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New Titles – w/e 21st September 2019

in hardcover:

Joe AbercrombieA Little Hatred volume 1 of his new Age of Madness series

Stephen BaxterDestroyer volume 1 of his new series World Engines. A frozen space shuttle pilot is re-awakened hundreds of years in the future but finds that their history doesn’t seem to match his memories…
Kassandra MontagAfter the Flood in the far future, America is reduced to small communities on a scattering of islands. Myra & her daughter discover that her elder daughter may still be alive elsewhere and set out to find her…

Davidf Koepp
Cold Storage US bio-terror agent Roberto Diaz thought he had safely contained a fast-mutatung bio-weapon years earlier, but now it might be loose again!

in ‘B’ format:

Brandon SandersonSkyward the alien attacks are so fierce that Spensa may finally get her wish to be a pilot in the fight against them. Part 1 of Claim the Stars

L. L. McKinneyA Dream So Dark  sequel to A Blade So Black Alice must cross The Veil into Wonderland again and battle the Black Knight in order to rescue her friends

Elizabeth BearCleave 3rd part of her Jacob’s Ladder trilogy, set on a giant, damaged interstellat  starship
Tom TonerThe Tropic of Eternity the 3rd of the Amaranthine Spectrum, which began with The Promise of the Child
Dana Fredsti & David FitzgeraldShatter War the 2nd book of the Time Shards series

Jonathan WhitelawThe Man in the Dark in Hell, famous backstabbers Cassius & Brutus are eyeing up another victim, this time not Caesar but the Devil himself

Harry HarrisonThe Stainless Steel Rat latest re-issue in Gollancz‘s Golden Age Masterworks series

Xavier Aldana Reyes (editor) – Promethean Horrors anthology from the Brtitish Library‘s Tales of the Weird series, subtitled Classic Tales of Mad Science

Dan AbnettDouble Eagle adventure set in the Sabat Worlds of the Warhammer 40,000 universe


Syd MooreThe Twelve Strange Days of Christmas short story collection


Kan MufticFigure Drawing for Concept Artists new to me, but originally published in 2017 by 3dtotal Publishing


Interzone – issue # 283 includes an editorial and fiction by John Kessel
Black Staticissue # 71 filled with new fiction, art, commentary, book & film reviews…

Locusissue # 704 cover date September 2019 featuring Silvia Moreno-Garcia on the cover talking about her novel Gods of Jade and Shadow, which I’ve just finished and is excellent! Also full Hugo Awards winners and the World Fantasy Awards ballot details

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New Titles – w/e 14th September 2019

in hardcover:

Jay KristoffDarkdawn 3rd book of his fantasy series The Nevernight Chronicle

Alix E. HarrowThe Ten Thousand Doors of January the young ward of Mr. Locke lives with him in a huge, many-roomed mansion with mysterious doors, and then she finds a book that helps explain them all…
Brian CatlingEarwig a man starts spying on the strange girl he’s employed to look after and, after an odd encounter at a local bar, a black cat is delivered to the flat, which the girl immediately bonds with…

Jaime Lee MoyerBrightfall Robin Hood has retreated to live in a monastery but his once Merry Men are dying mysteriously and Marion needs his help…
Margaret AtwoodThe Testaments keenly awaited sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale

Barbara HamblyLady of Perdition the 9th Benjamin January case

in large format:

Sarah PinskerA Song for a New Day in the near future large public gatherings and concerts have been banned for security reasons but the music hasn’t disappeared, it’s just gone underground…
Jenna GlassThe Women’s War in a magical world, the patriarchy is under serious attack!
E. Catherine ToblerThe Kraken Sea in New York in 1893 a young boy in an orphanage just wants to be normal, but he has tentacles under his shirt and sometimes grows scales…

Ellen Datlow (editor) – The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Eleven the annual anthology

in ‘B’ format:

Dave HutchinsonThe Rerturn of the Incredible Exploding Man Alex is hired to write about an experimental supercollider but then there’s an on-site incident…
Kim Stanley RobinsonRed Moon by mid-century, the main colonists on the moon are the still officially communist Chinese…
Alastair ReynoldsShadow Captain book 2 of his Revenger series

Chris McCruddenBattle Beyond the Dolestars space opera farce! Looks great fun!

