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New Titles! (But still closed)

Books continue to arrive, although I have no re-opening date. (More on that later)

In hardcover:

Laura LamGoldilocks eagerly awaited new SF novel from the now-local author! Signed copies may be available!

Mark LawrenceThe Girl and the Stars volume 1 of his new fantasy series, The Book of Ice
Claire McKennaMonstrous Heart a lonely lighthouse shines out over a sea teeming with colossal, ancient beasts…
Rin ChupecoWicked As You Wish Avalon has fallen, it’s magic dispersed and it’s citizens scattered, with their prince currently in exile in Arizona…
Mark BlacklockHinton Victorians, philosophy and mathematics! In a novel.

Lois McMaster Bujold – Penric’s Travels her latest fantasy novel (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)
Adrian Tchaikovsky
Firewalkers (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)
Mike ResnickThe Mistress of Illusions (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)

in large format:

Simeon MillsThe Obsoletes a pair of robots pass as human, knowing they’ll be disassembled if they’re discovered...

Corry L. LeeWeave the Lightning (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)
Glen Cook – Port of Shadows the latest Chronicle of the Black Company (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)
Joe LansdaleMice and Minestrone his latest collection featuring Hap & Leonard (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)

in ‘B’ Format:

Joe AbercrombieA Litle Hatred the 1st volume of The Age of Madness trilogy
Anna Smith SparkThe House of Sacrifice book 3 of The Empires of Dust series
Edward Cox – Song of the Sycamore Finn was a casualty of the war, but has been posessed by an ancient entity and is enmeshed in an even older struggle…
Peter Newman – The Ruthless sequel to The Vagrant & The Deathless
Eric Lewis – The Heron Kings her patients slaughtered, Sister Alessia vows to save as many on both sides of the war as she and her followers possibly can… From Flame Tree Press

Andrew Caldecott – The Lost Acre 3rd in the trilogy which began with Rotherweird
Jane Rawson – From the Wreck George Hills is saved from a shipwreck in 1859 but is convinced they was another person(?) helping him survive…
Maria Lewis – The Wailing Woman Sadie Burke is a banshee and thus at the bottom of the pecking order…
Ramsey Campbell – Wise Friend Patrick and his teenage son have discovered his late aunt’s ocult journals…

Christina Henry – Looking Glass 4 novellas  set in the world of her books Alice and Red Queen
Mike Ashley (editor) – A Phantom Lover and other Dark Tales by Vernon Lee  the latest Tales of the Weird anthology from the British Library
Marie O’Regan & Paul Kane (editors) – Cursed anthology with stories from top authors such as M. R. Carey, Christina Henry & Charie Jane Anders. Oh, Neil Gaiman as well!

Lord DunsanyThe King of Elfland’s Daughter re-issue the classic 1924 fantasy novel

Peter F. Hamilton – Salvation Lost sequel to Salvation
Cixin Liu – The Supernova Era a wave of deadly radiation is due to reach the Earth imminently… translated by Loel Martinsen
Baoshu – The Redemption of Time novel set in the same background as The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. Translated by Ken Liu
Premee MohamedBeneath the Rising an invention by Nick’s best friend may eliminate the need for fossil fuels but has also inadvertently awakened ancient horrors!
Jack CampbellTriumphant the 3rd volume of The Genesis Fleet series, part of The Lost Fleet universe…
Becky ChambersTo Be Taught if Fortunate adapted humans are able to explore hazardous exoplanets… Novella

Elizabeth BearHammered re-print of her first novel, and the sequel
Elizabeth BearScardown her second novel! The first 2 parts of the Jenny Casey trilogy about a Modified Soldier in 2062

Andy Frankham-Allen & Tim GambrellAn Ordinary Man featuring Lethbridge-Stewart from Doctor Who; the 1st of the new Bloodlines series

in paperback:

David Weber & Jacob HoloThe Gordian Protocol alternate history involving time travel (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)
Taylor AndersonPass of Fire the 14th in his Destroyermen series (in transit; due on Monday or Tuesday)

art/gift, etc:

Grant Snider I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf the case for books from the creator of The Shape of Ideas


Locus – May ( # 712) edition [if you’ve not already contacted me about your subscription, please do so by e-mail to]

Mail Order, or local delivery by hand, is possible for all these titles (and any other books in stock! Contact me for details)

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