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Stock Catch-Up! (but still closed!)

New titles have been trickling in over time…

in hardcover:

Trudi CanavanMaker’s Curse the 4th book of her Millennium’s Rule quartet
Cixin LiuOf Ants and Dinosaurs novel of a strange alliance millions of years ago!

Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Steven BarnesStarborn & Godsons third novel in the series which began with A Legacy of Heorot back in 1987!

James P. BlaylockThe Gobblin’ Society the latest Langdon St.Ives steampunk adventure! Signed & Numbered edition from Subterranean Press
Michael SwanwickThe Postutopian Adventures of Darger and Surplus signed & numbered short story collection from Subterranean Press

in large format:

Elizabeth BearThe Red-Stained Wings 2nd volume of The Lotus Kingdoms series, which began with The Stone in the Skull
Justina RobsonPaper Hearts new novella from NewCon Press

in ‘B’ format:

John ScalziThe Last Emperox the 3rd book of The Interdependancy, which began with The Collapsing Empire & The Consuming Fire
Stephen BaxterDestroyer the 1st book in his new World Engines series. An astronaut wakes from cryogenic sleep 500 years in the future but finds that his memories of the past don’t match with that society’s history!

Francis CarsacThe City Among the Stars 1st English language edition of any novel by French scientist Francois Bordes (1919 – 1981), written in the 1960s. Translated by Judith Sullivan & M. Schiff. Carsac was a pseudonym, obviously.

Alix E. HarrowThe Ten Thousand Doors of January a young girl finds a way to escape the sprawling mansion she lives in with her guardian…
Maggie HaggithLyre Dancers the 3rd in her historically based Stone Stories series, initially about the ancient Greek explorer Pytheas, although this ones seems to be more about some of the people he met. Earlier books were The Walrus Mutterer & The Amber Seeker

Christopher PriestEpisodes his 1st short story collection since 2008. 11 stories, with comments, etc. on each by the author

art, etc:

Mike Butterworth & Don LawrenceThe Trigan Empire volume 1 300 hundred full colour pages of the epic 1960s science fantasy comic strip in softcover. Wonderful stuff!

Jose GonzalezThe Art of JG full colour hardcover from Dynamite, subtitled The Premier Vampirella Artist

Ben KatchkorThe Dairy Restaurant great looking hardback novel/history which appears to be about vegetarian restaurants (term used v loosely in some cases) from Biblical times up to present day New York!

magazines, etc:

Interzone – issue # 287 May/June cover date with wrap-around cover by Warwick Fraser-Coombe, unhindered by the usual barcode & price box…
Black Static – issue # 75 May/June cover date with front cover by Ben Baldwin, unhindered by the usual barcode & price box…


If you want any of these titles, or any other book I’m likely to have in stock, please contact me and we can probably work something out. I don’t have a shopping basket on here but there are other ways of ordering & paying!

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