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New Titles – w/e 7th November 2020

in hardcover:

Kate MascarenhasThe Thief on the Winged Horse new novel from the author of the excellent The Psychology of Time Travel. The Kendricks have been making dolls for generations, and any one of them can inspire a particular emotion…
W. Michael GearThe Alpha Enigma Prisoner Alpha speaks an unknown language and her doodles (writing?) are also inexplicable. Mysterious forces want to rescue her, and there’s something strange about a dig in the Nile valley…
Robert Jackson BennettIn the Shadows of Men limited edition, signed & numbered horror novella from Subterranean Press.

Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass the classic novels, both illustrated in an almost linocut style by Floor Reider and published in tête-bêche format (i.e. back-to-back like an old Ace Double)
Herman MelvilleMoby Dick large profusely illustrated hardcover of the classic novel with full page, full colour art throughout by Anton Lomaev. Epic stuff at a very reasonable price!

in large format:

Neil Clarke (editor) – The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 5 28 of the best from last year, with an annual overview essay from the editor and a list of another 40 or so story suggestions for further reading

in ‘B’ format:

Neal AsherThe Human sequel to Warship and final book of The Rise of the Jain trilogy, which began with The Soldier
Tyler WhitesidesThe Shattered Realm of Ardor Benn sequel the epic fantasy The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn. Book 2 of Kingdom of Grit
Thilde Kold HoldtNorthern Wrath epic Norse fantasy; part 1 of The Hanged God Trilogy

Steve Cole (editor) – Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown 15 short stories from 9 writers, including the likes of Moffat, Chibnall, Gaiman & Gatiss, written for Children in Need, each with a b&w illustration by one of 10 artists

art, etc:

Dibujante NocturnoThe Art of Francisco Garces (one is a pseudonym of the other) hardcover from 3dtotal Publishing of his rather gothic fantasy art, with tips and suggestions throughout. Mostly colour, but with some b&w sketches, etc. showing a piece’s progress
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New Titles – w/e 31st October 2020

in hardcover:

Charles StrossDead Lies Dreaming his latest Laundry Files novel. A limited number of signed copies are currently available. More in due course though!
Andrzej SapkowskiThe Tower of Fools part 1 of a new fantasy series from the author of the Witcher series. Translated from Polish by David French
David GerroldHella adventure on a distant colony planet, where everything from the dinosaurs to the trees are ‘hella’ big!
Kate ElliottUnconquerable Sun part 1 of The Star Chronicles trilogy. Epic space opera
Peter F. HamiltonThe Saints of Salvation Lost 3rd in his Salvation series. Signed copies available! (limited supply)
Peter F. HamiltonSalvation Lost volume 2, the sequel to Salvation. Already out in paperback, but signed copies also available! (limited supply)

Terry BrooksThe Last Druid the final part of The Fall of Shannara quartet, and indeed, the capstone of the entire 32 book epic! It’s finished! Feels like I’ve been selling it all my life! Actually, not quite true; I started selling books p/t a couple of years before The Sword of Shannara came out!

James LovegroveSherlock Holmes & the Beast of the Stapletons set 5 years after The Hound of the Baskervilles… The latest of the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

in large format:

Jennifer RobersonLife and Limb Gabe is a biker, summoned by family to a cowboy bar in Arizona to meet the stranger he’ll bond with to fight against evil… Blood & Bone volume 1

Susan PalwickThe Necessary Beggar first published back in 2005, and following the story of some newcomers to America in the future, which appears worryingly prescient now… A Tor Essentials title
Michael BishopThe City and the Cygnets revised omnibus edition of the 1977 novel A Little Knowledge and the companion collection Catacomb Years.
David CraigLord of the Hunt sequel to Resurrection Men and Sooty Feathers # 2

Ellen Datlow (editor) – The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Twelve 22 short stories, together with an annual summary by the editor & a list of honorable mentions, etc.

Mike AshleyYesterday’s Tomorrows from British Library Publishing, subtitled The Story of Classic British Science Fiction in 100 Books. With 16 pages of colour plates of covers. So many books I know so little about! Actually, I seem to have read around a quarter of them as the list comes up to the mis-1960s.

in ‘B’ format:

Laura LamGoldilocks the 1st all-female interstellar space mission! Signed copies available from 30th October!

