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Free Local Home Delivery

Following on from yesterday’s post, I can say that I’m in a position to offer free home delivery of books bought from Transreal while the shop remains open (and my courier remains healthy also!) The delivery area isn’t completely defined but will basically be Edinburgh & Musselburgh.

The shop doesn’t have a searchable database, or a shopping basket facility, but I put up lists of new titles every week and existing customers know broadly what I’m likely to have. I can also recommend titles.
You can phone 0131 226 6266 or contact me via email at and I can take all the details I’ll need.
The usual stuff; name, address, card details, contact number for texting (if possible) and, of course, what book/s you’d like!

This isn’t something we’ve done before but we’ll try and keep any hiccups to a minimum!



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