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Transreal Fiction new Titles – w/e 19th March 2022

in hardcover:

John Scalzi The Kaiju Preservation Society there are animal righs, and then there are alien, offworld monster rights!
Lucy Kissick Plutoshine not everybody wants the terraforming of Pluto to go ahead…

Adrian TchaikovskyOgres signed, limited edition. All’s fine until the landlord comes to the village for his rent -you don’t argue with an ogre!

Zoe GilbertMischief Acts Herne the Hunter flees down the centuries, trying to escape his fate. I loved her previous bookl, Folk, back in 2018
Tom BeckerleggeThe Carnival of Ash – Cadenza, the Renaissance city of words and poets may be forced into war with nearby Venice…

Brandon SandersonThe Way of Kings part 1 nice-looking re-issue of the first volume (in 2 parts) of The Stormlight Archive
Brandon SandersonThe Way of Kings part 2
H. P. LovecraftTales of Terror collection with 9 of his best known stories

in softcover:

Adrian Tchaikovsky – Shards of Earth 80 years after the earth was destroyed, veteranIdris makes a monumental discovery…
Becky ChambersThe Galaxy and ther Ground Within the 4th book in her Wayfarers series, which began with The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
David MusgraveLambda humanoid aliens are among us, but all they want seems to be rather menial jobs…
Micaiah Johnson Space Between Worlds the snag to travelling the multiverse is that you can’t visit another timeline if there’s already a ‘you’ there
Terry Miles Rabbits a hugely popular AR game may have a flaw in it which could destroy everything!
C. F. BarringtonThe Blood Isles sequel to The Wolf Mile, about secret bloodthirsty games set in Edinburgh
Josh WinningThe Shadow Glass the son of recently deceased film director Bob Corman (no relation) finds his father’s movie props, etc. have a life of their own!
A. Lee MartinezThe Last Adventure of Constance Verity final book in the fast moving trilogy. CV Saves the World & CV Destroys the Universe both came out very recently
Luke ArnoldDead Man in a Ditch sequel to The Last Smile in Sunder City. Fetch is a PI and also may be the only man who can restore the magic into the world…
Olga WojtasMiss Blaine’s Prefect and the Weird Sisters 3rd in the series featuring an ex-pupil of the school Miss Jean Brodie taught at! She thinks the book gave completely the wrong impression!

Brandon SandersonThe Rhythm of War part 1 the 4th book (excluding 2 novellas) of The Stormlight Archive series
Brandon Sanderson The Rhythm of War part 2
John GwynneThe Shadow of the Gods the 1st book in The Bloodsworn series; epic fantasy with a strong Norse feel
Nick MartellThe Kingdom of Liars book 1 of The Legacy of the Mercenary King. Michael is determined to prove his despised father didn’t murder the King’s 9 y.o. son…
Nick MartellThe Two-Faced Queen book 2 of The Legacy of the Mercenary King
Markus HeitzAera omnibus of the 10 novella series, The Return of the Ancient Gods first published as e-books a few years ago. Translated by Emily Gunning & Charlie Homewood

Laure EveBlackheart Knights modern-day Arthurian adventure

Samantha ShannonThe Mask Falling the 4th novel in her Bone Season series. Signed (bookplate) copies of the h/c still available

Mark KnowlesArgo historical retelling of the Greek myth. King Pelias tricks his nephew (who he thought he had had assasinated as a child) into going on a quest…
Edgar Rice BurroughsStories of Mars omnibus including Princess, Gods and Warlord of Mars. The latest in Gollancz‘s Golden Age Masterworks series of classic reprint

Steven R. Southard & Kelly A Harmon (editors) – 20,000 Leagues Remembered 16 stories inspired by Jules Verne‘s classic novel

art, etc:

Iris CompietFaeries of the Faultlines expanded edition of the 2017 Kickstarter-funded book with art reminiscent of Brian Froud‘s work. Intros by both Froud & Alan Lee
Sergio Toppi Primordial Tarot great vibrant artwork on this deck of cards. Full colour


Locus – issue # 733 February cover date includes the 2021 Year in Review feature.

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