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New Titles – w/e 12th January 2019

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsShadow Captain the sequel to Revenger
David WeberThrough Fiery Trials the 10th in his Safehold series

Seanan McGuire In An Absent Dream Laundy finds a portal to what she thinks is the perfect world, but everything has it’s cost  -and pitfalls!

Katherine ArdenThe Winter of the Witch final book of her Winternight trilogy, which began with The Bear and the Nightingale

Brandon SandersonMistborn: A Secret History it says ‘novella’ but it’s 160 pages long… Set after the original Mistborn trilogy

in large format:

Mimi YuThe Girl King unexpectedly denied her rightful position as Empress, Liu seeks allies among her family’s enemies, while her younger sister also plots, either to help her sister or maybe to snatch the throne for herself!

Sherwood Smith A Stranger to Command set before Crown Duel telling the backstory of the Marquis of Shevraeth
Kay KenyonSerpent in the Heather the 3rd Dark Talents adventure, set in Wales in 1936

in ‘B’ format:

Cameron MilesCold Iron book 1 of her new series, Masters & Mages.
Patrice SarathThe Sisters Mederos two sisters plot to restore the family’s fortunes, possibly dealt a terrible blow by the uncontrolled magic of one of them… The sequel, Fog Season, is due in a few weeks. Books 1 & 2 of The Tales of Port Frey

Catherine CavendishThe Haunting of Henderson Close modern ghost story set in Edinburgh featuring a close not unlike Mary King’s Close.
Jonathan JanzA Savage Species work on a new nature preserve awakens an ancient terror!

Gavin G. SmithWar Criminals the 3rd Bastard Legion book
Nicholas Sansbury SmithExtinction: Red Line prequel to the main Extinction Cycle of books

in paperback:

James A. MooreGates of the Dead the 3rd in his Tides of War fantasy series…

Ben BovaSurvival the 3rd in his Star Quest series, which began with Apes and Angels & Death Wave


Brian FroudBF’s World of Faerie: Revised and Expanded Edition big, and lavishly illustrated, with one or two surprises inside!


Interzoneissue # 279 cover date Jan – Feb 2019 editorial by Sean McMullen
Black Staticissue # 67 cover date Jan – Feb 2019 opening comments by Lynda E. Rucker and Ralph Robert Moore


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New Titles – w/e 5th January 2019


in hardcover:

James L. CambiasArkad’s World Arkad has grown up among aliens far from other humans but joins three visitors on a quest around the planet which might ultimately free humanity from domination…

in large format:

K. Arsenault RiveraThe Phoenix Empress the Imperial Army musters to defend against a demonic horde, and two women at the heart of the Empire must try to save it… Sequel to The Tiger’s Daughter

Mirah BolenderCity of Broken Magic Laura is a Sweeper, one of the few people who can clear out magical infestations…

in ‘B’ format:

Rod DuncanThe Outlaw & the Upstart King sequel to The Queen of All Crows and the 2nd in The Map of Unknown Things series…
Eyal KlessThe Lost Puzzler people cling to survival amongst the ancient ruins of their once-great civilisation. but a young boy, a Puzzler, may be able to solve some of it’s secrets…  Vol 1 of The tarakan Chronicles

Wesley ChuThe Fall of Io sequel to The Rise of Io, set on an Earth fought over by warring alien species…

Simon SellarsApplied Balardianism memoir about the author’s obsession with the work and ideas of J. G. Ballard.

art, etc:

Shaun TanCicada illustrated short story about a cicada, unhappily working in an office…
Enki BilalThe Nikopol Trilogy back in stock. Hardcover


Heavy Metal – issue # 292 a Psychedelic Special issue
Illustrators Issue Twenty Four featuring mainly French Movie Posters and their creators…

and please remember that the shop will be shut on Mondays until at least Easter…

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Happy New Year! (opening times)

Please note that Transreal Fiction will be CLOSED ON MONDAY 31st.

The shop will close as usual at 18.00 on Saturday 29th December and will not be open on Hogmanay, New Year’s Day or the 2nd January.

Open again in the New Year at 11.00 on Thursday 3rd January 2019.

As in the previous two years, I intend to close on Mondays for the first few months of the year – at least until Easter Monday (22st April), maybe longer!

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New Titles – w/e 30th December 2018

There are no new titles this week!

I should get a delivery of stock in the first week of January which might have one or two…

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Christmas Eve

Please note that Transreal Fiction will not be open on Sunday 23rd, but will be open from 11.00 until 16.00 on Monday 24th.

The shop will be closed from then until 11.00 on Thursday 27th.

