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New Titles – w/e 6th June 2021

in large format:

Brian Keene & Nick MamatasThe Damned Highway subtitled Fear and Loathing in Arkham the darker side of Nixon’s 1972 Presidential campaign trail!

in ‘B’ format:

Peter F. HamiltonSaints of Salvation the 3rd in the Salvation Sequence
Chaz BrenchleyThree Twins at the Crater School steampunk high jinks at a girl’s boarding school on Mars!

in paperback:

The 2nd tranche of new Penguin Classics adding to the 8 released last year
Kōbō AbeThe Ark Sakura classic Japanese novel from 1984 about a recluce who retreats to a vast bunker system
Samuel R. Delany – Driftglass his 1971 collection with classic work from 1967 – 71
Harry HarrisonMake Room! Make Room! classic over-population novel, filmed as Soylent Green
Anna KavanIce frozen post-nuclear dystopia from 1967
David LindsayA Voyage to Arcturus astral projection to a strange planet around a distant star
George S. SchuylerBlack No More race satire from 1931
Robert SheckleyUntouched By Human Hands his 1st short story collection (1954), with work from 1952 & 53
Olaf StabledonStar Maker epic tale of the Cosmos!
James Tiptree Jr.Warm Worlds and Otherwise her 1975 collection with stories from 1968 – 1973. Includes Silverberg’s erroneous Who is Tiptree. What is He? essay


Locus – issue # 724, May 2021 cover date. Includes interviews with Nnedi Okoraror & Nghi Vo
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