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New Titles – w/e 30th November 2019

in hardcover:

Brandon SandersonStarsight 2nd in his Skyward series, which began with Skyward! I had understood this was to be embargoed until the 28th but apparently not.

Word Cloud ClassicsClassic Science Fiction nice tactile volume of 9 classic tales by Poe, Fitz James O’Brian, Verne, Wells (x2), London, Gilman, Lovecraft &Weinbaum, all first published between 1843 and 1934

John CrowleyReading Backwards essays and reviews originally published from 2005 up to 2018, issued in a signed & numbered edition by Subterranean Press

in large format:

Jack DannShadows in the Stone complex fantasy novel, set in an alternate Renaissance where the Vatican is in Venice, John Dee’s angelic experiments are repeatable and gnostic scriptures seem to be true…
Sebastien de CastellCrownbreaker the 6th in his Spellslinger series

Wole TalabiIncomplete Solutions collection of 20 stories, including the novella Incompleteness Theories, from this rising Nigerian SF author…
Michael Z. Williamson (creator)- Resistance anthology of new stories set in Williamson’s Freehold background; the original Freehold novel came out back in 2004

in ‘B’ format:

Jamie SawyerDominion volume 3 of his series The Eternity War, following on from Pariah & Exodus
Alison RuddThe First Time Lauren Pailing Died a young teenager dies and is reborn repeatedly and history is altered every time but always a particular person disappears, whom she becomes determined to find…

James LovegroveAge of Legends as Britain slips into fascism, bike courier Ajia finds herself fighting back alongside incarnations of the country’s mythic heroes…
Paul CornellThe Lights Go Out in Lychford the 4th in the series about the strange little village…

in paperback:

W. Michael GearAbandoned the 2nd Donovan title and the sequel to Outpost, about a beleaguered colony on a ‘Deathworld’ type of planet…
Julia E. CzernedaSearch Image volume 1 of her new series The Web Shifter’s Library

Mercedes Lackey (editor) – Seasons the latest anthology, subtitled All-New Tales of  Valdemar

art, etc:

Flesk PublicationsSpectrum 26 the latest in the annual series, in both hardback and softcover. Subtitled The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Their annual Grand Master Award went to Donato Giancola this year. Can’t argue with that, especially if you’ve seen his Middle-Earth: Journeys in Myth and Legend art book. (In stock, btw!)

Beatrice BlueWonder: The Art and Practice of BB the latest single artist overview from 3dtotal Publishing, in hardcover

Gou Tanabe H. P. Lovecraft‘s At the Mountains of Madness: The Second Volume  the 2nd half of the manga adaptation of his classic Antarctic horror story


Illustration – Issue Number Sixty-Six art by Paul Shipper & George Cross, among others…

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New Titles – w/e 23rd November 2019

in hardcover:

Seanan McGuireLaughter at the Academy limited edition hardcover collection from Subterranean Press

Bryan Thomas SchmidtDark Frontiers the 2nd in the Infinite Stars anthology series, with stories set in each authors’ well-known backgrounds… 14 of the 26 are original to this volume.

in large format:

David Carrico  – Flight of the Nightingale the latest 1636 novel, the 28th set in the 1632/Ring of Fire world created by Eric Flint

Jessica ReismanThe Arcana of Maps & Other Stories collection with 17 of her best short stories…
Eric BrownThe Telemass Quartet nice looking collection of linked novellas, from PS Publishing

in ‘B’ format:

Richard A. SwingleHarmion volume 1 of his Harmion series. After 40 years of war Tritan seeks his ex-warlord father in a devastated kingdom where the reign of Kings is over…
Holly BlackThe Modern Faerie Tales fat omnibus containing the novels Tithe (2002), Valiant (2006) & Ironside (2007), together with new short story The Lament of Lutie-Loo

in paperback:

R. A. SalvatoreReckoning of Fallen Gods the 2nd of The Tales of the Coven and sequel to Child of a Mad God
John Ringo & Mike MassaThe Valley of Shadows the latest Black Tide Rising title
Tom KratmanA Pillar of Fire by Night the 7th in his Carerra series, which began with A Desert Called Peace

Eric Flint & Walt Boyes (editors) – Grantville Gazette vol VIII the 8th 1632/Ring of Fire anthology…

art, etc:

William GibsonAlien 3: The Unproduced Screenplay finally re-printed by Dark Horse! Hardcover graphic novel adaptation by Johnnie Christmas & Tamra Bonvillain. I sold out almost immediately back in August and couldn’t get more until now.