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New Titles – w/e 22nd December 2018

in hardcover:

W. Michael GearAbandoned sequel to Outpost

in large format:

Frederic S. DurbinA Green and Ancient Light a young boy is sent to apparent safety to escape the ravages of war, only to find ancient mysteries amidst the encroaching violence… From the author of Dragonfly, my favourite Hallowe’en novel
Jack CampbellDestiny of Dragons the 3rd in The Legacy of Dragons trilogy
Grady HendrixHorrorstor strange goings-on inside a giant Scandinavian furniture store!
Catherynne ValentePalimpsest early novel, back in stock…

T. A. PrattDo Better short story collection related to his Marla Mason series of horror titles

in ‘B’ format:

Paul CrilleyClockwork City sequel to Poison City and volume 2 of the Delphic Division series

N. K. JemisinHow Long ’til Black Future Month collection of her short fiction
Tim MaughanPaintwork slim collection of 3 short stories, the title story, Paparazzi & Havana Augmented

in paperback:

Rudy RuckerMathematicians in Love


LocusDecember cover date, issue # 695 featuring Kim Stanley Robinson, Becky Chambers & the World Fantasy Awards

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New Titles – w/e 15th December 2018

in hardcover:

Eric Flint & Dave FreerAll the Plagues of Hell the 6th in the Heirs of Alexandria series

Dave Eggers (editor) – McSweeney’s # 54: The End of Trust their 1st all non-fiction issue, themed around privacy in the computer age

in large format:

Brad R. TorgersenA Star-Wheeled Sky a new stargate is discovered, which may bring hope for the over-populated human planets; 4 powers send agents to take control of it…

Catherynne M. ValenteSpace Opera humans contact the great Galactic civilisations and find themselves competing in the ultimate talent show!

Maggie HoytThe Fairy Stepmother Inc. twice-widowed Evelyn means well towards her new step-daughters but finds her Business Studies degree to be not much help…

Rachel Plummer & Russell Jones (editors) – Multiverse subtitled An International Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry with over 70 different contributors from around the world!

in ‘B’ format:

Ken MacLeodThe Corporation Wars Trilogy omnibus edition of his latest series. Signed hardbacks of all three volumes also still available
Tom SweterlitschGone World investigating the murder of a Navy SEAL, Shannon discovers he was actually on a Deep Time mission  abourd a spaceship long assumed to be lost…

D. J. DanielsGreen Jay and Crow Eve is a 3-d printed copy, who should have died automatically but something went wrong and she’s still alive, and now her creator wants her back…

Nick WaltersThe Danger Men volume 3 of The Laughing Gnome seriers, featuring Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart

in paperback:

David Weber & Timothy Zahn, with Thomas PopeA Call to Vengeance the 3rd volume of Weber’s Manticore Ascendant series, set in the Honorverse
Catherine AsaroThe Bronze Skies sequel to Undercity and again set in the Skolian Empire

Tim PowersDown and Out in Purgatory short story collection. 21 pieces, including 3 co-written with James P. Blaylock

art, etc:

John Fleskes (editor) – Spectrum 25 softcover edition of the annual collection

Zidrou & EdithEmma G. Wildford full colour hardcover graphic novel about a young 1920s woman and her adventures in the wilds of America and thre Arctic

Bruce Brown – Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness more graphic novel adventures of the young HPL
Black Hammer
Cthu-Louise one shot comic from Dark Horse about Cthulhu’s daughter attending High School!

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New Titles – w/e 8th December 2018

in hardcover:

James LovegroveSherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea-Devils 3rd in The Cthulhu Casebooks series

Intan ParamadithaApple and Knife collection of 13 intense stories from a rising Indonesian author…

in large format:

Edgar Allan PoeGhastly Tales From the Master of the Macabre  hefty volume with 27 of his best stories…

Phil RickmanMerrily’s Border a look at the area where the author’s Merrily Watkins books are set. With photos by John Mason

in ‘B’ format:

Michael CobleySplintered Suns somewhere on the remote planet there’s a 2 km long spaceship a million years old!

James BennettBurning Ashes the 3rd in his Chasing Embers series

Sean Wallace (editor) – The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures I usually have The Mammoth Book of Steampunk in stock; thought I’d see what this one was like instead!

Star TrekIn the Heart of Chaos the 3rd of the Prometheus adventures, by Bernd Perplies & Christian Humberg,  set after the events in the Star Trek: The Fall novels
Warhamer 40,000Warmaster the latest Gaunt’s Ghosts adventure from Dan Abnett



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New Titles – w/e 1st December 2018

in hardcover:

J. K. RowlingThe Crimes of Grindelwald: The Original Screenplay script of the 2nd of the Fantastic Beasts films, set 70 years or so before the Hary Potter books begin…

Joyce Carol OatesThe Hazards of Time Travel Adriane is sent back 80 years in time to rural Wisconsin for political rehabilitation…

David Weber – Uncompromising Honor a new Honor Harrington adventure! The previous one was Shadow of Victory two years ago
Stevan EriksonThe Search for Spark the 3rd in his Wilful Child series

Caitlin R. KiernanThe Dinosaur Tourist new collection from Subterranean Press with 19 stories. Great cover by Ray Troll, whose latest book, Cruisin’ the Fossil Coastline came in a couple of weeks ago…

in large format:

Frank OwenNorth sequel to South! The aftermath of the 2nd American Civil War…

in ‘B’ format:

Nnedi OkoraforWho Fears Death? Onyesonwu is a young misfit growing up in a post-apocalyptic Africa, wanting to find her true roots…
Hailey EdwardsDeath Knell 3rd in her post-apocalyptic Foundling series…
Colson WhiteheadThe Intuitionist not new, but new to the shop; set in a strange city where the philosophy & politics of elevator safety are major issues!

