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Transreal Fiction New Titles – w/e 30th October 2021


The shop is open it’s normal hours again, but with restricted access to most of the A – Z shelves.

in hardcover:

Stephen BaxterGalaxias several decades from now, the Sun goes out! Epic scale SF.
Andrzej SapkowskiWarriors of God the 2nd in his Hussite Trilogy, sequel to Tower of Fools
T. J. Klune – Under the Whispering Door from the author of Beneath the the Cerulean Sea. A new spirit is given a deadline to pass on beyond…
Alan Garner  – Treacle Walker novella in which a young boy becomes friends with a rag-and-bone man…

Bridget Collins (editor) – The Haunting Season anthology subtitled Ghostly Tales for Long Winter Nights. 8 new stories from various authors, including a Natasha Pulley story with Mori & Thaniel from The Watchmaker of Filigree Street!

David Pringle & Tim Dedopulos (editors) – The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy: The Definitive Illustrated Guide films, books, authors, games and more!

in large format:

Courttia NewlandCosmogramma 15 short sf stories, with an African theme…

in ‘B’ format:

Kim Stanley Robinson The Ministry for the Future eagerly awaited paperback edition of his latest near-future novel about tackling climate change. Pity they’ve finally turned up well over a week after the author was here to sign them!
Tade ThompsonFar From the Light of Heaven a deep-sleep colony ship arrives but someone has murdered some of the sleepers…
Ursula K. leGuinThe Lathe of Heaven reprint
hilde Kold Holdt Shackled Fates the 2nd in the Hanged God Trilogy, based on Norse mythology
Mark StayBabes in the Wood sequel to The Crow Folk, and vol 2 of the Witches of Woodville. More wartime goings-on in the sleepy little village as 3 refugee children arrive, fleeing Nazi Germany…

Scott G. Bruce (editor) – The Penguin Book of Dragons interesting anthology, mainly of dragons in world folklore, etc. Only 2 somewhat modern ones from Kenneth Graham & Edith Nesbit.
A. B. MitfordJapanese Legends and Folklore subtitled Samurai Tales, Ghost Stories, Legends, Fairy Tales, Myths and Historical Accounts. Not sure if they say which is which!

art, etc:

Simon StalenhagThe Labyrinth his 4th large, illustrated story, about the appearance of Black Globes and their effect on the world
Tom ParkerSaurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek. Hell Creek is a real place in the US whose deep history has been very well investigated – and it’s also a very accurately reproduced setting for the game Saurian. Great art of the fauna & flora of 66 million years ago, just befor the K-Pg (K-T) extinction event! Includes text justifying the artists’ dino (etc) design choices!

Neil Gaiman & Charles VessStardust excellent look at the art of their original heavily illustrated collaboration, later to be filmed.
Ken BarrThe Beast Within: the Art of KB slim, full colour hardback
Allen WilliamsCovenant: the Art of AW b&w gothic-looking art, each image with a short piece of verse opposite. Softcover

Jules Verne, Brian Haberlin & David HineLighthouse softcover collection of the 4-issue comic adaptation of his novel The Lighthouse at the End of the World. Now re-imagined and set in 2717 on a giant navigation structure near a hazardous area of space
H. P. Lovecraft & Steve JonesBeyond the Wall of Sleep b&w adaptation, with the complete text afterwards, from Caliber Comics
PS Artbooks Softee – The Beyond: vol 5 with stories from issues 21 – 25 of Beyond, first published in July ’53 – March ’54
PS Artbooks Softee – Space Man: vol 2 with stories from Space Man issues 5 – 7 from 63/64, Spaceman (UK) issues 5 & 6 from 1954 & Drift Marlo issue 2 from 1962…

Fortifem (art & design) – Cthulhu: Dark Arts Tarot complete 78 card deck in a presentation box with a 32 page booklet. Based on the imaginings of H. P. Lovecraft


Illustrators Magazineissue # 35 with large features on Bob Eggleton & Alex Raymond with a slightly shorter look at Jacques Terpant
Illustrators Special EditionThe Art of Glamour: A Pictorial History of the Pin-Up with examples from the 1900s through to the 2010s

Heavy Metal – issue # 310 with two alternate covers
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current opening hours:
Tues – Fri: 12.00 – 17.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00

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