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New Titles – w/e 28th January 2017

in hardcover:

Simon MordenAt the Speed of Light signed & numbered sf novella from NewCon Press
Keith DonohueThe Motion of Puppets in Quebec Kay has been kidnapped and locked in the back room of a weird toyshop, where the stock comes to life for a few hours each night…

in large format:

Stoney ComptonTrif3cta: 3 Short Works of Speculative Contact varying types of contact between alien civilisations…

in ‘B’ format:

Kim NewmanAnno Dracula 1899 18 short stories and what appears to be the first 20 pages of his next novel…

Adrian SelbySnakewood  with their leader in hiding, the scattered remnants of a notable mercenary band are being hunted down…
Ian C. EsslemontDancer’s Lament the 1st book of his new Paths to Ascendancy series
Camilla GrudovaThe Doll’s Alphabet 13 strange new fairy tales

Simon MordenAt the Speed of Light the 2nd in their new series of novellas from NewCon Press
Joe M. McDermott
The Fortress at the End of Time disgraced Captain Aldo has been posted to the remotest post possible in the vast space empire…

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New Titles – w/e 21st January 2017

in hardcover:

Stephen BaxterThe Massacre of Mankind authorised sequel to The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. The Martians launch another Invasion but both sides have learnt a few lessons from the first invasion!
Carrie VaughnMartians Abroad Polly wants to be a starship pilot but finds herself sent to an Earthside academy with her brother instead…

John ScalziMiniatures small short story collection from Subterranean Press. Signed & numbered limited edition

in large format:

Charles StrossEmpire Games the 1st volume of a new series, following on from the Merchant Princes set. Signed copies available…

Paul CrilleyDepartment Zero Harry had a job cleaning up crime scenes, which sent him inadvertently into various alternate worlds trying to defeat a Cult and get his job back…
Elle Katherine WhiteHeartstone Aliza and the other villagers raise the money to hire a band of dragonriders to hunt down a horde of gryphons who have sacked the village…

in ‘B’ format:

K. M. McKinleyThe City of Ice sequel to The Iron Ship. The various members of the Kressind family pursue their differing aims, including the expedition to the ice-bound Southern lands… Volume 2 of The Gates of the World
James A. MooreThe Last Sacrifice part 1 of his new Tides of War series; Brogan’s family has been chosen by the Gods’ immortal servants as sacrifices to the Gods…  That may have been a mistake!
Alex MarshallA Blade of Black Steel sequel to A Crown for Cold Silver and part 2 of The Crimson Empire

Amanda BouchetA Promise of Fire the 1st of The Kingmaker Chronicles. Rebellion and civil war are about to erupt and Cat knows she can’t hide as a circus performer for much longer…
Vic JamesGilded Cage Britain’s aristocracy still rule through magic, which enables them to demand 10 years of service from all commoners… part 1 of The Dark Gifts trilogy

Shanna GermainThe Poison Eater Talia has escaped the Vordcha and risen to a high post in the city of Enthrait. But her past is catching up with her… Based on the Numenera role playing game

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New Titles – w/e 14th January 2017

in hardcover:

Katherine ArdenThe Bear and the Nightingale dark fantasy inspired by Russian folk tales
Phil RickmanAll of a Winter’s Night his latest Merrily Watkins novel

Doctor WhoThe Planet Pirates a novel by James Goss based on first draft scripts by Douglas Adams

in large format:

Pip Ballantine & Tee MorrisThe Curse of the Silver Pharaoh the 1st in a new cycle of novels concerning the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences!
Annie BelletLevel Grind omnibus edition of the 1st 4 novels in her Twenty-Sided Sorceress series; i.e. Justice Calling, Murder of Crows; Pack of Lies & Hunting Season
Annie BelletBoss Fight omnibus edition of the 5th to 7th novels in her Twenty-Sided Sorceress series; i.e Heartache, Thicker Than Blood & Magic to the Bone
Annie Bellet – The Barrows collection of the 1st 4 novellas of her Gryphonpike Chronicles 

Paula Guran (editor) – The Mammoth Book of the Mummy 19 modern stories of Mummies, with only 1 story more than 20 years old. Most are much more recent.
S. T. JoshiThe Rise, Fall, and Rise of the Cthulhu Mythos an overview of the phenomenon from H. P. Lovecraft‘s time up to today’s new authors…

in ‘B’ format:

Stephen Baxter & Alastair ReynoldsThe Medusa Chronicles sequel to Arthur C. Clarke‘s novella, A Meeting With Medusa, about exploring Jupiter’s atmosphere
Anne CharnockA Calculated Life an expert mathematical modeller finds that her predictions have become less accurate and sets out to discover why…

in paperback:

Lilith SaintcrowThe Marked horror novel

art, etc:

Charles VessWalking Through the Landscapes of Faerie heavily illustrated hardcover, of short works by Vess, LeGuin, Susan Cooper, Terri Windling, Robin Williamson (founding member of the Incredible String Band) & more, with an intro by Charles DeLint
Santiago Garcia & David RubinBeowulf hardcover graphic novel published by Image

Ben Aaronovitch with Cartmel, Sullivan & GuerreroRivers of London: Night Witch 2nd graphic novel of the urban fantasy series


Interzone – issue # 268
Black Static – issue # 56

Locus – January cover date  here already!

