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New Titles – w/e 5th August 2017

in hardcover:

Gavin ChaitOur Memory Like Dust as the African refugee flood grows, ancient myths start intruding on reality… I really enjoyed his 1st novel, Lament for the Fallen

Thomas SniegoskiMonstrous sequel to Savage, set after a giant, apocalyptic storm
Michael J. SullivanAge of Swords 2nd of his Legends of the First Empire

Peter StraubThe Process (As a Process All it’s Own) new novella featuring Tillman Hayward. Signed & numbered edition from Subterranean Press

in large format:

P. C. Hodgell – The Gates of Tagmeth her latest Kencyrath novel…
Victoria Frances RawFerocious Feral Felines cat warfare beneath the streets of Edinburgh!

in ‘B’ format:

Adrian TchaikovskyThe Bear and the Serpent book 2 of Echoes of the Fall, which began with The Tiger and the Wolf
R. J. BarkerAge of Assassins apprentice assassin Girton Clubfoot has to save the life of the heir to the throne…
Jay KristoffNevernight Mia joins the Red Church cult to become an assassin to gain her revenge when she is trained…

Richard BrautiganThe Hawkline Monster Magic Child, a young Native American girl, is looking for a man able to slay the monster in the ice caves…  1st published in 1974

Colson WhitheadThe Underground Railroad alternate reality novel which has just won this year’s Arthur C. Clarke Award
Johanna SinisaloThe Core of the Sun in a strange, future Finland a cult have a banned foodstuff known as the Core of the Sun… Translated by Lola Rogers
Arkady & Boris StrugatskyThe Doomed City the latest Science Fiction Masterwork, set in a mysterious city set half way up a cliff. Translated by Andrew Bromfield

Viola CarrThe Dastardly Miss Lizzie the 3rd Electric Empire novel
Sarah GroenewegenThe Daughters of Earth the latest Lethbridge-Stewart adventure

Warhammer 40,000Red Tithe a Carcharodons adventure by Robbie MacNiven

in paperback:

Ilona AndrewsWhite Hot sequel to Burn For Me and the 2nd Hidden Legacy novel

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New Titles – w/e 20th May 2017

in hardcover:

Andrew CaldecottRotherweird  story of a strange little town, forgotten to the rest of the world since the reign of Elizabeth 1st…
Andrew BannisterIron Gods sequel to Creation Machine and volume 2 of The Spin Trilogy, set in an ancient, artificially created cluster of suns and planets…

in large format:

Alex LambExodus sequel to Nemesis
Justina Robson The Switch Nico & Twostar will do anything to escape the slums of the city of Harmony…
Elliot JamesLegend Has It the 5th Pax Arcana book; fantasy is overwhelming the real world…

C. E. MurphyAtlantis Fallen one of the last immortals must take action now that rumours of finding the lost continent are rife…
Hunter SheaSavage Jungle subtitled ‘Lair of the Orang Pendek’ weird discoveries in the heart of Sumatra!

Michael Jan Friedman (editor) – Pangaea stories based on the premise that throughout all history there has only ever been one super continent!

in ‘B’ format:

Alastair ReynoldsRevenger fast moving space adventure!
Jack CampbellVanguard the 1st volume of Genesis Fleet, the new prequel cycle of The Lost Fleet novels

Terry Pratchett & Stephen BaxterThe Long Cosmos 5th and final book in the Long Earth sequence
James BarclayHeart of Granite set in a war-torn modern fantasy world with commercial dragon flights, etc…
Marie BrennanWithin the Sanctuary of Wings the 5th Memoir by Lady Trent

Alan SmaleEagle and Empire final part of his 13th C Hesperian Trilogy in which Rome never Fell but invades North America …
Eowyn IveyTo the Bright Edge of the World a strange story of a 19th C expedition into unexplored Alaska… Really liked this in hardcover last year!
G. S. Denning – The Hell-hound of the Baskervilles volume 2 of the Warlock Holmes chronicles

Hope MirleesLud-in-the Mist new(ish) edition of the 1926 fantasy classic from Prologue Books

Christopher Golden (editor) – Dark Cities 19 original stories of urban terror

Andrew C. FergusonThe Wrong Box weird legal adventure from one of the Writer’s Bloc stalwarts. Signed copies available soon


Interzoneissue # 270 fiction & reviews, etc. Fiction by Jonathan L. Howard, and others
Black Staticissue # 58 includes fiction from Mark Morris