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New Titles – w/e 16th November 2019

in hardcover:

Jane RogersBody Tourists rich people transfer their minds into much younger bodies but discover that not all the drawbacks have been explained!

Eric SawardRevelation of the Daleks the latest Doctor Who title

in large format:

Nicky DraydenEscaping Exodus humanity has established colonies inside gigantic space creatures and now Soske must explore some restricted areas…

C. L. PolkWitchmark in an Edwardian-like world, Miles becomes a doctor at a veterans’ hospital while trying to hide from his family and his past as a witch…
E. Catherine ToblerRings of Anubis Eleanor is an Edwardian archaeologist recruited to help investigate crimes and ancient mysteries in Egypt – including going back in time!  Subtitled ‘a Folley & Mallory Adventure‘, this volume was originally issued as RoA#1: Gold and Glass & RoA#2: Silver and Steam in 2013
R. A. Lafferty – The Reefs of Earth the Dulanty family can pass for human… Reprint of his classic novel from 1968
Tanith Lee – A Wolf at the Doorand Other Rare Tales
13 of her more obscure stories…

Hannu Rajaniemi & Jacob Weisman (editors) – The New Voices of Science Fiction impressive anthology of 20 new stories from rising authors. From Tachyon Publications

Gideon Marcus (editor) – Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958 – 1963) 14 stories from around 60 years ago, each with an individual introduction by a current new writer
Christopher M. JonesThe Porcupine Boy and other Anthological Oddities 14 new stories
Bryan Furuness (editor) – My Name Was Never Frankenstein anthology of 13 stories subtitled ‘And Other Classic Adventure Tales Remixed

in ‘B’ format:

Genevieve CogmanThe Secret Chapter the 6th in The Invisible Library series…
Wray DelaneyThe Beauty of the Wolf a version of Beauty & the Beast set in Tudor times and the realm of the Faerie Queen
Tasha Suri – Realm of Ash Arwa doesn’t just believe the Empire is cursed, she knows it is!
Paul Phipps-WilliamsThe Axe & Grindstone fantasy novel about Mark Adams, who runs a pub with bars in two different dimensions…

C. E. MurphyStonemaster 2nd in the Guildmaster series, and the sequel to Seamaster
C. E. MurphyThe Cardinal Rule 1st of The Strongbox Chronicles about a CIA agent thrown into a shadowy world of magic, battle drones and cutting edge AIs

S. K. DunstallStars Uncharted Captain Royston has stumbled upon a disabled exploration ship, and now has it’s data on undiscovered planets, including one thought to be mythical…

Harry HarrisonThe Deathworld Omnibus reprint of the classic 1960s trilogy. Republished s one of the Golden Age Masterworks series

in paperback:

Martha WellsThe Cloud Roads part 1 of The Books of the Raksura Moon is an orphan shapeshifter…

art, etc:

Sal Abbinanti & Chui R. Kim (editors) – Revolution volume 1 great looking hardcover collecting some of the art of Bill Sienkiewicz. Full colour pages (and also a fair number of b&w sketches) of Hendrix, Stray Toasters, New Mutants, Daredevil and many more! Includes an intro by Neil Gaiman, and also an interview and an essay. From SixFoot Press

Jim Henson’s The Dark CrystalAge of Resistance: Inside the Epic Return to Thra full colour hardback with loads of art and information about the new prequel series from Netflix

Francois Schuiten & Benoit Peeters – The Leaning Girl part of The Obscure Cities series. English translation of their award-winning graphic novel. B&W softcover

Jared BlandoFantasy Mapmaker subtitled How to Draw RPG Cities for Gamers and Fans exactly what it says!


Liz ClimoPlease Don’t Eat Me! her latest book of cartoons! (actually a short graphic novel)
Terry Pratchett & Stephen BriggsThe Ankh-Morpork Archives: A Discworld Anthology volume 1 humorous background material heavily illustrated by Paul Kidby.
Christian BlauveltHow Not To Get Eaten By Ewoks and Other Galactic Survival Skills jokey little illustrated Star Wars hardcover

My Neighbour Totoro Journal lined notebook with pastel coloured pages, which includes several pages of concept art of Totoro and his companions


Interzone – issue # 284
Black Static – issue # 72
Locus – issue # 706 November cover date British Fantasy Awards & Robert McCammon on the cover


