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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 30th April 2022

in hardcover:

Mark LawrenceThe Girl and the Moon the 3rd in The Book of the Ice trilogy
John GywnneThe Hunger of the Gods sequel to The Shadow of the Gods
Brandon Sanderson & Janci PattersonSkyward Flight 3 short novels; Sunreach, Redawn & Evershore (580 pages altogether) together with almost 40 pages of scenes cut from Sanderson’s novel Skyward
Nicola GriffithSpear a girl grows up in the wilderness but then takes a spear and sets off for the fabled court at Caer Leon…

Emily St.John MandellSea of Tranquility from the Canadian wilderness in the early 20th C to a moonbase almost 500 hundred years later… Not read much about it but I believe it may have links to both Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel, both of which I liked

Seanan McGuire Seasonal Fears the 2nd of her Alchemical Journeys, which began with Middlegame
Kelly BarnhillWhen Women Were Dragons in mid-20th C America hundres of thousands of women literally turn into dragons!

Zorada Cordova (editor) – Reclaim the Stars anthology of 17 Latin American SF&F stories

Riley BlackThe Last Days of the Dinosaurs subtitled An Asteroid, Extinction and the Beginning of Our World just what the title says! A very readable account of current thinking.

in softcover:

Alastair ReynoldsInhibitor Phase a new book in his Revelation Space Universe!
Premee MohamedThe Void Ascendant final volume of the Beneath the Rising trilogy
Julie CzernadaSpectrum the 3rd in her Web-Shifter’s Library set

Lucy Holland Sistersong historical fantasy based on an ancient ballad… I liked the h/c
Sarah TolmieAll the Horses of Iceland a story of how the first horses reached Iceland
Maggie StievvaterMister Impossible sequel to Call Down the Hawk; 2nd in the Dreamer Trilogy

Neil Wiliamson Queen of Clouds Billy is delivering a sentient tree to Sunshine City when he is co-opted by the Weathermakers to help restore sense and order to the city…
Sam J. MillerThe Blade Between dark fantasy/horror from the author of Blackfish City

Luke ArnoldOne Foot in the Fade the 3rd book in the Fetch Phillips Archive, which began with The Last Smile in Sunder City & Dead Man in a Ditch
Adam Simcox The Dying Squad a murdered Lincolnshire detective is recruited to a spectral police force

Evan DickenTo Chart the Clouds a Legend of the Five Rings adventure based on improved map-making techniques!

Liu Jue (editor) – Ticket to Tomorrow subtitled A Collection of Chinese Science Fiction and Fantasy. 12 newly-translated stories from current authors

art, etc:

Tyler JacobsonThe Art of TJ large full-colour h/c of mainly fantasy art

Martin Vaughn-JamesElephant & Projector two innovative monochrome graphic novels bound in dos-à-dos format, first published in Canada in 1970 & 71. The term “graphic novel” barely existed at the time so he called them “boovies” from “book-movies”!
Philippe Thirault & Roberto ZaghiMakhno: Ukranian Freedom Fighter colour softcover from Humanoids set during and after WW1 & the Russian Revolution. Based on the true story of charismatic anarchist Nestor Makhno.
Alexandro Jodorowsky & Juan GimenezThe Metabarons: First Cycle hefty 530+ pages full colour softback graphic novel from Humanoids
Valentina Grande & Sergio VarbellaBauhaus: A Graphic Novel colour h/c historical look at the movemenrt

Jim WoodringWeathercraft the 2016 h/c edition from Fantagraphics. b&w
Jim WoodringJim: Jim Woodring’s Notorious Autojournal Fantagraphic‘s 2014 h/c anthology of his work. Some colour. (I was billed for another, new, title but it wasn’t in the delivery.)

Jeff Parker & Sandy JarrellMeteor Men (Expanded Edition) full colour softcover graphic novel of alien contact!
Anders Eager & Peter BergtingThe Crows h/c g/n from Dark Horse about inheriting a strange old house in rural Sweden! Looks interesting!
Nerenika Kolomycka Tiny Fox and Great Boar: There fun full colour h/c g/n
Charles Kermit Claytor & Ryan Claytor A Hunter’s Tale cute little mini-comic by Ryan, illustrating a poem by his late grandfather

Wataru NadataniCat + Gamer volume 1 manga; an office worker adopts a stray cat…


Locus – issue # 735 April cover date, with Tim Pratt & Premee Mohamed interviews & the Nebula Awards ballot choices

IllustratorsIssue Thirty-Seven (# 37) with Antonio Caparo, Russ Heath & Arturo del Castillo, among others!
Heavy Metalissue # 316

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