Adrian J. WalkerThe End of the World Survivors Club sequel to The End of the World Running Club

Brandon SandersonOathbringer: Part One the first half of the 3rd volume of The Stormlight Archive
Brandon SandersonOathbringer: Part Two the second half of the 3rd volume of The Stormlight Archive
Seth DickinsonThe Monster volume 2 of The Masquerade and sequel to The Traitor (aka The Traitor Baru Cormorant)
Jenn LyonsThe Ruin of Kings a bard’s apprentice in trouble finds himself acclaimed by some to be the missing son of a Royal heir… Big new epic fantasy

Tom HoltAn Orc on the Wild Side his latest madcap fantasy!
Tyler HayesThe Imaginary Corpse Tippy, an abondoned dinosaur toy, pulls himself together to try to solve a case in Playtime Town
Gail CarrigerReticence the 4th of her Custard Protocol books
Wendy Trimboli & Alicia ZalogaThe Resurrectionist of Caligo a bodysnatcher is framed for murder and must rely on a sympathetic Princess and some Royal Blood Magic to avoid hanging

Rachel HarrisonHonourbound Warhammer 40,000 adventure featuring Commisar  Severina Raine

Mike Ashley (editor) – Menace of the Monster anthology subtitled Classic Tales of Creatures From Beyond The latest collection from The British Library in their Science Fiction Classics series

in paperback:

James RollinsCrucible his latest Sigma Force thriller

art, etc:

Gary GianniThe Art of GG: George R. R. Martin‘s Seven Kingdoms hardcover with over 300 drawings and paintings inspired by events on the continent of Westeros

Frank ChoBallpoint Beauties softcover, mainly b&w line art
Tim Pond – The Field Guide to Drawing and Sketching Animals tips for drawing all sorts of wild animals; fish, butterflies,, arthropods, many of the big mammals, and more…Previously published but new to me
John WalshHarryhausen: The Lost Movies fully illustrated hardcover featuring projects and scenes which never made it to the big screen… extra dinos from One Million Years B.C., Sinbad Goes to Mars, Food of the Gods (novel by H. G. Wells) and many more!

Laurent Queyssi & Mruro MarchesiPhilip K. Dick: A Comics Biography hardcover graphic novel about the influential author

Jim HensonCoronation Volume Three of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth series of h/c graphic novels
Philippe Coudray Bigby Bear: For All Seasons featuring the ingenious and artistic Bigby Bear. Hardcover, full colour one-page strips of his various schemes and adventures with his friends. Very cute!

Andy KirschCats: Nature & Nurture the latest informative book from Science Comics


Heavy MetalSoft Wood (One Shot) a comedy special issue (cover A only) Bagged for adult content


J. R. R. TolkienThe Tolkien Treasury neat little boxfile with 4 small hardcovers in it: Smith of Wooton Major, Roverandom, Farmer Giles of Ham & The Adventures of Tom Bombadil First time I’ve stocked it; it looks really nice!


Alan LeeTolkien Calander 2020 with the Lonely Mountain on the cover…

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New Titles – w/e 7th September 2019

in hardcover:

Seanan McGuireThe Unkindest Tide the 13th October Daye novel
Bob ProehlThe Nobody People Emmeline is one of a number of young mutants who just want to live quietly, but the government won’t let them… Loved his previous A Hundred Thousand Worlds

Eric Flint & Iver P. Cooper1636: The China Venture the latest 1632/Ring of Fire adventure

Randall MunroeHow To latest volume of absurd science advice from the creator of the XKCD strip & author of The Thing Explainer

in large format:

Edward Cox – The Song of the Sycamore controlled by an ancient spirit, Wendal returns from the wastelands and finds himself caught up in the struggle between the Magicians & the Engineers in the city of Old Castle…
Scott Russell SandersThe Engineer of Beasts in the domed cities of the future, the only animals allowed are in zoos – and tey’re all mechanical versions of the animals…
J. S. FieldsArdulum: Frst Don Neek, the captain of a tramp space freighter, rescues a slave girl who may turn out to be a member of an almost mythical elder race of aliens…