Heavy Metal – issue # 284 a Mythic Special edition
Hi-Fructose – # 42 with ‘new artist’ insert

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New Titles – w/e 7th January 2017

Please note that I intend to close on Mondays until Easter.


in hardcover:

Tad WilliamsThe Heart of What was Lost subtitled A Novel of Osten Ard. i.e. a return to the land of the Dragonbone Chair and Memory, Sorrow & Thorn!)

Eric Flint1635: The Ottoman Onslaught the latest novel in his 1632/Ring of Fire world…
Barb & J. C. HendeeThe Dead Seekers volume 1 of a new series in their Noble Dead Saga

in ‘B’ format:

Daniel O’MalleyStiletto the long awaited sequel to The Rook with the further adventures of Myfanwy Thomas
Brandon SandersonThe Bands of Mourning his latest Mistborn novel…
Susan DennardTruthwitch 2 young witches can’t seem to keep out of trouble… 1st in the Witchlands series

Robert Jackson BennettCity of Blades sequel to City of Stairs

Warhammer 40,000 – Straken a new adventure for ‘Iron Hand’ Straken, by Toby Frost
Warhammer 40,000 – Shield of Baal 3 Space Marines Battles novellas by Josh Reynolds, Braden Campbell & Loe Parrino

in paperback:

Dave BaraStarbound the 2nd in his Lightship Chronicles. V1 was Impulse
Ben BovaThe Precipice two huge industrial complexes vie for control of space but one of them doesn’t care if it destroys the Earth so long as it wins…
Kim Stanley RobinsonIcehenge reprint of his early book about finding a structure built at the North Pole of Pluto

Jacey Bedford – Silverwolf the sequel to Winterwood, and v2 of the Rowankind series
Daniel Jose OlderBattle Hill Bolero volume 3 of his Bone Street Rumba series
Charles DeLintThe Onion Girl reprint of his hefty 2001 novel…

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Happy New Year, and more!

So 2016 is almost over and a fresh, new 2017 about to arrive.
It’s been a very hectic time recently, both personally and for the shop, so I’m hoping to do almost nothing until I open again on Wednesday the 4th of January.

Charlie Stross has a new Merchant Princes novel out – Empire Games – at the end of January and I’ll be in touch with existing customers shortly about signed copies.

And, in an effort to spend at least a little less time in the shop, I’ll be closed on Mondays until Easter!
Revised shop opening hours will be 11.00 – 18.00 Tuesday to Friday & 10.00 – 18.00 on Saturdays.

Anyway, Happy New Year everybody!

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New Titles – w/e 31st December 2016

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsThe Iron Tactician hardcover novella from NewCon Press
Greg EganThe Four Thousand, The Eight Hundred numbered, limited edition hardcover from Subterranean Press
Joe R. Lansdale & John L. LansdaleHell’s Bounty western horror!

(and one title available from the 5th January:

Tad WilliamsThe Heart of What was Lost subtitled A Novel of Osten Ard. i.e. a return to the land of the Dragonbone Chair and Memory, Sorrow & Thorn!)

in large format:

Josiah BancroftArm of the Sphinx volume 2 of the Books of Babel, continuing the adventures of Senlin
Amanda BouchetBreath of Fire sequel to A Promise of Fire, part 2 of The Kingmaker Chronicles
Hunter SheaLoch Ness Revenge 20 years after the monster ate their parents, twins Natalie & Austin return to the loch…
David MorrellRuler of the Night the final part of his Thomas and Emily DeQuincey  trilogy
Mike Resnick & Lezli RobynSoulmates collection of 9 stories they wrote together

in ‘B’ format:

John CramerTwistor reprint of the 1989 hard sf novel from Dover

in paperback:

Sarah RemyThe Bone Cave the 3rd in her novels about Malachi, the King’s magician, and Aveni, his somewhat reluctant assistant… the 1st 2 came in recently and were good fun
Laura BickleNine of Stars Petra is the daughter of a modern alchemist and finds trouble when she moves to small town Wyoming…