Melinda M. Snodgrass with George R. R.Martin (editors) – Three Kings the latest Wild Cards mosaic novel.Apart from MMS, the main contributer appears to be Peter Newman

Fred Hoyle & John ElliotThe Andromeda Anthology the latest in Gollancz‘s SF Masterworks series, containing A for Andromeda & Andromeda Breakthrough, both from the early 1960s

in paperback:

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildOld Bones part 1 in the new Nora Kelly series featuring their characters museum curator Nora Kelly & Junior FBI Agent Corrie Swanson.
Wil McCarthy Antediluvian novel in 4 main sections, with a linking present-day plot, about major events in pre-history. I thought the h/c was very interesting

Jerry PournelleThe Best of Jerry Pournelle 16 stories, some co-written, together with several articles by JP, or about his fiction. 750pp

art, etc:

Lucio ParrilloThe Dynamite Art of LP hardcover full of his art, somewhat reminiscent of Frank Frazetta
Jim Henson‘s The Dark CrystalAge of Resistance: The Ballad of Hup & Barfinnious full colour hardcover graphic novel
Jim Henson‘s The Dark CrystalBestiary hardback with art by Iris Compiet and subtitled The Definitive Guide to the Creatures of Thra. With a Forward by Brian & Wendy Froud, whose art Iris’s resembles

Alexandro Jodorowsky & Jerry FrissenThe Metabarons: Second Cycle another 340 full colour pages of art continuing the story, plus some additional sketches, etc. at the back. Art by Valentin Sicher & Niko Henrichon
Captain ArtiglioGun Land full colour sci-fi western, with dinosaurs for steeds and alien outlaws! Looks great fun!
Jeffrey Alan LoveNotes From the Shadowed City stylish, and fairly minimalist, b&w graphic novel about a student researching enchanted swords…
Christian Staebler & Sonja PaoliniRedbone: The True Story of a Native American Rock Band softcover with art by Thibault Balahy

PS Artbooks SofteePlanet Comics vol 2 full colour softcover collecting issues 4, 5 & 6 of Planet Comics, from 1940
PS Artbooks SofteeFantastic Tales vol 2 collecting Strange Mysteries issues 9 – 12 (1958 – 1964) with Strange Worlds (1958)
PS Artbooks SofteeWeird Tales of the Future vol 2 collecting 5 issues of Weird
PS Artbooks PresentsIt Rhymes With Lust b&w ‘picture novel from Matt Baker

Calendars, etc:

Fantastic Fractal Shapes18-Month Calendar 2021. Subtitled Wild Colors, Patterns and Shapes

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New Titles – w/e 24th October 2020

in hardcover:

V. E. SchwabThe Invisible life of Addie Larue Addie is ageless, but cursed with never being remembered in any way, but then she meets somebody who does remember her…
Barbara HamblyHouse of the Patriarch the 10th Benjamin January novel…
Dave RuddenThe Wintertime Paradox a collection of seasonal Doctor Who stories

in ‘B’ format:

Josh ReynoldsWrath of N’Kai at the height of the Jazz Age dark shadows gather over Arkham… an Arkham Horror novel from Aconyte Books

art, etc:

3dtotal PublishingFundamentals of Creature Design latest in their series. As ever, it looks fascinating


Locusissue # 716 September cover date. My replacement copies for the missing ones have arrived.
Locusissue # 717 October cover date

Character Design QuarterlyCDQ # 14 the latest issue from 3dtotal Publishing
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New Titles – w/e 17th October 2020

in hardcover:

Yoon Ha LeePhoenix Extravagant Jebi just wants to paint but is recruited to apply mystical sigils to animate the magical armour of robotic troops…
Rebecca RoanhorseBlack Sun book 1 of the Between Earth and Sky trilogy, inspired by pre-Colombian legends & stories
P. Djeli ClarkRing Shout in the Deep South in the 1920s the KKK are literally demons

in large format:

David HairMap’s Edge 1st in his new Tethered Citadel series. A disgraced sorcerer ventures beyond the known world in an attempt to restore his family’s fortunes and place in court society…
Wendi Coffman-PorterAether Ones Leilani polices the boundary between the paired realities; one based on eldrich energy and the other on electro-magnetism
Michelle SagaraThe Emperor’s Wolves part 1 of The Wolves of Elantra, which continues The Chronicles of Elantra saga

Carrie Vaughn Kitty’s Mixtape short story collection featuring the late night werewolf DJ

Paula Guran (editor) – The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror volume 1 25 of the best short stories, together with a recommeded further reading list. First of a new annual series

Xavier Aldana ReyesHorror: A Literary History an overview of printed horror from the middle of the 18thC and the first gothic novel

in ‘B’ format:

Brandon SandersonStarsight Spensa is a new space pilot who must find out the truth about her disgraced father… The sequel to Skyward
Jodi TaylorDoing Time 1st in a new spin-off from her Chronicles of St. Mary’s time travel series, featuring the Time Police

Menna van PraagThe Sisters Grimm 4 young women will meet their father in 33 days and discover the secrets of their pasts, and what they must do
Robert MaselloThe Haunting of H. G. Wells apparently Angelic forces arrive on the Western Front to help Britain in WW1 and the stories must be investigated!