Les Johnson & Robert E. Hampson (editors) – Stellaris: People of the Stars short stories & articles inspired by the 2016 Tennesee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIT) Symposium centred around humanity’s future in space. Authors include Sarah Hoyt and Kevin J. Anderson
Dominik Parisien & Navah Wolfe (editors) – The Mythic Dream 18 re-imaginings of classic myths, by authors such as Naomi Novik, Jeffrey Ford & J. Y. Yang

in ‘B’ format:

Nina AllenThe Silver Wind 3 time travellers whose paths criss-cross through various times and alternate realities!
Becky ChambersTo Be Taught if Fortunate bio-enhanced humans surveying distant star systems worry about their eventual return to Earth, and how it, and they, may have changed…

Juliet MarillierThe Harp of Kings the 1st volume of her new Warrior Bards series

Marina & Sergaey DyachenkoVita Nostra Russian teen Sasha is persuaded to attend the Institute of Special Technologies to master her abilities… I enjoyed the hardcover
Deborah Hewitt – The Nightjar Alice is forced to run from shadowy forces who want her to help them find other magically gifted people…

Victoria SchwabTunnel of Bones sequel to YA novel City of Ghosts, this time set in and under Paris instead of Edinburgh

art, etc:

Desirina BoskovitchLost Transmissions fascinating hardcover exploring odd corners of genre history, subtitled The Secret Historiy of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Harry Potter Film VaultVolume 1: Forest, Lake, and Sky Creatures hardcover detailing various creatures, from J. K. Rowling‘s books. Mainly concept drawings with some text

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New Titles – w/e 31st August 2019

in hardcover:

Chuck WendigWanderers as civilisation collapses, a young female sleepwalker is joined by myriad others as she treks across America to an unknown destination… It looks very big!
John BirminghamThe Cruel Stars part one of his new Cruel Stars trilogy. After their defeat centuries earlier, the aliens have returned to contest human occupied space again…
Guillermo del Toro & Cornelia Funke The Labyrinth of the Faun a new Pan’s Labyrinth novel! With b&w interior llustrations by Allen Williams

in large format:

Mathhew W. FrendThe Free World War in peaceful 2265, a popular VR simulation is of a world where WW2 goes very differently and the Soviets control the post-war world…
Damien WestlyThirst for Revenge unfairly disgraced & stripped of his Captaincy and Pilot’s Licence, revenge must be sought!
Alexandra Rowland – A Conspiracy of Truths a storyteller, convicted as a witch and spy, finds himself a pawn in the political scheming of his captors…

Ellen Datlow (editor) – Echoes: The Saga Anthology of Ghost Stories giant volume with 30 new stories from the likes of Kadrey, McGuire, Littlewood & Mamatas

in ‘B’ format:

G. Rai – Konglomerate following the civilisation-destroying Great Flash, two survivors, an orphan and an ex-prisoner, fight against mutants and strange humanoids…
James LovegroveSherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea-Devils. The 3rd of his Cthulhu Casebooks

Daisy Butcher (editor) – Evil Roots subtitled Killer Tales of the Botanical Gothic the latest in the British Library‘s Tales of the Weird anthology series. 14 stories, including works by Ambrose Bierce, Abraham Merritt & H. G. Wells

in paperback:

Seanan McGuireNight and Silence the 12th October Daye novel

art, etc:

Kate LacourVivisectionary strange art depicting human and animal bodies (some mythological) in various stages of disection. Hardcover
Baron YoshimotoThe Art of BY full colour h/c of exotic Japanese fantasy

Emmanuel Lepage – Springtime in Chernobyl hardcover graphic novel from IDW covering events from the reactor meltdown to the present day
Jonathan Fetter-VornMoonbound subtitled Apollo 11 and the Dream of Spaceflight graphic novel all about our growing knowledge of the Moon with chapters about the Apollo 11 mission alternating with older historical sections

Mark Vedrines – Islandia part 1: Boreal Landing graphic novel about a French orphan who stows away to Iceland, set in the 17th C.

