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New Titles – w/e 3rd October 2020

in hardcover:

Cory DoctorowAttack Surface a return to the very near future of Little Brother. Masha works on software to help spy on the public, but spends her free time helping them to avoid it! Sounds a bit like A Scanner Darkly by PKD!
Elizabeth BearMachine the 2nd volume in her White Space sequence, following on from Ancestral Night
Joe AbercrombieThr Trouble With Peace sequel to A Little Hatred and vol. 2 of The Age of Madness
Jim ButcherBattle Gtound the 17th of the Dresden Files
Deborah A. BakerOver the Woodward Wall a tale of two very different children; Baker is a pseudonym of Seanan McGuire

Ursula K. LeGuinAnnals of the Western Shore omnibus edition of her trilogy consisting of Gifts, Voices & Powers. The 5th of the Library of America editions of her works

Graham MastertonThe House of a Hundred Whispers in a lonely mansion on the edge of Dartmoor… Horror
Simon R.GreenNight Train to Murder the latest Ishmael Jones case

Steve ColeDoctor Who : Tme Lord VictoriousThe Knight, The Fool and The Dead

in large format:

Elizabeth BearMachine sequel to Ancestral Night and her 2nd White Space book
Scott SteinThe Great American Deception humorous PI case set in the near future; which seems reminiscent of Ron Goulart’s work
Douglas AdamsThe Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: 42nd Anniversary Edition. What better anniversary could there possibly be to celebrate HHGG!?
Ursula K. LeGuinChanging Planes short story collection, with b&w illos by Eric Beddows. First issued in 2003

A. J. Hackwith The Archive of the Forgotten sequel to The Library of the Unwritten and volume 2 of Hell’s Library
Jane YolenMidnight Circus dark fantasy collection from Tachyon Publications

in ‘B’ format:

Megan O;KeefeChaos Vector sequel to Velocity Weapon and part 2 of The Protectorate
Rhett C. BrunoTitanborn Malcolm and his cyber-enhanced new partner are sent to Titan with orders to quell an independence movement… Vol 1 of Children of Titan

John GywnneA Time of Courage final volume in his Of Blood and Bone fantasy trilogy
John M. FordThe Dragon Waiting re-issue of the highly thought of alternate history fantasy from 1983
Kristen BritainThe Dream Gatherer novella set in the world of the Gtreen Rider

Nina AllanRuby is the horror actress Ruby Castle a living person or a collective fantasy!? Sounds like a Jonathan Carroll book!
Luke ArnoldDead Man in a Ditch sequel to The Last Smile in Sunder City; the 2nd Fetch Phillips case
Caitlin R. KiernanThe Tindalos Asset the Signalman asks Ellison to take one last case: stop the impending apocalypse!
John EversonVoodoo Heart murder, snakes and secret societies in New Orleans…
Laird Hunt In the House in the Dark of the Woods a young girl lost in a very dark fairy tale…
Francine ToonPine gothic horror in the glens of Scotland

Mike Ashley (editor) – Queens of the Abyss latest in the British Library‘s Tales of the Weird anthology series. Subtitled Lost Stories From the Women of the Weird
Mark Morris (editor) – After Sundown horror anthology with 20 original stories
Christopher Golden & Rachel Autumn Deering (editors) – Hex Life: Wicked New Tales of Witchery includes work by Rachel Caine, Theodora Goss, Kelley Armstrong, and others…

art, etc:

M A HarelBird People hardcover consisting mainly of elegant pictures of human/bird hybrids! Pencil & full colour art.
M A Harel Omoiyari softcover with full colour images inspired by Japanese myth & folklore. Very nicely produced books by a local artist. Her previous book, Hortari, is also in stock. Signed copies of all three are available!

3DTotal PublishingSketching from the Imagination: Anime & Manga the latest volume in the series

gift, etc:

David Day The Ring Legends of Tolkien the 7th of Day’s heavily illustrated, attractive little books exploring different facets of Tolkien’s work

Previous volumes are
An Atlas
The Battles
The Dark Powers
A Dictionary
The Heroes
The Hobbits

or, as I add in my database, Green, Red, Grey, Tan, Blue & Yellow. And now Brown


Tolkien 2021 – with work by Alan Lee, John Howe & Ted Naismith. Full colour
Cthulhu 2021 – Lovecraftian creatures by a variety of artists. Full colour

magazines, etc:

Locus – the September cover date issue has still not arrived in stock. I’m chasing it up.

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