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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 30th July 2022

in hardcover:

Ken LiuSpeaking Bones the 4th in his epic Dandelion Dynasty fantasy series

Mike Ashley (editor) – Gothic Fantasy: Weird Horror Short Stories 44 stories from the 1870s to the 2020s!

in softcover:

Rian HughesThe Black Loconotive a new, secret, Underground tunnel is being built beneath London but an ancient archeological puzzle is uncovered during construction… Lots of b&w schematics & photographs throughout the text. Almost New Wave in it’s design & layout!
Rachel SwirskyJanuary Fifteenth in the near future everybody receives UBI (Universal Basic Income), but how they spend it varies tremendously!

Kristen Britain Winterlight the 7th novel in her Green Rider series
Tad WilliamsBrothers of the Wind stand-alone novel set in Osten Ard, a thousand years before The Dragonbone Chair
Peter McLeanPriest of Crowns the 4th in his War For the Rose Crown series
Melissa AlbertOur Crooked Hearts Ivy & her mother confront issues and creatures from her mother’s past…
Mary McMyneThe Book of Gothel a re-interpretation of the story behind Rapunzel, and why she was in the tower
Sascha StronachThe Dawnhounds disgraced officer Yat is murdered by her collegues but the biotech throughout the city of Hainack, and an ancient Power, have resurected her for their own reasons…

Kirsti Wishart The Projectionist a mystery set in a small Scottish town whose inhabitants live in a perpetual film festival…

Emily Alder, Jimmy Packham & Joan Passey (editors) – Our Haunted Shores the latest volume of the British Library Tales of the Weird series, subtitled Tales From the Coasts of the British isles

art, etc:

Hayao MiyazakiThe Art of Princess Mononoke
Hayao Miyazaki The Art of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Sergio ToppiBestiary the latest in The ST Gallery of matching editions of his work. Animals, creatures & humans of all descriptions. H/C with a mix of b&w and colour

Vincent PerriotNegalyod: The God Network. Full colour hardcover with a cross-time dinosaur adventure!
Matthew Arnold & Riccardo Burchielli Eden full colour softcover. Cryogenically frozen prisoners wake up after a malfunction – thousands of years after a catastrophic war and find the planet is now very different, and dinosaurs are back!

Jiro Taniguchi The Walking Man: Expanded Edition hardcover with some colour pages. A gentle walk through urban Japan and a man’s memories…
Rokurou OgakiCrazy Food Truck ) Gordon runs a food truck in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and finds his new helper has an armed mititia hunting her… b&w softcover manga


Locus – issue # 738 cover date July with interviews with Daniel Abraham & Nadia Afifi

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