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New Titles – w/e 11th February 2018

in hardcover:

Robert DinsdaleThe Toy Makers in London, during WW!, a young run-a-way finds a job in a wonderful toyshop…

Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett & Gorg Huff1637: The Volga Rules the latest novel in Flint’s long-running Ring of Fire / 1632 series
Matt HaigHow to Stop Time Tom is a history teacher, teaching what he knows, because he’s a lot older than he looks!
Katherine ClementsThe Coffin Path ghost story set high on the Yorkshire moors…

in large format:

Lucas K. Law & Derwin Mak (editors) – Where the Stars Rise sf&f anthology with 23 new stories from Asian writers…

Jack CampbellBlood of Dragons volume 2 of The Legacy of Dragons

Star Trek: DiscoveryDrastic Measures  original novel by Dayton Ward set on the USS Discovery, approx 10 years before the classic Star Trek with Captain Kirk begins…

Antoine De Saint-ExuperyThe Little Prince softcover, translated by Gregory Norminton (I usually stock a small h/c translated by Ros & Chloe Schwartz)

in ‘B’ format:

Ian McDonaldLuna: Wolf Moon 2nd in the series that began with Luna: New Moon, a modern take on the future development of the moon…
Elizabeth MoonInto the Fire vol 2 of Vatta’s Peace, the continuation of the Vatta’s War quintet
Alex LambExodus sequel to Nemesis, about a sentient hive-mind of AIs
Alastair ReynoldsSlow Bullets relatively short novel set in the closing days of an interstellar war…
Sam PetersFrom Darkest Skies a man re-locates to a distant planet for a new start but still wants to build an AI to imitate his dead wife…

Dana Fredsti & David FitzgeraldTime Shards the Earth’s timeline is completely mixed up, with patches of every time jumbled up together…

Laura LamShattered Minds sequel to False Hearts. Signed copies available on request
Sarah Maria GriffinSpare and Found Parts in a ruined city where everybody needs bio-mechanical limbs, Nell looks normal, except that she ticks…

Anthony RyanThe Legion of Flame book 2 of The Dragonis Memoria, following on from The Waking Fire
David MealingSoul of the World chaos is coming! Book 1 of epic fantasy series The Ascension Cycle
Robert Jackson BennettCity of Miracles 3rd in the series, after City of Stairs & City of Blades
Anna Smith SparkThe Court of Broken Knives 1st volume of the Empires of Dust series, set in the decadent capital of a great Empire…
Kate MilfordThe Broken Lands prequel of sorts to her YA novel Boneshaker. Magical goings-on in Coney Island, New York in 1872

Warhammer 40,000Dark Imperium novel by Guy Haley
Warhammer 40,000Lucius: The Faultless Blade novel by Ian St. Martin

in paperback:

Larry Correia & John RingoSinners 2nd in the Monster Hunter Memoirs series, the 8th Monster Hunter novel overall…
Alex WellsBlood Binds the Pack 3rd in the off-planet sf series that began with Hunger Makes the Wolf.
Gini KochAliens Abroad  the 16th in the series that began with Touched by an Alien

Anne BishopEtched In Bone 5th of The Novels of the Others series that began with Written in Red

Lincoln ChildFull Wolf Moon Logan suspects it wasn’t a bear that killed the hiker during a full moon!

Kate MilfordGreenglass House the Innkeeper’s son, Milo, hoped to relax over the winter holidays but a series of unexpected guests arrive at the old smugglers inn…
Kate MilfordThe Left Handed Fate set in 1812, at the height of the Napoleonic Wars!

art, etc:

Larry Verstraete & Julius Csotonyi‘Dinosaurs’ of the Deep heavily-illustrated hardback about the sea & ocean-based creatures that existed at the same time as the true dinosaurs…


Character Design QuarterlyCDQ #3
Graphite – issue #6


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New Titles – w/e 4th February 2018

in large format:

David MackThe Midnight Front 1st of The Dark Arts series, about the secret, magical war waged during WW2

Jo WaltonStarlings collection of short stories, a brief play script and several poems

Douglas Adams & James GossDoctor Who: The Pirate Planet written up from draft scripts by Adams. Also featuring Romana & K9

in ‘B’ format:

China MievilleThe Last Days of New Paris history changes strangely in France in 1941 and, 9 years later, Paris is a weird, surreal battleground…

in paperback:

Orson Scott Card & Aaron JohnstonThe Swarm 1st in a new Enderverse trilogy, The Second Formic War

James Patterson & Emily RaymondHumans, Bow Down Earth has been conquered and Six & Dubs are on the run after escaping a massacre…

art, etc:

Raw Materialvol 1: Eliza Ivanova softcover featuring mainly b&w sketches with some in colour

Vicente SegrellesThe Mercenary: vol 2 – The Formula continuing on from where The Cult of the Sacred Fire finished...
Philippe Thirault & Laura Zuccheri – Downward to the Earth hardcover graphic novel adaptation of Robert Silverberg‘s 1970 novel, from Humanoids


Hi-FructoseVolume 46 with 16 page insert on the art of Laurie Lipton. Also Sverre Malling, Ryan Heshka and 10 more artists…


Steampunk Tarot – back in stock! Full-size deck, in a sturdy box. Text by Barbara Moore, art by Aly Fell.

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New Titles – w/e 27th January 2018

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsElysium Fire his new Prefect Dreyfus novel
Gregory Norminton The Devil’s Highway three strands set thousands of years apart, about an ancient Roman road, …

K. J. ParkerThe Father of Lies large short story collection from Subterranean Press

in large format:

Alastair ReynoldsElysium Fire his new Prefect Dreyfus novel
Fonda LeeJade City in the city of Janloon, factions fight for control of the magical jade trade… Part 1 of the Green Bone Saga

Michael LoganWorld War Moo sequel to 2013’s Apocalypse Cow

in ‘B’ format:

Rod DuncanThe Queen of All Crows 1st in his new Gas-Lit Empire series, The Map of Unknown Things
Ian IrvineThe Fatal Gate vol 2 of The Gates of Good and Evil. Sequel to The Summon Stone

Nnedi OkorafoBinti: The Night Masquerade final part of the trilogy
Anna TambourSmoke Paper Mirrors fantastical family saga, starting in China 120 years ago…
Tony Ballantyne & Eric BrownMicrocosms  42 short stories; 21 by each author!

Hal DuncanSusurrus on Mars short novel set in the city of Erehwyna on a terraformed Mars…

Michelle SagaraCast in Deception latest in the long-running Chronicles of Elantra

Garry KilworthThe Sometimes Spurious Travels Through Time and Space of James Ovit time travel novel in 3 parts…
Garry Kilworth – The Best Short Stories of GK 26 of his stories…
Gary Kilworth – Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales 22 stories, almost all from the 1990s
Garry Kilworth – Tales From the Fragrant Harbour 22 stories, again almost all from the 1990s!
Garry Kilworth – A Rural 1950’s Boyhood brief collection of his poems about his childhood…

Khurt KhaveVenus of Cthulhu timeline of various events, together with b&w photos of ancient carvings and sculptures which he claims could be Cthulhu Mythos related!  And then a section with various characters and their gaming stats for related roleplaying games.

Warhammer 40,000Warden of the Blade a Grey Knights adventure by David Annandale


LocusJanuary 2018 cover date, with features on John Crowley and Jy Jang, together with various ‘best of 2017’ lists…

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Closed on Thursday 25th

Sorry, Transreal Fiction will be closed all day as I have a family funeral to attend.

Open again as usual at 11.00 on Friday.

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New Titles – w/e 20th January 2018

in hardcover:

Matt RuffLovecraft Country well reviewed ‘Lovecraftian‘ novel facing up to Lovecraft’s personal shortcomings…

Dave McKean & William Schafer (editors) – The Weight of Words illustrated (by McKean) anthology of new stories from top writers such as Neil Gaiman, Joe Lansdale, Caitlin R. Kiernan, M. John Harrison

in large format:

Ahmed SaadawiFrankenstein in Baghdad in US-occupied Baghdad, Hadi the scavenger gathers up body parts and wants the government to give them a proper burial… Black comedy

in ‘B’ format:

Matt HaigHow to Stop Time Tom Hazard may look around 40 but he’s really over 10 times that age!
Josiah BancroftSenlin Ascends to regain his lost bride, school headmaster Senlin must climb the still standing, still populated, Tower of Babel…
Joanne HarrisDifferent Class  psychological thriller set in a failing boarding school being dragged into the 21st century…

Warhammer 40,000Farsight: Crisis of Faith novel by Phil Kelly

in paperback:

James A. MooreFallen Gods sequel to The Last Sacrifice and 2nd in his Tides of War series

art, etc:

3DTotal PublishingSketch Workshop: Robots & Spaceships spiral bound pad of tips and templates, sketches, etc. from a variety of artists…

DesignStudio PressNuthin’ But Mech 2 multi-artist art book
DesignStudio PressNuthin’ But Mech 3 multi-artist art book

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New Titles – w/e 13th January 2018

in hardback:

Seanan McGuireBeneath the Sugar Sky the 3rd of her Wayward Children books. The 1st was Every Heart a Doorway

in large format:

Charles StrossDark State sequel to Empire Games. Signed copies available soon!
D. B. Jackson Tales of the Thieftaker 11 short stories set in The Thieftaker Chronicles background
Hunter SheaFury of the Orcas marine horror!

Jane YolenThe Emerald Circus new collection

in ‘B’ format:

Peter NewmanThe Seven sequel to The Vagrant and The Malice

Stephen Baxter & Eric BrownThe Spacetime Pit plus two 3 lengthy short stories
Jonas CobosThe Melville Files: The Kraken 6 steampunk short stories…
Michael PrescottDie Wide Awake horror novella

in paperback:

C. J. CherryhConvergence the 18th Foreigner novel overall, and the concluding part of the 6th trilogy…
Larry Correia & John RingoMonster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge 1st in a new series of Monster Hunter adventures…

art, etc:

3dtotalPublishingThe Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide all sorts of tips, etc. for monetising your art…
Lorin WoodWoosh! softcover subtitled Spaceship Sketches From the Couch

Carlos ValenzuelaGlamourama full colour softcover of his ‘glamour’ art…

BrunoNemo hardback retelling & re-interpreting the story of Jules Verne‘s Captain Nemo
Frederic Brremand & Federico Bertolucci Little Tails on the Farm the 5th child friendly book about the adventures of Chipper & Squizzo!
Kris, Rob, Matt & DaveCyanide & Happiness: Punching Zoo softcover cartoon collection


Locus – cover date December 2017, whole number 683  finally arrived after the Festive mail delays… featured authors include Seanan McGuire

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New Titles – w/e 6th January 2018

Happy New Year, one and all! Transreal is back open for 2018.
As I did last year though, I intend to close on Mondays for the first few months, so the hours will be Tuesday – Friday: 11.00 – 18.00
Saturdays – 10.00 – 18.00
Closed Sunday & Monday.

In hardcover:

C. J. CherryhEmergence the 19th Foreigner novel overall, and the 1st of the 7th trilogy!
Michael MoreciBlack Star Renegades epic, all action, galaxy-spanning space opera!

in ‘B’ format:

Theodore BrunA Mighty Dawn historical fantasy, with Vikings!

David HairThe Exile volume 3 of The Return of Ravana. Vol 1 was The Pyre & v2 was The Adversaries. Epic fantasy

Matthew BlakstadLucky Ghost about a new computer game where the currency is called ’emoticoins’, which you can earn in real life, but be careful!




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Closed Until 2018!

Header says it all.

Aim to re-open on Wednesday 3rd January.

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New Titles – w/e 31st December 2017

Ha! Last new stock of the year!

in hardcover:

Jason Segel & Kirsten MillerOtherworld sf novel about extremely immersive gaming!

in ‘B’ format:

J. Robert Lennon  – Broken River haunted house thriller

Kim NewmanThe Men From The Diogenes Club hefty 680 page collection of 10 short stories, plus a glossary and an Afterword

art, etc:

Carolyn Turgeon (editor) – The Faerie Handbook illustrated hardcover compendium of all thing fey

Kurt McClung, Mateo Guerrero & Aure JimenezDragonseed large epic fantasy graphic novel from Humanoids
Mathieu Masmondet, Julia Verlanger & Zhang XiaoyuSavage Highway post-apocalyptic graphic novel from Humanoids

Ralph Tedesco, J. G. Miranda & Bryan ValenzaThe Courier: From the Ashes 80 years after the collapse of civilisation, Couriers deliver important messages between the ruling Strongholds… softcover from Zenescope

Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.
Re-open 11.00 ish on Wednesday 3rd.


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Christmas 2017

Just to say the shop will be closed from now (Saturday evening) until I reopen again after Christmas on Wednesday 27th December.
Opening times for the days I’m open next week may be curtailed slightly.


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