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Ken Macleod

Some of you may have heard my shop mentioned on Ken’s site.
Basically, if people would like signed copies of his books, I can supply them.
He’s willing to drop by here to sign copies of his books, often with brief dedications, which I then send out…

in hardback: Poems (£12.99)
This contains poems written by both Iain Banks and Ken. It’s due in hardcover in mid February 2015. More details nearer the time; I should be e-mailing people who have bought signed books by either of these authors from me fairly soon…

in paperback:


The Star Fraction
The Stone Canal

The Cassini Division

The Sky Road

Cosmonaut Keep
Dark Light
Engine City

Execution Channel
Learning the World
Newton’s Wake
Night Sessions
The Restoration Game

The Highway Men (£5.95) novella
Human Front (£9.99)
Published by PM Press & consists of the titular novella a couple of short articles by Ken, an in-depth interview and a bibliography.

Details of how to order his books are on this page: signed books


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