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More Signed Hardcovers!

OK, so here are some more pictures of some of the signed stock I have available at very reasonable prices! Check around if you don’t believe me!
They’re all first editions.
Clicking on the covers will bring up larger images.

Lets start with a collection from one of the grandest of surviving Grand Masters, Robert Silverberg!

Robert Silverberg – Early Days: More Tales From the Pulp Era
Subterranean Press 2016 cover by Bob Eggleton
signed & numbered 659/1000

Next today is a great looking edition from Richard Morgan

Richard K. Morgan – The Cold Commands
Subterranean Press 2012 cover & endpaper art by Vincent Chong
signed & numbered 360/500

followed by one of the pricier books, but not the priciest, on the list today, the 4th Temeraire novel

Naomi Novik – Empire of Ivory
Subterranean Press 2011 cover by Dominic Harman
signed & numbered 213/500

Then there’s this admittedly somewhat less popular weird western

Stephen Gallagher – The Authentic William James
Subterranean Press 2017
signed & numbered 311/1000

followed by this rather hefty hard SF novel

Peter F. Hamilton – The Naked God
Subterranean 2012 cover by Tomislav Tikulin
signed & numbered 224/500

and next a horror novel from Kelly Armstrong

Kelly Armstrong – Amityville Horrible
Subterranean Press 2012
signed & numbered 886/1500

A rock & roll journey across hell from Stephen Boyett

Stephen Boyett – Mortality Bridge
Subterranean Press 2011 cover by J. K. Potter
signed & numbered 632/750

And now one of my personal favourites, Lewis Shiner. His current novel, <i>Outside the Gates of Eden</i> is excellent! I’ve not listed here, but it is in stock. This one contains ‘three short novels and a fable’

Lewis Shiner – Heroes and Villains
Subterranean Press 2017 cover by Ken Laager
signed & numbered  671/750

Local best=selling author Charlie Stross

Charles Stross – Singularity Sky
Ace 2003 cover by Danilo Ducak

Almost there! Today’s penultimate entry is a collection from the ever dependable Jack McDevitt

Jack McDevitt – A Voice in the Night
Subterranean Press 2018 cover by Les Edwards
signed & numbered 548/1000

And to close, an admittedly minor work from another Grand Master, Tom Disch, with what I think is his last published novella. One or two older works have surfaced since. Having been published postumously, this one isn’t signed.

P1080795 (2)

Thomas M. Disch – Proteus Sails Again
Subterranean 2008 cover art by Jacob McMurray & Shawn Wolfe


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