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New Titles – w/e 30th July 2016

in large format:

Amanda RouchetA Promise of Fire in a kingdom on the brink of civil war, Cat has taken refuge in a circus, where her powers are more easily concealed from her enemies…
Elizabeth CrowensSilent Meridian the secret adventures and cases of Sherlock Holmes, with H. G. Wells and others. Volume 1 of The Time Travelling Professor

Jack CadyThe Hauntings of Wood Canal a canal in Washington State conceals a dread menace, but when it’s killed, a far worse terror is revealed…
Stevie KopasThe Breadwinner Trilogy omnibus volume containing the zombie apocalypse novels The Breadwinner, Haven & All Good Times

in ‘B’ format:

Aliette de BodardThe House of Shattered Wings Paris is almost destroyed in the Great Magicians War, but life continues…
Rhonda MasonThe Empress Game the final seat on the beleaguered space empire’s ruling council is about to be decided by ritualised combat

Ursula K. LeGuinAlways Coming Home the latest in their SF Masterworks series from Orion

in paperback:

Eric Flint & Walter H. Hunt1636: The Cardinal Virtues the latest in Flint’s long running Ring of Fire/1632 series
Steve WhiteSoldiers out of Time the 5th in his Jason Thanon series, which began with Blood of the Heroes

art,. etc:

Mark Poulton & Dexter WeeksA Cat Named Haiku cute art, each matched with a haiku (of sorts!) in hardcover

Brandon Sanderson, Rik Hoskin & Julius GopezWhite Sand hardcover graphic novel adaptation of a previously unpublished work set in Sanderson’s Cosmere background
Milo ManaraGullivera his adult version of Gulliver’s Travels! Hardcover from Humanoids

Maximilien Le Roy & A. DanThoreau: A Sublime Life back in stock at last


Locus – # 666 with interviews with Peter Straub and Joe Hill

Hi-Fructose – issue # 40 featuring Charlie Immer, who gets an 8 page insert

2017 calendars:
Yes, here they come again already!

Boris Vallejo & Julie BellFantasy Calendar 2017

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New Titles – w/e 21st November 2015

in hardcover:

Terry GoodkindWarheart the 17th and final volume of his Sword of Truth epic fantasy series! I read volume 1, Wizard’s First Rule, when it came out back in 1994…

Ben BovaDeath Wave sequel to New Earth in which the expedition returns to the solar system with devastating news for humanity, but hundreds of years have passed on Earth and everything is different…

H. P. LovecraftThe Complete Fiction handsome, large 1100 page hardcover containing all his fiction…

in large format:

S. E. ListerThe Immortals Rosa is the daughter of a time traveller, stuck re-living 1945 until she manages to break free but is left helplessly adrift in time

Ruthanne ReidThe Christmas Dragon Katie wanted to get away from it all but someone set her a present in a box. But the box jumped!

Ryohgo NaritaDrrr! 2 sequel to Drrr! 1. Offbeat Japanese weirdness!

in ‘B’ format:

David DalgleishSkyborn the 1st in his new Seraphim fantasy series. Kale and Breanna are orphaned twins training to use the Elements in aerial combat in the ongoing civil war…
David John GriffinThe Unusual Possession of Alastair Stubb Eleanor Stubb lies about no longer seeing visions and stops talking to insects to gain her freedom from a sanatorium for the delusional… Gothic horror

Jack McDevittComing Home the latest Alex Benedict novel, in which he finally returns to Earth in pursuit of some early space age artifacts…

Philip K. DickThe Man in the High Castle latest re-print, with a tv tie-in cover
William Hope HodgsonThe House on the Borderland the classic horror novel, together with 4 of his best known sea mysteries. Also with a biography and an explanatory  list of terms and words used which may have fallen out of general usage

Warhammer 40,000Daemon World the latest adventure from Ben Counter
Warhammer 40,000 – Sanctus Reach 8 stories of the Space Marine Battles by Ben Counter, Josh Reynolds, Cavan Scott & Guy Haley

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdUnrelenting the 13th Kris Longknife adventure

Sharon ShinnThe Turning Season the 3rd in her Shifting Circle series, which began with The Shape of Desire
Jenna RhodesKing of Assassins the 3rd in her Elven Ways quartet

Robert J. MrazekValhalla while searching for a crashed WW2 bomber in Greenland the team stumble on a 1000 year old deep frozen Viking ship and it’s crew!

