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Transreal Opening (& Closing)

Transreal is open today (Saturday 21st) but will be closing in the early afternoon, probably for some time.

I’m fine, so far as I can tell, but the graphs are spiking and my partner’s health is more important to me than whatever sales I might make. She’s in a higher risk category so the choice for me is clear.
I live within walking distance, and will have to be in the shop for various reasons at times, so for the moment I’m continuing to offer a free delivery service within the city (see earlier post).
However, as I won’t be in the shop so much, please use the e-mail address to contact me. Include a phone number and I’ll get back to you by phone, if you like.
This service is contingent on the continuing health and welfare of my couriers and I, so I can’t guarantee how long I’ll be able to offer the service.

Stay safe, everybody.
Best Wishes, Mike.




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