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New Titles – w/e 9th November 2019

in hardcover:

Erin MorgensternThe Starless Sea Zachery is entranced by a book hidden in the University library… From the author of The Night Circus
Scarlett ThomasOligarchy a weird disappearance at a posh boarding school…

Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the Lane new hardcover of the Award-winning book, with copious b&w illustrations thoughout by Elise Hurst

in large format:

David Craig – Thorns of a Black Rose Shukara is left penniless almost immediately after reaching the city of Mask, and she quickly makes an enemy of the Black Rose band of assassins…

Deborah Scott & Simon Malpass (editors) – Scotland in Space anthology of new fiction and essays with the description ‘Creative Visions and Critical Reflections on Scotland’s Space Futures‘. Contributors include Pippa Goldschmidt, Laura Lam & other authors and experts on the subject, who collaborated on various aspects of the project. Published by the Shoreline of Infinity team

in ‘B’ format:

Maggie StiefvaterCall  Down the Hawk the 1st volume in her new work, The Dreamer Trilogy
Zen ChoThe True Queen sequel to Sorcerer to the Crown

Christopher Hinz –
Starship Alchemon the AI run starship and it’s crew have been sent to investigate a distant planet but the stakes are higher than they thought…
Ian McDonaldMenace From Farside new novella set in the world of his Luna trilogy. Two sisters are determined to find the ‘First Footprint’…

John Joseph Adams & Victor Lavalle (editors) – A People’s Future of the United States anthology subtitled ‘Speculative Fiction From 25 Extraordinary Writers’ Great line-up of current authors!

art, etc:

David DayThe Illustrated World of Tolkien very nice hardcover with loads of art from two dozen artists, illustrating all sorts of aspects of J. R. R. Tolkien‘s work

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New Titles – w/e 2nd November 2019

in hardcover:

Peter S. HamiltonSalvation Lost sequel to Salvation
W. Michael Gear – Pariah volume 3 of his Donovan series, set on a remote, hostile colony planet…
Simon R. Green – Night Train to Murder the latest Ishmael Jones Mystery

John CrowleyAnd Go Like This collection with 10 new short stories!
The Future Tense Editors – Future Tense Fiction: Stories of Tomorrow sf anthology with a top notch list of contributors!
BBC BooksDoctor Who: The Target Storybook anthology

in large format:

Gwendolyn KisteThe Rust Maidens nearly 40 years ago two high school graduates start to undergo a weird, inexplicable transformation – or, all these years later, maybe they do know something about what’s happening to them…
E. E. Knight – Novice Dragoneer Ileth runs away from her orphanage to an ancient human-dragon fortress, desperate to work with dragons…

Terence Hawkins – American Neolithic in a near-future America, a DNA test on a laywer’s client threatens to reveal a millennias old secret…
Andy Briggs
Ctrl+S Theo’s mother has disappeared and the trail through the future all-encompassing virtual reality site SPACE is fraught with dangers…
Adrian TchaikovskyMade Things new Tor Novella; Copellia is a street thief in the Fountains Parish slum who has several autonomous puppet-like creatures to help her…

Vonda N. McIntyreThe Exile Waiting reprint of her first SF novel from 1975. Vonda died in April this year. Nice looking edition.
Josh WeilThe Great Glass Sea an alternate history inspired by Russian folklore…
Scott Russell SandersTerrarium companion volume to The Engineer of Beasts. A Philip K. Kick Award nominee in 1985
Terry Gene CarrWarlord of Kor short 1963 novel by Terry Carr, one of the top editors of the 70s & 90s. A human expedition lands on a strange planet… Originally one half of an Ace Double. Sadly, it doesn’t have the original cover art by Jack Gaughan

Steve BehrendsClark Ashton Smith: A Critical Guide to the Man and His Work (looks fascinating but you’d have to be a real fan, I think… )
Benjamin Fraser – Visible Cities, Global Comics wide ranging, serious look at how cities are portrayed in comics. Lots of dense text and very few illustrations…

in ‘B’ format:

Aliette de Bodard In the Vanishers’ Palace poor scholar Yen is hired by a dragon to tutor it’s offspring…
Aliya Whiteley – Skein Island re-print (plus a new related novelette, The Cold Smoke Declaration) about a short term women-only refuge off the coast of Cornwall where the fee is your life story…
Michelle Paver – Wakenhyrst
gothic mystery