art, etc:

3D TotalPublishing – Anatomy for 3D Artists subtitled The Essential Guide for CG Professionals


Black Static – issue # 49 with cover date of November/December


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New Titles – w/e 14th November 2015

in hardcover:

Trudi CanavanAngel of Storms sequel to Thief’s Magic and book 2 in Millennium’s Rule

in large format:

Catherynne M. ValenteSix-Gun Snow White curious re-working of the fairy tale
Seanan McGuireIndexing ATI’s purpose is to keep the world protected from the encroachment of fairy tales into reality. This is tricky when even their own agents struggle not to revert to their stereotypical characters…

Christopher Golden (editor) – Seize the Night 20 new vampire tales from the likes of David Wellington, Tim Lebbon & Seanan McGuire
Amanda Pillar
(editor) – Bloodlines anthology with 16 new urban fantasy stories…

in ‘B’ format:

Adrian TchaikovskyGuns of the Dawn flintlock fantasy with revolutionary troops determined to carry their fight to the neighbouring Kingdom…

Marie BrennanMidnight Never Come the 1st book of The Onyx Court. Lady Lune is caught up in all sorts of intrigue at the Court of Elizabeth I of England. But she’s also one of the fae, sent to spy on the mortal world…
Brandon SandersonFirefight the 3rd novel of the Reckoners
Cinda Williams ChindaThe Sorcerer’s Heir the 5th in the Heir Chronicles, which began with The Warrior Heir.

Adam ChristopherMade to Kill the 1st in his new L A Trilogy, described as cyberpulp. A robot P.I. in early 1960s Hollywood!

Sarah PinboroughThe Death House Toby was ill and has been assigned to the Death House, where, with others, he’s monitored by the Matron. If he gets sent to the sanitorium, he knows it’s death!
Paul MeloyThe Night Clock in the Dark Time the Firmament Surgeons fight to defeat the Autoscopes before they can tear reality apart!

Carter ScholzGypsy the latest of PM PressOutspoken Authors series. The titular SF novella, 2 short stories, an essay and a bibliography together with an interview with Terry Bisson

Tim PowersEarthquake Weather the latest Fantasy Masterwork from Gollancz. Kootie may be destined to be the new Fisher King, but he’s only 15 y.o.

art, etc:

John Fleskes (editor) – Spectrum 22 the annual round up of the best contemporary fantastic art. In both softcover and hardcover.
Todd Spoor & Bill Cox (editors) – Infected by Art volume three the best of this year’s submissions to their annual competition for fantastic art…

Walt KellyFairy Tales reproductions of 24 of his versions of classic fairy tales. Full colour strips, in hardcover
Steve BynghallThe Good Dinosaur: The Essential Guide details of all the dinos and their interactions from Disney/Pixar‘s new animated film


Heavy Metal – issue # 277 with 2 different covers

2016 calendars:

Vintage Sci-Fi – spiral bound wall calendar of classic pulp covers

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Michael Scott Rohan – signed copies

Michael Scott Rohan is the author of 15+ novels, mainly written in the 1980s & 90s, of which the best known are the Winter of the World novels. Sadly, they’ve all been out of print for years.
However, the first one, The Anvil of Ice, has now been issued in Orion’s Fantasy Masterworks series in paperbacK and the author has agreed to sign copies of it for me.
The date, the location or a brief greeting can also be added on request.

It’s a ‘B’ format £9.99 paperback and postage within the UK should be £1.51, making £11.50 in total.
Prices to elsewhere on application.

Let me know at if you’re interested and I can issue a PayPal Invoice if it’s not convenient to collect your copy.


The chronicles of The Winter of the World echo down the ages in half-remembered myth and song – tales of mysterious powers of the Mastersmiths, of the forging of great weapons, of the subterranean kingdoms of the duergar, of Gods who walked abroad, and of the Powers that struggled endlessly for dominion. In the Northlands, beleaguered by the ever-encroaching Ice and the marauding Ekwesh, a young cowherd, saved from the raiders by the mysterious Mastersmith, discovers in himself an uncanny power to shape metal – but it is a power that may easily be turned to evil ends, and on a dreadful night he flees his new home, and embarks on the quest to find both his own destiny, and a weapon that will let him stand against the Power of the Ice. His wanderings will bring him great friends but earn him greater enemies, and eventually they will transform him from lowly cowherd to a mastersmith fit to stand with the greatest of all men.


