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New Titles – w/e 12th June 2021

in hardcover:

Zen ChoBlack Water Sister a young woman returns to her family’s roots (and ghosts) in Malasia…
Martha WellsFugitive Telemerty the latest Murderbot novella!
Kate MilfordThe Raconteur’s Commonplace Book stranded by bad weather at the Blue Vein Tavern, varied travellers tell their different stories in their own ways… Set in the world of The Greenglass House.

David Weber & Richard FoxGovernor volume 1 of Ascent to Empire, although it also appears to be a set in the same background as Path of the Fury/In Fury Born (originally from the early 90s)
John Ringo & Gary Poole (editors) – We Shall Rise anthology with 11 new stories set in the world of Ringo’s Black Tide Rising apocalyptic zombie series

Roland Lehoucq, Loic Mangin & Jean-Sebastian Steyer (editors) – The Science of Middle Earth serious essays about all sorts of aspects of Tolkien’s Middle Earth! The anatomy of Hobbit feet; climate; metallurgy, Elvish eyesight, and many more! B&W illustrations by Arnauld Rafaelian

in large format:

Edward CoxThe Wood Bee Queen a soon-to-be unemployed folklorist may be the last hope of saving the ruling House Wood Bee of a realm on the other side of the sky and the sea… Signed copies available v. soon.
J. S. DawesThe Last Watch far in the future one of the worst military postings is to be a Sentinel, guarding The Divide at the edge of the Universe
Jack CampbellPirate of the Prophecy volume 1 of the Empress of the Endless Sea series. Her naval career destroyed by a prophecy, Jules flees to join a pirate crew. Elsewhere, the powerful Guilds hold strange secrets about the Empire’s origins…

Margaret St.ClairA Compendium of Mst.C little remembered, innovative female sf author; 62 short stories, almost all from the 1950s, with a couple slightly later. Big book, small print! Edited by Christopher Broschell

in ‘B’ format:

D. K. FieldsThe Stitcher and the Mute more stories are revealed in volume 2 of the Tales of Fenest as Detective Cora Gorderheim continues her investigation into the murky world of murder and politics… I’m keen to read volume 3!
Tasha SuriThe Jasmine Throne volume 1 of The Burning Kingdoms confined in an ancient temple, Princess Manhi drams of vengence against her family while her maid dreams of freedom! Epic fantasy

Nicky DraydenEscaping Exodus: Symbiosis sequel to Escaping Exodus, one of the strangest generation starship novels I’ve read!
Robbie ArnottThe Rain Heron Ren lives alone in a bleak future, but then soldiers arrive searching for a mythical bird said to be able to change the weather…
Fernando A. FloresTears of the Trufflepig absurdist near-future novel about the black market for animals of species brought back from extinction…
Kate MilfordGreenglass House  1st in the series set in the old smugglers inn. Long time since I’ve stocked it!

Nick MametasThe Planetbreaker’s Son the latest in the PM Press Outspoken Authors series. a novella, a short story, an essay, a bibliography & an interview with Terry Bisson.

Tarun K. Saint (editor) – New Horizons subtitled The Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction. 28 new stories

in paperback:

Adam Wisniewski-SnergRobot another of the new Penguin Science Fiction Classics, translated from Polish by Tomasz MirkowiczBER-66‘s controllers tell him that he’s a robot, but as he caries out his mission of exploring a mysterious underground complex, he becomes less sure that he is!

art, etc:

Frederic Brremaud & Federico Bertolucci Love: The Mastiff the latest in the series of full colour h/cs about a day in the life of a particular animal. Looks great.
Frederic Brremaud & Federico Bertolucci
Love: The Fox new edition. Also in stock are Love: The Tiger, Love: The Lion & Love: The Dinosaur
Frederic Brremaud & Federico Bertolucci
Brindille and the Shadow Hunters h/c graphic novel about a young girl who might be an elf!
Jim Henson‘s LabyrinthUnder the Spell h/c collecting the comics Under the Spell # 1 & Masquerade # 1

Ben Fisher, Emily S. Whitten & Michelle NguyenThe Underfoot: The Mighty Deep vol 1 of the full colour adventures of some post-human future ‘uplifted’ animals. Vol 2 came in last month… softcover; good fun!
Jeremy Tankard & Hermione TankardYorick and Bones humorous full colour softcover  featuring a young skeleton and his dog, and lots of Shakespeare references!
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