Ursula K.LeGuinWorlds of Exile and Illusion omnibus edition of the 1st 3 Hainish novels: Rocannon’s World, Planet of Exile & City of Illusion, now out in the SF Masterworks series

Mur Lafferty & S. B. Divya (editors) – Escape Pod 15 stories (mostly new) from a range of big-name authors who have contributed to the Escape Pod podcast in the past. Includes the likes of Kameron Hurley, N K. Jemisin, Cory Doctorow & TimPratt

Tanya Kirk (editor) – Chill Tidings: Dark Tales of the Christmas Season the latest anthology from the British Library in their Tales of the Weird series

art, etc:

Djamila KnopfKomorebi: the Art of DK hardcover with sketches, finished full colour art & tips on technique, etc. for creating her art. From 3dtotal Publishing
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New Titles – w/e 10th October 2020

in hardcover:

Kim Stanley RobinsonThe Ministry for the Future big new near-future climate change novel
David Weber & Jacob HoloThe Valkerie Protocol 2nd book in their Gordian Division alternate history series
Jodi TaylorHard Time the 2nd book in her Time Police series, after Doing Time
Naiomi Novik A Deadly Education book 1 of her new series, The Scholomance
Claire Eliza BartlettThe Winter Duke Ekata just wants to be a scholar, but events thrust her onto the throne and all the responsibilities & troubles that entails!

Edwrd Brooke-HitchingThe Madman’s Library heavily illustrated volume all about strange books and manuscripts from various cultures throughout history…

in large format:

T. Kingfisher The Hollow Places companion novel to The Twisted Ones
Karen OsborneArchitects of Memory Ash & her crew find a hugely dangerous alien weapon orbiting a dead colony planet…
Julie E. CzernedaThe Gossamer Mage in Tanamen a mage has sworn to overthrow the Deathless Goddess they all worship. Little does he realise just what she holds back by her powers…
Lucy A. Snyder Halloween Season short story collection

in ‘B’ format:

T. C. FarrenThe Book of Malachi a man takes a job at a secret organ-farming project and starts to be more sympathetic towards the doners than his bosses…
Stuart TurtonThe Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle Aiden Bishop repeats the same day endlessly, trying to identify a killer, but he always awakes in a different body, complicating his task…

in paperback:

C. J. Cherryh = Resurgence the 20th Foreigner novel; the 2nd in the 7th trilogy after Emergence
James Rollins The Last Odyssey the 15th SIGMA Force adventure. Prestige format

art, etc:

Sergio Toppi The Collected Toppi Volume Four: The Cradle of Life hardcover with 5 tales from the African and Asian Tropics…

Shimizu DaisukeGateway to Another World softcover with gothic/Japanese style art of buildings & interiors

Elise Gravel – The Mushroom Fan Club fun, illustrated guide to mushroom hunting!
Graham AnnableSloths in the Night cute hardback featuring the adventures of sloths Peter and Ernest and their friends
Mika SongDonut Feed the Squirrels fun little hardcover about the antics of Norma & Belly, a pair of snack-loving squirrels!


Moomin Diary 2021 – Moomins on the cover, a magnetic strip to keep it shut, and a page a week format inside. Pocket-sized

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New Titles – w/e 3rd October 2020

in hardcover:

Cory DoctorowAttack Surface a return to the very near future of Little Brother. Masha works on software to help spy on the public, but spends her free time helping them to avoid it! Sounds a bit like A Scanner Darkly by PKD!
Elizabeth BearMachine the 2nd volume in her White Space sequence, following on from Ancestral Night
Joe AbercrombieThr Trouble With Peace sequel to A Little Hatred and vol. 2 of The Age of Madness
Jim ButcherBattle Gtound the 17th of the Dresden Files
Deborah A. BakerOver the Woodward Wall a tale of two very different children; Baker is a pseudonym of Seanan McGuire

Ursula K. LeGuinAnnals of the Western Shore omnibus edition of her trilogy consisting of Gifts, Voices & Powers. The 5th of the Library of America editions of her works

