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New titles received w/e 16th January

in hardcover:

Adrian TchaikovskyBear Head Jimmy is on Mars, smuggling illegal data in his head and it’s starting to talk to him and tells him it’s a bear!
Zack JordanThe Last Human Sarya is a much-feared Human (thought wiped out), hiding her species identity as she tries to live quietly among hundreds of other species on Watchtower Station…
C. K. McDonnell The Stranger Times Hannah starts her new job on The Stranger Times, a weekly newspaper of the weird and wonderful… sounds fun but who remembers the somewhat similar The Midnight Examiner by William Kotzwinkle!?
Samantha ShannonThe Mask Falling sequel to The Song Rising and the 4th novel of her Bone Season series

Adam RobertsIt’s the End of the World six chapters, each about a different type of apocalypse

in ‘B’ formet:

William GibsonAgency set in an alternate 2017, Verity is asked to evaluate a new AI digital assistant, while in a future London Wilf is trying to change the past to affect Verity and her new AI, Eunice!
Tim PrattDoors of Sleep every time Zax falls asleep he, and whoever he’s touching, will wake up in an alternate universe of some sort – and he’s discovered he’s being pursued!
Cixin LiuOf Ants and Dinosaurs fun fable of how the two tried to live together
Carol StiversThe Mother Code combatting a dreadful bioweapon, desperate scientists design giant robots, each for a separate baby to grow up in who will eventually emerge when the danger is past!

Paul McAuleyWar of the Maps on a giant world a lucidor, or lawman, is determined to hunt down a criminal, weird alien invasion or not!
George R. R. MartinFire and Blood 24 pieces set 3 centuries before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire, subtitled Being a History of the Targaryen Kings of Westeros. b&w illustrations thoughout
R. S. FordSpear of Malice vol 3 of War of the Archons. The previous books were A Demon in Silver & Hangman’s Gate
Amanda HockingThe Ever After 3rd in her Omte Origins series, after The Lost City & The Morning Flower. All set in her Trylle background
Hannah M. Long Hall of Smoke banished priestess Hessa tries to use her powers to defeat her country’s invaders and win back her place but discovers the dangers are greater than she thought!
Veronica RothChosen Ones a decade after defeating the Dark One, everyone thinks Sloane is still suffering from PTSD, but she knows differently and that the Dark One’s plans were more complex than anyone thought!
Marina & Sergey DyachenkoDaughter From the Dark sequel to Vita Nostra. Dark urban fantasy from Russia translated by Julia Meitov Hersey
Grady Hendrix The Southern Bookclub’s Guide to Slaying Vampires children are going missing and Patricia starts to suspect her neighbour’s newly-returned son – and she’s in danger, having already invited him into her home…

art, etc:

Don LawrenceThe Rise and Fall of The Trigan Empire: volume 2 anothe 280 pages of full-colour adventure from the 1960s!

some stock is still missing in transit…

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