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New Titles – w/e 31st January 2021

in hardcover:

Cal FlynIsles of Abandonment subtitled Life in the Post-Human Landscape non-fiction about areas humans once occupied, but have now retreated from
Rebecca Wragg-SykesKindred subtitled Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art I’ve been trying to get hold of this title for months! New overview of out nearest cousins. 8 pages of colour plates and also some b&w line drawings

David Weber & Chris KennedyInto the Light sequel to 2010’s Out of the Dark, in which, iirc, vampires emerge to help defeat an alien invasion. Now they take the fight to the aliens…
Eric Flint, Gorg Huff & Paula GoodlettThe Macedonian Hazard a new Ring of Fire novel although it’s set in the 4thC BCE. Apparently a sequel to The Alexander Inheritance and part 2 of their Queen of the Sea series
Laura Purcell The Shape of Darkness struggling Victorian Silhouette artist Agnes goes to a seance whilst investigating a family death and opens a Way she may not be able to close!
Seanan McGuireAcross the Green Grass Fields short novel from Subterranean Press. A stand-alone Wayward Children book with new characters

Joe R. LansdaleFishing for Dinosaurs and other stories sighed & numbered edition of 5 novellas from Subterranean Press. Includes intros for each novella from other writers.

in ‘B’ format:

Joshua Johnson The Forever Sea Kindred Greyreach helps keep The Errant sailing magically across the endless prairie
Tessa GrattonLady Hotspur Lady Isarna Hotspur is the Lady Knight who is key to deciding who will take, or keep, the throne…

Jeff VandermeerDead Astronauts in a nameless city 3 shape-changing, post-humans attempt a dangerous mission
Chana PorterThe Seep an alien entity has arrived and is slowly reforming Earth, allowing people to attain their deepest dreams…
Guillermo SaccomannoThe Clerk in a failing dystopia, the Clerk will do anything to keep his job… Translated by Andrea G. Labinger

in paperback:

L. E. Modesitt, jr. – The Mage-Fire War the 21st volume of The Saga of Recluce
Eric Flint & Walter H. HuntCouncil of Fire the 2nd in their Arcane America series

art, etc:

Fleetway Picture Library Classics presents – Westerns featuring art by Ruggero Giovannini 4 b&w tales from Thriller Picture Library set in the Wild West!
Fleetway Picture Library Classics presents – Pirate Tales featuring 4 b&w tales from Thriller Picture Library set on the Spanish Main!


Illustrators Issue Thirty-One featuring the work of 5 artists, including Rowena & Hannes Bok
Heavy Metalissue # 303 2 varient covers
Locusissue # 720 January 2021 cover date
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m/o, etc by arrangement

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