Graham MastertonThe House of a Hundred Whispers in a lonely mansion on the edge of Dartmoor… Horror
Simon R.GreenNight Train to Murder the latest Ishmael Jones case

Steve ColeDoctor Who : Tme Lord VictoriousThe Knight, The Fool and The Dead

in large format:

Elizabeth BearMachine sequel to Ancestral Night and her 2nd White Space book
Scott SteinThe Great American Deception humorous PI case set in the near future; which seems reminiscent of Ron Goulart’s work
Douglas AdamsThe Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: 42nd Anniversary Edition. What better anniversary could there possibly be to celebrate HHGG!?
Ursula K. LeGuinChanging Planes short story collection, with b&w illos by Eric Beddows. First issued in 2003

A. J. Hackwith The Archive of the Forgotten sequel to The Library of the Unwritten and volume 2 of Hell’s Library
Jane YolenMidnight Circus dark fantasy collection from Tachyon Publications

in ‘B’ format:

Megan O;KeefeChaos Vector sequel to Velocity Weapon and part 2 of The Protectorate
Rhett C. BrunoTitanborn Malcolm and his cyber-enhanced new partner are sent to Titan with orders to quell an independence movement… Vol 1 of Children of Titan

John GywnneA Time of Courage final volume in his Of Blood and Bone fantasy trilogy
John M. FordThe Dragon Waiting re-issue of the highly thought of alternate history fantasy from 1983
Kristen BritainThe Dream Gatherer novella set in the world of the Gtreen Rider

Nina AllanRuby is the horror actress Ruby Castle a living person or a collective fantasy!? Sounds like a Jonathan Carroll book!
Luke ArnoldDead Man in a Ditch sequel to The Last Smile in Sunder City; the 2nd Fetch Phillips case
Caitlin R. KiernanThe Tindalos Asset the Signalman asks Ellison to take one last case: stop the impending apocalypse!
John EversonVoodoo Heart murder, snakes and secret societies in New Orleans…
Laird Hunt In the House in the Dark of the Woods a young girl lost in a very dark fairy tale…
Francine ToonPine gothic horror in the glens of Scotland

Mike Ashley (editor) – Queens of the Abyss latest in the British Library‘s Tales of the Weird anthology series. Subtitled Lost Stories From the Women of the Weird
Mark Morris (editor) – After Sundown horror anthology with 20 original stories
Christopher Golden & Rachel Autumn Deering (editors) – Hex Life: Wicked New Tales of Witchery includes work by Rachel Caine, Theodora Goss, Kelley Armstrong, and others…

art, etc:

M A HarelBird People hardcover consisting mainly of elegant pictures of human/bird hybrids! Pencil & full colour art.
M A Harel Omoiyari softcover with full colour images inspired by Japanese myth & folklore. Very nicely produced books by a local artist. Her previous book, Hortari, is also in stock. Signed copies of all three are available!

3DTotal PublishingSketching from the Imagination: Anime & Manga the latest volume in the series

gift, etc:

David Day The Ring Legends of Tolkien the 7th of Day’s heavily illustrated, attractive little books exploring different facets of Tolkien’s work

Previous volumes are
An Atlas
The Battles
The Dark Powers
A Dictionary
The Heroes
The Hobbits

or, as I add in my database, Green, Red, Grey, Tan, Blue & Yellow. And now Brown


Tolkien 2021 – with work by Alan Lee, John Howe & Ted Naismith. Full colour
Cthulhu 2021 – Lovecraftian creatures by a variety of artists. Full colour

magazines, etc:

Locus – the September cover date issue has still not arrived in stock. I’m chasing it up.

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New Titles – w/e 26th September 2020

in large format:

Shiela Williams (editor) – Entanglements new anthology with work by Annalee Newitz, Mary Robinette Kowal & Nancy Kress (among others) inspired by emerging technologies and how relationships might be affected

in ‘B’ formt:

Valerie Valdes Prime Deceptions – sequel to Chilling Effect fast moving space opera
Ian McDonald River of Gods set in 2047, one hundred years after India gained it’s independence and now re-issued as one of the Gollancz SF Masterworks. Originally published in 2004
Ian R. MacLeodSong of Time winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 2009. Not had it in stock for years!
George R. StewartEarth Abides nice new edition with an intro by Kim Stanley Robinson. Post-disaster classic from 1949

