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New Titles – w/e 21st Novemebr 2020

in hardcover:

Brandon SandersonRhythm of War the eagerly awaited 4th volume of The Stormlight Archive (to/s)

in large format:

Yahtzee CroshawWill Destroy the Galaxy for Cash sequel to Will Save the Galaxy for Food

art, etc:

Ilan StavansA Pre-Columbian Bestiary nice little hardcover with information about 46 Fantastic Creatures of Indiginous Latin America, each with a woodcut-like full page illustration by Eko.

Terry Pratchett & Stephen BriggsThe Ankh-Morpork Archives: A Discworld Anthology volume II a 2nd volume of facts, etc about Discworld, including many b&w pieces by Paul Kidby of a lot of the series’ characters


Interzone – issue # 289
Black Static – issue # 77
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