Samuel R. DelanyThe Fall of the Towers omnibus volume of his early 1960s trilogy of Out of the Dead City (aka Captives of the Flame), The Towers of Toron & The City of a Thousand Suns.

in paperback:

Faith HunterShattered Bonds the 13th Jane Yellowrock case
R. S. Belcher – The Queen of Swords 3rd in the Golgotha series…

art, etc:

Mark Wheatley (creator)Songs of Giants: The Poetry of Pulp verse by Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft & Edgar Rice Burroughs with lots of b&w art by Mark Wheatley signed & numbered (by Wheatley) limited edition hardcover

Frank ChoBallpoint Beauties h/c. Selections of sketches showing the progress from rough outlines to more finished pieces
Beginners Guide to Fantasy Drawing the latest book on art technique from 3dtotal Publishing

Simon Spurrier & Phillip Kennedy Johnson (writers) –  Jim Henson‘s The Power of the Dark Crystal volume II
Bruce Brown (writer) – Dr. Herbert West & Astounding Tales of Medical Malpractice graphic novel loosely based on the character created by H. P. Lovecraft

Warehouse finds! Not had these in stock for years; some great stuff! All softcovers.

Black & White ImageSFifth Special Collection squarebound; 100+ pages of the work of early 20th C artists
The Vadeboncoeur Collection of ImageSIssue Twelve full colour reproductions of work from 17 early 20th C artists…
The Vadeboncoeur Collection of ImageSIssue Thirteen squarebound; highlighting in full colour the work of more early 20th C artists


Hi-Fructose – issue # 53 with a b&w insert of the work of Nathan Reidt
CDQ – issue # 10 the latest issue of Character Design Quarterly

Calendars, etc:

Terry PratchettDeath & Friends: A Discworld Journal created by the Discworld Emporium, with a full colour illustration and a quote on every double page! Undated, so it can be started any time!

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New Titles – w/e 26th October 2019

in hardcover:

Brent WeeksThe Burning White the 5th and final book in his Lightbringer series, which began with The Black Prism

Becky ChambersTo Be Taught if Fortunate Ariadne, an astronaut on a very long term mission exploring distant exo-planets, wants Earth to have a personal account of their experiences…

Charles Gilman Professor Gilman 1st in the Tales From Lovecraft Middle School series. With a holographic cover!
Nnedi Okorafor
Broken Places & Outer Spaces autobiographical essays subtitled Finding Creativity in the Unexpected

Robin HobbAssassin’s Apprentice: The Illustrated Edition beautiful volume with full colour art by Magali Villeneuve and a colour map of the Six Dutchies
Aliette de Bodard
Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight collection of 14 short stories in a limited edition signed & numbered h/c from Subterranean Press. (She just won the BFS Award for best novella, which, sadly, isn’t in this book – but it does include her Nebula & Locus Award-winning short story Immersion)

Leslie S. KlingerThe New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft: Beyond Arkham a companion volume to The Annotated Lovecraft

in large format:

Jo WaltonThe Rebirth of Pan her first, long unpublished novel from 1997
Elizabeth LimSpin the Dawn Maia wants to follow her father’s career and poses as his  son when he gets a summons to attend the Royal Court and become the Imperial Taylor…

Gwen Benaway (editor) – Maiden, Mother, Crone: Fantastical Trans Femmes anthology

in ‘B’ format:

Annalee NewitzThe Future of Another Timeline gender time wars, from the Nabataeans into the future, via punk and the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893! And beyond!
Vicki Jarrett  –Always North as climate change bites, Isobel joins an illegal oil survey ship in this near future sf/thriller set in the Arctic!

Leo CarewThe Spider sequel to The Wolf; 2nd in his Under the Northern Sky series

John Ajvide LindqvistI Always Find You Swedish teenager John wants to be a magician, and moves into a run-down building but discovers that it has a strange basement…
Jason ArnoppGhoster Scott and all his possessions have vanished, except his mobile phone, and his girlfriend starts getting strange phone messages and odd signs…
Hunter SheaSlash Todd investigates an imfamous mass murder, following clues left by his late fiancee, who had survived it…
Ramsay Campbell
The Influence even death can’t break Queenie’s hold over her family…

Rebecca Wojturska (editor) – Haunted Voices anthology of ‘new Gothic Storytelling from Scotland’
Mike Ashley (editor) – Beyond Time the latest anthology in The British Library‘s Classic Science Fiction series, subtitled Classic Tales of Time Unwound

in paperback:

W. Michael GearOutpost 1st in his Donovan series, about the problems of a remote, troubled colony on a ‘Deathworld‘ type of planet… the 2nd, Abandoned, comes out in paperback next month!


