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A Quiet Anniversary!

Sadly, the shop is still closed until virus regulations are relaxed, which may be some time.

However, it’s not all bad news, as Transreal Fiction is quietly celebrating it’s 23rd Anniversary this morning! Back in 1997 the shop opened for a couple of hours on the afternoon of Friday 11th April (and sold a couple of books!) but the first official,  full day was the Saturday, April 12th.
I remember opening the shop doors on the Saturday morning and standing at the doorway in Cowgatehead and greeting my first customer in the Spring sunlight. I don’t remember what he bought, but I do know that he is still a customer, although not as frequent a shopper as he was back then!

I would much prefer to be there today, open as on so many other days since 1997, but that’s not possible.  But I will be back open in due course and hope to see you back as customers and friends when I do.

My twitter handle is @transrealshop should you wish to follow me for other news, etc.

In the meantime, thank you all for your trade over the past 23 years,

stay safe




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