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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 9th April 2022

in hardcover:

Ben Aaronovitch Amongst Our Weapons the latest (9th) Rivers of London novel
Susannah WiseThis Fragile Earth after a technological collapse Signy & her family flee London to the little village she grew up in…
Adam OyebanjiBraking Day time for the generation staship to slow down as it reaches it’s destination!

Brandon SandersonDawnshard a new Stormlight Archive novella

in softcover:

Jenn Lyons House of Always the 4th in A Chorus of Dragons, her epic fantasy series
John M. Ford Aspects his final novel, now published 16 years after his death. He’s best known for the award-winning The Dragon Waiting (1983)

Max Barry The 22 Murders of Madison May a serial killer is trying to wipe out all the versions of Madison across the parallel universes…
Micaiah Johnson The Space Between Worlds Cara has finally gained a toehold on the path to respectability, but in the hundreds of parallel worlds discovered, she’s dead in all but eight!
Guy MorpussFive Minds 5 people inhabit a single body, each controlling it for 4 hours at a time – for 25 years, so far!

Mike Ashley (editor) – The Ghost Slayers the latest volume from the British Library Tales of the Weird series, subtitled Thrilling Tales of Occult Detection

art, etc:

Timothy TrumanThe Fantastic Illustrations of TT hardback covering his whole career, including the Grateful Dead Monopoly set!
Jiro TaniguchiVenice beautiful images of a trip to the city

Yuka Tsutsui (editor) – Science Fiction Illustration softcover showcasing current Japanese artists; published by PIE International

Greg Biga & Jan B. CookeJohn Severin: Two-Fisted Comic Book Artist heavily illustrated h/c biography. Includes colour reproductions of two of his American Eagle western adventures

Neil Gaiman & Colleen DoranChivalry full colour hardback adaptation of a Gaiman story about an elderly widow who buys the Holy Grail in a junk shop!
Alexandro Jodorowsky & Georges Bess / Oliver BoiscommunThe Jodorowsky Library: Son of the Gun & Pietrolino 2 more of his graphic novels in this hardback from Humanoids, vol 2 of The Jodorowsky Library

Lorenzo Mattotti & Jerry KramskyGarlandia hefty b&w hardback graphic novel about life among the strange inhabitants of a fantastical land. Not new (it’s from 2018) but the 1st time in stock. From Fantagraphics
Dan SantatThe Aquanaut full colour graphic novel about a young girl and a deep sea diving suit operated by a mix of strange sea creatures! Looks good fun.
Fabien Vehlmann & KerascoetBeautiful Darkness full colour graphic novel about pixies and therir day to day struggles… Like the Mattotti g/n, it’s also got a comparison with The Moomins in the blurb!

H. P. LovecraftThe Mountains of Madness colour graphic adaptation by Adam Fyda, from Blue Fox Comics

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