Graphite – restock of available issues: # 8, # 9, # 10
CDQ – restock of issues of Character Design Quarterly: # 6, #7, # 9 Issues # 8 & # 10 (the new one) should be in next week…

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New Titles – w/e 19th October 2019

in hardcover:

Robert JordanWarrior of the Altaii his previously unpublished first novel! This was about to be published but there were changes at the Publisher, and then The Wheel of Time happened and it was sidelined  -until now!

in large format:

T. KingfisherThe Twisted Ones clearing out a hoarder relative’s house, she finds her step-grandfather’s journal and fears to believe the contents…

Elizabeth MoonMoon Flights re-print short story collection from 2007, with 16 stories

in ‘B’ format:

Tade ThompsonRosewater Redemption 3rd in his trilogy set in Nigeria some years after aliens have landed…
 Arcady & Boris Strugatsky – Snail on the Slope possibly their best work, out now as a Science Fiction Masterwork. (A passing knowledge of Tannhauser/Venusberg and Candide threw unexpected insights on it when I last read it… ) Translated by Olena Bormashenko in 2018

Derek Kunsken – The Quantum Garden sequel to The Quantum Magician and part 2 of The Quantum Evolution

David HairHearts of Ice part 3 of his Sunsurge quartet, which began with Empress of the Fall and Prince of the Spear

Jeffrey FordAhab’s Return, or The Last Voyage with his life and his reputation as a whaler ruined, Ahab (who survived) tries to track down Ishmael (who exaggerated tremendously) and get the correct story published…

Priya SharmaOrmeshadow a Tor Novella about a family who have to re-locate to a rural farm where, beneath a nearby hill, there is said to be a sleeping dragon…

Kim NewmanAnno Dracula 1999: Daikaiju latest in his long-running vampire series…

Dacre Stoker & J. D. BarkerDracul apparently inspired by notes Bram Stoker left on his death…

in paperback:

Jack McDevittThe Long Sunset the 8th in his series about spaceship pilot Priscilla Hutchins

art, etc:

William O’ConnorDracopedia Field Guide heavily illustrated hardcover from the renowned gaming illustrator…


Shoreline of Infinity – issue # 16
Locus – issue # 705 October cover date with full coverage of the 2019 Dublin Worldcon inside!

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New Titles – w/e 12th October 2019

in hardcover:

Philip PullmanThe Secret Commonwealth book 2 of The Book of Dust, which began with La Belle Sauvage (which was widely referred to as The Book of Dust by mistake when it came out last year). Lyra is now a 2nd Year Oxford student
Theodora GossThe Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl the 3rd of The Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club, which began with The Strange Case of th Alchemist’s Daughter
Kim Liggett – Grace Year like all girls, Tierney is exiled for a year from her remote village…

Cixin LiuSupernova Era 8 years ago a nearby star became a supernova and now the light & radiation is about to reach Earth, with devastating consequences…

Kevin Hearn & Delilah S. DawsonThe Princess Beard from Subterranean Press. The 3rd in their Tales of Pell series

David DayAn Encyclopedia of Tolkien subtitled The History and Mythology That Inspired Tolkien’s World. Nice-looking, illustrated volume

in large format:

Lisa GoldsteinIvory Apples Ivy attempts to keep her reclusive great aunt’s secret hidden from adoring fans of her beloved fantasy book… From Tachyon Press
Steven Brust– Vallista the latest (15th) adventure of Vlad Taltos
Rebecca Roanhurst
Storm of Locusts sequel to Trail of Lightning

Kameron HurleyMeet Me in the Future short story collection from Tachyon Press
Christopher RoweTelling the Map: Stories collection published by Small Beer Press

Liesl King & Robert Edgar (editors) – Science Fiction For Survival: An Archive for Mars fiction, articles, interviews, etc. issued by the Terra Two project. Looks interesting

in ‘B’ format:

Jin YongBond Undone the 2nd in the epic Chinese series Legends of the Condor Heroes. Sequel to A Hero Born
Saad Z. Hussein – Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday slim novel about a powerful djinn awakening and finding the present isn’t like the past!
Jonathan FrenchThe True Bastards sequel to The Grey Bastards and the 2nd part of grimdark fantasy The Lot Lands

