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New Titles – March 2021

in hardcover:

Greg BearThe Unfinished Lands fleeing defeat in 1588, a Spanish ship is driven far north, and finds a strange coast, with stranger inhabitants!

Adrian TchaikovskyOne Day All This Will be Yours signed limited (to 1500 copies) edition from Tor. No one remembers how the Causality War began…
Kevin Hearne A Question of Navigation Clint is given a t-shirt saying DO NOT EAT by the invading aliens; not everyone is so lucky… Signed & numbered edition from Subterranean Press

in large format:

Waubgeshig RiceMoon of the Crusted Snow post-apocalyptic novel set in the far north. 100 years ago they’d have barely noticed, but now..?
Jean D’OrmessonThe Glory of the Empire translated from French by Barbara Bray. A general history of The Empire, which never existed in our history – we had Rome, Byzantium, and others, instead! This English edition came out 5 years ago; the original was published in 1971

Isabel Yap Never Have I Ever collection of 13 short stories
Tod McCoy & M. Huw Evans (editors) – Pocket Workshop subtitled Essays on Living as a Writer. 27 essays from a wide cross-section of authors who have all attended the Clarion West Writers Workshops in some capacity
Lou AntonelliLetters From Gardner: A Writer’s Odyssey 16 short srories, each with a story about how it came to be, with comments and quotes from the editing input from Gardner Diozois as Editor of F&FS magazine. First published 2014

in ‘B’ format:

Markus HeitzDoors X Twilight searching for his daughter in an unexplored cave system, Walter finds a vast cavern with many mysteriously marked doors…
Markus Heitz Doors ! Field of Blood each leads somewhere different; an alternate present where WW2 went differently, the middle of a medieval battle, a dystopian future perhaps…
Markus Heitz Doors ? Colony and Anna-Lena could be through any of them! A trilogy with no set reading order (I think!)

Simon JimenezThe Vanished Birds space travel is slow but then freighter captain Nia meets a mysterious boy able to ‘jaunt’…
Adrian TchaikovskyBlood of the Mantis & Salute the Dark reprints of vols 3 & 4 of his 10 book Chronicles of the Apt
Baz Greenland & Andy Frankham-AllenForeward to the Past a Bloodlines Lethbridge Stewart adventure set in the Doctor Who background

Ktistek Press Feast of Laughter issue # 1 this came out years ago; it’s an occasional magazine (only 4 to date) centred around the works of R. A. Lafferty. I can get the other issues if requested to…

in paperback:

Seanan McGuireCalculated Risks the 10th of her Incryptid novels
Mercedes Lackey & Cody MartinBreaking Silence the 10th Serrated Edge book; the 1st was Born to Run back in 1992 and the first since Silence five years ago…

Doctor WhoThe Witchfinders with the Thirteenth Doctor
Doctor WhoDalek with the Ninth Doctor
Doctor WhoThe Crimson Horror with the Eleventh Doctor
Doctor WhoThe TV Movie with the Eighth Doctor. All from Target

art, etc:

James Romberger Post York life in a future flooded NYC. b&w softcover with limited text
Anma Miralles & Emilio Ruiz Waluk: The Great Journey the story of 2 polar bears looking for safety & new hunting grounds. Colour hardcover; nice art
PS Artbooks Softee – Kona Monarch of Monster Isle

H. P. Lovecraft The Shadow Over Innsmouth b&w graphic novel, with the original prose text following

H. P. Lovecraft & I. N. J. CulbardThe Case of Charles Dexter Ward these 4 titles are ‘B’ format, full colour softback adaptations of the famour horror stories, from SelfMadeHero
H. P. Lovecraft & I. N. J. CulbardThe Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath
H. P. Lovecraft & I. N. J. Culbard The Shadow Out of Time
Robert W. Chambers & I. N. J. Culbard The King in Yellow


Heavy Metal – issue # 304
Hi-Fructose – issue # 58

Dark MatterIssue One cover date January/February 2021. Attractive-looking squarebound magazine . Mainly fiction but with 3 illustrated pieces on specific artists
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