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New Titles – w/e 26th June 2021

in hardcover:

G. R.MatthewsSeven Deaths of an Empire apprentice magician Kyron is part of the guard for the late Emperor’s body as it’s returned home, but whoever has the body may control the succession!
Benjamin RosenbaumThe Unraveling in a very complex future society, young Fift is the only child of a particular gender… I really enjoyed his earlier short story collection Other Cities

in large format:

Stephen AryanThe Coward vol 1 of the Quest for Heroes series. Kell’s a bonafide hero, but he feels he’s done his share and is reluctant to unsheath Slayer again – after all, he knows it was really just luck, not heroism!
Christoph RansmayrDog King an alternate post-war Europe, where Germany is divided north/south instead of east/west (based on the short-lived Morgenthau Plan). Not a new publication, but the 1st time I’ve stocked it.

Samuel R. DelanyOccasional Views volume 1 a wide ranging collection of essays by, and interviews with, Delany

in ‘B’ format:

Jack CampbellBoundless the latest (19th overall) Lost Fleet volume with Captain ‘Black’ Jack Geary. Part 1 of the Lost Fleet: Outlands sub-series
Ari MarmellLitany of Dreams an Arkham Horror novel, set at Miskatonic University during the Roaring Twenties 
K. J. ParkerInside Man an under-achieving demon is caught in a plan to subvert the very meaning of good and evil. Novella
Daryl GregoryThe Album of Dr. Moreau the classic Wells story updated to the world of boy bands, with the murder of the WildBoyZ manager, Dr. M thrown in!! Novella

in paperback:

Jerry PournelleMamelukes a hefty new Janisaries novel, completed after his death by his son Phillip with David Weber 

art, etc:

Anton SederFantastic Beasts of the Nineteenth Century reprint (with improved layout) of a 19th C German book of illustration & design called Das Thier in der Decorativen Kunst. Softcover with wonderful looking full colour birds, fish, reptiles, etc!
Philip Ball (text), Wenting Zhu & Yan Liang (photographers) – The Beauty of Chemistry subtitled Art, Wonder, and Science. Just what it says! Hardback full of great imagery (plus explanatory text) with over 350 colour images. 9″ square approx.


Lord DunsanyIn the Lamd of Time giant 14 cd 17 hour collection of his best work, read by Steven Crossley. From Pegans to Jorkins, including Idle Days on the Yann & The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth


Locus – issue # 725 June cover date
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