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Back in lockdown and unable to open the shop again!

But I still have stock arriving fairly regularly (last week being an exception) although my first UK book stock of the year won’t arrive until next week, I’m afraid. Some good stuff due though! Same postal/local delivery options available as before. Some titles due in last week have still not arrived.

in the meantime for w/e 09/01/21 I have


Robert E. HowardThe Rattle of Bones & Other Terrifying Tales 8 short stories, 7 (8 if you count the cover) with a full page, full colour plate by Gabriel Rodriguez. From Clover Press

art, etc:

Killian EngObjuct Compendium full colour h/c with a variety of styles of art inside. Looks great!
Mark RydenAnima Animals – h/c full of all sorts of slightly weird figures and heads. Mainly colour

Jim Henson‘s The StorytellerGhosts collecting 4 full colour short graphic novels by Michael Walsh, Mark Lazlo, Jennifer Rostowsky & VER, together with notes and b&w sketches
PS Artbooks SofteeKona – Monarch of Monster Isle full colour reproductions of 4 Kona comics from 1961 plus Reptilicus #1 from 1962. Dinosaurs, cave men, adventurers!
PS Artbooks PresentsAnarcho Dictator of Death full colour adventure from 1941 featuring Radar the International Policeman, with script by Otto Binder & art by Al Carreno


Heavy Metalissue # 302 with 2 variant covers by Patrick Reilly & Otto Schmidt

2021 wall calendars:

TOTORO – a scene from the film every month

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