Hank Davis (editor) – If This Goes Wrong... anthology of classic stories about progress (or not!)
Bryan Thomas Schmidt (editor) – Mission: Tomorrow anthology about private space exploration and exploitation…

art, etc:

Frederic Bremaud & Federico BertolucciLove: The Lion volume 3 of their wordless natural history graphic novels. Tiger & Fox were #1 & #2
Frederic Bremaud & Federico BertolucciLittle Tails in the Jungle natural history for younger readers
Frederic Bremaud & Federico BertolucciLittle Tails in the Forest natural history for younger readers

Laurent Rullier & Stanislaw BarthelemyBy the Numbers 1940s post-war adventure in a style reminiscent of Tintin‘s  Herge

Larry Niven & Sean LamRingworld: part one anime style adaption of the classic sf novel. Part 2 (of 2) came in earlier this month


Illustration – issue  # 54 with a large feature on Frank R. Paul


Harry PotterHogwarts School House Crests Mug. Looks very nice!


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Merry Christmas!

That’s about it, really, not much to add.

See you on Wednesday 28th…

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New Titles – w/e 24th December 2016

in large format:

Garry KilworthThe Best Short Stories of GK  29 stories from over the course of his career, from 1982 up to 2008. Includes bibliography of his books
Michael Pool (editor) – Fast Women and Neon Lights fast-moving crime stories set in the 1980s…

in ‘B’ format:

Alastair ReynoldsThe Iron Tactician novella from NewCon Press featuring Merlin, who has appeared in several other of Reynolds’ stories

in paperback:

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildBeyond the Ice Limit long-awaited sequel to The Ice Limit, about trying to recover a large meteorite from the Southern Ocean
James Rollins & Grant BlackwoodWar Hawk  a second adventure for Tucker Wayne and his military trained dog, Kane


Locus – December cover date, issue # 671 with pieces on Eric Flint & the late Sheri S. Tepper


Gene WolfeThe Shadow of the Torturer read by Jonathan David. Unabridged, on a single mp3 cd. First part of his classic Book of the New Sun quartet

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New Titles – w/e 17th December 2016

in hardcover:

Bruce SterlingPirate Utopia brief novel illustrated by Warren Ellis about post-WW1 anarchist pirates in the Adriatic!

in large format:

Gene WolfeA Borrowed Man on a future, de-populated Earth, a woman checks out the clone of a mystery writer from the local library to help find her missing father’s fortune
Christopher Mari & Jeremy K. BrownOcean of Storms a combined Sino-American team must go to the Moon and find the cause of a huge EM Pulse which has wrecked the Earth’s electrical infrastructure …

N. K. JemisinThe Dreamblood Duology omnibus volume  of The Killing Moon & The Shadowed Sun
William KotzwinkleDouble Trouble in Bugland 4 more Holmesian adventures for the insect private detective Inspector Mantis and his friend Doctor Hopper. Illustrated by Joe Servello

in ‘B’ format:

K. B. WagersAfter the Crown sequel to the recent Behind the Crown. Part 2 of the Indranan War. Civil war is immanent and the new Empress must use her gunrunner instincts to steer a course

Bernard WolfeLimbo 1952 novel about disarmament. Literally! The latest in Orion‘s SF Masterworks series

in paperback:

Star Trek – The Hall of Heroes the 3rd in the Prey mini-series by John Jackson Miller

art books, etc:

Dan BreretonMercenary: The Freelance Illustration of DB hardcover

Francois Schuiten & Benoit PeetersThe Theory of the Grain of Sand new softcover graphic novel set in The Obscure Cities! Gravity isn’t behaving…

Simon Spurrier, Jeff Stokely & Andre MayThe Spire the ancient structure houses the last of humanity… and some aliens. Graphic novel
Jon ChadVolcanoes: Fire and Life the 3rd in his series of Science Comics. The previous ones covered dinosaurs and coral reefs


Illustration Issue Sixteen with pieces on Neal Adams & Paul Slater, among others

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Laura Lam – Signed Books

Laura has recently moved to Edinburgh and is willing to sign books for me. As with Ken MacLeod and Charles Stross I’ll be able to supply signed copies of her new books shortly after publication and also backstock on request.
Apart from plain signatures, she’s also willing to add the date, the location (Edinburgh) and brief greetings, etc. (e.g. ‘to Mike, happy birthday’ or similar) on request.

Books currently available by her are the paperbacks of Pantomime and Shadowplay (£7.99 each) and the hardcover of False Hearts (£12.99)
Masquerade comes out in March and the paperback of False Hearts in April (both £7.99 each)

To order copies, contact the shop on saying what you’d like and the country it’s to ship to, and I’ll issue a PayPal Invoice confirming the details.
More detail



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