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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 05/03/2022

in hardcover:

Marlon JamesMoon Witch, Spider King 2nd in his Dark Star trilogy, which began with Black Leopard, Red Wolf

in softcover:

Gareth L. PowellStars and Bones patt 1 of a new series. The last refugees from Earth are in a fleet of vast space arks…

Khan WongCircus Infinite Jes has escaped from a lab testing them for their special abilities and finds a job in a circus – but it’s run by the Mob and they’ve got their own plans…


Very sparse week for new titles, partly because some US stuff is stuck in transit to me, and other titles are suffering delays in even reaching the suppliers…

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 26th February 2022

in hardcover:

T. L. Huchu Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments sequel to The Library of the Dead. Vol 2 in the Edinburgh Nights series
Richard SwanThe Justice of Kings vol 1 of The Empire of the Wolf. Sir Konrad is an Emperor’s Justice, who upholds the Law by whatever means, magical or otherwise, necessary…

John Joseph Adams (editor) – Lost Worlds & Mythological Kingdoms 17 new stories about unmapped or forgotten territories of all descriptions… Looks very good.

in softcover:

A. D. WarrenThe Fourth Species 3rd in the Tomorrow’s Ancestors series which began with Subject Twenty One, aboiut a re-created neanderthal in a research zoo…

Natalie Zina Walschots Hench Anna’s latest temp job is working for a costumed super-villain! But after she’s sacked after a caper goes wrong, she realises that being the hero or the monster is mainly down to marketing!

Janni Lee Simner Bones of Faerie part 1 of The Bones of Faerie Trilogy
Janni Lee Simner Faerie Winter part 2 of The Bones of Faerie Trilogy
Janni Lee SimnerFaerie After part 3 of The Bones of Faerie Trilogy

Robert JordanThe World of RJ’s Wheel of Time a tie-in with the new tv series. Text, plus a few b&w maps

art, etc:

J. R. R. TolkienPictures by JRRT very attractive new slipcased hardcover edition, with text by Christopher Tolkien

Iain McCaig Shadowline: The Art of IMcC big, full colour hardcover. Revised & expanded from the 2008 edition
James StokoeGrunt: The Art & Unpublished comics of JS. Mainly full colour, rather gonzo artwork!

Kevin Conran‘s – Sky Captain and the Art of Tomorrow large hardcover with huge amounts of concept art and designs from the 2004 film. Looks great!

Alexandro Jodorowsky & MoebiusThe Incal the deluxe black and white edition!
Thomas OttThe Forest slim hardcover graphic novel, with a single b&w panel on each page
Renaud DilliesBubbles & Gondola hardback graphic novel in full colour about the adventures of 2 mice
Renaud Dillies & Regis HautiereAbelard hardback graphic novel in full colour about the adventures of a duck and his friends. Matching editions from NBM

Steven Philip Jones & H. P. LovecrtaftThe Picture in the House b&w graphic adaptation, with the complete story text at the back. Art by Rob Davies

PS Artbooks SofteeForbidden Worlds full colour stories from 6 issues of the comic – # 101 – 106, which are all, I think, from 1962


IllustratorsIssue Thirty-Six (# 36) with articles on, interviews with, and art by Thomas Fluharty, Arantza Sestayo, Caran d’Ache & Jose Luis Salinas
Heavy Metal – issue # 314 alternate covers available

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 19th February 2022

in hardcover:

Daniel AbrahamThe Age of Ash vol 1 of a big new fantasy series (The Kithomar Trilogy) from one of the authors of The Expanse SF series
Sarah J. MaasHouse of Sky and Breath the 2nd Crescent City novel; sequel to House of Earth and Blood
Kate ElliottServant Mage a low-level mage, caught up in an anti-Royalist conspiracy. Novella
Jane YolenArch of Bone YA (or maybe younger) sequel to Moby Dick, with Starbuck’s son trying to find the truth behind Ishmael’s news of disaster for the Pequod! B&W illos by Ruth Anderson

Octavia ButlerFledgling nice new slipcased edition

Tochi OnyebuchiGoliath by 2050 all the wealth had migrated off Earth to new space colonies and habitats… Those left behind do the best they can…
Edward AshtonMickey7 Micky is a replaceable clone on a dangerous new colony world. When the 7th version disappears and is presumed dead, Mickey8 is activated…
David Weber, Timothy Zahn & Thomas PopeA Call to Insurrection the 4th in Weber’s Manticore Ascendant series, set in the Honorverse

in softcover:

Elizabeth KnoxThe Absolute Book engrossing fantasy novel; possibly my favourite book of last year, when I read the hardcover.
Erica Johansen – Beneath the Keep the 4th in her Queen of the Tearling series
Louisa MorganThe Great Witch of Brittany sequel to A Secret History of Witches
A. J. HackwithThe God of Lost Words 3rd in The Library of the Unwritten series
Stephen DeasThe House of Cats and Gulls book 2 of his Black Moon series; sequel to The Moonsteel Crown
G. R. McAllisterThe Five Queendons of Scorpica in an ancient land ruled by women only boys are now being born…

Nicole GallandMaster of the Revels solo sequel to time travel adventure The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O., which she co-wrote with Neal Stephenson
Bethany CliftThe Last One at the Party after a catastrophic plague one woman remains alive and sets out from London with a stray golden retriever looking for hope…
W. M. Cleese The Haunting of Las Lagrimas in 1913 a new gardener arrives at a long untended estate deep in the Pampas to find hostility and strangeness all around
Sue Rainsford Redder Days two twins await momentous events in an almost abandoned commune but discover that nothing they thought they knew may be true

Zen ChoSpirits Abroad expanded edition, now with 19 stories instead of 10

Lynne Jamneck (editor) – Dreams From the Witch House 19 stories, mainly from 2015, with the strap line ‘Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror’

Micheal Knost (editor) – Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy 21 articles and essays all about aspects of writing genre fiction. First published 2013

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 12th February 2022

in softcover:

Arkady MartineA Desolation Called Peace sequel to Hugo Award winning A Memory Called Empire
Ciel PierlotBluebird Rig is captain of the outlaw spacehip Bluebird, but now the enemy have her sister…
Natasha PulleyThe Kingdoms alternate history where Napoleon defeated Great Britain but time-travellers are trying to fight back!
Claire North Notes From the Burning Age set in a post-apocalyptic south-eastern Europe

Kay DickThey a short, almost forgotten 1977 dystopia
Emily St.John MandelStation Eleven re-issue with new cover art
Emily St.John MandelThe Glass Hotel very late getting this! Engrossing story of the ultimate Ponzi scheme, modelled on real-life events

Lemmy de Rooy – Alice’s Adventures Underwater continuing the adventures of Lewis Carroll‘s heroine…

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 5th February 2022

in hardcover:

Herve Le Tellier The Anomaly a passenger jet flies into a serious storm and appanently emerges safely. But 3 months later an exact copy, including the poeple onboard, appears. But they all have doppelgangers with a 3 month head start on their lives!
Rebecca RossA River Enchanted Jack the bard returns home to a remote peninsula and has to work with Adaira, his childhood enemy, to confront the spirits and solve a series of disappearances. Elements of Cadence vol 1

in softcover:

Louise CareyOutcast sequel to Inscape. Signed copies (that is, copies with a signed bookplate) available.
T. R. Napper36 Streets cyberpunk adventure in the backstreets of Hanoi and the online twists of an immersive, and addictive, Vietnam War simulation game

A. Lee Martinez The Last Adventure of Constance Verity she’s been saving the world for 27 years and now she wants out, but to do that she reckons she’ll have to kill her fairy godmother… Apparently being filmed.
A. Lee MartinezConstance Verity Saves the World she thought her life had become quieter but she soon realised she was wrong!

Neil Clarke (editor) – The Best Science Fiction of the Year volume 6 somewhat delayed ‘best of 2020’ edition, with 32 stories. Please note that I’ve merged the ‘large format’ and the ‘B format’ categories I’ve used up to now. If anyone feels this is less useful to them, let me know and I’ll revert back.

artbooks, etc:

Tanya LapointeThe Art and Soul of DUNE heavily illustrated hardcover (in a slipcase) all about the recent Denis Villeneuve film. Looks great! Stills, sketches, concept art, lots of info & trivia…

Jim Henson‘s The StorytellerTricksters the latest graphic novel hardcover, with 4 more stories


Locus – issue # 732 January cover date

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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 29th January 2022

in hardcover:

Theo ClareThe Book of Sand life in a future where the world is turning to desert…
Alix E. Harrow – A Spindle Splintered modern novella-length version of Sleeping Beauty, with b&w Arthur Rackham art throughout

large format:
Margret Helgadottir (editor) – American Monsters Part 1 anthology of 15 short stories; each has a b&w illustration
Margret Helgadottir (editor) – American Monsters Part 2 anthology of 17 short stories
Margret Helgadottir (editor) – Eurasian Monsters anthology of 17 short stories, from Fox Spirit Books

in paperback:

Miles CameronArtifact Space Marca has bluffed her way onto one of the Greatships, gigantic vessels trading across Human Space
Neal AsherJack Four a stand-alone Polity adventure…
Essa HansenAzura Ghost sequel to Nophek Gloss
James BreakwellThe Chosen Twelve 22 people have survived the journey in the colony ship but the remaining lander doesn’t have room for them all
Aliya Whiteley Skyward Inn the aliens surrendered, so humans must have won the war, right?
Benjamin PercyThe Ninth Metal the comet Cain just missed Earth but a year later the planet hits it’s debris trail…