Sergio Toppi – Collected Toppi Volume Two: North America more amazing pencil work. Volume One back in stock. Some full colour pages but mainly b&w. Hardcover
Hugo PrattCorto Maltese: The Early Years the final volume, I think, in which a young CM meets both Jack London & Rasputin in the Far East!
Juan GimenezThe Fourth Power re-issue of the classic bande desinee space opera, in hardcover from Humanoids!

Studio Ghibli100 Collectible Postcards neat box of full colour cards with art from all the major films made by the studio! Very nice.


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New Titles – w/e 24th August 2019

in large format:

Miles CameronBright Steel the 3rd book of his Masters & Mages series
Jane Yolen & Adam StempleThe Last Tsar’s Dragons pre-Revolutionary Russia, with dragons!

Evan CurrieArchangel One during an uneasy peace, Archangel Squadron mount a secret mission deep into the heart of the Enemy’s space and have to conceal their identiy at all costs – even apparently fighting for the Enemy…
Tanith LeeLove in a Time of Dragons  & Other Tales 15 short stories, published by Immanion Press

David Stokes (editor) – Tales of the Sunrise Lands 18 short stories by Western writers, inspired by Japanese culture

in ‘B’ format:

Ari MarmellThe Conqueror’s Shadow Corvis Rebaine had failed in his dream to rule and now an upstart warlord was attempting the same thing…
Ari MarmellThe Warlord’s Legacy Rebaine is again living quietly, but someone has started impersonating him!
Hailey EdwardsRise Against the 4th in The Foundling series, which began with Bayou Born

Cyriak HarrisHorse Destroys the Universe Betty & Tim are scientists conducting neurological experimentas on Buttercup, but discover the horse has it’s own ideas about who’s experimenting on whom!
S. J. MordenNo Way sequel to One Way. Frank is now the only person left alive on Mars…

Ian ThorntonThe Deaths and Afterlife of Alastair Crowley what if The Great Beast hadn’t died, but was an ex-master spy now living in exile in Shangri-La!

Octavia ButlerParable of the Talents re-print; Parable of the Sower arrived last week
Suzette Haden ElginNative Tongue her 1984 dystopia, now re-released as an Orion SF Masterwork

Naosh Koriyama & Bruce Allen (translators) – Japanese Tales From Times Past collection of fantasy and folklore from the Konjaku Monogatari Shu. New to me but originally publishd in 2015

Rachel PollackThe Beatrix Gates plus… the 22nd volume in PS Publishing‘s Outspoken Authors series. A novella, three short tories, an essay, an interview by Terry Bisson and a bibliography
Paul ParkCity Made of Words plus… the latest in PS Publishing‘s Outspoken Authors series. Several short stories, a couple of essays by him, an interview and a bibliography
Currently also have the Michael Blumlein, Sam Delany, Joe Lansdale, Ursula LeGuin & Madge Piercy volumes in stock as well…

in paperback:

Michael MammaySpaceside sequel to Planetside. A little enexpected, given how the 1st one ended!

art, etc:

Frederic Bremaud & Federico BertolucciLove: The Dinosaur wordless graphic novel anout a day in the life of a T. Rex; back in stock

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New Titles – w/e 17th August 2019

in hardcover:

Silvia Moreno-Garcia Gods of Jade and Shadow in the 1920s, having inadvertantly freed an ancient Mayan death-god, Casiopea embarks on a trek deep into the Mexican jungles with it to try  to achieve her dreams…

in large format:

Rudyard KiplingWith the Night Mail: A Story of 2000 A.D. featuring the Aerial Board of Control for world-wide air traffic, which is becoming a de-facto World Government as it controls trade… Originally from 1905, although this version is the 1909 text.

in ‘B’ format:

Andrew SkinnerSteel Frame Root’s own mecha fighting robot has been destroyed and she’s assigned another one, almost ready for the junk yard, but there’s a mission to carry out on the edge of Human space…

Marie BrennanTurning Darkness Into Light the 6th of her Natural History of Dragons series, which began with A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent

Octavia E. ButlerParable of the Sower re-issue, along with companion volume Parable of the Talents (which should have come in as well, but a box has gone missing… )

JG FahertyHellrider the psychotic ghost of a murdered biker… From Flame Tree Press
Jonathan JanzThe Darkest Lullaby  Chris and his wife inherit an old house with an evil reputation… published by Flame Tree Press

