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Transreal New Titles – w/e 25th September 2021

in hardcover:

Christina HenryHorseman 14 y.o. Ben lives in Sleepy Hollow and plays with his friends, re-enacting the events of 30 years before…

in large format:

Charles StrossInvisible Sun 3rd part of his Empire Sun trilogy, The conclusion of the overall Merchant Princes cycle. Signed copies available soon!

Marko Kloos Aftershock 1st in his Palladium Wars series. New to Transreal Fiction although it came out in this format a couple of years ago
Marjorie LiuThe Tangleroot Palace collection of 7 new short astories
Neon YangThe Tensorate Series omnibus edition of all 4 titles, previously published separately as by Jy Yang: The Black Tides of Heaven, The Red Threads of Fortune, The Descent of Monsters & The Ascent to Godhood.

James BaldwinNordic Hero Tales from the Kalevala 37 short tales extracted fom the Finnish epic; first published in 1912. Illustrations by N. C. Wyeth

in ‘B’ format:

R. J. BarkerThe Bone Ship’s Wake 3rd in the Tide Child trilogy
Jonanthan FrenchFree Bastards following on from The Grey & The True

Christopher Paolini To Sleep in a Sea of Stars the 1st Fractalverse novel; Kira finds an alien relic during a routine survey of a distant planet…
James Kennedy Dare to Know he and Julia broke up long ago but now the Narrator has to find her to deduce why the new death-prediction technology he sells says he’s already dead!
Chris Beckett Two Tribes a future historian in the 23rd C investigates present day UK culture through the diaries of a young couple…
Ling MaSeverance Candace Chen has to ecide her future in devastated world, where plague has almost wiped out humanity…

Greg EganThe Best of GE missed this during the last lockdown… in the Gollancz SF Masterworks series. 20 stories in 720 pages.

Lily Seafield Scottish Witches companion to her popular Scottish Ghosts book. New to Transreal

art, etc:

3dtotal PublishingArt Fundamentals Theory in Practice their latest volume on art technique, for a general audience, not specifically an sf/f one. Subtitled How to Critque and Improve your Art for Better Results
3dtotal PublishingBeginner’s Guide to Digital Painting inProcreate: Characters tips, etc. for using the Procreate package

Frank PeLittle Nemo (After Winsor McCay) full colour hardback with more strange adventures in Dreamland!
Frederic Brremaud & Giovanni RiganoLetters From Animals, to those who think they’re just beasts full colour hardback adapted from the writings of Allain Bougrain-Dubourg. Short stories from a variety of species, about their lives compared to how humans think of them. Brremaud also writes the Love: series about specific animals.
J. D. Morvan, Rey Macutay & Walter Ashes, Ashes full colour hardback set in the 2180s about life on Earth after the catastrophic collapse of 2052…

PS Artbooks SofteePlanet Comics # 7 containing the stories from issues 19, 20 & 21 from 1942
PS Artbooks SofteeMysteries of Unexplored Worlds # 2 with stories from issues 6 – 10, from 1957 & 58
PS Artbooks SofteeClassic Science Fiction Comics # 3: The Green Planet with a selection from 5 titles from 1950 & 52. Great cover; I’ve owned the original comic for decades!


Locus – issue # 728 September cover date with Zen Cho & Lavie Tidhar on the cover…

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