Transreal Fiction

Scotland’s sf & fantasy bookstore


Employment; can I get a job, Mister?

No. It’s a small business and there are no vacancies. Ever.

Your cv will probably look at me guiltily for a few weeks and then find it’s way to the recycling. If you include an e-mail address, you might get an answer, but it’ll still be ‘no’.

Signings, etc.

I can arrange for certain authors’ books to be personally signed, but I don’t put on signings for touring authors.
The shop is too small for readings or q&a sessions, which is the accepted format now.
In any case, very few authors would be a big enough draw, except possibly on a Saturday, when it would be more disruptive than useful, I’m afraid. I have a lot of previous experience with signings, etc. and have no wish to put on events that are almost guaranteed to be disappointing to the author and to myself.

Please note: I am more than happy for authors to drop in and sign their stock and have a chat; I just don’t feel it’s worth doing formally.

Small Press Publishers I’m happy to be sent info about your books, but please remember that I sell mainly sf & f and titles outwith these genres are unlikely to be given much consideration.
Also, I mainly order via Gardners Books for my UK titles – if you’re not on their database, I’m unlikely to want to open a separate account for a couple of titles. I do deal with some specialist publishers, etc., so this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but the vast majority of my stock is from established wholesalers.

Shopping Basket? Can I buy from you online?

Sort of! Two answers to this question…

1: E-mail enquiries, etc. are usually answered fairly quickly, and Invoices issued, or cc numbers taken and goods sent out. In that most of my mail-order business is related to ‘bespoke’ signed books, e-mail works better for them, anyway, to ensure all the details are correct.

2: I’m a member of the Hive network for online sales for books, e-books and cds/dvds, etc. Click the link for Hive at the top of the page and you’ll get a searchable page for all UK releases. If you select ‘Transreal Fiction’ as your favourite shop, I’ll get a small portion of the price. And you can opt to collect your purchase from here, if you want (which means free postage for you).

Do I buy books?

No. Transreal Fiction sells new books and is not a second-hand bookshop. Nor do I buy comics, or know who does these days.

Do you open on Sundays?

Only on some Sundays – mainly the Sundays in August and those before Christmas each December. This may change now I have moved premises.

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