

Polly Faber & Clara DulliamyMango & Bambang: Superstar Tapir m4 more illustrated short stories about a friendly but clumsy tapir living in the big city!

in paperback:

Seanan McGuireTricks for Free the 7th InCryptid adventure

art, etc:

Martha H. KennedyDrawn to Purpose subtitled American Women Illustrators and Cartoonists serious h/c appreciation of women in comics, etc.

Magnetic PressRobot Envy: Zenith hardcover of robot art in all styles from 64 different artists
Ibraham Swaid & Joumana Ismail (editors) – Epilogue hardback subtitled Illustration and Concept Art of the Middle East. Mainly in colour; some very nice illos.

MoebiusInside Moebius somewhat autobiographical h/c graphic novel from Humanoids, which also features some of his best known characters
Jerry Frissen & Philippe ScoffoniExo epic science fiction graphic novel in h/c from Humanoids

Jiro TaniguchiA Distant Neighbourhood a businessman finds himself back in his home town, reliving his life as a young teenager… Mainly b&w hardcover


Interzoneissue # 274 with a cover by Vince Haig
Black Staticissue # 62 with cover art by Jim Burns

Heavy Metalissue # 289 a Sci-Fi Special issue

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New Titles – w/e 11th March 2018

Nancy KressIf Tomorrow Comes 2nd in her Yesterday’s Kin trilogy
Steven BrustGood Guys  a motley collection of people with various powers work for the secretive Foundation, but are they actually the ‘good guys’ like they say!
Christoper Golden & Tim LebbonBlood of the Four in Quandis everybody is a slave, either to another human, or to a god…

David Weber, Timothy Zahn & Thomas PopeA Call to Vengeance the 3rd of the Manticore Ascendant series, set in Weber’s Honorverse

large format:

Ezekiel BooneZero Day sequel to The Hatching and Skitter, about a world ravaged by flesh-eating spiders…

Eric BrownThe Martian Simulacra novella. Following their ultimate victory over Earth, the Martians request that Holmes, Watson & Professor Challenger visit Mars…

James MaxeyBitterwood: The Complete Collection with an Introduction, a new Prologue and the 4 original novels…
James MaxeyDragon Apocalypse: The Complete Collection contains the 4 novels, starting with Greatshadow, and also a new ‘ origins’ novella at the end

‘B’ format:

Anne CorlettThe Space Between the Stars on a distant planet, Jamie recovers from an illness to find herself alone. The plague has wiped out almost all mankind and she determines to return to Earth…
Tristan PalmgrenQuietus an alien anthropologist studying Earth saves a medieval Monk’s life and stumbles on a vast conspiracy…
Samantha ShannonThe Song Rising 3rd in her Bone Season series, set in 2059
A. G. RiddleThe Atlantis Gene 1st in a series about the discovery of ancient aliens…

James BrogdenThe Hollow Tree Rachel has had a hand amputated but still has phantom sensations, leading to an insubstantial hand clutching hers, and a ghost being dragged back into this world…

David ZindellIdiot Gods sensing signs of impending cataclysm, an Orca tries to contact humans to warn the ‘idiot gods’

in paperback:

Sean GrigsbyThe Smoke Eaters nearing retirement, a veteran dragon fighter is enlisted in the elite Smoke Eaters squad…
Marshall Ryan MaressaLady Henterman’s Wardrobe  sequel to The Holver Alley Crew; 2nd in his Streets of Maradaine set

Nic KorponQueen of the Struggle sequel to The Rebellion’s Last Traitor


Shoreline of Infinity  – issue #11 special all female issue, launched on 8th March, International Women’s Day. Lead story by Aliette de Bodard

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New Titles – w/e 4th March 2018

Due to the inclement weather, most of this week’s new titles have been delayed.
They’re currently ‘in transit’ and could possibly arrive later this afternoon. But maybe not.
I’ll update this post as necessary.

in ‘B’ format:


Eleanor CameronThe Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet children’s sf novel

in Paperback:

Clive Cussler & Justin ScottThe Cutthroat the 10th Isaac Bell adventure

art, etc:

PIE InternationalEveryday Scenes from a Parallel World lavish softcover concentrating on those wonderful backgrounds in Anime & Manga works…
Julia WertzTenements, Towers & Trash large h/c full of b&w illustrations of little known aspects of New York

Tom GouldBaking With Kafka his latest collection of 1-page cartoons. Hardcover


IllustrationIssue Number Fifty-Nine pulp illustrator Harold McAuley, Jes Schlaikjer, early American Frontier illustrators, and more!


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New Titles – w/e 24th February 2018

in hardcover:

Brent WeeksPerfect Shadow a Night Angel novella, together with  a short story called Night Angel
Graham Masterton – Dead Men Whistling the 9th Katie Maguire thriller

Doctor WhoThe Missy Chronicles anthology of 6 stories, all featuring the female regeneration of the Master

Roger Luckhurst (editor) – Science Fiction: A Literary History 8 separate chapters about different (sometimes overlapping) periods of the genre’s development, right up to 2016

in large format:

Simon IngsThe Smoke humanity has split into 3 species, and war between them looms, while gigantic spaceships are being fabricated to take people to the stars…

in ‘B’ format:

James IslingtonEcho of Things to Come sequel to The Shadow of What Was Lost and part 2 of The Licanus Trilogy

Michael Marshall SmithHannah Greene and Her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence she discovers that her grandfather is 150, knows the Devil, and that the pair need her help!

Jasmine GowerMoonshine in 1920s Soot City, Modernism is all the rage and the old magics and spells are forbidden…
Melissa AlbertHazel Wood Alice’s grandmother dies and she has to visit the isolated estate called Hazel Wood but the only clue to her death is a warning…
Nicola MostynGods of Love divorce lawyer Frieda discovers that the ancient Greek Gods are alive and well…
Neil JordanCarnivalesque Andy is trapped inside a weird world inside a Hall of Mirrors but nobody knows, because one of the reflections has taken his place outside!

Andy ClarkShroud of Night the latest Warhammer 40,000 adventure


LocusFebruary cover date, #685 with their 2017 Year in Review

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