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New Titles – w/e 15th February 2020

in hardcover:

A. K. LarkwoodThe Unspoken Name to avoid becoming a sacrifice to the death cult which has raised her, Csorwe agrees to become apprenticed to a sorcerer…
Michael J. SullivanAge of Death the 5th volume of The Legends of the First Empire

Sarah GalleyUpright Women Wanted  in a future, alternate, rural American South West, Esther stows away on the visiting library wagon to escape an arranged marriage…

Sophie AldredDoctor Who At Childhood’s End Ace meets up with the 13th Doctor!

in ‘B’ format:

Adrian TchaikovskyChildren of Ruin sequel to the award winning Children of Time

Valerie Valdes – Chilling Effect Captain Eva Innocente scratches a living shipping dodgy caroes in her spaceship, La Sirena Negra, whose present cargo consists of psychic cats… and it’s about to get complicated…
H. J. Pang
The Last Server after a geomagnetic storm wipes most of the Earth’s computer data, the search is on for a rumored data cache that could solve a lot of problems!
Sarah Davis-Goff
– Last Ones Left Alive the Irish mainland has been occupied by the skrake and Orpen must leave her little island home and search for other survivors…

Catherine Cavendish – The Garden of Bewitchment in 1893 two sisters decide they’d rather live up on the moors instead of their little Yorkshire town, but then they come across the titular garden…
Count Collin Van ReenanThe Spaces In Between a poverty-stricken student takes a temporary job as a tutor to a teenager living in a very old-fashioned house (electricity is banned from use!) in the aftermath of the Paris riots of 1968.

Hassan Blasim (editor) – Iraq+100 recent anthology imagining what Iraq will be like in 2103, a century after the US/UK-led invasion. 10 new stories by Iraqi authors
S. J. Huang (editor) – The New Singapore Horror Collection 13 stories

art, etc:

Dave CooperPillowy Art of DC hefty hardcover of mainly full colour art, along with cartoon strips, an interview and more!
Basil GogosThe Monster Art of BG a mix of b&w and full colour sketches, etc. of iconic horror actors, monsters & villains!

Jim Ottaviani & Maris WicksAstronauts: Women on the Final Frontier digest-sized full colour graphic novel about the women who have been in the various space programmes
Graphic Classics # 4 – H. P. Lovecraft appears to be a re-print of the 2007 2nd edition. The lead story is The Shadow Over Innsmouth but also includes The Shadow Out of Time & Herbert West: Reanimator among others… b&w, with a colour cover

Andy RuntonOwly: The Way Home new full colour edition of his first adventure. Good fun, and the speech pictograms now have English translations beside them.


Locus – issue # 709 February cover date with their 2019 Year in Review highlighted oon the cover
Hi-Fructose – volume # 54 of the quarterly art magazine


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