Jamie SawyerExodus volume 2 of The Eternity War, the sequel to Pariah

M. D. LachlanNight Lies Bleeding the 5th in his Wolfsangel series
Adrian LaingKosmos a newly appointed Barrister defends an elderly man who is up on a charge of manslaughter and who also claims to be Merlin,
Ramsay CampbellThink Yourself Lucky David didn’t think the rather disturbing blog that shared a title with one he never got round to writing had anything to do with him personally…

Gareth E. ReesStone Tide Gareth moves into a delapidated house in Hastings and discovers it has a strange background with links to the likes Alastair Crowley & John Logie Baird! From the author of Marshland
Jonathan Janz The Sorrows two film composers go on a month long retreat on a remote Californian island, uninhabited since some gruesome deaths in 1925…

in paperback:

Eric Flint & Alastair KimbleIron Angels in Chicago, a case becomes too strange for the local F.B.I. office to handle and so Agent Black of the little-known Scientific Anomalies Group arrives to take over…

art, etc:

William StoutFantastic Worlds: The Art of WS thick hardcover with hundreds of colour illustrations covering his whole career, especially his paleoart.
Florent  GorgesYoshitaka Amano: The Illustrated Biography; Beyond the Fantasy heavily illustrated h/c about the influential Japanese creator

John Fleskes (editor) – Spectrum 25 the annual review of the fantasy arts. Hardcover, although the softcover is due soon as well
Dave AddeyTypeset in the Future hardcover subtitled Typography and Design in Science Fiction Movies. Not much to add to that!

Thierry SmolderenMcCay great looking hardcover about the life of Winsor McCay, one of the great comic strip & animation innovators a century+ ago
Bilal, Dionnet & Baranko – Exterminator 17 hardcover from Titan Comics with the original graphic novel (now titled Rebirth) with art by Enki Bilal, together with the sequel, The Ellis Trilogy with art from Igor Baranko. Both stories written by Jean-Pierre Dionnet

William Roy & Sylvain DorangeHedy Lamarr: An Incredible Life softcover graphic novel from Humanoids about Hollywood actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr. Colour
Sebastien Samson  –My New York Marathon true story of an unfit middle aged art teacher who decided to compete in the NY Marathon! Softcover published by Humanoids in b&w

Nancy PenaMadame Cat the trials and tribulations of getting a new cat! Two tone sketches making up little episodes starting with the cat still in it’s carry-crate on the way home…
Emily TetriTiger vs Nightmare colour h/c about a young tiger who really does have a monster under the bed!


IllustratorsIssue Twenty Three featuring pieces on Bobby Chiu, Virgil Finlay, N. C. Wyeth and Anne & Janet Grahame Johnstone. All excellent artists.

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New Titles – w/e 24th November 2018

in hardcover:

George R. R. MartinFire and Blood two dozen chapters laying out the history and events three hundred years before the action in A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) Illustrated with myriad b&w illustrations by Doug Wheatley.
Peter S. BeagleThe Last Unicorn: The Lost Journey a sequel! With several b&w illustrations by Stephanie Law
Joanne M. Harris – TheBlue Salt Road a modern fairy tale, illustrated by Bonnie Helen Hawkins
S. M. StirlingThe Sky-Blue Wolves the latest, and billed as the final, novel of The Change

Doctor WhoCombat Magicks the 13th Doctor‘s latest adventure, by Steve Cole

in large format:

Lavie Tidhar – Unholy Land alternate history in which a Jewish Homeland was established in East Africa
S. M. Stirling – Black Chamber 1st in a new alternate history series set in 1916, just before America’s entry into The Great War

in ‘B’ format:

Genevieve CogmanThe Mortal Word the 5th in her Invisible Library series
Jacey BedfordRowankind 3rd in the fantasy series… The 1st was Winterwood
Ian DouiglasBright Light the 8th in his Star Carrier series

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildCity of Endless Night the latest in their Agent Pendergast series…

Mercedes Lackey (editor) – Choices the latest anthology of 18 new Valdemar short stories…
Elly Blue (editor) – Bikes Not Rockets anthology of new work subtitled Intersectional Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories

small books:

Italo CalvinoThe Distance of the Moon 4 short stories from his collection, The Complete Cosmicomics. Penguin Modern # 22. Budget price of £1

art, etc:

Marie-Alice HarelHortari: Art and Stories elegant hardcover collecting her single page short stories, each with a full page illustration of the creature involved. There’s currently an exhibition of prints from the book on at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the High Street…


Interzone – issue # 278 November – December cover date
Black Static – issue # 66



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