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Alien Surfaces

This year’s Transreal Fiction Edinburgh Fringe Art Exhibition is entitled Alien Surfaces.

It mainly consists of a collection of prints by respected nexialist (a person who combines knowledge from different disciplines), Madeleine Shepherd. The prints are inspired by surfaces described in classic works of science fiction and fantasy. Expect a different kind of science fiction art as Shepherd’s work distorts real images to create a semi-abstract representation of the imaginary using a variety of photographic techniques to render alien planets, landscapes, buildings, skins, vegetation and artefacts from works by Aldiss, Ballard, Lovecraft, Vance and others…

These are not exact representations of the scenes, rather another imagining of how the words could be interpreted…

Our Lady of Darkness

Our Lady of Darkness

Delusions Master

Delusion's Master

These are the covers of some of the works re-interpreted; a gallery of them can be seen at this Flickr page: Alien Surfaces cover art

I know these cover shots aren’t that great, but they’re not really part of the exhibition!

Images of some of the actual exhibition art can be seen at Alien Surfaces

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  1. For my son of 9 I am looking for Darwin IV by Barlowe. This book was published early 90’s and has got amazing illustrations but is difficult to find. In The Netherlands we couldn’t find it but I am heading for Scotland in August and was hoping to find it there.

    Any recommendation to look for?

    Mario Pinto

    Comment by Mario Pinto | May 27, 2009 | Reply

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