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New Titles – w/e 28th September 2019

in hardcover:

Annalee NewitzThe Future of Another Timeline for some reason all the good time-travel novels are arriving almost all at once! This one, How We Won the Time War, The Psychology of Time Travel, The Silver Wind
Wil McCarthyAntediluvian in the distant future climate change and rising sea-levels have retreated into myth and legend, until some innovative research starts to throw light on the past…

Caitlin R. KiernanHouses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales  limited edition (of 1250) volume of her Lovecraft & Cthulhu-inspired tales, published by Subterranean Press

in large format:

A. J. HackworthThe Library of the Unwritten Claire runs a library for all the unfinished stories of the world, keeping all the unfulfilled characters under control. Then a hero escapes and goes looking for his author – and he’s not happy about his lot!

Richard SuggFairies: A Dangerous History serious look at how fairies have been perceived through the ages

in ‘B’ format:

Adrian TchaikovskyCage of Souls Stefan leaves the last Human city on the planet and seeks to discover what manner of creature might succeed his species…
Adrian TchaikovskySpiderlight epic fantasy quest, with spiders!

Vivian ShawGrave Importance the 3rd Dr. Greta Helsing novel
C. A. FletcherA Boy and His Dog at the End of the World Griz is growing up in a post-disaster Britain but then someone steals the dog which is his only friend…

R. A. LaffertyPast Master smart new revised edition from The Library of America of his weird  60s sf classic

Silvia Moreno-Garcia  Prime Meridian sf novella set in a near-future Mexico City from the author of the excellent Gods of Jade and Shadow

Michel HouellebecqH. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life back in stock after years! A bibliography & 120 pages of essays about his work (translated from French), followed by The Call of Cthulhu & The Whisperer in Darkness

in paperback:

David WeberUncompromising Honor the latest (21st?) 1100 page installment of his Honor Harrngton epic
S. M. StirlingThe Sky-Blue Wolves the final (15th) part of the apocalyptic saga that began back in 2004 with Dies the Fire

Benedict JackaFallen the 10th in his Alex Verus urban fantasy series
Sara HanoverThe Late Great Wizard Tessa is a charity worker but finds one of her clients has burned his house down by mistake, apparently while trying to cast a spell!

Tony Daniel & Christopher Ruocchio (editors) – Star Destroyers 15 new stories about ‘Big Ships Blowing Things Up’! Includes the likes of David Drake, Steve White, Michael Z.Williamson, etc…

art, etc:

Brian FroudThe Dark Crystal Creation Myths: The Complete Collection h/c collecting the comics and some concept design work for the full colour comic series inspired by Jim Henson‘s original film
Jocelyn Lange (adaptor) & Bill Robinson (artist) – Jim Henson‘s Dark Crystal – a Little Golden Book brief version of the story suitable for (reading to) the very young.

MoebiusLe Major – b&w hardcover graphic novel published by Moebius Production. What text there is, is in French. Also 11 colour pages at the back
Moebius40 Days Dans Le Desert B Not had this in for years! New edition from Moebius Production of his b&w desert hallucinations! With 7 colour pages at the back and minimal French text
MoebiusLa Faune De Mars b&w Martian lifeforms, with 16 colour pages at the back. Minimal French text. From Moebius Production

J. D. Morvan & BachanOff-World Blues full colour softcover science fiction g/n from Humanoids
Matz & Jean-Marc RouchetteSnowpiercer The Prequel: Part One – Extinction the origins of the saga of the world-circling train…
Peter RocqOnce Our Land Book 2 continuation of the strange adventures of Ingrid & Fritz and the subterranean invaders of 19th C Germany!

Bob BurdenFlaming Carrot Comics Omnibus 1 softcover with stories from 13 of the early issues (including the TMNT cross-over ones) with all the original colour covers included!
Fleetway Picture Library ClassicsJet-Ace Logan nice softcover from Book Palace with 4 classic sf stories from the early 1950s & early 60s by Ron Turner & Kurt Ceasar, together with pieces about the artists, etc
Fleetway Picture Library ClassicsLarrigan nice softcover from Book Palace with 4 classic western stories from the early 60s by Arturo del Castillo, with an intro about the artist, etc. One of 500 copies.


IllustratorsIssue Twenty Seven major articles on US Western artists Frederic Remington & Charles Schreyvogel and a large companion piece on the art of The Lone Ranger comics
Comics Review – August 2019 with strips featuring Flash Gordon, Krazy Kat, Tarzan and many more! Mainly b&w but with some colour pages


Boris Valleho & Julie BellFantasy Calendar 2020


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