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New Titles – w/e 5th September 2015

large format:

Patrick DeWittUnderMajorDomo Minor aimless liar Lucian Minor takes a job in a very gothic castle…

in ‘B’ format:

Sherri S. TepperFish Tails 700 page sequel to 2010s The Waters Rising which also has references to, and characters from, many of her previous novels
Debbie Viguie & James R. TuckRobin Hood: Demon’s Bane 1st in a new series retelling the legend; subtitled Mark of the Black Arrow
Erika JohansenThe Queen of the Tearling young Kelsea lives quietly far away from Court, but she has just inherited the throne of her now very corrupt  kingdom…
Patricia BriggsShifting Shadows collection of Mercy Thompson short stories

in paperback:

Adam BakunasWindswept Padma’s job is recruiting new Union members from among the  thousands of people working in space, and she just wants to meet her quota and retire. But she discovers a secret project by the big corporations involving a possibly calamitous plague…

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New Titles – w/e 30th May2015

in hardcover:

Michael Z. WilliamsonA Long Time Until Now a small group of US soldiers find themselves back in the Paleolithic… The cover shows a Roman legionnaire in a humvee being attacked by a wooly rhinoceros!
Paolo BacigalupiThe Water Knife in a drought-ridden near future, there’s a rumour of a new source of plentiful water…

in large format:

Andrzej SapkowskiSword of Destiny 5th in the Witcher series, translated from Polish by David French. Volume 1 was The Last Wish
Jon SprunkBlood and Iron part 1 of the Book of the Black Earth shipwright Harace Delrosa is shipwrecked and enslaved in the mysterious Akeshian Empire

Max Allan CollinsStrip for Murder hard-boiled detective story first published in 2008 although it’s set in 1953. Before the final chapter there’s a short comic strip highlighting the main points about the murder encouraging the reader to guess the culprit before reading the end of the book. Illustrations by Terry Beatty

J. R. R. TolkienBeowulf: A Translation and Commentary one quarter poem, three quarters notes and extra material!

in ‘B’ format:

John BirminghamResistance the 2nd volume of Dave vs. the Monsters. The fight continues against horrors released from deep in the Earth’s crust…
Ian DouglasDeep Time the 6th in his Star Carrier set
Michael LoganApocalypse Cow Britain is overrun by zombie cows!

Stuart DouglasThe Albino’s Treasure subtitled ‘the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Freda WarringtonThe Dark Arts of Blood the 4th in her Blood Wine sequence
Mark Lawrence – Prince of Fools book 1 of The Red Queen’s War. Set in the Broken Empire in a strangely altered Europe

Micheal Reaves & Mallory ReavesThe Silver Dream sequel to Interworld. Story by Neil Gaiman & Micheal Reaves but not written by Gaiman.

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdSurvivor the 2nd in his Vicky Peterwald series, a spin-off from his Kris Longknife series
Ian DouglasDeep Time the 6th in his Star Carrier set
Clive Cussler & Graham BrownGhost Ship the 12th Kurt Austin adventure

Dayton WardArmageddon’s Arrow the latest Star Trek: The Next Generation novel
James AxlerForbidden Trespass the latest Deathlands adventure

Larry Niven (creator) – Man-Kzin Wars XIV 7 short stories

art, etc:

Martha FayOut of Line: The Art of Jules Feiffer large biography, heavily illustrated with his work
Comfort Love & Adam WithersThe Complete Guide to Self-Published Comics glossy softcover

George R. R. MartinGame of Thrones: The Graphic Novel volume four adaptation by Daniel Abraham with art by Tommy Patterson
Satoshi KonDream Fossil 400+ pages collecting his manga short stories. b&w in English


Interzone – #258 cover by Martin Hanford
Illustration – issue # 47 substantial articles on Charles Dana Gibson and George Petty

Heavy MetalHoax Hunters issue #3. comic


Doctor WhoLast of the Cyberman with Colin Baker & Frazer Hines. Adventure #199 from Big Finish
Doctor WhoSuburban Hell with Tom Baker & Louise Jameson. Fourth Doctor Adventure #4.5 from Big Finish

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New Titles – w/e 23rd May 23015

in hardcover:

Neal StephensonSeveneves big new novel about what happens following the sudden destruction of the moon! Both short term and long term…

Eli K. P. WilliamCash Crash Jubilee in a future Tokyo absolutely everything has been quantified and given a price… Volume 1 of The Jubilee Cycle
Gwendolyn WomackThe Memory Painter a new drug enables people to be aware of past lives, but what if they’ve been manipulated throughout history!?

