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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 23rd July 2022

in hardcover:

Silvia Moreno-GarciaThe Daughter of Doctor Moreau her latest novel, set in 19thC Mexico
Tad Williams Into the Narrowdark the 3rd book of The Last King of Osten Ard quartet

in softcover:

Ken Liu The Veiled Throne the 3rd volume in his epic Dandelion Dynasty series, which began with The Curse of Kings & The Wall of Storms
J. S. EmeryA Clockwork River the river Rhumb had powered the city for a millenia, through a huge, complex system of drains and sluices – but now it’s backing up and engineers must venture into the undercity…
Cari ThomasThread Needle Anna has discovered a secret, magical London but soon has doubts if using her magical power is in her own interests!
Alex MyersThe Symmetry of Stars the gods of Nature and Nurture each select a pair of twins as Champions…

Jack CampbellResolute sequel to Boundless, and the 2nd part of the Outlands set of The LLost Fleet books (making it the 19th overall)
Jeremy SzalBlindspace sequel to Stormblood and book 2 of The Common. Vakov is an elite soldier, partly because he’s had alien DNA inserted!

Louise CareyOutcast sequel to Inscape hi-tech, cyberspace thriller

Terry PratchettThe Colour of Magic re-issue with new cover art by Leo Nickolls. The 1st Discworld book, now also described as the 1st of the Wizards subseries
Terry PratchettThe Light Fantastic re-issue with new cover art by Leo Nickolls. The 2nd Discworld book, now also described as the 2nd of the Wizards subseries

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