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New Charles Stross Book!

It doesn’t seem very long since Escape From Yokai Land, but it’s already that time again!

Charlie’s third New Management novel will be published shortly.
The UK edition will be a £20.00 hardcover, published by Orbit.
Postage within the UK will be an additional £3.50
Please e-mail me for postage rates outwith the UK; the rates aren’t simple to sumarise as the regulations continue to become more complex – for instance, there are now 3 different price zones for Europe!

Let me know how you’d like your copy/ies signed and I’ll send a Square Invoice (or a Paypal Invoice if you ask) confirming the details and asking for yours!

Options include having it dated, the location added, or a brief greeting, etc. No first lines though. I always convey your requests for what you’d like, but ultimately it’s Charlie signing the books and he likes to keep it short!

Hope to hear from you – emails to are the most efficient way to contact me.


Welcome to Britain under the New Management! The Prime Minister is an eldritch god of unimaginable power. Crime is plummeting as almost every offense is punishable by death. And everywhere you look, there are people with strange powers, some of which they can control, and some, not so much.

Hyperorganised and formidable, Eve Starkey defeated her boss, the louche magical adept and billionaire Rupert de Montfort Bigge, in a supernatural duel to the death. At least, she has reason to hope he’s dead. But though she’s now in charge of the Bigge Corporation, she’s not free of him yet.

Through the fecklessness of her brother Imp, combined with the intricate feudal law of a tiny Channel Island, it would appear that unbeknownst to her, she was married to Bigge – and that proving his death and releasing herself from his arcane bindings will take years and cost millions. Then an emissary of the Prime Minister arrives with an offer that she absolutely can’t . .

. well, you know. This is the final novel in the Laundry Files spin-off trilogy that began with Dead Lies Dreaming and continued with Quantum of Nightmares.

‘Grim, hilarious, inventive – make the video game now please’ Tamsyn Muir


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