Yvonne Howell (editor) – Red Star Tales anthology of 18 stories from ‘A Century of Rusian & Soviet Science Fiction‘. Stories appear to date from 1892 to 1992

in paperback:

Karen ChanceBrave the Tempest the 9th Cassie Palmer adventure

art, etc:

John Aroudi (editor) – From Hell’s Heart full colour hardcover with dozens of current artists each illustrating a quote from across Herman Melville‘s oeuvre; Moby Dick, Bartleby, Typee, White Jacket, and others…

Cathy & Arnie Fenner (editors) – Spectrum 11 in softcover and hardback
Cathy & Arnie Fenner (editors) – Spectrum 19 in hardback. Both editions available again for a short time. I should have had other back volumes (5, 9 & 20) but my order was cancelled… Spectrum 26 (this year’s volume) is due in mid/late November

3DTotal PublishingCreating Characters for the Entertainment Industry 300 pages of detailed info, from initial concept presentation to the final product. Full colour softcover

J. K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets illustrated edition of Volume Two with art by Jim Kay.  Now out in softcover


Heavy Metalissue # 294 Industrial Special edition. 2 different covers
Hi-Fructosevolume 52 with 16 page Jim Woodring b&w insert!
IllustrationNumber Sixty Five featuring large articles on Aiden Lassell Ripley, Ollie Harrington & Coles Phillips

Locus – issue # 703 with William Gibson

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New Titles – w/e 10th August 2019

in hardcover:

Lois McMaster BujoldThe Flowers of Vashon the latest novella from Subterranean Prss, featuring Lady Vorkosigan

in large format:

Mike ShackleWe Are the Dead  Tinnstra deserted the army as the Egril defeated her people decisively using dreadful magic. Now she has to prove herself… Book 1 of The Last War
Breanna TeirntzeLord of Secrets an outlawed wizard saves a runaway slave but they both end up in prison…

Lord Dunsany  –Tales of Three Hemispheres 14 of his best short stories, with small b&w illustrations by Tim Kirk (taken from the earlier Owlswick edition) Also includes Idle Days on the Yann

Jaymee Goh & Joyce Chng (editors) – The Sea is Ours anthology of a dozen Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia
Karen Lord (editor) – New Worlds, Old Ways anthology of 11 stories subtitled Speculative Tales From the Carribean

in ‘B’ format:

Adam RobertsBy the Pricking of Her Thumbs P.I. Alma, from The Real Town Murders,  is investigating a murder, although she’s not sure whose, when an obsessive Stanley Kubrick fan kidnaps her…
Stephen AryanMagebane volume 3 of his Age of Dread trilogy. which began with Mageborn & Magefall

Micah YongoPale Kings sequel to Lost Gods, set in the Five Lands

Stanislaw LemTales of Pirx the Pilot collection of 5 stories, which form the tale of a space pilot’s career. First issued in English in 1979. Translation by Louis Iribarne

Ian MacPhersonWild Harbour  a couple flee to the remote Highlands to escape the encroaching war… Novel from 1936, re-issued by The British Library

in paperback:

Edward WillettWorldshaper 1st volume of the Worldshapers series. Shawna is a potter, reluctantly drawn into a weird mission to use her skills to help mend the flaws in other, alternate worlds…


restock of available issues of both Graphite and CDQ: Character Design Quarterly

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New Titles – w/e 3rd August 2019

in hardcover:

D. K. FriendsWidow’s Welcome investigating a curious murder Cora finds herself sucked into the murky politics surrounding the up-coming election. Book 1 of the Tales of Fenest, set in a world where stories have power…

in large format:

Strefan SpjutTrolls sequel to 2015’s Stallo, set deep in the Norwegian forests a decade later…
Cherie PriestThe Toll two honeymooners drive across an unmapped bridge in the Florida swamps…

Glen CookChronicles of the Black Company omnibus edition of the 1st three novels in the series: The Black Company, Shadows Linger & The White Rose. Back in stock after a long break!

