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April B (2021)

in hardcover:

Jeff VandermeerHummingbird Salamander security consultant Jane Smith receives a storage unit key from a recently deceased eco-terrorist..
Charlie Jane AndersVictories Greater Than Death Tina is revealed as the clone of a great hero, but that desn’t mean she has the same abilities, however much they’re needed!
Laurent BinetCivilisations alternate history where the Mesoamerican cultures dominate Europe after their discovery!
Mark LawrenceThe Girl and the Mountain 2nd in his Book of the Ice series, after The Girl and the Stars
Christina Henry Near the Bone Mattie & Wiliam live alone deep in the wilderness but then 3 strangers appear nearby and she knows William will become angry with them. And that isn’t good…

Chuck Wendig & Natalie Metzger (artist) – You Can Do Anything, Magic Skeleton! offbeat, positive exhortations!

in large format:

Caroline HardackerComposite Creatures as the air thickens, survival is becoming harder and harder but there may be an unusual solution!
C. L. PolkSoulstar the 3rd in the Kingston Cycle, after Witchmark & Stormsong
Karen OsborneEngines of Oblivion the 2nd Memory War novel, after Architects of Memory

in ‘B’ format:

M. John HarrisonThe Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again strange urban fantasy

Jim ButcherPeace Talks the 16th Dresden File
Stephen BaxterDestroyer the 1st of the World Engines series; a cryogenically preserved astronaut is awoken hundreds of years in the future
Nicky DraydenEscaping Exodus sequel to Exodus, probably the weirdest generation starship novel I’ve read!
Tim PrattThe Alien Stars and other novellas more stories set in his Axiom universe

Jackson FordEye of the Sh*t Storm sequel to The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With her Mind and the 2nd of the Frost Files
Jodi Taylor Another Time, Another Place the 12th of The Chronilcles of St. Marys
C. L. PolkThe Midnight Bargain Beatrice is a sorceress but will soon have to choose either love or magic…
Nicola PenfoldWhere the World Turns Wild Juniper Greene (!) & her little brother escape from the walled city where they live and discover the world outside…
Nino CipriDefekt sequel to Finna, again set in a giant, dimension-spanning, IKEA-like big box store
Jim C. HinesTamora Carter: Goblin Queen after roller derby practice young Tamora spots some goblins and guesses they might know about her friend’s disappearance…
Aliette deBodardFireheart Tiger ex-Royal hostage Princess Thanh has returned to her childhood home: her mother’s imperial court…

Arkady & Boris StrugatskyInhabited Island the latest in the Gollancz SF Materworks series. Previously published as Prisoners of Power, although this is a new (and I would hope better) translation by Andrew Bromfield
Gareth PowellThe Recollection 10th Anniversary issue. I enjoyed it a lot the first time around!

R. A. LaffertyOkla Hannali his historical novel about the Choctaw nation in the mid-West during the 19th C.

in paperback:

Kim HarrisonAmerican Demon the latest adventure with Rachel Morgan

art, etc:

PIE International Mysterious Scenes From a Dark Fantasy World a further companion volume to
Retrospective Scenes From a Sentimental World ,
Everyday Scenes From a Parallel World &
Beautiful Scenes From a Fantasy World,
and is subtitled Background Illustrations and Scenes From Up-and-coming Artists


McSweeney’s – issue # 63
Ktistec PressFeast of Laughter vols #2, # 3 & # 4 thick digest magazines all about the life, work & influence of R. A. Lafferty. Vol # 1 came in last month…
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