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New Titles – w/e 7th March 2020

in hardcover:

Lavie TidharBy Force Alone life after the Romans left was grim, and King Arthur and his cronies didn’t make it any better…
Jane HealeyThe Animals at Lockwood Manor as WW2 looms, a museum’s mammal collection has to be evacuated to safety at a spooky old manor
Sarah J. MaasHouse of Earth and Blood half-fae Bryce &  Hunt (a fallen angel) must solve the mystery of her past, before terrible things awake… Set in the Crescent City

in large format:

David HairMother of Daemons 4th in his Sunsurge Quartet, which began with Empress of the Fall

in ‘B’ format:

Ian McDonaldLuna: Moon Rising the 3rd book in his Luna trilogy
Charlie Jane AndersThe City in the Middle of the Night half the city is in perperual darkness, the other in constant sunlight!
J. T. NicholasRe-Coil while salvaging a derelict spaceship, Carter is murdered – and then someone tries to kill his cloned back-up body on a space station weeks away!
M. G. WheatonEmily Eternal an artificial consciousness fights for her life, and tries to save humanity at the same time! I enjoyed this in hardcover…
Premee MohamadBeneath the Rising  a child prodigy invents a clean reactor which will change the world but in the process awakens ancient ones from the deeps!
Chris BeckettBeneath the World, A Sea a British policeman is sent to investiget a series of murders of a humanoid, but non-human, species…
M. T. HillThe Breach urban explorers find a weird nest, which may be linked to a death reporter Freya is investigating…

D. K. FieldsWidow’s Welcome investigating the murder of a Storyteller in a Federation where elections are won by the best stories… I enjoyed this a lot in hardback
Ed McDonaldCrowfall the 3rd in his Raven’s Mark series
Katy Rose Pool There Will Come a Darkness disgraced knight Bershad has been sentenced by the King to slay dragons until one kills him…
Brian NaslundBlood of an Exile 1st volume of Dragons of Terra
Mike ShackleWe Are the Dead Dinnstra deserted during the war with the inhuman Egril, but now she’ll have to fight…
Anna StevensBloodshild sequel to Godblind & Darksoul
Maya MotayneNocturna a prince & a faceshifter team up to try to find his older brother, who has apparently been kidnapped…

G. Willow WilsonThe Bird King historical fantasy set in 15th C Moorish Spain with a mapmaker who can make reality match his maps!
Jamie Lee MoyerBrightfall Robin & Marion become involved in a struggle for the Fey throne…
Peter TremayneBlood in Eden the latest Sister Fidelma historical mystery

T. Kingfisher – The Twisted Ones how bad can cleaning out your gran’s old house be!? That depends on what you might find!
Carrie VaughnThe Immortal Conquistador origin story for Ricardo “Rick” de Avila, partner of the vampire, Kitty Norville, in her long-running series
Tim WaggonerThe Forever House a family who feed on negative emotions move into a quiet cul-de-sac…

Tim GambrellThe Brigadier & the Bledoe Cadets the latest of the Lucy Wilson Mysteries, set in the world of Doctor Who

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – Made to Order: Robots and Revolution a century after the play R.U.R. was written comes this anthology, with new stories from the likes of Peter Hamilton, Alastair Reynolds & Peter Watts

Tobias BuckellIt’s All Just a Draft advice on all sorts of aspects of writing and publishing. Looks interesting.

art, etc:

Frank ChoDC Poster Portfolio outsize volume with 20 of his best character illustrations, many in full colour.


CirsovaSummer Special 2019 subtitled ‘Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense‘. Good, old-fashioned pulp adventure! Other issues can be ordered…


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