Benedict JackaFallen the latest of the Alex Verus urban fantasy series

Jasmin B. FrelihIn/Half 25 years ago, the internet crashed completely… Translated from Slovenian by Jason Blake
Robert J. Sawyer – Wake 1st in his WWW trilogy. Reprint

Lois MurphySoon in a remote town, it’s best not to go outside at night…

Algernon BlackwoodRoarings From Further Out: Four Weird Novellas includes Ancient Sorceries, The Man Whom the Trees Loved, The Wendigo & The Willows.  From The British Library Tales of the Weird series; edited by Xavier Aldana Reyes
John Miller (editor) – Tales of the Tattooed subtitled ‘an Anthology of Ink. The latest in The British Library Tales of the Weird series of anthologies

Amy BinnsHidden Wyndham: Life, Love, Letters new biography of John Wyndham, with a 16 page photo section
David Day – The Hobbits of Tolkien the 6th in his series of books about different aspects of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth

in paperback:

Tim PrattThe Forbidden Stars volume III in his Axiom series
Steve WhiteHer Majesty’s American the Revolution failed in 1776 and now the British Empire reaches to the stars, where trouble is brewing…
Richard BakerRestless Lightning book 2 of Breaker of Empires, which started with Restless Dust

Christopher Hinz & Etan IlfeldDuchamp Versus Einstein novella in which the two characters are pitted against each other in a chess match!

art, etc:

Patrick J. JonesThe Science Fiction Art of PJJ hardback; not previously in stock although it came out in 2016 and is more fantasy that sf, I’d say…

Neil Gaiman and Colleen Doran Snow, Glass, Apples hardback graphic novel re-telling the story of Snow White
Stanislaw Lem & Jon J. MuthSeventh Voyage hardcover graphic novel adaptation of Lem’s short story (from The Star Diaries collection) about an astronaut stuck in a time loop…

D-P Filippi & Terry DodsonMuse smaller hardback edition of their lush fantasy graphic novel of 2012. From Humanoids


Mike SlaterNecronomnomnom hardcover book of Lovecraft & Necronomicon inspired recipes!
Christopher MaynardThe World of the Unknown: All About Ghosts re-print of the first of the hugely successful 1970s series by Usborne Publishing

J. K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire volume 3 of the Illustrated Edition now out as a rather substantial hardcover


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New Titles – w/e 5th October 2019

in ‘B’ format:

R. J. BarkerThe Bone Ships dragons have been sighted again after centuries and whoever catches one may win the endless war being fought in the Hundred Isles
John GwynneA Time of Blood sequel to A Time of Dread 2nd in his Of Blood and Bone epic fantasy series
Ann LeckieThe Raven Tower the Raven God has apparently abandoned it’s worshippers in dire straits…
Peter HigginsDragon Heart the great dragon Vespertine is dead and the war lost, but when a displaced couple stumble apon it’s vast body, their baby daughter starts to change…
David WraggThe Black Hawks a mercenary band have to escort an unwilling prince through the chaos of a war-torn kingdom…
Terry GoodkindSiege of Stone  3rd volume of the Nicci Chronicles. Appears to be subtitled Sister of Darkness

Katherine ArdenThe Winter of the Witch final volume in her Winternight trilogy, which started with The Bear and the Nightingale

Joyce Carol OatesHazards of Time Travel high-schooler Adriane dares to question the regime and is exiled back in time 80 years as punishment – to 1959!
Steven EriksonRejoice an alien AI must decide if Humanity is a part of the Earth’s ecosystem it has been sent to save, or if it ought to wipe it out…
Jay KristoffDeviat3 sequel to Lifelik3 adventure in a Goulart-ian future dystopia…
Owen FrankNorth sequel to South, about a future American civil war fought with bio-weapons…
Greg van EekhoutVoyage of the Dogs with the human crew missing, their support Barkonauts must try to get their damaged spaceship home!
Cherie DimalineThe Marrow Thieves in a grim future, some people’s bone marrow may help provide a respite…

Dale BailleyIn the Night Wood an American couple move to Hollow House, situated deep within an ancient English wood
J. S. Le FanuThe Tiled House 19th C psychological ghost & horror story collection. 10 stories




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New Titles – w/e 28th September 2019

in hardcover:

Annalee NewitzThe Future of Another Timeline for some reason all the good time-travel novels are arriving almost all at once! This one, How We Won the Time War, The Psychology of Time Travel, The Silver Wind
Wil McCarthyAntediluvian in the distant future climate change and rising sea-levels have retreated into myth and legend, until some innovative research starts to throw light on the past…

Caitlin R. KiernanHouses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales  limited edition (of 1250) volume of her Lovecraft & Cthulhu-inspired tales, published by Subterranean Press

in large format:

A. J. HackworthThe Library of the Unwritten Claire runs a library for all the unfinished stories of the world, keeping all the unfulfilled characters under control. Then a hero escapes and goes looking for his author – and he’s not happy about his lot!