Naomi NovikUprooted Agnieszka expects the wizard called Dragon to select her friend as tribute for protecting their village, but she’s wrong! (Not a Temeraire novel)
P. N. ElrodThe Hanged Man in an alternate Victorian London Alexandrina Pendlebury is a forensic psychic consultant living on Baker Street and working for Her Majesty’s Psychic Service… Looks fun!
Barbra HamblyCrimson Angel the latest Benjamin January novel

in large format:

Ryk E. SpoorPhoenix in Shadow sequel to Phoenix Rising. Epic fantasy
David WellingtonPosi+ive in post-apocalypse America Finn must make his way to safety although he may be infected with the plague virus
William Meikle The Dunfield Terror there’s a strange glowing fog, but it’s in the middle of a snowstorm. Horror from Crystal Lake Publishers

Tobias S. BuckellSly Mongoose the 3rd in his Xenowealth series, about the long term aftermath of a multi-species space war.
Neil Clarke (editor) – Upgraded anthology of ‘cyborg’ stories. Contributors include Elizabeth Bear, Greg Egan, Ken Liu & Madeline Ashby
Kevin Lucia
Things Slip Through single author horror collection.  From Crystal Lake Publishers
Joe Mynhardt & Emma Audsley (editors) – Horror 101: The Way Forward very readable non-fiction about writing horror, from all sorts of writers including Poppy Z. Brite, Ellen Datlow & Tim Waggoner. From Crystal Lake Publishers
Joe Mynhardt
(editor)The Outsiders 5 horror authors each tell a story of events inside a small gated community…  From Crystal Lake Publishers

in ‘B’ format:
Ian C. EsslemontAssail his 6th and final novel set in the Malazan Empire, which he co-created with Steven Erickson
Marc TurnerWhen the Heavens Fall a rogue necromancer challenges the Lord of the Dead for dominion over the underworld. Part 1 of The Chronicles of the Exile

Adam RobertsBete Animal Rights activists insert computer chips into animals which give them the power of speech…

magazines: Black Static – issue #46, with half a dozen stories, including The Secret Language of Stamps by Neil Williamson

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New Titles – w/e 18th April 2015

in hardcover:

Ken LiuThe Grace of Kings the seven kingdoms of the archipelago of Dara have been welded into an empire, but that doesn’t mean there’s peace!

in large format:

Ian WhatesPelquin’s Comet in a bid to claim a store of alien weaponry the crew of the Comet are pursued by rivals but their most dangerous opponent may be on board!

Alex BledsoeWisp of a Thing sequel to The Hum and the Shiver, about the reclusive folk of Cloud County, Tennessee
Brenda CooperEdge of Dark mankind had banished rogue AIs to the very edge of the Solar System a long time ago, but now they want to return – and they’ve evolved… Book 1 of The Glittering Edge
Sarah Jane StratfordThe Moonlight Brigade a Roman General from the time of the Republic becomes a vampire, and centuries later, hopes to bring down Mussolini’s regime and replace it with a new Republic! Includes Nazi vampire hunters!

Tom PurdomLovers & Fighters, Starships & Dragons a dozen of this under-rated author’s best short stories, with an intro by Michael Swanwick.
Mike Allen Unseaming horror collection

Jennifer Brozek & Bryan Thomas Schmidt (editors) – Shattered Shields 17 new heroic fantasy combat stories by authors such as Elizabeth Moon, David Farland and Glen Cook

in ‘B’ format:

Paul MagrsLost on Mars YA novel about settlers on Mars two or three generations after first colonisation… looks like fun!
Tim LebbonThe Silence Ali and her family seek refuge from the plague in a huge underground cave system, but there are vicious creatures living there; blind, but hunting by sound and echo-location…

E. E. RichardsonDisturbed Earth DCI Clair Pierce heads up Yorkshire’s Ritual Crime Unit but, returning to work after an injury, finds things have changed in her absence… 1st in a series
William DietrichThe Murder of Adam and Eve time travel adventure back to ancient East Africa…

in paperback:

Dennis L. McKiernanStolen Crown the latest Mithgar novel, the first since 2008’s City of Jade
Benjamin Percy Red Moon fat, modern werewolf thriller!

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