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Locus Magazine (and a little more)

It’s been a little while but there’s not really much additional information to post here.

But I would appreciate it if my customers who get Locus magazine regularly would contact me via email at or twitter  @transrealshop so I can maybe get your copies to you.

Book distribution has pretty much ceased for the duration but a few titles trickled in which were already in transit, so here’s a taster of stock I’ll have when I eventually re-open. (Obviously there will be a lot of other titles, but these ones are physically in the shop right now!)

in hardcover:

N. K. JemisinThe City We Became her eagerly awaited new hardcover!
Elena K. ArnoldRed Hood a modern re-imaginaing of Little Red Riding Hood, set in present day Seattle

in large format:

Maria LewisThe Wailing Woman

Tony Peak  – Beethoven’s Tenth time travel escapades across post-Napoleonic Europe, looking for a rumoured musical score

in ‘B’ format:

Kameron HurleyThe Broken Heavens the 3rd volume of her Worldbreaker Saga
Neal AsherWarship sequel to The Soldier
BaoshuThe Redemption of Time set in Xixin Lau‘s Three-Body Problem universe
Alex IrvineAnthropocenr Rag post-disaster nanotech western!

in paoerback:

W. Michael GearPariah volume 3 of his Donovan series, set on a ‘Deathworld” type of planet…:
Michael Davuid Ares – Dayfall
Martin L. ShoemakerToday I am Carey a specialiast carer android must find a new purpose after the person it is looking after dies…

Brad TorgersenA Star-Wheeled Sky
John Ringo & Gary Poole (editors) – Voices of the Fall anthology set in Ringo’s Black Tide Rising zombie apocalypse setting…

magazines, etc:

McSweeney’s  – issue # 58 hardcover, subtitled 2040 A.D.
McSweeney’s – issue # 59 – odd softcover, with 4 different sizes of page, some of which are nice and shiny! There doesn’t seem to be a stated theme to the issue.




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