Richard SuggFairies: A Dangerous History serious look at how fairies have been perceived through the ages

in ‘B’ format:

Adrian TchaikovskyCage of Souls Stefan leaves the last Human city on the planet and seeks to discover what manner of creature might succeed his species…
Adrian TchaikovskySpiderlight epic fantasy quest, with spiders!

Vivian ShawGrave Importance the 3rd Dr. Greta Helsing novel
C. A. FletcherA Boy and His Dog at the End of the World Griz is growing up in a post-disaster Britain but then someone steals the dog which is his only friend…

R. A. LaffertyPast Master smart new revised edition from The Library of America of his weird  60s sf classic

Silvia Moreno-Garcia  Prime Meridian sf novella set in a near-future Mexico City from the author of the excellent Gods of Jade and Shadow

Michel HouellebecqH. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life back in stock after years! A bibliography & 120 pages of essays about his work (translated from French), followed by The Call of Cthulhu & The Whisperer in Darkness

in paperback:

David WeberUncompromising Honor the latest (21st?) 1100 page installment of his Honor Harrngton epic
S. M. StirlingThe Sky-Blue Wolves the final (15th) part of the apocalyptic saga that began back in 2004 with Dies the Fire

Benedict JackaFallen the 10th in his Alex Verus urban fantasy series
Sara HanoverThe Late Great Wizard Tessa is a charity worker but finds one of her clients has burned his house down by mistake, apparently while trying to cast a spell!

Tony Daniel & Christopher Ruocchio (editors) – Star Destroyers 15 new stories about ‘Big Ships Blowing Things Up’! Includes the likes of David Drake, Steve White, Michael Z.Williamson, etc…

art, etc:

Brian FroudThe Dark Crystal Creation Myths: The Complete Collection h/c collecting the comics and some concept design work for the full colour comic series inspired by Jim Henson‘s original film
Jocelyn Lange (adaptor) & Bill Robinson (artist) – Jim Henson‘s Dark Crystal – a Little Golden Book brief version of the story suitable for (reading to) the very young.

MoebiusLe Major – b&w hardcover graphic novel published by Moebius Production. What text there is, is in French. Also 11 colour pages at the back
Moebius40 Days Dans Le Desert B Not had this in for years! New edition from Moebius Production of his b&w desert hallucinations! With 7 colour pages at the back and minimal French text
MoebiusLa Faune De Mars b&w Martian lifeforms, with 16 colour pages at the back. Minimal French text. From Moebius Production

J. D. Morvan & BachanOff-World Blues full colour softcover science fiction g/n from Humanoids
Matz & Jean-Marc RouchetteSnowpiercer The Prequel: Part One – Extinction the origins of the saga of the world-circling train…
Peter RocqOnce Our Land Book 2 continuation of the strange adventures of Ingrid & Fritz and the subterranean invaders of 19th C Germany!

Bob BurdenFlaming Carrot Comics Omnibus 1 softcover with stories from 13 of the early issues (including the TMNT cross-over ones) with all the original colour covers included!
Fleetway Picture Library ClassicsJet-Ace Logan nice softcover from Book Palace with 4 classic sf stories from the early 1950s & early 60s by Ron Turner & Kurt Ceasar, together with pieces about the artists, etc
Fleetway Picture Library ClassicsLarrigan nice softcover from Book Palace with 4 classic western stories from the early 60s by Arturo del Castillo, with an intro about the artist, etc. One of 500 copies.


IllustratorsIssue Twenty Seven major articles on US Western artists Frederic Remington & Charles Schreyvogel and a large companion piece on the art of The Lone Ranger comics
Comics Review – August 2019 with strips featuring Flash Gordon, Krazy Kat, Tarzan and many more! Mainly b&w but with some colour pages


Boris Valleho & Julie BellFantasy Calendar 2020


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