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New Titles – w/e 29th May 2021

in hardcover:

Adrian TchaikovskyShards of Earth part 1 of The Final Architecture trilogy, his big new series about a war the humans thought had ended!
Joanne M. HarrisHoneycomb her latest fantasy, illustrated by Charles Vess. There is a story the bee used to tell…
Christopher Buelhman – The Blacktongue Thief having run up huge debts training to be a thief, Kinch awaits the next traveller to pass his hiding place, but Galva is a survivor of the brutal Goblin Wars…
Mike ShackleFool’s Hope sequel to We Are the Dead and part 2 of The Last War
A. J. Smith – The Sword Falls sequel to The Glass Breaks and vol 2 of The Form & Void Trilogy

Catriona Ward – The Last House on Needless Street in the trees at the end of Needless Street something unexpected lies buried… Probably not related to Needless Road in Perth! 😉

in ‘B’ format:

Elizabeth BearMachine sequel to Ancestral Night and thus the 2nd White Space novel
Stephen BaxterCreator the 2nd in his World Engines series, following Destroyer
Gareth HanrahanThe Broken God volume 3 of The Black Iron Legacy. The 1st was The Gutter Prayer & v2 was The Shadow Saint
Alfred Bester The Flowering Thundermug novelette from 1964. An imagined look back at the mid-20thC from 500 years in the future

Jen Baker (editor) – Minor Hauntings the latest Tales of the Weird anthology from the British Library, subtitled Chilling Tales of Spectral Youth.
Mike Ashley (editor) – Future Crimes a Science Fiction Classics anthology from the British Library, subtitled Mysteries and Detection Through Time and Space

in paperback:

Eric Flint & Walter H. Hunt1636: The Atlantic Encounter the latest paperback (apparently the 25th!) in his 1632 / Ring of Fire alternate history series

art, etc:

Aron Wiesenfeld – Travellers h/c. Guaranteed no superheroes from this ex-Marvel artist! Moody forests & landscapes

Hisao FukuiFantastic Origami Sea Creatures hardcover with full colour details on making walrusses, penguins, manta rays, ichthyosaurs, and 16 other marine based animals!

Guillaume Perreault – Biker Bandits a 2nd book about the Postman From Space
Frederic Brremaud & Federico Bertolucci – Love: The Tiger reprint of the 1st in their series. A wonderfully illustrated day in the life of a tiger!


Illustration – issue # 72 excellent feature on the b&w work of Frank Fruzyna. Also Mark Ludlow & C. Calvert Beall

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