Philip PullmanThe Secret Commonwealth volume 2 of The Book of Dust; sequel to La Belle Sauvage
Alice James Grave Secrets Toni Windsor just wants to master croquet, settle down and lead a perfect village life but there’s a murder to solve and zombies & vampires to deal with first… Looks good fun!
Paul MagrsA Game of Crones the latest oif his Brenda and Effie Mysteries. The earlier books have also been re-printed

art, etc:

Henry McCauslandEight-Lane Runaways strange h/c featuring 8 runners and a host of problems, adventures and challenges as they run and run. And run!
Jim Henson‘s LabyrinthCoronation volume 2 softcover which collects issues 5 – 8 of the comic prequel to the film. Includes cover gallery and sketches

PS Art Books SofteeThe Phantom Witch Doctor includes 3 issues of Beware (1952), PWD (1952) + Night of Mystery (1953). Square bound 4 colour comic
PS Art Books SofteeMonster includes 4 issues of Amazing Ghost Stories (13 – 16; 1954/5) + 2 of Monster (1+ 2; 1953). Square bound 4 colour comic
[the titles I’ve used are based on each volume’s cover art and may not be how other shops, etc. refer to them]

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New Titles – w/e 19th September 2020

in hardcover:

Michel FaberD (A Tale of Two Worlds) fantasy in which the letter ‘D’ isappears
Christopher PaoliniTo Sleep in a Sea of Stars surveying yet another empty planet, Kira disturbs an ancient alien artifact…
Nate CrowleyNotes From Small Planets a traveller’s guidebook to planets, species, spectacles & customs across the universe! Good fun

Richard Kadrey Ballistic Kiss the latest Sandman Slim novel. The softcover came in a couple of weeks ago

large format:

Christopher BuehlmenThe Necromancer’s House a warlock tries to save his horde of Russian magic (stolen from the collapsing Soviet Union) from an avenging witch… (out some time ago but a new author to Transreal)
Gene WolfeThe Wizard Knight omnibus edition of The Knight & The Wizard. Some time since I last stocked this. The 2 books first came out in 2004
Carrie VaughnThe Heirs of Locksley sequel to The Ghosts of Sherwood

Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant (editors) – Monstrous Affections 15 new tales of relationships between monsters and humans

in ‘B’ format:

M. R. CareyThe Trials of Koli sequel to the recent Book of Koli. Koli has been banished from his village but, if he can discover the lost tech of Old London mentioned in stories, he may redeem himself…

Stanislaw LemHis Master’s Voice translated by Michael Kandel. Considered by some to be his best novel

J. S. Barnes Dracula’s Child intriguing sequel to the classic novel
Martin WhiteClub Medusa avoiding a street brawl, Gerry & Paul are offered refuge in a very strange club in an Old Town basement… Local author.

Mike Ashley (editor) – Nature’s Warnings: Classic Stories of Eco-Science Fiction the latest anthology from the British Library in their Science Fiction Classics series. Contents include stories by Brian Aldiss,Clifford D. Simak, Margaret St.Clair, and others…
Maria Dahvana HeadleyBeowulf a new verse translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic

in paperback:

Dan HanksCaptain Moxley and the Embers of Empire fun, fast-paced occult adventures in a world where WWII dragged on until 1954

Les Johnson & Robert E. HampsonStellaris: Peopleof the Stars short fiction & factual pieces about what humans might have to do to reach the stars

art, etc:

David BainbridgeHow Zoologists Organise Things a history of the subject, with a huge number of illustrations from Antiquity onwards, in hardcover


Interzone# 288 cover by Warwick Fraser-Coombe
Black Static – issue # 76 cover by Richard Wagner

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New Titles – w/e 12th September 2020

in hardcover:

Susanna ClarkePiranesi the reviews all say ‘excellent, but nothing like Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Andrea StewartThe Bone Shard Daughter Lin is heir to an empire but must master old magic to restore her lost memory and claim her position…
Silvia Moreno-GarciaMexican Gothic dark fantasy set in 1950s Mexico from the author of Gods of Jade and Shadow

Terry PratchettThe Time-travelling Caveman children’s book collecting 17 short stories, illustrated by Mark Beech

in ‘B’ format:

Carl NevilleEminent Domain in an alternate timeline, the Communists won the Cold War in Europe and Britain is planning Games to celebrate 20 years of being a republic, but the celebration organiser dies suddenly and an investigator discovers hints of a vast conspiracy…

Maggie Tokuda-HallThe Mermaid, the Witch and the Sea the Lady Evelyn is travelling on her way to her unwelcome arranged marriage, only to discover that she’s taken passage on a pirate ship!

