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New Titles – Late March 2021

in hardcover:

Ben AaronovitchWhat Abigail Did That Summer a new Rivers of London novella

Elizabeth KnoxThe Absolute Book people insist Taryn hunt down the missing book, but she fears she’s the one being hunted!

Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett & Gorg Huff The Macedonian Hazard it’s been a year since The Queen of the Sea cruise ship flipped back in time to the 4thC BCC.
Charles E. GannonAt the End of the Journey the 9th Back Tide Rising volume…

Terry BrooksSmall Magic subtitled Short Fiction 1977 – 2020

in large format:

Nino CirpiHomesick: Stories from the author of Finna
Nnedi OkoraforBinti: The Complete Trilogy

in ‘B’ format:

Adrian TchaikovskyThe Doors of Eden confusion and conflict across multiple timelines where the very basics of evolution may be different!
Mark LawrenceThe Girl and the Stars part one of his new fantasy series
Django WexlerAshes of the Sun start of his big new fantasy series
M. R. CareyThe Fall of Koli the final part in the post-apocalyptic Rampart Trilogy
Nicky SingerThe Survival Game the world’s falling apart and Mhairi is determined to get back to her home in Scotland and only has a gun, but no bullets…

in paperback:

Tim PowersForced Perspectives sequel to Alternate Routes, set in L.A. and across multiple realities
Seanan McGuireCalculated Risks the 10th Incryptid adventure. Includes a 65 page novella, Singing the Comic-Con Blues
Frank ChadwickShip of Destiny sequel to Chain of Command

art, etc:

Neil Gaiman & P. Craig RussellNorse Mythology volume 1 full colour hardcover with an intoductory prologue and 6 tales, mainly by Gaiman & Russell but with additional art by the likes of Mike Mignola, David Rubin & Jill Thompson

Alejandro Jodorowsky & Francois BoucqTwisted Tales single page two tone illustrations matched with short vignettes from a line to a couple of hundred words. Hardback from Humanoids
Ibrahim MoustafaCount futuristic take on the Count of Monte Christo. Full colour softcover from Humanoids
Kiyarn Dibart & Christian Dibart Provenance of Madness 3 full colour stories in Lovecraftian settings, from Black Caravan
Marie Moinard & Christelle PecoutWoman Discoverers subtitled Top Women in Science. Full colour hardback with the stories of 20 women, from Ada Lovelace to Jocelyn Bell Burnell

H. P. Lovecraft & Dave ShephardCall of Cthulhu with Dagon (short) nicely produced hardback with full colour graphic novels of the H. P. Lovecraft stories

Fleetway Picture Library Classics John Steel Special Agent: World War II with b&w art by Ron Turner
Fleetway Picture Library ClassicsClash of Blades 4 tales of adventure from the Scottish wars of independence, the Norman Conquest to the Three Musketeers & Dorian Gray! Art by Reg Bunn, Patrick Nicolle, Robert Forrest & John Millar Watt
H. Rider Hagard & Vince NapoliPS Artbook Magazine Presents She full colour re-print from the 1940s (I think)
Joe KubertPS Artbook Magazine Presents Tor short b&w tales from a million years ago! (Warning: includes dinosaurs!)
PS Artbooks SofteePlanet Comics full colour reprint collecting issues #10, 11 & 12 from 1941


LocusMarch 2021 cover date, whole number # 722 includs interviews with Jonathan Carroll & Aliette de Bodard
IllustratorsIssue Thirty-Two (# 32) featuring Oliver Frey & Alberto Breccia

gift, etc:

Lord of the Rings Jigsaw – Trollshaws 1000 piece puzzle with trolls & hobbits, with art by Ted Naismith
Lord of the Rings Jigsaw – Rhosgobel 1000 piece puzzle of Radagast the Brown‘s sprawling treehouse, with art by Ted Naismith
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