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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 2nd July 2022

in hardcover:

Anthony RyanThe Martyr volume 2 of The Covenant of Steel, after The Pariah
Neal AsherWeaponized his latest stand alone Polity adventure
David Weber & Jane LindskoldA New Clan the 4th in The Star Kingdom series, set in the Honorverse
Adam Roberts The This the whole population now has super-connectivity with the latest social media device. A bit slow getting this one in…

in softcover:

Steven EriksonThe God is Not Willing part 1 of his new fantasy series and The First Tale of Witness
Foz MeadowsAn Accident of Stars the 1st in The Manifold Worlds series. Nice new edition

David Weber & Richard FoxGovernor new adventure in Weber’s Path of the Fury universe; book 1 of Ascent to Empire
W. Michael GearAdrift the 5th in his Donovan series. A new expedition arrives to survey the ocean life…
Patrick ChilesFrontier Marshall is dispatched to save a distant asteroid survey ship but meanwhile near-Earth space falls into chaos!

art, etc:

Carlos Ezquerra The Art of CE subtilted 45 Years of 2000 AD although almost a third appears to be from before he started work there. Lots of colour artwork
Louis GarciaThe Art of LG text by David Roach, published by Dynamite. Plenty text but even more of his art covering his whole career. Mainly b&w
Terry Moore2022 Sketchbook b&w softcover. Mainly figure drawing

Jim Henson’s LabyrinthBestiary: A Definitive Guide to the Creatures of the Goblin King’s Realm H/C crammed with art by Iris Compiet (which echoes Brrian Froud‘s original work closely) & text by S. T. Bende

Olivier LedroitThe Fairy Universe h/c with full colour art of dozens of fairies, with linking text by Olivier & Laurent Ledroit
Olivier Ledroit (co-ordinator) – The Dragon Universe art from dozens of artists, with text by Jean Baptiste Monge & Pascal Moguerou. Both very attractive h/c books

Maurice LeBlanc & Vincent MallieGentleman Thief Arsine Lupin a very attractive h/c illustrated volume of some of the original French stories (translated by Mike Kennedy); mainly text but with a good number of colour & b&w illustrations.

Sherard JacksonDarbi: volume 1 the 1st 3 colour drenched stories about a very violent little T-Rex. h/c.

Laurent Genefort, Francoise Rusak & Francesco TrifogliThe Blood of the Immortals Humanoids h/c. A small team land on a distant planet in search of it’s secrets… Looks nicely done

Neil Gaiman & Colleen DoranTroll Bridge h/c colour adaptation of Gaiman’s story

Falynn Koch The National Parks small graphic novel about the American National Parks, published by History Comics. Lots of facts and stories but not too serious; the narrator character is a Bigfoot!
Rosemary Mosco & Binglin HuExpedition Backyard very cute h/c graphic novel about the adventures of a mole & a vole when they inadvertently end up in the big city, having to make friends with with big city animals!


Locus – issue # 737 June cover date interviews with Nicola Griffith & V. Castro; remembrances of Patricia A. McKillip

Illustration issue # 76 20 pages on the character work of William Oberhardt but 50 pages on the pulp & cheesecake of Earle K. Bergey!
Heavy Metalissue # 317 apparently now monthly again!

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