Christina Henry The Ghost Tree Lauren doesn’t believe the police will find a brutal killer; her father was also killed the year before, and she’s had visions of a monster in the woods…
Paul TremblaySurvivor Song a rabies-like virus is spreading quickly but two women must venture out to try to reach a hospital…
Jonathan JanzThe Raven 2 years after a genetic warfare attack mankind has regressed and ancient traits have become dominant
Hunter Shea Misfits the Melonheads were just an urban myth – feral cannibals living in the woods on the edge of town…

M. John HarrisonSettling the World: Selected Stories 1970 – 2020 his choice of his best 17 short fictions from the past 5 decades!

Mike Ashley (editor) – Born of the Sun anthology from The British Library in their Science Fiction Classics series. Subtitled Adventures in Our Solar System, it features stories set on each of the planets

art, etc:

Frank ChoThe Art of FC: 20 Year Retrospective large hardback full of his art, probably 2/3rd in full colour

Andy RuntonOwly: Just a Little Blue new full-colour softcover edition of the 2nd volume. Great fun, and the various speech bubble heiroglyphs now also have the English meaning beside them.


Heavy Metal – issue # 300 a big round number from this long-running magazine!
Hi-Fructose – volume # 56 includes a 16 page insert of art by Dave Cooper
IllustrationIssue Number Sixty-Eight featuring the art of Austin Briggs
IllustrationIssue Number Sixty-Nine with Robert O. Reid and his cover work for Colliers magazine, Nesya McMein & J. F. Kernan

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New Titles – August/September

in hardcover:

Seanan McGuireA Killing Frost the 14th October Daye adventure. Also includes a new novella called Shine in Pearl

Max BarryProvidence the crew in an advanced new warship fighting the aliens find that there’s nothing the ship’s AI wants them to do…

Jenn LyonsMemory of Souls 3rd in her Chorus of Dragons series, which began with The Ruin of Kings
Lev GrossmanSilver Arrow Kate is given a magical steam train for her birthday! A children’s/YA title, but looks fun!

in large format:

Nancy KressSea Change new novel from Tachyon Publications set in a grim, anti-science near future
Julliet MarillierA Dance With Fate the 2nd of her Warrior Bards fantasy series; sequel to The Harp of Kings

 Roger Zelazny – The Magic: Ten Tales by RZ  3 intoductions, 2 interviews and his best fiction from the 1960s, from October ’61 to October ’67, selected by Samuel R. Delany
Mike Resnick
– The Hex is In linked short stories subtitled The Fast Life and Fantastic Times of Harry the Book

in ‘B’ format:

Nina AllanThe Dollmaker Andrew the dollmaker becomes penfriend to the strange, troubled Bramber, and creates a plan to save her!
Mercedes LackeySpy, Spy Again 3rd in her Family Spies series
Katy Rose PoolAs the Shadow Rises sequel to There Will Come a Darkness, and part 2 of the Age of Darkness series

Kassandra Montag After the Flood in a now mainly underwater America, Myra & her daughter Pearl venture into the chaotic remnants of the world to seek her missing husband, who left with her other daughter years earlier…

Toshikazu Kawaguchi Before the Coffee Gets Cold in an obscure little Japanese coffee shop, customers can travel back in time – but they can’t leave the cafe! Translated from Japanese by Geoffrey Ttousselot

Richard KadreyBallistic Kiss the latest Sandman Slim adventure
Claire L. Smith Helena times are hard in Victorian London for mortician Helena Morrigan who is forced to move closer to the local graveyard, but that leads to problems with the ghosts, who also have problems!
Steve FrechNightingale House recent widower Daniel and his young daughter want a new start and move into an old house by a lake…

John Miller (editor) – Weird Woods: Tales From the Haunted Forests of Britain gothic horror from The British Library‘s Tales of the Weird series
A J DaltonThe Satanic in Science Fiction and Fantasy serious book about the subject from the author of The Sub-Genres of British Fantasy Literature

art, etc:

J. David SpurlockFantastic Paintings of Frank Frazetta large hardcover showcasing his art. Very nice edition. Also in stock is the deluxe limited edition in a slipcase with a 16 page bonus art portfolio.
Ashley WoodZawa, Zawa new 220+ page softcover of his art. Mainly in colour

Alexandro Jodorowsky & MoebiusThe Incal new softcover edition of the classic bande desinee from Humanoids publishers


Locus – issue # 715 August cover date with the Locus Awards results
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