Darran AndersonImaginary Cities new edition at last! Non-fiction

in ‘B’ format:

Jy YangThe Ascent to Godhood the 4th in the Tensorate series

Robert Jackson BennettFoundryside in the city of Tavanne escaped slave Sancia is persuaded to try to steal an ancient artifact…
Brian RuckleyThe Free stand alone fantasy novel back in stock. A band of mecenaries take one last job…

in paperback:

Eric FlintWorlds 2 collection which includes a short Ring of Fire novel (The Austro-Hungarian Connection), a short novel (Fanatic) set in David Weber‘s Honor Harrington universe,  some short pieces from The Grantville Gazette and 7 other stories
Michael Z. WilliamsonTide of Battle collection of short tories and essays

Kevin J. Anderson & Sarah J. HoytUncharted magical, alternate history version of the Lewis & Clark expedition the Arcane Territories

Greg WeismanRavnica 1st volume of War of the Spark, the first new Magic: The Gathering novel for many years!

art, etc:

Pie InternatonalRetrospective Scenes From a Sentimental World matching volume to Beautiful Scenes From a Fantasy World & Everyday Scenes From a Parallel World. All are full colour softcovers with glossy wrap-around dustjackets. Various artists.

William GibsonAlien 3 graphic novel of his unused script for the 3rd film in the Alien franchise. adapted by Johnnie Christmas & Tamra Bonvillain

Enki BilalMonster big new hardcover from Titan Books collecting the whole Monster tetralogy of The Dormant Beast, December 32, Rendez-vous in Paris & Four? in English for the first time.
Phillippe Thirault & Jorge MiguelShanghai Dream a pair of aspiring film-makers flee Germany in 1938 and end up in China… Full colour softcover from Humanoids

Ben KatchorConversations collection of interviews about his art spanning his career

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New Titles – w/e 27th July 2019

in hardcover:

Andrew CaldecottLost Acre the 3rd volume of his Rotherweird trilogy, with b&w illustrations by Sasha Laika
Blake Crouch
Recursion people are waking up and finding their memories are all different…
Alexander Dan Vilhjalmsson – Shadows of the Short Days fantasy novel set in Reykjavik

Terry GoodkindHateful Things the 2nd novella in The Children of D’Hara series, which is set in the world of The Sword of Truth

Mark SawardResurrection of the Daleks  the latest Doctor Who novella

in large format:

Aliette de BodardThe House of Sundering Flames 3rd in the series which began with The House of Shattered Wings
Max GladstoneEmpress of Forever a billionaire entrepreneur finds herself fighting for survival at the end of time

Andy DuncanAn Agent of Utopia collection of ‘a dozen new and selected’ stories
Vandana SinghAmbiguity Machines and Other Stories collection of 14 short stories

Neil Clarke (editor) – The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Four 29 top stories from 2018

in ‘B’ format:

David Wellington The Last Astronaut the sole astronaut still alive leads a team to investigate a strange, alien object which has taken up station around Earth…
Lee Fonda Jade War sequel to Jade City, and the 2nd in her Green Bone Saga about controlling the magical jade trade

Muriel JaegerThe Question Mark 1925 dystopian novel featuring a man displaced 200 years into the future

Emily Tesh – Silver in the Woods a solitary man lives in a cottage deep in the woods with his cat and his dryads…
Hailey EdwardsBayou Born a young girl is rescued from the swamps but has no memories and apparently no traceable past…

Elizabeth BearSanction sequel to Pinion and previously published as Chill. 2nd in her Jacob’s Ladder trilogy. Set on a giant, damaged generation starship, the original titles were Dust, Chill & Grail but now the books have been re-titled Pinion, Sanction & Cleave

Steven Erikson – The Second Collected Tales of Bauchelain & Korbal Broach includes The Wurms of Blearmouth, Crack’d Pot Trail & The Fiends of Nightmaria
Jodi TaylorLong Story Short collection of 8 tales set in the world of her Chronicles of St. Mary’s time travel research institute background

Alan GarnerWhere Shall We Run To? childhood autobiography

in paperback:

Gareth L. PowellAbout Writing advice and ideas

Jorge Luis BorgesThe Garden of Forking Paths small edition of 5 of his short stories – only £1.00; I also already stock matching volumes by Italo Calvino & Stanislaw Lem

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