Transreal Fiction

Scotland’s sf & fantasy bookstore

Hive Mail Order Service

An alternative to Amazon for mail order books, etc. that also helps support independent bookshops.

Transreal Fiction is part of Hive, a mail-order service provided by a group of UK bookshops, with orders sent direct from Gardners Books, the largest independent UK book wholesaler.

Almost any UK title is available through the service and it’s not just books; dvds and e-books are also listed there.

If you choose to use Hive there are a couple of things I should say:

It’s not just science fiction and fantasy – it’s everything published in the UK!
Books, dvds and e-books as well!
If you choose Transreal Fiction as your favourite, you can have the books delivered here for you to pick up when you visit (thus avoiding waiting for the postman, or whatever)
Additionally, whether you have your order sent direct or to Transreal Fiction, the shop gets a minor percentage of the price, so you’re still supporting me, although maybe not as much as if you bought it from me direct!

So, why not check it out. And, if you do use it, remember to ‘favourite’ the shop!

p.s. this service doesn’t cover most US imports – you still have to come in to the shop for them!
And it doesn’t cover my signed book services for local authors either…

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