Sarah PinskerWe Are Satellites a mother & son both get the new Pilot brain implant and soon the rest of the family are feeling left behind…
Jamie MollartKings of a Dead World in a resource-scarce future, Peruzzi watches over huge banks of sleeping people
C. Robert CargillDay Zero should the young nannybot save it’s charge or join the robot revolution!?
Paul BraddonThe Actuality Evie is a now illegal bio-engineered human, on the run in a failing Britain…

Anthony RyanThe Pariah part 1 of The Covenant of Steel, his new epic fantasy series
K. J. ParkerA Practical Guide to Conquering the World the final part of the Engineer Trilogy, set in a wold a bit like the Byzantine Empire
Ian GreenThe Gauntlet and the Fist Beneath she fought all her life until peace was achieved but now she must rejoin the Stormguard and fight again
H. M. LongTemple of No God sequel to Hall of Smoke
Gaie Sebold Bad Gods almost anything goes in Scalentine but now the proprietrix of the Red Lantern brothel is persuaded to help find an heiress. The 1st Babylon Steel adventure.

Heather WalterMalice: There Was a Villain ra line of Princesses has been cursed to die by an evil fairy… The first of two.
Christina Henry Near the Bone Mattie can’t remember a life before living alone with William on a remote mountain but then 3 strangers appear…
Rena Rossner The Light of the Midnight Stars deep in the East European woods live the descendants of Solomon, trying to remain unnoticed
Mercedes LackeyThe Silver Bullets of Annie Oakley the 16th (I think) in her Elemental Masters series
C. K. McDonnellThe Stranger Times the staff of a newspaper a bit like the Fortean Times realise that some of the stories are real and have to take action! Reminds me of William Kotzwinkle‘s The Midnight Examiner. (long out of print, I’m sure)
Ally WilkesAll the White Spaces 1920s Antarctic horror!

art, etc:

Sergio Toppi Toppi: Scenes From the Bible individual b&w pieces, with the text they illustrate. Not short tales, as in the previous volumes from Magnetic Press
David MackReflections hardcover originally published as several artbooks collectively called Kabuki: Reflections 2005 – 2010

Visions 2021 Illustrators Book fat, full colour softcover with art from the best current Japanese illustrators

Marek RubecJarmil in India colour art of a slacker ape’s life in India. Hardback
Jacques TardiThe True Story of the Unknown Soldier 2 b&w tales of war-induced madness. Adult content
Vincent PompettiConstellation companion graphic novel to the recent Atlantis. Full colour h/c

Disa WallenderBecoming Horses softcover with strange little tales & cartoons of growing up

Ralph Tedenco & Oliver BorgesUnbound squarebound softcover collecting the first 5 issues


IllustratorsSpecial Edition # 15: Sensational Tarzan Special!

Heavy Metal – issue # 313 alternate covers available

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Transreal New Titles – w/e 22nd January 2022

In hardcover:

Charles Stross – Quantum of Nightmares 2nd in the New Management series. Signed copies available.
Elizabeth May & Laura LamSeven Mercies sequel to their Seven Devils. Signed copies available soon

Ricardo DelgadoDracula of Transylvania giant, almost 500 page version of Bram Stoker’s classic novel. B&W illustrations in the text with a high quality paper colour section at the end.
Lois McMaster Bujold – Masquerade in Lodi her latest signed & numbered Penric & Desdemona novella, from Subterranean Press

in large format:

Sarah J. Daley Obsidian to save her people Shade tries to raise a magical Veil, which nobody has managed to do for over a century…

Fergus CurrieCompound Polyhedra: Modular Origami detailed instructions for making extremely complex origami with names like The Compound of Two Tetrahedra or The Small Triambic Icosahedron

in softcover:

Tim PrattThe Necropolis Empire a novel of the Twilight Imperium. Companion to his recent The Fractured Void
Jane Killick In the Shadow of Deimos a Terraforming Mars novel . In 2316 an asteroid strike on Mars leads to a conspiracy being uncovered…

Ron Walters Deep Dive testing some new VR tech, Peter seems to be stranded in an alternate world
Melissa Albert The Night Country sequel to The Hazel Wood. I missed it when it first appeared.
Melissa AlbertTales From the Hinterland a dozen dark fairytales

in mass market paperback:

Eric Flint, Gorg Huff & Paula GoodletThe Macedonian Hazard the latest 1632 / Ring of Fire novel

art books, etc:
Michael Avon Oeming – The Art of MAO full colour hardback
Sideshow: Fine Art Prints vol 2 hardcover with mainly comic art from 8 members of the Sideshow artists’ collective. Text by Andrew Farago
Jorge R. Gutierrez The Art of Maya and the Three great looking full colour art related to the Netflix series

Terry Moore’s How to Draw; Expanded Edition
Joe Chiodoartwork: shape, color, and form first issued in 2007

Mario Alberti & Antoin Charreyron The Wall on a future apocalyptic Earth, the medicine Solal needs for his sister is behind the walls of the almost mythical ED3N

Casey Zakroff & Pat LewisWhales the latest in the Science Comics series
DavBeneath the Trees: Winter Chills companion to Beneath the Trees: The Autumn of Mister Grumph. Translated by Mike Kennedy
Hiro MaijimaI am a Cat Barista vol 1 of the manga (in English but read back to front) b&w
Vince Hernandez et al – Aspen Mascots: The Complete Collection a millipede’s adventures through time, trying to save his village from destruction! Mainly full colour, but with puzzles and colouring-in sections, etc.

PS Artbooks SofteeBrain Boy / Space Busters vol 1 issues 1 – 3 of Brain Boy from the early 60s plus Space Busters 1 & 2 from 1952
PS Artbooks SofteeStrange Worlds vol 2 issues 6 – 9 + # 18, from the early 50s
PS Artbooks SofteeFight Comics vol 2 issues 4 – 6 from 1940

Laetitia Barbier Tarot and Divination Cards heavily illustrated hardcover history of tarot decks, etc. h/c

Reid MitenbulerWild Minds comprehensive history of the first 50 years of cartoon animation. Subtitled ‘The artists and rivalries that inspired the Golden Age of animation‘. Mainly text


Heavy Metal # 312 featuring work by Sorayama
Illustration# 74 featuring the (mostly) advertising & editorial illustration work of Peter Helck

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Transreal Fiction is Open Again

The shop will re-open om Saturday 15th January at the normal 11.00 opening time.

Ceiling work is complete but it transpires that more work will nead to be done in the near future – but in the meantime we’re open!

I’m also taking this opportunity to start to change things around a bit, so things are in a bit of disarray and won’t look as I envisage until after the pending work has been done.

Some new titles have arrived since my last post, but I’ve not had time to list them yet. Locus, Quantum of Nightmares (not yet signed, obviously), Deep Dive by Ron Walters, The Night Country by Melissa Albert, and a load of art books & magazines which I’ll list next week when I get them out on sale…

Hope to see some of you on Saturday!

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Closed for Repairs

For the past several weeks Transreal Fiction has been suffering from water damage to two of the shop ceilings.

Finally, they’re going to be repaired, starting as soon as the New Year break finishes.
The shop will re-open as soon as feasible after the work is complete.

I apologise for any inconvenience, including to mail order customers, whose books may be delayed (although I hope not!)
This applies especially to readers of Laura Lam, Elizabeth May & Charles Stross.

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Transreal New Titles – w/e 31st December 2022

Transreal Fiction will be closed from around 15.00 on Hogmanay until internal repairs are completed to the shop. This should be sometime in January 2022

in hardcover:

Eric Flint, Paula Goodlet & Gorg Huff1637: The Coast of Chaos the latest volume set in the Ring of Fire / 1632 background. A short novel plus seven other stories

in large format:

Andrew NetteDangerous Visions and New Worlds subtitled Radical Science Fiction 1950 – 1985. 37 articles about various aspects of sf looking at SF from the end of the pulps through the New Wave and beyond. Looks very interesting

Mauro MartoneThe Orcadian File

Mercedes Lackey (editor) – Boundaries anthology of 20 short stories about the Heralds, Bards & Healers of Valdemar

in ‘B’ format:

Fonda LeeJade Legacy the 3rd and final book in the Green Bone Saga
Jonathan WattsBury Me Where They Fall Amiel must journey into a magical forest and confront her homeland’s deadly enemy…

Melissa AlbertTales From the Hinterland collection of a dozen stories set in the landscape of The Hazel Wood, her dark fairy tale of a novel published in 2018

in paperback:

David Weber & Chris KennedyInto the Light vampires have emerged from myth to help in the fight against invading aliens. Sequel to Out of the Dark

art, etc:

James CameronTech Noir: The Art of JC very hefty hardcover covering his whole career, as described by his own personal art for his film projects


Boris Vallejo & Julie BellFantasy Wall Calendar 2022 there’s always at least one trailing in late…
follow Transreal Fiction on twitter @transrealshop

current opening hours:

Closed from 15.00 on Hogmanay until shop repairs are completed

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