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New Titles – April A (2021)

in hardcover:

T. L. HuchuThe Library of the Dead Ropa is a ghoststalker in Edinburgh, conveying messages to the living from the dead but something bad is happening and only she has the skills to figure out just what…
Yuba IsukariYokohama Station SF Hiroto wins a brief trip inside the massive, mysterious complex which is growing & spreading over ever more of Japan. Includes a fold-out map of relevant locations in Japan…

Bruce SterlingRobot Artists & Black Swans collection of 7 new short stories consisting of ‘The Italian Fantascienza Stories‘. Looks fascinating! From Tachyon Publications

Lavie Tidhar (editor) – The Best of World SF vol 1 large volume of 26 new short stories from around the globe. A few famous authors, but mainly names I don’t immediately recognise

in large format:

Maria LewisThe Rose Daughter Dreckly Jones is 1/2 elemental & 1/2 selkie and has avoided attention all her life, whether it’s her apparent 40-ish years, or her actual 140…

Margaret Helgodottir (editor) – Eurasian Monsters anthology of 8 folklore-based dark fantasies from Eastern Europe & ex-Soviet Republics.

Jan BaetensRebuilding Story Worlds in-depth look at ‘The Obscure Cities by Schuiten & Peeters’. Mainly text, with some colour and b&w art. Softcover. All you could want to know about Francois Schuiten & Benoit Peeters‘ classic graphic novel series

in ‘B’ format:

Martha WellsNetwork Effect the 1st full-length Murderbot Diaries novel, after the 4 earlier novellas…

Cory Doctorow Attack Surface at work Masha works in cybersecurity but off the clock she sometimes swaps roles
Elizabeth May & Laura LamSeven Devils fast moving space opera from 2 local authors!
Oliver K. LangmeadBirds of Paradise the Garden of Eden has been destroyed and it’s remnants scattered but Adam and a few now very old companions know it has to be rebuilt. Looks interesting; I’m intrigued!
Premee MohamedA Broken Darkness 18 months ago The Anomaly attacked from the shapeless void, and now it might be back!

Jenn LyonsThe Memory of Souls the 3rd volume of A Chorus of Dragons, after The Ruin of Kings & The Name of All Things
Andrea StewartThe Bone Shard Daughter part 1 of The Drowning Empire as the Emperor ages, change is coming to the realm and his daughter must prove her worth by learning how to control his magic…

Natasha PulleyThe Lost Future of Pepperharrow direct sequel to The Watchmaker of Filigree Street
Kim NevilleThe Memory Collectors Ev can sense the emotions attached to objects, but her neighbour is a hoarder of trinkets, etc. and the emotions are seeping through the common wall…
A. G. Slatter All the Murmuring Bones long ago Miren’s family struck a bargain to guarantee the safety of their trading ships, but have recently been failing to pay the price
Claire McKennaMonstrous Heart Arden is a minor blood mage, sent to manage a remote, magic-powered lighthouse beset by creatures from the deeps. I enjoyed the hardcover
Beth CartwrightFeathertide Marea was born with feathers and kept hidden but now she decides to go to the City of Murmurs seeking her father
Kate ElliottUnconquerable Sun the 1st of the Sun Chronicles. Princess Sun has come of age in a Court riddled with intrigue among the noble houses
C. L. ClarkThe Unbroken Touraine was abducted and raised as a child soldier. Now she’s back in her homeland to quell a revolt and finds her past isn’t buried as deep as she assumed
Brian NaslundSorcery of a Queen sequel to Blood of an Exile, and the middle book of the Dragons of Terra trilogy
Alex MyersThe Story of Silence based on a 13thC French Romance poem about a land where women can’t inherit but Lord Cador, Earl of Cornwall, has an only daughter, so he raises her as a boy and hides her away…

Cixin LiuHold Up the Sky short story collection
Sarah PinskerSooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea short story collection
Mark PolanzakThe OK End of Funny Town 19 strange short stories! Looks fun!

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – The Book of Dragons original work from 29 top writers

in paperback:

Lois McMaster BujoldPenric’s Progress omnibus collecting the 3 short novels Penric’s Demon, Penric and the Shaman & Penric’s Fox

Eric Flint & Ryk E. SpoorCastaway Resolution sequel to Castaway Odyssey and the 6th in Flint’s Boundary series
Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Steven BarnesStarborn & Godsons a new sequel to Niven’s 1987 Legacy of Heorot
Julie CzernadaMirage the sequel to Search Image and v2 in the Web Shifter’s Library trilogy

art, etc:

Gu Zheng WeiGuweiz: The Art of GZW very nice looking book, mainly of East Asian, rather Goth-looking women, with lots of tips and notes of the work
Lauren Marx Sacred Decay large h/c full of eyecathcing art of nature in various stages of being caught through to eventual decay

Studio GhibliSpirited Away: 30 Postcards uniform with their earlier My Neighbour Totoro set, published by Chronicle Books


Black Static – issue # 78/79 a double issue after a bit of a break. Now in a new, fat compact size; all fiction, no art, reviews or articles. Features Neil Williamson among the dozen contributors
Infinite Worlds Science Fiction Magazine – issue # 7 the 1st print issue, I believe. Short fiction & full colour art

Heavy Metal – issue # 305 with 2 different covers, one by Frank Frazetta & one by Jason Edmiston
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