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New Titles for w/e 24th January 2021

in hardcover:

Eric Flint & Charles E. Gannon1637: No Peace Beyond the Line the action moves to the Caribbean in this latest Ring of Fire/1632 novel…

Tamsyn MuirPrincess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower signed & numbered limited editon from Subterranean Press. So limited I was short supplied so not all advance orders can be filled. Sorry.

in large format:

Linda NagataPacific Storm near future climate thriller set in Hawai’i

in ‘B’ format:

Genevieve CogmanThe Dark Archive the 7th in her Invisible Library series…
Emily TeshDrowned Country sequel to Silver in the Wood, which I enjoyed a lot. The Wild Man of Greenhollow emerges to help his mother!
C. E. MurphyBaba Yaga’s Daughter short story collection with 10 tales featuring the Old Races

in paperback:

Michael MammayColonyside Colonel Butler is pressed back into service to find a missing person on a new, jungle colony planet…
Patrick ChilesFrozen Orbit on NASA’s first manned mission to the Kuiper Belt, they discover a secret Soviet project has been there for decades!
John Ringo, Kacey Ezell & Christopher L. SmithGunpowder & Embers 30 years earlier, Earth had been invaded successfully and humans forced back to subsistence level existence – until now! Part 1 of Last Judgement’s Fire (I think!)


McSweeney’sissue # 60 large softcover, squarebound in a plastic sleeve. Not sure why it’s so late; I’ve already had the next 2 issues!
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