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New Titles – week ending 19th June 2021

in hardcover:

Brian CatlingHollow a band of mercenaries are tasked with transporting a religious oracle across landscapes populated by beasts from Bosch and Bruegel

Terry MilesRabbits an addictive, mysterious game has rumours of wonderful prizes – maybe even immortality! But by Round 11 there seems to be errors creeping in, with possibly disastrous consequences

in large format:

Miles CameronArtifact Space using fake papers, Marca has gained a place on the huge interstellar Greatship Athens but leaving her past behind isn’t easy

Mirah BolenderFortress of Magi sequel to City of Broken Magic & The Monstrous Citadel. The 3rd of the Chronicles of Amicae

in ‘B’ format:

Megan E. O’KeefeCatalyst Gate the 3rd of her Protectorate novels, after Velocity Weapon & Chaos Vector
Stark HolbornTen Low a ex-con scraping a living out on civilisation’s edge saves an enhanced enemy General from a wrecked spaceship…

Silvia Moreno-GarciaMexican Gothic just what it says! Loved her earlier Gods of Jade and Shadow but this time fewer gods and more shadows!
Ge YanStrange Beasts of China a cryptozoologist is commissioned to track down the ancient beasts of legend (and other more recent cratures) some of which are closer than anyone suspects!. Translated by Jeremy Hang

Adrian TchaikovskyThe House on the Old Cliff dyslexic friendly, large print novella featuring paranormal investigators, time trave;l and an ancient Sciottish home!

George RobinsonGreyfriars Bobby and the One O’Clock Gun new, revised edition of a very local history book!

in paperback:

art, etc:

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