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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 16th April 2022

It’s the Easter weekend and I have stock in transit but my courier isn’t deliveing on Friday, so I won’t get any more books in this week. So here’s what I did get!

in hardcover:

T. KingfisherNettle & Bone Marra seeks the help of a gravewitch to save her family…
Peng Shepherd The Cartographers Nell’s map-loving father has been murdered and now someone is trying to destroy every copy of a rather common map he was intrigued by…

in softcover:

Charlie Jane Anders Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak sequel to Victories Greater Than Death
Jodi TaylorA Catalogue of Catastrophe the 13th novel of The Chronicles of St. Mary’s time travel adventures

Juliet E. McKennaThe Green Man’s Heir Daniel is a drifter, doing odd jobs for decades, but now a murder turns the spotlight on him and his mysterious background
Amanda Greiglow A Grimoire for Gamblers after her father’s untimely death Elizabeth goes through his papers and realises maybe he wasn’t mad after all! The 1st Trove Arbitrations book
Heather G. HarrisGlimmer of the Other Jinx knows when she hears a lie and now she’s deep in a case involving magic, a missing girl and her murdered parents…
David B. CoeInvasives sequel to Radiants Drowse is a homeless runaway but she’s also a ‘radiant’ who can influence others’ minds…

Kate AtkinsonLife After Life Penguin re-issue with a new cover. Classic alternate timelines novel from 2013
Carl SaganContact new edition of his classic 1985 novel

Legend of the Five RingsThe Great Clans of the Rokugan 4 novellas set in the game background, subtitled The Collected Novellas Volume One

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