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New Titles – w/e 5th October 2019

in ‘B’ format:

R. J. BarkerThe Bone Ships dragons have been sighted again after centuries and whoever catches one may win the endless war being fought in the Hundred Isles
John GwynneA Time of Blood sequel to A Time of Dread 2nd in his Of Blood and Bone epic fantasy series
Ann LeckieThe Raven Tower the Raven God has apparently abandoned it’s worshippers in dire straits…
Peter HigginsDragon Heart the great dragon Vespertine is dead and the war lost, but when a displaced couple stumble apon it’s vast body, their baby daughter starts to change…
David WraggThe Black Hawks a mercenary band have to escort an unwilling prince through the chaos of a war-torn kingdom…
Terry GoodkindSiege of Stone  3rd volume of the Nicci Chronicles. Appears to be subtitled Sister of Darkness

Katherine ArdenThe Winter of the Witch final volume in her Winternight trilogy, which started with The Bear and the Nightingale

Joyce Carol OatesHazards of Time Travel high-schooler Adriane dares to question the regime and is exiled back in time 80 years as punishment – to 1959!
Steven EriksonRejoice an alien AI must decide if Humanity is a part of the Earth’s ecosystem it has been sent to save, or if it ought to wipe it out…
Jay KristoffDeviat3 sequel to Lifelik3 adventure in a Goulart-ian future dystopia…
Owen FrankNorth sequel to South, about a future American civil war fought with bio-weapons…
Greg van EekhoutVoyage of the Dogs with the human crew missing, their support Barkonauts must try to get their damaged spaceship home!
Cherie DimalineThe Marrow Thieves in a grim future, some people’s bone marrow may help provide a respite…

Dale BailleyIn the Night Wood an American couple move to Hollow House, situated deep within an ancient English wood
J. S. Le FanuThe Tiled House 19th C psychological ghost & horror story collection. 10 stories




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